The Duke's Mistress

[PDF] Download ☆ The Duke's Mistress : by Carole Mortimer - The Duke's Mistress, The Duke s Mistress The young widow Lady Dorothea Fitzroy is bored with her life Most especially so with her role as mistress of her brother s household and the endless round of society engagements this forces her to en
  • Title: The Duke's Mistress
  • Author: Carole Mortimer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ☆ The Duke's Mistress : by Carole Mortimer, The Duke's Mistress, Carole Mortimer, The Duke s Mistress The young widow Lady Dorothea Fitzroy is bored with her life Most especially so with her role as mistress of her brother s household and the endless round of society engagements this forces her to endure What Thea so badly needs is a secret and passionate lover to become mistress of another kind entirely and so add excitement and spice into her humdrum life But whereThe youn [PDF] Download ☆ The Duke's Mistress : by Carole Mortimer - The Duke's Mistress, The Duke s Mistress The young widow Lady Dorothea Fitzroy is bored with her life Most especially so with her role as mistress of her brother s household and the endless round of society engagements this forces her to en

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Duke's Mistress : by Carole Mortimer
    337 Carole Mortimer
The Duke's Mistress

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  1. I have written almost 250 romance novels in contemporary and Regency I am a USA Today Bestselling Author and recipient of the 2015 RWA Lifetime Achievement Award In 2014 I received a Pioneer of Romance Award from Romantic Times in the US and in 2012 I was recognised by Queen Elizabeth II for my outstanding service to literature I am very happily married to Peter with six sons, and live on the Isle of Man

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  1. Lady Dorothea Fitzroy is a twenty five year old widow She wants a handsome, virile lover who will satisfy her lustful desires The forwardness of the Duke of Blackmoor catches her off guard and intrigues her Julian Remington, the Duke of Blackmoor, has been keeping dark secrets, secrets that now threaten his own safety and the safety of those closest to him When a ghost from his past returns to London, Julian acts quickly to protect Lady Dorothea and his daughter, Lady Amelia This isn t a true Re [...]

  2. After reading book 2 was hoping to enjoy going back and reading book 1 would be as pleasant for me.Gratifyingly enough Julian and Thea s story did not disappoint me as it was every bit as enjoyable as hoped for.0

  3. First chapter and I have to say I wasn t prepared for it It was dark and gritty hints of murder, spies, lies and deceit I was hooked and I wanted, no, I needed, And then the story really smacked me in the face in the second chapter Tea spitting moments if you please Hot Hot Hot A very mild taste of some of the very direct writing, Thea desired a lover Not wanted one Nor needed one But she most certainly desired and ached for one Dorothea, Thea Fitzroy was a young bride to a man 25 years her sen [...]

  4. Sexy and Exciting Novella to Kick Off New Series Thea desired a lover FINAL DECISION Short, sexy and also containing a suspense story, there is a lot in this short novella, but the characters are well drawn and make this one worth readingE STORY Lady Dorothea Fitzroy, a young widow, is bored with her staid life living with her brother She wants to find a lover and fulfill the sexual desires that her marriage left unfulfilled Julian Remington, Duke of Blackmoor, walks into Thea s life and while s [...]

  5. I enjoyed this romance There are some well written love scenes, along with a convoluted plot that goes well with the time period This is a fun, but completely unrealistic regency romance The fooling around was fun to read, but I don t think anyone would get away with it in the regency society.

  6. The book is nothing than porn It should be labeled as such If you were to take all the sex and nasty condescending sexist remarks out of it you wouldn t have any than a pamphlet I can t believe a woman would write a story about a man treating a woman in such as sexist degrading way and the woman liking it Isn t this the same type of behavior that women s advocacy groups have been fighting to stop Yet this book seems to promote it.The worst part about this book is that it was provided free for [...]

  7. The bored Lady Dorothea Fitzroy dreamed of becoming The Duke s Mistress, well not any duke but the Duke of Blackmoor, Julian Remington He is cold, aloft, condescending and not known to be emotionally attached to any woman.Thea becomes The Duke s Mistress for a brief period of time and then he pushes her away when his past threatens Lady Thea.The sex is hot and dirty, the romance is sweet when neither person expects to find romance and the danger adds an element of suspense True to the period, be [...]

