Unlimited Slider - by Stacy Borel - Slider, Slider Dr Turner Brooks may be the professional brother but he s also the adrenaline junkie When he meets Annabelle a girl scared to death of veering from the path she s paved for herself all he wants to
  • Title: Slider
  • Author: Stacy Borel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Slider - by Stacy Borel, Slider, Stacy Borel, Slider Dr Turner Brooks may be the professional brother but he s also the adrenaline junkie When he meets Annabelle a girl scared to death of veering from the path she s paved for herself all he wants to do is push her out of that comfort zone Annabelle has already lost too much She wants to stay focused on her new nursing job and away from unnecessary risks Turner BrooksDr Turner Brooks may be Unlimited Slider - by Stacy Borel - Slider, Slider Dr Turner Brooks may be the professional brother but he s also the adrenaline junkie When he meets Annabelle a girl scared to death of veering from the path she s paved for herself all he wants to

  • Unlimited Slider - by Stacy Borel
    164 Stacy Borel

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  1. I m a Coast Guard wife and currently a stay at home mom I want to be a nurse when I grow up My incredibly handsome husband and I have been married for 9 years and I have 2 amazing children that keep life interesting I am an obsessive reader I go through 3 5 books a week on my Kindle and I whole heartedly support my indie authors After reading well over a couple hundred books this year, I decided I might give it a shot writing my own book I dabbled with a few ideas and finally settled on a story I know I d personally read and I began the journey of creating Ever Enough I appreciate all the support I ve been given by my family, friends, and fellow indie authors You ve all shaped my view on life and books and I ll be forever greatful

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  1. The book was suppose to be released sometime on July then the dates changed to September 25th 2014 And it s fucking 2015 already, when the hell is this book coming out This is why I hate book series, because when the authors keeps pushing the release date, I lose interest for the book the whole series cause I don t know what s happening any I m seriously losing interest in this book this author, been waiting for fucking centuries for this book to be released And I kinda accidentally rated this b [...]

  2. 3 Disappointing StarsDr Turner Brooks is instantly taken by Annabelle when she comes to dinner at his parents house After he asks her out and she turns him down he becomes even determined to get her to take a chance on him Annabelle has lost a lot in her short life, though, and she doesn t want to get close to anyone But when Turner keeps popping up in her life she finally loses the battle and gives him a shot.This was a fun little story and I enjoyed Turner and the dates he planned which were [...]

  3. So I Googled the release date It should be coming in July 2014 So excited I ve been waiting for forever for Bender to come out I just finished it It surpassed my expectations I loved it and after getting a glimpse of what was going on between Turner and Anna, next month can t come fast enough

  4. WHERE IS THIS BOOK It was supposed to be released MONTHS ago 1 20 20159 24 2014 8 4 2015After months of continuously checking release dates, Facebook updates, and everyone else s comments I quit I ve read Bender twice after my original read to refresh myself before a release date, and each time I m disappointed Another book has been released, and I honestly don t think this series will see a sequel or a full completion If it somehow is complete, years down the road, I might come back to it Goodl [...]

  5. This book is being released on the 25th of September 2014 Not sure if that s USA only but hoping it s uk to Wrote 27 sept 2014This was meant to be released but nothing yet I messaged stacy on Facebook to see what is happening but nothing back yet It s not good to tell your fans that a book is being released and it not being done Even if it is not on time she can at least let her fans know.12 January 2015Book was meant to be released this January 2015 and stacy has wrote to her fans on her Facebo [...]

  6. This is not a review But my fellow reader in my book club posted this and I thought I d share with you all This is my first picture post, so I m not perfect at itrry if the size isn t large enough but here is the book cover and synopsis.And also a teaserenjoy

  7. I ve been anticipating the release of this book for awhile now I absolutely loved the first book in the series, so much so I d reread it a few weeks before the release of this one just to have it fresh in my mind After just finishing this story I m left feeling disappointed Definitely a let down compared to the first one Don t get me wrong it s not a horrible read It was just okay Nothing , nothing less It s definitely not a book that will stick with me for awhile or one that I will reread.

  8. This book was not for me After so many delays in the publishing of it I had high expectations, in both content and quality of finish, unfortunately I didn t find this I didn t like either character There s pushy and there s pushy, and Turner was the latter He continued to push her beyond her comfort zones even when she said she was uncomfortable He saw her as a project , his words Then there s Annabelle, I can t stand characters who say one thing so adamantly and then the guy looks at them and t [...]

  9. Get your tissues out maladies Stacy has to delay Sliders release again She doesn t like how it s flowing It s complete but I guess in a way she s stuck in editing process She wants it to be perfect She s gonna be releasing another book first Hitchhiker Cover model is none else than Shawn Dawson aka Camden She s worried about her readers and doesn t want to lose her readership so shes a little frantic about it A writer with quality writing style and gives a crap about her readers I FREAKING LOVE [...]

  10. A hist ria vai se desenvolvendo aos poucos enquanto o her i vai conquistando a confian a da hero na e ela vai se abrindo para a possibilidade de um relacionamento Ap s ler tantas resenhas negativas eu resolvi iniciar a leitura e acabei gostando.Os outros membros da fam lia continuam suas hist rias e j ficamos com vontade de ler a pr xima hist ria The story develops slowly while the hero conquering the confidence of heroin and she s opening for the possibility of a relationship After reading so m [...]

  11. I waited FOREVER for Book 2 because book 1 was AWESOME I didn t connect to these two at all I didn t feel like the H knew what he was getting himself into He was such a stud playerch a OTT serial daterThis guy is a doctor It seemed like the setting should have been college for sure The h was okay But the fact that she was happy just to be in the infamous doctor s bedblah I just didn t feel the connection these two had.

  12. After so much waiting around for this book it failed to deliver I couldn t connect with either character and they lacked chemistry.

  13. 3 StarsOverall Opinion This one was kind of meh for me It will not go down as one of my favorites as it probably won t be that memorable I didn t feel a connection to the h or H They had decent banter and chemistry, but they were kind ofring.Storyline This is Annabelle and Turner s story We met both characters in the first book of the series, Bender which I liked btw , but it is not necessary to read the first book to follow along in this one Annabelle has had a tough life so far She was orphan [...]

  14. lame I went into this story knowing the least about Turner compared to the other brothers so I really had no interest from the beginning I finished the story still knowing the least about this brother I feel like this story was just randomly put together without much thought when I ve been waiting for over a year since the first book and the girl character with the low self esteem and insecurities was a bit over the top for me Sorry author for being so mean but thats my honest opinion On a posit [...]

  15. I give it a solid 3 stars It was an good read, not great I didnt feel the connection betweeen the MC s Also It was a little slow to get the MC S together.It did leave us with a start to Macie and Dodgers book Which I will be reading.

  16. 3 star sweetness The story line was ok Nothing to brag about Read it at your own risk Again, just my opinion.

  17. I LOVED the first one, so it kills me to DNF at 76% Nothing was happening and both MC s were boring She may have been the most boring heroine I ve read about it in a very long time.

  18. Ok first, this book to waaaaaaayyyy too long to come out, I hardly remembered anything from the first one other than Keegan being over the top and dramatic and maybe even a little psycho, so it was hard for me to come into this one without a little chip on my shoulder The cover is hot though although it was hot a year ago when it was being teased with a nice release date that came and went without a word so i m still bitter I guess.While Annabelle was much mature than Keegan was in her book, I [...]

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