Masks and Shadows

Masks and Shadows Best Download || [Stephanie Burgis] - Masks and Shadows, Masks and Shadows The year is and Carlo Morelli the most renowned castrato singer in Europe has been invited as an honored guest to Eszterh za Palace With Carlo in Prince Nikolaus Esterh zy s carriage ride a P
  • Title: Masks and Shadows
  • Author: Stephanie Burgis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Masks and Shadows Best Download || [Stephanie Burgis], Masks and Shadows, Stephanie Burgis, Masks and Shadows The year is and Carlo Morelli the most renowned castrato singer in Europe has been invited as an honored guest to Eszterh za Palace With Carlo in Prince Nikolaus Esterh zy s carriage ride a Prussian spy and one of the most notorious alchemists in the Habsburg Empire Already at Eszterh za is Charlotte von Steinbeck the very proper sister of Prince Nikolaus s misThe year Masks and Shadows Best Download || [Stephanie Burgis] - Masks and Shadows, Masks and Shadows The year is and Carlo Morelli the most renowned castrato singer in Europe has been invited as an honored guest to Eszterh za Palace With Carlo in Prince Nikolaus Esterh zy s carriage ride a P

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  • Masks and Shadows Best Download || [Stephanie Burgis]
    442 Stephanie Burgis
Masks and Shadows

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  1. I grew up in America, but now I live in Wales with my husband, fellow writer Patrick Samphire, our sons, Mr Darcy and Mr X , and our sweet and extremely vocal tabby cat, Pebbles I write fun, funny MG fantasy novels most recently The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart and wildly romantic adult historical fantasy novels and novellas most recently Snowspelled.To get early sneak peeks at new stories and novels and read exclusive tie in short stories before they go on sale , sign up for my newsletter here stephanieburgis newsletter.I only rate and review the books that I like, which is why all of my ratings are 4 or 5 stars.

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  1. I really liked this book It s a fun historical fiction novel that has some interesting magical elements infused into the political intrigue I m a sucker for musicians and opera, and this book features a fantastic female protagonist who moves in the world of Hapsburg palaces and nobles There were a lot of really fun historical details that drew me in the world There s romance, but it s not a romance book persay If the unique setting attracts you, give it a look

  2. My first adult historical fantasy and I m editing this review to take out all the preordering talk, because it is OUT NOW Eeee You can still read the first two chapters on my website stephanieburgis masks But it s also available to buy now stephanieburgis masks I am so happy that this book is finally out in the world.

  3. This was one of those lucky I ll just read a couple of pages to see that ends up as something really good What does this book have to recommend it Apart from its interesting setting, both place and time, it has great characters, writing and story None of the characters can fully claim the title main though It works well in this case There is mystery, a plot against the emperor and empress and a dash of magic And one mustn t forget a horror element The thing is, nothing in this novel is overdone [...]

  4. Copy provided by the publisher.Stephanie Burgis, well loved as an author for YA and middle grade fantasy, hits the ground running with her first adult fantasy in this fast moving, sometimes wistful and romantic, sometimes sinister opera of a novel, Masks and Shadows, which should appeal to readers who enjoy palace intrigue with a dash of fantastical horrorific elements.Charlotte, a young widowed baroness, travels to the new Esterhazy estate built by the extravagant Prince Nicolaus, where Haydn w [...]

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this swooningly romantic historical fantasy, operatic both in subject matter and style I was impressed by the pace, the skillful handling of plot and the management of a large cast of characters while many of them are recognisable tropes they are also all people The book s also very funny

  6. Too many point of view characters, all of whom were passive And apparently I m not a fan of blended genres I think I d have enjoyed this a little , passivity and all, if the conspiracies were straight politics Instead, there were too many characters all ultimately manipulated by specters and hypnosis And they all led such miserable lives, too.

  7. I love Stephanie Burgis s writing She s been a favorite of mine for a long, long time Masks and Shadows doesn t disappoint My only complaint was that I ended up confined to a chair for most of today reading through the last chapters There was no way I could put it down.Set in Hungary during the reign of the Hapsburgs, what begins as a social visit of a widowed older sister to her married mistress younger sister soon begins to turn sinister Two bodies are found drained of blood and two alchemists [...]

