The Stars at Oktober Bend

☆ The Stars at Oktober Bend æ Glenda Millard - The Stars at Oktober Bend, The Stars at Oktober Bend A powerful captivating story about Alice who is reaching out to express herself through her beautiful broken words and Manny who is running to escape his past When they meet they find the tender be
  • Title: The Stars at Oktober Bend
  • Author: Glenda Millard
  • ISBN: 9781743315897
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback

☆ The Stars at Oktober Bend æ Glenda Millard, The Stars at Oktober Bend, Glenda Millard, The Stars at Oktober Bend A powerful captivating story about Alice who is reaching out to express herself through her beautiful broken words and Manny who is running to escape his past When they meet they find the tender beginnings of love and healing Alice is fifteen with hair as red as fire and skin as pale as bone but something inside her is broken She has acquired brain injury the resuA ☆ The Stars at Oktober Bend æ Glenda Millard - The Stars at Oktober Bend, The Stars at Oktober Bend A powerful captivating story about Alice who is reaching out to express herself through her beautiful broken words and Manny who is running to escape his past When they meet they find the tender be

  • ☆ The Stars at Oktober Bend æ Glenda Millard
    196 Glenda Millard
The Stars at Oktober Bend

About Author

  1. Glenda Millard was born in the Goldfields region of Central Victoria and has lived in the area all her life The communities she has lived in and the surrounding landscapes have provided a rich source of inspiration and settings for many of her stories.It was not until Glenda s four children became teenagers that she began to write in her spare time She is now a full time writer.Apart from writing, some of Glenda s favorite things are Jack Russell Terriers, hot air ballooning, making and eating bread and pizza in the wood fired oven that her husband built in the back yard, and reading books which either make her laugh or cry.Glenda has published six picture books, three junior fiction titles, short stories and two young adult titles The Naming of Tishkin Silk was shortlisted in the CBCA Book of the Year Awards and for the NSW Premier s Literary Awards.

One thought on “The Stars at Oktober Bend

  1. I have exactly 8 emotions about this book and all of them are INTENSE CONFUSION I honestly find poetry and whimsical writing Very hard to understand In school, I used to cry over my poetry assignments because I NEVER GOT IT, OKAY I wanted to read Stars At Oktober Bend for sooo many reasons, mostly because the blurb promised a girl who struggles to speak and a boy who likes to run and I SQUEAKED WITH ANTICIPATION But it s written without capitals, and all whimsical, and poetic, and I found it exc [...]

  2. This review appears on Happy Indulgence Check it out for reviews I say this time and time again sad books just aren t my thing It takes me years sometimes months to work up to reading sad books, because they take me ages to get over.And that s what Stars at Oktober Bend did it ripped out my heart and threw it on the floor.The book is about Alice, a girl who has trouble with speech due to brain damage But it s clear that she s smart and intelligent, as she writes beautiful words of poetry Yes, s [...]

  3. Oh wow this book It s not in verse but the writing is so lyrical it feels like it So beautiful _______________REVIEWCan we just talk about the writing in this one though IT IS SO INSANELY BEAUTIFUL.Alice is a narrator that takes some getting used to, because her voice is like no other There are little things that just make it so REAL the fact that there are no capital letters, the disjointed phrases, the little poems in amongst prose.Aaaaand I m not the biggest fan of verse in novels but the poe [...]

  4. This book was not at all what I expected from reading the blurb, but it was a wonderful story nontheless It had really nice, unique characters, a well developed setting and a good plot However, when you are starting the book, the style takes some time to get used to The parts of the story told from Alice s perspective don t use capital letters or much punctuation and whilst this is an interesting literary technique, it does make reading the book difficult Once you understand the reasoning behind [...]

  5. 4.5 stars This review also appears on my blog, Reading with Jenna.I received a copy of this book from the publisher All thoughts and opinions are my own.How do I even begin to find the words to express how much this book meant to me This was an absolutely beautiful story about overcoming adversity and living with hope and courage It s a simple story that is just done so right.This novel follows 15 year old Alice, who struggles with her speech after a traumatic incident that happened when she was [...]

