[PDF] Bloodmage | by ☆ Stephen Aryan - Bloodmage, Bloodmage The people of Perizzi have survived the battlemage war but their future is looking darker than everRNE is a Guardian of the Peace investigating a series of murders in which the corpses were drained
  • Title: Bloodmage
  • Author: Stephen Aryan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Bloodmage | by ☆ Stephen Aryan, Bloodmage, Stephen Aryan, Bloodmage The people of Perizzi have survived the battlemage war but their future is looking darker than everRNE is a Guardian of the Peace investigating a series of murders in which the corpses were drained entirely of lifeAY s expertise with magic is needed to catch the killer but working with the Guardians destroyed his father years beforeOSS renowned as a fighter The people of Perizzi hav [PDF] Bloodmage | by ☆ Stephen Aryan - Bloodmage, Bloodmage The people of Perizzi have survived the battlemage war but their future is looking darker than everRNE is a Guardian of the Peace investigating a series of murders in which the corpses were drained
  • [PDF] Bloodmage | by ☆ Stephen Aryan
    192 Stephen Aryan

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  1. I m a lifelong fan of fantasy and science fiction It started with The Hobbit, The Belgariad, the Earthsea books, the Shannara books and then David Gemmell, who was a huge influence on me and my writing.I m a writer and podcaster My novels include the Age of Darkness trilogy Battlemage, Bloodmage, Chaosmage and the follow up trilogy the Age of Dread began with Mageborn in October 2017 The second book in the trilogy Magefall will be published in September 2018.A prequel novella to everything, Of Gods and Men, was published in February 2018.I am represented by Juliet Mushens.

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  1. Bloodmage introduces us to new characters but also reunite us with a couple of old ones Fray was the character I liked the most He is easy to connect with he s been through a lot but he still managed to survive He isn t complaining about the past but is simply taking what life is giving him I liked his story it showed how magic had a huge impact on individual lifes His story also showed how the view on magic hugely changed after Balfruss who didn t make a return which made me sad I miss Balfruss [...]

  2. A different book and style compared to the 1st Has of a murder mystery than larger battle scenes like the 1st Enjoyed singular characters however just didnt event the wheel Still enjoyed it.

  3. Aryan continues to impress with this follow up to Battlemage A very different book to his debut, but still well worth a read Full review to come.

  4. Excellent Une premi re partie qui ressemble presque un roman policier avec une enqu te suite la d couverte d un cadavre et tout, mais dans la deuxi me moiti e et particuli rement le dernier tiers, on se retrouve fond dans le fantastique fantasy avec un combat de mage assez pique Relativement original, divertissant et une histoire qui tient la route, j ai beaucoup aim Certains personnages du premier tome reviennent, mais il y a quand m me une coupure assez marqu e, une suite oui et non, il y a de [...]

  5. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 04 21 After the great time I had with Battlemage, and given my fondness for epic fantasy audiobooks, I decided to switch formats for the second book of the Age of Darkness series and give Bloodmage a try in audio I was pleased to find that it worked very well, even though the sequel is a very different kind of story from its predecessor.Bloodmage takes place in the aftermath of the first book, and some months have passed since the great batt [...]

  6. I loved the first on this series and was my choice for David Gemmell Morningstar award this year This instalment is different than the first in that because the wars over and the warlock defeated there is no big battle scenes and less magic We focus on a new group of characters with equal flaws but and that s a big but I feel it s better we become hooked on the lives of the cast and for me I loved choss most and fray a close second At the end you can see it links well in to the series and the [...]

  7. Decisamente meglio rispetto a Battlemage meno ripetitivo e prevedibile, con una trama pi sfaccettata e costruita con pi cura.Gli eventi si svolgono circa un anno dopo la fine della guerra e dell assedio narrati nel volume precedente E da Charas, ci spostiamo a Perizzi, la capitale del regno di Yerskania che avevamo gi visto in Battlemage , una citt ancora segnata dalle violenze provocate dai fanatici religiosi fedeli al re di Zecorria Sono tre i filoni narrativi che finiranno poi per intrecciars [...]

  8. Mage de guerre de Stephen Aryan est un roman de fantasy guerri re classique mais rudement bien men que j ai beaucoup appr ci et que j avais pu vous faire gagner il y a quelques temps sur le blog Bien s r, quand sa suite Mage de Sang est sortie, je me suis pr cipit pour l acheter Enfin, l effort tait pas bien violent, ne vous inqui tez pas, je suis all sur le net prendre l e book.Comme toute suite qui se respecte, je m attendais trouver le m me type d aventure, du plus ou moins la m me soupe qui [...]

  9. Bloodmage Age of Darkness 2 is Stephen Aryan s second novel, following on from events in Battlemage, though not necessarily a direct sequel in the strictest terms I mentioned in my review of Battlemage that I was drawn to it primarily because of my friendship with Steve fantasy not being my go to genre but I approached Bloodmage in an entirely different way I was eager to read it to see where the story would go, what twists and turns were in store, and just how the world is progressing after the [...]

  10. Chronique tir e de mon blog Un gros changement compar au pr c dent dont la lecture avait t mitig e, j ai trouv ce tome vraiment tr s int ressant et donc bien meilleur J ai h site le lire en fait, vu l chec du premier, mais une chronique m a d cid lui donner sa chance, et j ai tr s bien fait.Mage de Guerre, le tome pr c dent, tait un livre de ce qu on ne peut qu appeler Fantasy pique De grosses batailles, des personnages guerriers dans une terrible guerre contre un tyran, des h ros malgr eux.Mais [...]

