His Temporary Fix

Free Read His Temporary Fix - by Sofia Grey - His Temporary Fix, His Temporary Fix One night is all it takesHolly Jacobs loses her heart a little too easily Never again But when she meets the sexy soldier on the beach Holly knows she s in big trouble Zack Winter is gorgeous and in
  • Title: His Temporary Fix
  • Author: Sofia Grey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read His Temporary Fix - by Sofia Grey, His Temporary Fix, Sofia Grey, His Temporary Fix One night is all it takesHolly Jacobs loses her heart a little too easily Never again But when she meets the sexy soldier on the beach Holly knows she s in big trouble Zack Winter is gorgeous and in pain and when he kisses Holly all of her resolve melts awayZack is on short term leave to attend a funeral and he s walking a fine line The loss is unbearableaOne night is all it Free Read His Temporary Fix - by Sofia Grey - His Temporary Fix, His Temporary Fix One night is all it takesHolly Jacobs loses her heart a little too easily Never again But when she meets the sexy soldier on the beach Holly knows she s in big trouble Zack Winter is gorgeous and in
  • Free Read His Temporary Fix - by Sofia Grey
    406 Sofia Grey
His Temporary Fix

About Author

  1. Romance author Sofia Grey spends her days managing projects in the corporate world and her nights hanging out with wolf shifters and alpha males She devours pretty much anything in the fiction line, but she prefers her romances to be hot, and her heroes to have hidden depths When writing, she enjoys peeling back the layers to expose her characters flaws and always makes them work hard for their happy endings Find her at SofiaGrey, on Facebook facebook Sofia.Grey.R and on Pinterest pinterest sofiagrey1

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  1. DNF DID NOT FINISHDNF 50%Honestly if I had to rate this one it would be a 1 star only.At first I thought, okay, it s fast paced, pretty random and generic hook up but it could be a nice quick and hot read for when you re in between books Then the Godzilla cock made its apparition and it went from unrealistic to bad porn aesthetics He filled me with a smooth glide, hitting every sweet spot on the way Jesus If he went any deeper he d be hitting my ribs But I had to call it quits when the character [...]

  2. 2.5 Time is precious Stars.The synopsis of His Temporary Fix, promises one thing and then approximately half way through then diverts off in a completely different direction.I was expecting a sex fest at the beach where our Hero and Heroine end up with than One and Done feelings for each other, and then all of a sudden Holly and Zack are turned into New Zealand s answer to Sherlock Watson This story is novella length and to be honest the amount of plot points the author tried to cram into it le [...]

  3. His Temporary Fix is a standalone novel by new to me author Sofia Grey I can tell you right off, that the book cover is what attracted me to the book Usually that s what I see first, and then I read the synopsis Sometimes, however, I don t read the synopsis at all That was the case with this book It is told primarily from a third person point of view between the main characters, it has an HEA and there is no cliffhanger.If I had one complaint about this book at all, it s that it s extremely shor [...]

  4. This was a short and sexy novella Holly is staying with her brother at the beach while he recovers from a car accident Zack is on leave from the military to attend a funeral They meet and have instant chemistry which leads to sexy times I did enjoy this story Zack and Holly were hot together There was a little drama and mystery but I did have a hard time connecting to these characters, maybe because of the length of the story, the fast pace or how much was packed into this short story ARC provid [...]

  5. THIS BOOK IS A NOVELLA Holly Jacobs is home to help care for her younger brother after he was in a car accident Zack Winter, staying in a rental property a few houses down from Holly, is on temporary leave to attend his baby sister s funeral They meet and feel an instant kinship over the lose of loved ones Holly lost her parents when she was young Between burying Zach s sister and finding out new details about her death, Zach and Holly s connection grows in their short time together.I ve read no [...]

  6. This was a very enjoyable quick read Although short, it s very well written with great character development and a story with several twists Zack and Holly are great together and seem to come into each others lives at exactly the right time He s dealing with the death of his sister and is looking for a distraction A night with Holly would surely do the trick Problem is Holly tends to give her heart away too easily Can she risk one night with him I definitely recommend this one.