  6. The style, while intensely beautiful, lyrical and poetic, makes for a baffling read at times Particularly since those chapters from Alice s point of view are all without capitals Her thoughts jump and sizzle with half revealed clues and memories peeping out of repression So the strange punctuation and grammar is in perfect keeping with the fried hardware of her brain and her forever twelveness, but it doesn t make it easy to follow It took me ages to work out bear was not a person It s a mental [...]

  7. I loved the character of Alice, and found her voice in her poetry very compelling Joey her brother was a stunning character, protective and loving, and Manny s back story about Sierra Leone was heart breaking This is a gut wrenching but ultimately uplifting read.

  8. Very briefly, this book follows a young girl named Alice who has suffered from an accident and it follows her as she deals with her life and how it affects her family She meets a boy named Manny who has suffered an extremely war dominated and traumatic past I did not enjoy this book at all It s been shortlisted for the Carnegie medal and I do think there is some stuff in here that is worthy of that, I do But the writing Are you serious I can forgive Alice s rubbish writing as she has a speech im [...]

  9. What a little jewel of a book Almost dreamlike at times, this story is tough and tender, and deals with some horrific events with compassion and dignity Alice is a memorable character unable to voice her innermost thoughts due to the after effects of a terrible assault, she has to deal with prejudice, hate and indignity But she does it with such hope and grace through writing poems and creating art And Manny s story is just as compelling And Joey what a truly amazing brother Lovely and lyrical, [...]

  10. I discovered Glenda Millard s talent for ripping your heart out and stomping on it while somehow highlighting the hope and joy in the world when I read and was blown away by A Small Free Kiss In The Dark The Stars at Oktober Bend is every bit as stunning, filled with beautiful writing and a main character who has just become my new favourite YA heroine Highly recommended for readers 14.

  11. 4.5 5The Stars at Oktober Bend was a lovely book with beautiful writing and a moving storyline.Strengths I loved the writing in this book, which really drew me in and immersed me I wanted to keep reading and savour every word Alice s point of view is also interspersed with free verse poetry, which becomes important in the story, and were beautiful to read The lack of capitalisation and liberties with punctuation grammar do take a bit of getting used to, but were used well In both her and Manny s [...]

  12. Powerful, wonderful beautifully written story Loved it Cried over it Loved Alice and Manny, Joey and even Gram in her own funny way.

  13. This is a book to stick with and get used tod I wonder whether many teen readers will bother.From the outset, and for a good part of the story, it is quite hard to follow Alice s thoughts She writes with no capital letters, random punctuation and sentence construction This makes it quite hard work to follow her thoughts story deliberately so and it s only once we become attuned to her voice that we start to see beyond the surface.Alice is fifteen She lives with her brother, Joey, and her ill gra [...]

  14. This book alternated between 2 stars and 3 stars for me I found it very difficult to read stay engaged in the story at some points However the parts that did engage me were so full of emotion that I decided it wasn t fair to just give it 2 stars.

  15. Alice has been twelve for a long time, ever since it happened Alice lives with her younger older brother, Joey, her dog, Bear, and Gram on the floodplain at Bridgewater Their lives are hard, the town thinks them to be poor and worthless, but Alice and Bear and Joey and Gram and Papa who s in prison are family The family Nightingale.Alice can t go to school Her words jumble between her head and her mouth, but they spill out on onto the page in short poems that express what Alice can t say out lou [...]

  16. This is quite a difficult book to get into and I very nearly gave up, however, it is worth giving it a bit extra and getting into the style of the writing When your electrics are messed up, your words are not going to come out smoothly and that is the very point of Alice s story Try and get to the bit where Manny s story comes into play.The words that Millard uses to describe things are exquisite truly wonderful, unusual and captivating Very highly recommended to able readers by that I mean peop [...]

