Taming Ryder

[PDF] Read ☆ Taming Ryder : by Nicola Haken - Taming Ryder, Taming Ryder You met Ryder Richardson in Being Sawyer Knight Now this is his story I ve done it I ve stuck a whopping two fingers up at my parents I ve made a name for myself as one of the world s biggest porn s
  • Title: Taming Ryder
  • Author: Nicola Haken
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ☆ Taming Ryder : by Nicola Haken, Taming Ryder, Nicola Haken, Taming Ryder You met Ryder Richardson in Being Sawyer Knight Now this is his story I ve done it I ve stuck a whopping two fingers up at my parents I ve made a name for myself as one of the world s biggest porn stars and I ve finally found a family I belong in Life is amazing I get paid to do all my favourite things Fuck Party Travel the world What s not to love And then heYou met Ryder Richardso [PDF] Read ☆ Taming Ryder : by Nicola Haken - Taming Ryder, Taming Ryder You met Ryder Richardson in Being Sawyer Knight Now this is his story I ve done it I ve stuck a whopping two fingers up at my parents I ve made a name for myself as one of the world s biggest porn s

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Taming Ryder : by Nicola Haken
    184 Nicola Haken
Taming Ryder

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  1. Author of MM Romance I live in not so sunny Rochdale, England true northern girl with my five kids one of whom many refer to as my husband I write about life, and love, and all the beauty and angst that come with them.All in all I m just an ordinary gal with an addiction to reading, tattoos, and Pepsi Max I don t like even numbers or metal spoons, and I m allergic to exercise Please note I don t check in here often If you would like to contact me, please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, or email authornicolahaken nicolahaken

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  1. After meeting Ryder in first book 3 yeah I know, don t judge and then book 1, I was very curious about his story He seemed like a really put together and happy guy in the other booksbut boy was I wrong.Book 1 was all about hiding who you really are and coming out and standing up for yourself and I thought this book would be the same kind of story, but it really wasn t Ryder s story is a much emotional one For those who have triggers, there is self harm, rape, substance abuse and a reference to [...]

  2. 3.5 StarsMy adoration for this story sort of snuck up on me, surprisingly, because I am not and doubt I will ever be a fan of the porn star trope in my romance books I often can t wrap my head around the mind frame of many characters in these stories the view here, that sex and love can easily be disassociated from one another, was well discussed and ultimately acceptable for me as an idealistic reader Everybody s mind works differently Some people need their partners to commit to them completel [...]

  3. Uh, Calling all unicorns And a certain JenM I d like to draw your attention to the cover Ahem That is all Cupcake out.

  4. I received this book as a beta read in return for my honest opinion.Ryder Richardson is a porn star He likes to fuck, drink, party and have fun with the best of them So when Mason George shows up for an interview with the porn company Ryder works for, he didn t think anything about it Once Ryder found out Mason has to money or a place to live, he immediately tells him he has a spare room in his apartment that Mason can use until he gets back on his feet So when Ryder helps Mason by showing him w [...]

  5. JEN S 4 STAR REVIEW This book is certainly not what I was expecting when I first read the synopsis We met Ryder in the first book and I knew that he had a past that wasn t greatest but to actually hear his story through his eyes was really emotional on many levels.This story is about two men that come from two very different walks of life that get into the porn industry for different reasons Life hasn t been easy for either one of them They both live with the pain and loneliness from their pasts [...]

  6. Another Fabulous Story Taming Ryder really had it all I loved Ryder from Being Sawyer Knight, the first book in this amazing series and I was so happy he was getting his own story Ryder lived his life in the fast lane maybe too fast Partying it up every single night can only numb Ryder from the pain of his past for so long And make no mistake, it was pretty bad He s such a great guy with so much to offer well sought out in the porn vid business, talented hair stylist full of confidence, sass and [...]

  7. It s official I m a Nicola Haken SLUT She has made a true fan out of me I ll admit, the beginning of the first book was a little rough for me, but about maybe 25 30% in, I finally got the feel for her and it was smooth sailing from then on I had NO problems with this bookl.Ryder, the beautiful porn star, has many internal demons and doesn t ever plan to get close to anyoneuntil Mason George They have a rough go for the first few months, and I can t blame Ryder, given his past He has been through [...]