  7. His Temporary Fix by Sophia Grey was a well written romance novella but felt very rushed I have read novellas that felt like a complete book but this book left me wishing the author edited some parts and kept the focus on the couple and didn t detract from the storyline when Holly and Zack met When Holly and Zack met on the beach, they are both temporarily in town for different reasons Holly is there to help her brother while he recuperates from a car accident and Zack is a military soldier, who [...]

  8. Zack Winters has taken leave from the military to return home to bury his sister He retreats to the beach to try and calm his mind and try to deal the pain of his excruciating loss He can t seem to find anything to take his mind off his sister, and he is in great need of of a good distraction When he meets beautiful girl walking her brother s dogs on the beach, he makes a pass at her in hopes that one night with her will take away some of the pain or at least subside it for a while After one kis [...]

  9. What a great emotionally packed sexy intense little novella Holly and Zack bonded over deep loss and I could totally feel their pain He looked to her for comfort and she has such a big caring heart that she could not help but let him in The two of them were so spicy together, yet so in tune with each other outside the bedroom They truly helped the other during dark moments This novella was beautifully written from start to finish with a little twist in it I truly wish it was a little bit longer [...]

  10. Every book I have read by Sofia Grey takes me away and has been a treat His Temporary Fix is a beautiful story that is based on the grief of a lost loved one and the mystery and finality of that loved one s death I love the military hero, Zack I m so glad Holly took a chance with him I was drawn in by all of the comfort, raw chemistry and ease between the main characters Their connection is erotic and undeniable and I love how the story works out There are many endearing parts which I have found [...]

  11. I really enjoyed this book My only complaint was that it was too short I would have loved to see how the couple continued their relationship after the book ended They never said those 3 little words to each other and I would love to have read about that Or their letters emails calls back and forth while he was deployed since their relationship was still so new.Great character development and different story line ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  12. I am a Sofia Grey fan both of her Snowdonia Wolves series and her Talisman series as well as the few contemporary romances of hers I have read I much prefer the Paranormal to the contemporary but Sofia is one of the very few that I will look to if I am in the mood for something different.I know that when Sofia writes her books come from a place of love and creativity but I also believe they come from her heart with a truth in them no one can deny Whether that is intentional is something you will [...]

  13. Rating 3.5 5This is a relatively short story with great characters and an intriguing plot It explores grief, loss and new relationships but also includes many detailed sexual activity descriptions so I would suggest should be for adults who appreciate such materials only.Holly Jacobs has returned home to look after her brother who was injured in a car crash on the same road where both their parents were killed in a similar accident She s out walking his two dogs in the beach when the dogs knock [...]

  14. This short read had all the feels of a full length novel for me I really enjoyed reading this story and fell in love with the characters immediately Sofia Grey did an awesome job fitting so much emotion into a short story Holly is taking care of her brother after he has been in a car accident She is just getting off of a broken hearted relationship and swears that she is not going to be that gullible again When Holly literally runs into Zack one night in the shadow s, she knows immediately that [...]

  15. This is my first time reading anything by Sofia Grey and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this story Zach is on leave from the military for his sisters bury ,and decides he needs to clear his head and goes to the beach, Zack need to take his mind off his sister, but how could he preoccupation his mind But then he meets Holly while she s walking her brothers dogs and instantly he makes a pass at her, in hopes of a one night stand with her would kill the pain of his sister But just after one kis [...]

  16. Zack Winters is an officer of the military, who has come home to bury his dead sister He tries to lose himself in memories and self reflection instead of dealing with the pain of losing his sibling Nothing seems to work until he meets a beautiful stranger walking two dogs on the beach He hopes that a hot night with her could get rid of the pain inside him After the first kiss, he doesn t know if he will ever get enough.Holly Jacobs wasn t looking for a fling with a soldier when she came home to [...]

  17. When I picked up His Temporary Fix, I was looking for a quick, sexy book that ll keep me company before I jumped into a intense book Well, it was quick and it was sexy What I wasn t expecting was for it to be such an emotional roller coaster that broke my heart Oh, my god I absolutely loved every moment of this short novella In fact, I wish it was longer because I did not want to leave Zack and Holly without knowing that they will be okay and that their future together is bright I wanted to gat [...]

