Hand of Mars

Hand of Mars Best Read || [Glynn Stewart] - Hand of Mars, Hand of Mars ROGUE MAGE TURNED INTERPLANETARY ENVOYThree years ago as Ship s Mage of the starship Blue Jay Damien Montgomery was pursued to the edge of human space by both the agents and enemies of the Mage King
  • Title: Hand of Mars
  • Author: Glynn Stewart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Hand of Mars Best Read || [Glynn Stewart], Hand of Mars, Glynn Stewart, Hand of Mars ROGUE MAGE TURNED INTERPLANETARY ENVOYThree years ago as Ship s Mage of the starship Blue Jay Damien Montgomery was pursued to the edge of human space by both the agents and enemies of the Mage King of Mars before being brought in from the cold Now trained in new skills by the Mage King himself Damien has been sent to the planet Ardennes alongside Alaura Stealey HanROGUE MAGE TUR Hand of Mars Best Read || [Glynn Stewart] - Hand of Mars, Hand of Mars ROGUE MAGE TURNED INTERPLANETARY ENVOYThree years ago as Ship s Mage of the starship Blue Jay Damien Montgomery was pursued to the edge of human space by both the agents and enemies of the Mage King
  • Hand of Mars Best Read || [Glynn Stewart]
    437 Glynn Stewart
Hand of Mars

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  1. Glynn Stewart Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hand of Mars book, this is one of the most wanted Glynn Stewart author readers around the world.

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  1. We continue our story here Damien Montgomery having been drafted shanghaied into service of the mage King on Mars is now ready to be sent out to do service And he s needed With a despot doing awfulwell despotic things he and the Hand are badly needed Of course things won t be simple and no one will be what they seem and of course death and disaster will ensue.These are shaping up to be good continuing stories with a blend of science fiction and fantasy There is a danger rearing it s head here vi [...]

  2. 4.5 but I m rounding up just because I enjoy this series so much It s awesome Magic in space I mean what else do I need to say This book picks up 3 years after the events of Starship s Mage, which initially i was sceptical of but it s done really well and we get to learn things as we go along And just it was amazing, okay I love Damien, the main character, he has plenty of badass moments that had me grinning but he s also not so all powerful that nothing is difficult The only thing that I would [...]

  3. I was wary of this book due to the now top review Having finished the book, I think the review is incredibly harsh.We open with Damien being sent out in to the field for the first time as an Envoy of the King He s meant to be under the guidance of Hand Steally whom we met in the previous book Effectively, this is his on the job training Damien is putting theory into practice and learning how to be a speaker for the King Effectively, he s the apprentice A very high level one, but still.Then the s [...]

  4. 3 1 2 overall 4 narration and 3 story While I still enjoyed this one, I was disappointed that this skips ahead three years so you get a power level up and miss a lot of character development that would have been interesting in the story The story itself was good, though not keeping my attention as much as the first The reviews for the latter stories are pretty good and say the series improves further, so I ll stick with it once I clear my to be listened too pile.

  5. Hand of Mars was an excellent fast paced and well developed second book in Starship s Mage series Damien Montgomery story continues with this training to be a Hand of the King himself In overall I enjoyoed narrators work, well done audio experience.

  6. ebookBNot a review, just my personal thoughts and a recap for future reference Spoilers The story picks up 3 years after the first book with Damien, just having completed his training with the Mage King, accompanying Alaura Stealey to the planet of Ardennes as her 2 guy while she investigates a series of serious incidents, including the nuking of an entire city, presumably by a rebel faction The city was actually destroyed by the the Martian navy fleet stationed above the planet the commodore Co [...]

  7. Originally posted at archeddoorwayI think one of the best choices I made last year was picking up a copy of Starship s Mage by GLynn Stewart, I loved it from the moment I picked it up and I still think there is something really special about it that makes it stand out when compared to other book in the genre So I was both excited and apprehensive when I bought the audiobook for the second book in the series But Hand of Mars turned out to be an amazing book that I thought was so much better than [...]