  8. Wow, Nicola completely got me with this one I was not at all expecting it to go how it did, and I was literally on the edge of my seat, my heart going crazy, my stomach in knots, just waiting to see what would happen I m usually pretty great at working out early on how books will turn out I think I annoy Nicola at times with my notes when I click on but Taming Ryder actually had me gasping in surprise Gasping Such a great story, and my heart ached for poor Ryder, and everything he had been throu [...]

  9. I did receive this book from the author as a beta read Nicola did not disappoint This book was so great Ryder s story is an emotional one Mason has his own emotional issues Together can they figure out how to trust, how to open up and how to love and let another in The story is one you will fall in love with both of them Of course those awesome guys from Being Sawyer Knight are all there too showing support and how a family should be Ryder has to face bis past to move forward and Mason wants to [...]

  10. 3starsI really liked Ryder in the first one, ot was at least intrigued I loved Mason There were some moments where the dialogue seemed a little off for me Matt was less obnoxious and I am gonna read his story My biggest problem with this was view spoiler umryder s father planning for frank to rape his son as a way to talk him out of being gay hide spoiler No words dude, none but it made the story plummet for me So yeah some things didn t work for me, I felt there were some missed opportunities s [...]

  11. Ooh my gosh How did I not know this book was out This book was not what I expected it to be But I loved it all the same Mason and Ryder made me cry like a baby but also thoroughly warmed my heart I can t wait for this series to continue I love how silly Matt is so I will try to wait patiently No promises though

  12. DNF 61% Stick a fork in me, I m done Another ridiculously preachy hurt comfort story It s just not my bag Blech.

  13. With Being Sawyer Knight Nicola Haken popped my m m romance cherry I loved it, but wasn t sure if it was a one time deal.After reading Taming Ryder I know it wasn t Another m m romance that I absolutely loved, Taming Ryder is even better than its predecessor in my humble opinion.And that says quite a lot.Although it has the steaminess of the first book, for me it was emotional and intense, less focused on the erotic side and on the heart But don t worry, the sex scenes aren t lacking in any wa [...]

  14. Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Rachel and Christina s Tag Team Review, reviewing for Love Between the SheetsRachel 4 starsChristina 4 starsTaming Ryder is the second book in the Souls of the Knight series by Nicola Haken We met Ryder in the first book, Being Sawyer Knight, and for both of us, he really stole the show, so I was really looking forward to learning about Ryder s story We both know of Nicola s obsession with Jake Bass, the gay porn star th [...]

  15. 4.75 out of 5 starsDescription You met Ryder Richardson in Being Sawyer Knight Now, this is his story I ve done it I ve stuck a whopping two fingers up at my parents, I ve made a name for myself as one of the world s biggest porn stars and I ve finally found a family I belong in Life is amazing I get paid to do all my favourite things Fuck Party Travel the world What s not to love And then he comes along Mason George Back Door Studio s newest exclusive model and the guy who has the potential to [...]

  16. Taming Ryder by Nicola Hakenamzn 1whwaGaReaders meet Ryder Richardson in book 1, Being Sawyer Knight, a book I thoroughly enjoyed.I was anxious to get to know the mystery that was Ryder and Ms Haken did not disappoint Ryder s journey is a powerful one, one that may break your heart, and hurt your soul for the pain this man experienced as a child nope not telling youad the book Readers quickly meet Mason George, the newest exclusive model at Back Door Studios because yes readers, Ryder is a gay p [...]

  17. Sometimes books just stun you into a loss of words because of their awesomeness This was that book for me The vulnerability and fragility of Ryder and Mason is in contrast with the confidence they exude in public It was this that drew me into their story and the emotional journey they go on together as they find their way through the fog of their pasts to their futures together The grittiness of the story shown through the harsh realities of their lives and the fears that they both have about lo [...]