  11. Unlike the first book in this series, Battle Mage, I came into Blood Mage by Stephen Aryan with a few expectations The war that took place in Battle Mage was wrapped up with a smoldering black bow, a world ravaged left in its smoking ruins, and while it was the combined efforts and sacrifice of the land s battle mages that ended the war, the people now fear magic and all its implications This makes life difficult for a magic user like Fray Before the war, he could openly practice his art without [...]

  12. 4.5 starsI m loving, LOVING the kind of fantasy which leaves behind the focus on epic journeys, wildly complex magical systems and years and years of time passing in one story, to focus instead on five characters, or one incident, or one mystery, or one month in timed that s exactly what Bloodmage does The story, to me, was of a crime mystery with a bit of mafia style organisation thrown in which just happens to be set in a fantasy world with some folks who can do weird magical stuff it kept me [...]

  13. Only the second book I have read and, indeed, only the second book released by this author Stephen Aryan , and I m beginning to think I may have found my replacement fix for the relatively recently deceased David Gemmell Set not long roughly a year or so, if memory serves after the events of Battlemage, this takes a closer, intimate look at the effects that war has had rather than the grand battles magics of the previous, we re into one city, where a plot is afoot to murder the Queen and visiti [...]

  14. The first book in this trilogy dealt with a war betwen nations, with the focus being on the Battlemages using their tools of magical destruction and defence Plenty of other characters to get interested in and some interesting aspects of other beings taking an interest I was surprised with this second volume to see new characters and some of the old ones surprisingly absent But this still remains an excellent story We have the aftermath and the resentment of the war and in Perizzi, when things sh [...]

  15. It was good, but I enjoyed the first novel much, much .Again, a really good read And it was extremely enjoyable But the first one just blew me away I do like the style and the build up is excellent I like how the author keeps building you into the storyline and taking you deeper into the psyche and lives of the characters.It also helps that these are new characters, yet there enough references to the previous novel that you know where you are and why the characters are where they are The world b [...]

  16. Very good sequel to the first book New characters, and some old ones are still in the mix I like how the author transitioned to the new issue However I was not a big fan of how things left off with the Balfruss from the last book view spoiler I mean how can they just leave it of like he was killed by another mage.In the last book he seemed all powerful I m kind of hoping the author details this a bit in the 3rd book hide spoiler I will absolutely be on the lookout for the 3rd in this series, an [...]

  17. c2016 FWFTB Perizzi, Watch, underworld, spy, massacre Really glad that I gave this series another try I was not particularly fond of the first book but this book was much much better Although there a few references to the earlier book this one can certainly be read as a stand alone The characters were developed and I actually liked most of the good characters I think that, at times, the plotting was a tad loose but overall a great story Definitely recommended to the normal crew.

  18. After a slow start, Bloodmage grabbed my attention and didn t let go until that stunning climax I loved that this instalment was a mix of a mystery and magic, with lots of conflict It was not as bloody as Battlemage but just as satisfying I simply can t wait for Chaosmage I have very high expectations.I might do a full review soon.

  19. I thought this was well written story which took a select few characters from the 1st book and with just a thread tied the two stories together This was a great opportunity to get to know some newer characters and to be reintroduced to some old favorites I look forward to the culmination of Aryan s efforts and the return of some powerful and interesting characters in the next one.

  20. 4 GR Great I loved it 8 Not the epic battles of Battlemage, but a conspiracy murder mystery this time Of course mages and gods are back I liked it even than the first book I m very looking forward to Chaosmage now Recommended

  21. A really good book 2, continues on from book 1 seamlessly.Stephen Aryan is another new author making his mark in the Fantasy genre, well worth checking out.

  22. Rating 3.5This took me awhile to finish Book began slowly, afterwards, it really took off I am looking forward to the final book of the trilogy, Chaosmage.

  23. Different theme to the first book, where war was the main theme This book almost reads like a spy thriller or a crime thriller set in a fantasy world Quite refreshing.

  24. Where to start with this one I did not like how this was a sequel but we lost most of the main characters from the last one Battlemage focused on Balfruss and Vargus and there is hardly any mention of him throughout the whole book Vargus has a very small role I find it extremely dissapointing when the sequel doesn t bring back the main characters I was looking forward to seeing what Balfruss did after the war and how the kingdom rebuilt itself However, on the other side with this book you can te [...]

  25. I chose to read this trilogy because I love magic fantasy related novels In this novels I find that the autor got a little lost, I think that the magic related part of the book got smaller The change of the main characters wasn t a good move, because suddenly this novel lost its appeal for me, during this novel all I wanted to hear was about Balfrus who is becoming and about Vargus who apparently is a god, and a powerful one at that I feel like this novel is about investigation stuff while magi [...]

  26. Although the first installment in the Age of Darkness was a very solid book, the second disappointed me a little While the shift in perspective, location and central heroes was refreshing, the whole story lacked the epic high fantasy elements of the first one Still, as a Fantasy murder mystery, it was an enjoyable read.

  27. Very different from the previous book I really don t attach to the mains characters expect Choss It feel classy or poorly but not shiny.Like the trame with Vargus.French review of this book wp p1gH27 gt

  28. Better than the first, though the characters didn t warm on me quite as quickly, their individual stories pieced together quite well A few guest appearances from returning figures, but mostly the new.4.5 5 stars.Full Review to come.

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