  17. I initially found this book incredibly hard to read There was no capitalisation, punctuation and the sentences were disjointed and in parts incoherent However, it soon became clear that there was a reason for this The story focuses on 16 year old Alice who after a traumatic event was left with a serious brain injury which meant that her mental development stopped at age 12 Alice s voice is incredible, she expresses herself through her poems that she leaves all over town, these poems gives the re [...]

  18. this was so fantastic.if i m honest, i wasn t expecting much from this book i d never heard of glenda millard and the cover didn t intrigue me too much and when i started, i was thoroughly confused for the first six pagesis is the wonderful story of alice she s an amazing character with such a beautiful point of view this novel deals with big problems like abuse, disorders, wars and broken families but it does it gently, softly, and really makes you understand the subject matter and how the char [...]

  19. Fabulous book I first came across Glenda Millard when I worked for an Australian librarian in Hong Kong and so was delighted when I found one of her books in the school library where I work in the UK The story is told from the point of view of two protagonists and is easily separated by the typeface Alice s words are written without using capital letters or regular punctuation and sometimes evolve from prose into poetry and then back again I had to work a bit to get used to that style and, as th [...]

  20. As reviewed on my blog March 6th, 2016 I have just finished this Aussie Young Adult novel and felt the need to put down my feelings straight away It s not just the characters who are the stars of this book, but also the words It s full of word play, of different ways of using and seeing words.It s beautiful and moving, and an insight into someone who is forced to see the world in a different way, and to express herself mainly through writing poetry.Alice has suffered an ABI Acquired Brain Injury [...]

  21. The Stars at Oktober Bend is the story of Alice, a girl who has suffered terrible trauma and has since been left with difficulties It is about her being able to express herself and articulate herself and finding ways to communicate with others in less traditional methods.It is also a story of displacement Manny and Alice find each other through the poems that Alice uses to express herself Manny is fairly new to Oktober Bend and is living with a new family after his have all been lost to the situ [...]

  22. This is a book of descriptions The writing is almost lyrical and there is many a poem scattered throughout The images stretch from beautiful descriptions to accurately creative analogies of the mundane a chain line fence is wire diamonds train tracks are steel spaghetti The storyline was so much than the basic romance I had for some reason been expecting Written from the perspective of a girl with a head injury and a boy soldier rescued from a different country the writing is hard to follow at [...]

  23. Older YAI wasn t too sure about this book at first It s written in a unique way, and it takes a little getting used to Once I was into the book though, it really wasn t a problem at all Alice lives with her grandmother and her younger brother Alice has a brain injury The story is about how we see ourselves and others, how we judge differences, and how much we do not know, because we cannot see all of a person It s about forgiveness and love and second chances Highly recommendedgun by chanceby ha [...]

  24. I love Glenda Millard s prose She is an empathic writer and I was pleased to see this book make the long list of the 2017 CBCA Alas it didn t make the short list.Once again she grabbed the heart and made me care for the characters The character development was wonderful, however, the cause of Alice s brain injury was horrific I don t know if the act was so deplorable that it tainted the writing but I found parts to be quite discordant for some reason I never condone a happy ever after ending for [...]

  25. So this book was a verypoetic bookwith ansomewhat amusing and interesting narrative voice.Alice Nightingale s voice will stay with me, Millard depicted Alice s wild thoughts in areally, really differentmanner Her voice lingers after the end In this book, Millard tentatively goes about to tell the story of Alice, a girl who has been robbed of freedom and for some reason should feel shameful and tells the story of Manny, who has a distorted and painful past Throughout this narrative Millard also w [...]

  26. I feel I m being a little harsh on this book The story is beautiful and bittersweet, the characters will make you fall in love with them and the setting is perfect so why only three stars Simply put I found it physically so difficult to read Alice, one of the narrators, has brain damage, sustained in an horrific attack and this is portrayed in the way her chapters are written No capital letters, random punctuation and frequent poetry The poetry is fine I m a massive fan of books that use this de [...]

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