  18. 4.5 StarsFirst I have to say that I am totally a Nicola Haken junkieYes I am Second I am going to say that I recommend that you read Being Sawyer Knight prior to this book.Why.Because No really that s not just it but this is where you will first get your feel of Ryder and his character It is important to also understand where Ryder s falls into his own story from Being Sawyer Knight.Now the review Yes I loved Ryder in the first book, love him even in this book because he just grows on you With [...]

  19. Title Taming Ryder Souls of the Knight 2 Author Nicola HakenSeries YesRelease Date September 29th, 2014Rating 4.50 5.00 stars Cliffhanger NoSpoiler free reviewIt s official I am a Nicola Haken fan I really liked Being Sawyer Knight Souls of the Knight 1 and Taming Ryder Souls of the Knight 2 blew me away Ryder Richardson is effed up He is drinks way to much, abuses his mind and body with drugs and cutting Ryder is a porn star, model and hair stylist with a hard partying past He meets Mason Georg [...]

  20. Once again, it s difficult for me to decide, what s the fair rating for this book.Actually, I liked a large part of this book First of all, I already loved Ryder in Being Sawyer Knight, the first book of this series, and was curious about his story And then of course, I was happy to meet all the other lovely characters from BSK again It was great to see Sawyer and Jack having some sweet moments Elle was again an important and supportive friend Oh, and Matt, he was as always good for some laughs [...]

  21. MY REVIEW.So good i had to re read it I dont want to give too much of the story away in my review, but let me just give you some of Nicola Haken s awesomeness, she does not disappoint in any of her books, and this one is exceptional I fell for Nicola s characters in Sawyer and Jake s story, the first in the Soul Knight s series, Being Sawyer Knight.Taming Ryder was so great and Ryder s story is an emotional one, your heart strings will be well and truly tugged Ryder s tormented by demons from hi [...]

  22. Book Taming Ryder Souls of the Knight 2 Author Nicola HakenPublication Date 9 29 2014Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW I was totally captivated by this story Ryder we met in book 1 and you could tell he had a horrible past he was keeping to himself In this book we learn everything about Ryder and why he hides in the spotlight He meets Mason who is now working with Back Door Productions and lets him move in with him They quickly become good friends but something How [...]

  23. This book is so touching I found myself tearing up often We met Ryder in Sawyers book I could tell then there was to Ryder than we thought Masonwhat can I say about him He took care of his mom when she needed him most When he had to survive, he did what he needed to do I respect that When Ry and Mas first see each other, although they didn t know what it was, they fell in love at first sight Just being around Mason forces Ryder to confront his past Once he let Mason in, he could finally start t [...]

  24. I was a lucky girl and recieved an arc copy of Taming Ryder from the lovely Nicola Haken which both excited and worried me because I always have to be 100% honest in my reviews and noone wants to give a bad review but I didn t need to be because I adored this book Ryder and Mason were perfect and I wouldnt have changed a thing

  25. If i was male and gay i would have to make Ryder mine.This book was amazing a total rollercoaster absolutely loved it I wanted to literally get in the book to hug and smother Ryder so many times xxxxx

  26. this is a cockyboys came to lifewith some story and real life of a porn stars included s good to know that they re somehow, humans, instead of only fantasy

  27. To say that I wished I d never seen the original cover of this book is a giant understatement The entire time I was reading all I could picture in my brain is Prince and how is he getting himself into these horrible situations I m telling you, it doesn t really work when you re reading about men in their 20 s doing porn and your brain is putting 50 yr old Prince in every single scene I tried, I really did but my brain ruined the entire experience for me I did like the story just not the pictures [...]

  28. Very engaging and quite dramatic I like this author a lot and this book wasn t an exception I think I could do without the extra drama at the end though.

  29. I love it.I love the story, the realism of it, love both guys It s sweet, heartbreaking, sad, beautiful It takes times to meet someone, to understand and accept love Beautiful story.

  30. 3.5 StarsThis was not as good as the first book I enjoyed the Ryder character, he s fun , quirky and a cool guy but the whole hurt comfort situation just didn t work for me in this story.

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