  8. This was quite fascinating It s got darker and intense tones than the Kat books, but still with Stephanie s deft blend of history and fantasy And I loved the romance between Charlotte and Carlo Loved the humanness and naturalness to the way that developed as they learned to see past their initial expectations Although their romance is very central in the development of the story, it s historical fantasy rather than romance per se, and other characters have major roles as well These characters a [...]

  9. If you re a fan of historical fantasy, swoon worthy romances, or classical music, then Stephanie Burgis standalone novel MASKS AND SHADOWS is a must read.The court of Nikolaus I, Prince Esterh zy of Hungary, is a secluded yet opulent palace where the Prince lives with his wife and his exuberant young mistress, Sophie When Sophie invites her elder sister, the straight laced widow Charlotte Von Steinbeck to Esterh za for the season, Charlotte has no idea of the political machinations, dark magic, [...]

  10. This story is set in the late 1700s, in the Habsburg Empire not a setting I m particularly familiar with The only historical character whom I recognized was Joseph Haydn and I can t claim to know much about him, either I see via that he really was employed by the Esterh zy family for a good part of his career I expect plenty of historically aware readers would probably know a good deal than I do about many of the other secondary characters, like the Emperor and Empress of the Habsburg Empire Th [...]

  11. Intrigue, music, romance, and alchemy, all converging in one of 18th century Hungary s grandest opera houses that s the premise for Masks and Shadows, the debut adult historical fantasy by Stephanie Burgis Set in Eszterh za Palace, the home of Prince Nikolaus Esterh zy, this standalone follows the recently widowed Charlotte von Steinbeck and the renowned castrato singer Carlo Morelli Both are visiting Eszterh za under different circumstances, and meet as composer Joseph Haydn is about to premier [...]

  12. Masks and Shadows is an enjoyable historical fantasy novel with a grand conspiracy, music, and romance set almost entirely within Eszterh za Palace in Hungary in 1779 I loved the oft overlooked setting and Charlotte s personal journey and found it to be an incredibly readable, absorbing story Since it had a LOT of characters, it didn t have as much in depth character development as I would have liked, but I did think it was definitely worth reading 3 1 2 stars a solid, enjoyable book that I like [...]

  13. This is a bold historical fantasy set in Hungary, 1779, at the height of the Habsburg monarchy Featuring opera, alchemy, political intrigue and the most famous castrato in Europe as its romantic hero, it s an astonishing, richly detailed novel As both musician and music historian, Burgis writes about the power of music with unusual freshness and subtlety She also has a keen eye for social and cultural detail And, as fans of her middle grade Kat, Incorrigible trilogy might expect, there s a diffi [...]

  14. i really liked the setting and the story, though not sure if i liked the fantasy element or could understand how it helped the story and not detracted from it Also not sure if i really liked any of characters, didn t dislike them only didn t really, really like any of them so enjoyable and would like to see what friends thought of it, but won t be forcing it on anyone

  15. I d probably accurately rate this one somewhere between 3.25 3.5 stars I found the story pretty interesting, if fairly straightforward and lacking just a touch development when it came to character relationships The characters themselves were okay not remarkable, but not bland either.

  16. The year is 1779, the place is the Eszterh za Palace in Hungary The famous castrato singer Carlo Morelli is travelling to the palace as a guest of Prince Nikolaus Esterh zy, but he is not the only one He s accompanied by a famous alchemist, Ignaz Von Born, and a man he suspects to be a spy Already arrived at the palace is the recently widowed Charlotte von Steinbeck visiting her younger sister, Sophie But there are plots brewing at the palace The Habsburg Emperor and Empress are about to visit, [...]

  17. MASKS AND SHADOWS is a darkly romantic tale set in historical Austria The author did a marvelous job in her characterizations, descriptions, and overall plot Adult historical romance readers who enjoy Gothics or historical romance with a slightly dark edge will enjoy this one.I couldn t help getting pulled in to this story The author s writing was so well done that I could envision the rich scene with its opulent rooms, the craziness of the concert master and his singers, the dark and dangerous [...]