  18. The twist and turns and the obvious chemistry between the characters were amazing I loved reading about Holly s internal struggle when she tried to change her personality, but her old habits kept coming back Wounded men were her weakness and it made her an easy prey However, there was something about Zack that tugged at her heart.I also loved how Zack wasn t the scary type of soldier He was human and it didn t sound like he had been completely broken by the army just yet except that he was broke [...]

  19. Three and a half starsI enjoy Sofia s stories, and she writes a very busy novella, keeping the reader on their toes, this one was no exception Zack and Holly meet by accident, and there is that instant attraction, but not one that jumps out and grabs you, this is subtle Although our couple are only together for a couple of days, there is a lot happens to keep us entertained Along with a romance starting up, we get a bit of a twist, in the death of Zack s sister, with our couple becoming detectiv [...]

  20. Holly is home taking care of her brother that had been in a car accident when she meets Zach while walking her brother s dogs on the beach Zach is a soldier on leave so he can be at his sister s funeral Neither is ready for anything serious Holly is drawn to Zach the first time she sees him The sadness in his eyes convinces her to go back to his place with him not for sex as she tells him but she just doesn t want to leave him just then Zach wants to lose himself in Holly and as much as he wants [...]

  21. There was sex, and then there was Zack.This sexy novella length romance complete with a happy for now ending packs a punch with all sorts of emotional feels as Zack and Holly meet on the beach in the small town where he s arrived for his sister s funeral Holly knows about grief, having suffered the loss of her parents at a young age, and consoling Zack is no hardship, as they connect on an intimate level The sex scenes are steamy and intense, with the knowledge that this is a very short term fli [...]

  22. This book is so full of heartfelt emotion There s something so enticing about a broken hero, and in this book, Zack is a wonderful leading man He s sexy as can be and knows his way around the bedroom with Holly, but than that he s struggling to keep it together after losing his little sister Holly is a little broken herself, and together these two strangers are able to find solace and comfort in each other s arms For such a short novella, the author does a spectacular job at developing characte [...]

  23. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley Entangled Publishing for an honest review His Temporary Fix by Sofia Grey is the second book in the Love at the Beach series This is Zack and Holly s story.Zach is on leave from the military for his sister s funeral Holly took a temporary leave from work to come and care for her brother that was in a bad car wreck Holly and Zach meet and there is instant chemistry between them For a short read there was a lot packed into this story Holly worried that [...]

  24. Holly has a soft heart she loves easy and gets hurt just as easy When she sees Zack on the beach she knows she should walk away Something in her just can t Zack is in town for his sister s funeral on leave from his deployment to Afghanistan Holly knows it s dangerous to her heart to spend time with him yet she finds herself helping him through his hard time and giving him company during his short leave His Temporary fix is a super spicy, almost insta love story with a touch of suspense that left [...]

  25. ARC received in exchange for an honest review.This was a decent, 3.75 star read This book is about Zack and Holly, who meet while Zack is home for his sister s funeral I believe this is of a novella and could have used story and character development, like, I would have loved for the story of the two of them to develop further, and it was just all too fast, but, what was there was written very well Zack and Holly fall fast and hard for each other, and on the side is the sadness of his sister s [...]

  26. We ve got a fun interview with romance author Sofia Grey as well as an excerpt from HIS TEMPORARY FIX to share with you For reviews and bookish talk, visit our blog at Pretty Sassy Cool.

  27. I was totally surprised once I dove into this book, the description gave little away and there is a lot to the story The connection for Holly and Zach is a slow build but solid and true Holly is home to help her brother who hurts himself and when Zach and Holly run by to drop groceries off, Zach s world is turned upside down What he learns totally throws him for a loop The story had just enough drama and love story with hot scenes to keep me going for Just wish the book was just a tad longer, [...]

  28. This was a short novella Holly is staying with her brother at the beach temporarily Zack is on a short leave from the military to attend a funeral They meet and chemistry is great Zack needs to forget and he thinks that a one night stand would be great.This was a well written romance that featured a strong heroine and a grieving soldier I wish the story was a little longer I felt it was too much information for a novella.I was given a free copy by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review [...]

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