  8. Set three years after the first book in the series, Hand of Mars continues the story of mage Damien Montgomery Having spent the intervening time training with the Mage King of Mars, Damien is now heading out on his first mission as Envoy, with Alaura leading him as Hand Ardennes has been experiencing some problems with rebels, and Mage Governer Vaughn has requested a Hand from the Protectorate to come and offer assistance But it quickly becomes clear that the Governer hasn t told them everything [...]

  9. Nice second entryWe started off in a distinctly different place for our starship mage, but no less easier There were a few devices present that gave too much advantage but Damien still had to fight for everything he did He may have risen in the ranks a little too fast but I suppose that was to be expected given his unique gift I m happy enough with what I ve read to continue with the series.

  10. So good I really like this series The second book was just as good as the first and definitely did not disappoint I always hate sadness in a book but it s reality, right So, I ll deal with it It will be interesting to see the next adventures of the Hand in book three, which I m going to begin directly.

  11. Quite a rideI found that this book flowed much better than Starship s Mage My only complaint is that there was some sloppy editing, a few misspelled words and such, but for the most part it was very well written.

  12. This is very nicely done I enjoyed the first book alot but in places it dragged a little This book had is slow moments but they all seemed necessary I would recommend this to someone interested in an interesting blend of fantasy and sci fi.

  13. This is such an awesome and great blend of Fantasy and Sci Fi packed with action, great world building and character growth I am in love with this series and really can t wait to start in on the next one.

  14. Well executed space operaRelatively standard stuff outside of the mashup of magic and sci fi but gripping and well written Looking forward to the next.

  15. Fast paced, well written and extremely intriguing This series is quickly becoming a favorite Detailed review to come

  16. Not As Fun When I got into this conicals I wasn t expecting for the plot changing so much I preferred the style of the first book

  17. I love this series I read the first of this series in an anthology, and was glad to see the next 2 are available The author has a knack for drawing characters clearly and in depth The premise, and the execution of it grows better with each book I emphatically endorse both the author and the series.

  18. The series is absolutely great It is just what I wanted to read Became a favorite with the beginning of the first story

  19. The second of the Starship s Mage series now re read three times , this one feels serious and grown up than the first Damien is no longer fighting for his life and friends on a small scale he has been trained in his Rune Wright special magic and is Envoy for the Mage King of Mars, working with Hand Alaura Stealey as almost an equal He s grown up a lot And the plot of this book is bigger, too as Stealey says , if the Protectorate doesn t protect the people, what is it Damien and Stealey are on a [...]

  20. The book does a good job of continuing the story of Damien Montgomery and his rare gift of being able to see the flows of magic I didn t like it as much as the first book , which I actually read as the 1 5 series There were three reasons I gave it three instead of four stars first, it started out vveerryy ssllooww I typically couldn t put down the previous books, but this one took me three or four tries to get started I m just not a fan of books that focus on politics.The second reason was the l [...]

  21. This book suffered a little from a sopho slump, but it did it s job showing the evolution of the main character as year passed between it and the first book I also enjoyed seeing a planet locked version of the magic system.

  22. Hand of Mars was a huge step up for the Starship s Mage series.What I liked Goes full Space Opera Much better characters all around Plays the Space Jedi card very well.What I didn t like The Starship s Mage title does seem like something of misnomer Which is nitpicky, I know This story and it s couple year time skip takes the Damien Montgomery character far from his original role as a Starship s Mage into a new, and considerably awesome, role working for the Mage King as this universe s version [...]

  23. In the future the speed of light limit is exceeded with magic Mages literally teleport starships There a numerous settled planets spread over many solar systems all theoretically ruled by the Mage King of Mars Damien Montgomery was one of the rare mages with the ability to see magical energy, and since the events of Starship s Mage ebook where he got in trouble by upgrading a freighter s jump amplifier to a general magical amplifier which allowed his ship to survive multiple pirate attacks He s [...]

  24. These book has a very simplistic charm to it Most people tend to be good at heart and straight forward, to the point where It seems a little strange at times just how cooperative and level headed characters can be It s refreshing, in a away While I think Glynn has taken the lack of interpersonal drama a bit far, so many other series go overboard on it the other way, to the point where it bogs down the story which isn t to say there aren t bad things happening or conflict, you just don t wallow i [...]

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