  18. An alternate history featuring Haydn and Prince Esterh zy, and also a secret society that dabbles in alchemy and worse which works.The main characters are Charlotte, a widow taking refuge with her sister the prince s mistress and Carlo, a castrato singer and only nominal guest.It involves the Princess having Charlotte call on her, two runaway lovers, a new opera, a surprising visit, the sweet voice of Charlotte s maid, a foolish lieutenant who made promises while drunk, and Somewhat uneven in d [...]

  19. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 04 11 This spring, Masks and Shadows rocketed its way up to my most highly anticipated list With its themes of palace intrigue, passionate romance, secret conspiracies and dark magic, the book sounded right up my alley and I am pleased to say that Stephanie Burgis first adult historical fantasy did not disappoint.The story takes place in 1779, transporting readers to the extravagant court of Nikolaus I, Prince Esterh zy of Hungary Charlotte is [...]

  20. Originally posted on Books Bottles.We are giving away a copy of Masks and Shadows and an ARC of A Congress of Secrets USA Canada, giveaway ends September 12th at 11 59PM MST Check out our post to enter Thank you to Lisa from Pyr Prometheus Books for a copy in exchange for an honest review I am absolutely fluffed It was in the wee hours of the morning that I finally finished Masks and Shadows and there was only a sushi date with Kassandra that interrupted my reading I was hooked around page 30 fl [...]

  21. As regular readers to Making Things Up For a Living will know, I m a great fan of Stephanie Burgis s Regency set MG trilogy A Most Improper Magick The Unladylike Adventures of Kat Stephenson etc , so I was excited to get my hands on Masks and Shadows, which sees her first foray into adult novels But I had a few moments of trepidation too The book revolves around not only the machinations and political intrigues in Eszterhaza, one of the grand palaces of the Hapsburg empire, which I know nothing [...]

  22. Originally published at Risingshadow.Stephanie Burgis Masks and Shadows is a first rate historical fantasy novel for adult readers who are interested in lush, romantic and well written stories It offers engaging entertainment and thrilling moments to readers who are willing to let themselves be immersed in a good story It has a wide target audience, because it will appeal to many readers.Before reading Masks and Shadows, I took the opportunity to read the author s young adult novels The Unladyli [...]

  23. Oh the cover intrigued me and so did the blurb and yet I really didn t know what to expect in this book I just knew it was about a historical setting, opera, and lots of music and a bit of the paranormal thrown in Yea, I knew this one would be for me.The book goes through several POVs but what was confusing at first was just remembering who was who and that would have been a problem for me if it was only one POV Quickly, it did settle in my head enough that the book took off and then shortly aft [...]

  24. It was such a breezy, captivating read It s no secret that I love fiction connected to art music, dance, singing, drawing, you name it There is just something magical, irresistible in it for me.Masks and Shadows is doubly that Some of its charm is the setting opera opulence courtly intrigues secret societies Aah, it took me right back to my teens when I discovered Consuelo by George Sand a book about a young, beautiful opera singer in 18th century plus lots of secret societies stuff Also George [...]

  25. I think the best thing I can do is link to Sherwood s wonderful review, as she says it all Opera is not really my thing, so I had a harder time loving what the book did so well Also, my least favourite type of romance is the super experienced guy virginal woman, which has as much to do with worries about STDs in historical fiction as anything But, I loved Charlotte and Anna, and found the historical setting fascinating, so it was good Looking forward to reading Congress of Secrets.

  26. I did something unusual after I finished this book I immediately turned to page 1 and started reading it again I completely fell in love with these characters and this setting I don t read historicals often, but Burgis is able to work in so many great setting details without overwhelming or confusing me The romance really worked for me I love unconventional heroes

  27. The nitty gritty A lush and romantic story of palace intrigue, with a supernatural subplot that adds a sense of danger to the tale.The gorgeous colors on this cover initially attracted me to Masks and Shadows, like a bee to a beautiful flower, but I was happy to find an exciting story behind the cover that grabbed my attention and kept me reading I hadn t realized how much I was craving a romance, and this book came along at just the right time Full of fascinating historical details, the story i [...]

  28. A lovely, lovely piece of work Stephanie Burgis is steadily becoming one of my auto read authors She writes histohistorical fictions beautifully Masks and Shadows was a perfect wrap of history, believable characters and wonderful narration of operas Absolutely terrific.

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