  8. In the beginning there was a Duke and also a Lady who met and felt an instant attraction for each other but neither would let this be known Their younger family members were about to get married and that is when it all started.This story is beautifully written with a yes, its on and no, its now off situation between the two main characters Its sexy, it has mystery, it has murders and insanity but most of all it has love and the warmness and the caring of two very compatible people.Another winner [...]

  9. I on chapter 10 and this book is so good I just wanted Any one considering buying it hurry this lady can write a book l have read books than any would believe from many writers and you Lady Carole is in the the top 10 You have been bless with a wonderful gift and I am going to read all your library hold because I know that you know how to capture your readers full attention I wish you continue success Now to get back to my story A MUST READDH from New York City

  10. Naughty historical romance and a new author This was a freebie from either Red Feather Romance or InstaFreebie, doesn t matter since its not free any but I m so glad I got it A cold and distant duke finds a new lover in a plain widow, but a lurking danger might keep them apart Hope Thea s friends get books of their own, will find out later when I read of the series Also gonna keep an eye on Carole s other books.

  11. This is a short, erotic HR novella I liked both characters and the plot managed to be interesting despite the novella length Don t expect to see much of the ton or detailed society scenes The concentration is on Lady Dorothea and Lord Blackmoor affair, with a few secondary characters But for readers like me who don t read much HR and often skim the convoluted and ridiculous society sections, this was a great read.

  12. Carole Mortimer is greatI have reading her books for years and haven t had one disappoint me yet The story is good and emotional, my only issue being g with the layout of the book In some places the story switched character and place without any significant break notated It wasn t enough to turn me off just took a few to get used to.

  13. Passionate and engrossingOther than the fact that the story ends much too quickly, I throughly enjoyed reading this book The passionate and sensual scenes are exciting and captivating The intrigue adds a depth and another layer to the story I liked the small touch of domination in the story and the love making was very graphically described without being crude.

  14. Julian was a like a horny dog sniffing out a female dog in heat Moreover, he was stupid for a duke He could protect Thea by offering real protection or ask help from her brother or hire bodyguards for her He was filthy rich, right He didn t have to push her away.Further, it was a pity that Thea started as babe in total control of herself but reduced into a pathetic lapdog.

  15. Everything I want in a novel Strong, dashing, and sexy men Strong minded women A very good read Can t wait to start another of her books.

  16. All therethe four forbidding Duke, a child s wedding, a threat and if course love, a little hanky panky and the possibility of a happy ever after

  17. I was quickly drawn to the characters of this story, taken back in time and fell in love with the storyline I read this in one sitting and am looking forward to reading the next installment.

  18. PornI couldn t even get into this book bc it is just obnoxious and filthy This book should not be available to anyone let alone young people.

  19. First, I do not normally read erotica, and I was not expecting erotic as I am a huge fan of Carole s Presents which are not nearly so graphic.So I found the beginning of this novella shocking when a regency lady jumped into a highly erotic relationship with the grumpy earl who is the uncle of the young lady who s to marry the heroine s nephew.Since I would never hop right into doing the things the heroine did with a man she would be connected to via family forever, and I married a distant cousin [...]

  20. Regency romance with revenge twist Young Lady Dorothea is helping to plan her nephew s wedding to Amelia, Julian Remington, the Duke of Blackmoor s daughter But lately she has been feeling restless and bored with life in her brother s home Much to her surprise, she finds herself attracted to the cynical, jaded and arrogant Duke Even surprising, her desire is returned Their passion blazes out of control, but a vengeful woman from his past has decided to use Thea to tear Blackmoor s world apart T [...]

  21. This book had some suspense to it, which I liked Downfall was that the book was not long enough Told mostly from Thea and Julian s perspective, the book starts off from somebody totally different that is out for revenge I kept trying to figure out who this person was, but she definitely added a different pov to the story Thea is a young widow living with her brother s family I got the impression that since she had red hair, it was not an attractive trait back then Julian s daughter is engaged to [...]

  22. This was a fun, sexy novella that really packed a lot into its pages Julian was hot, sexy and domineering in the best of ways He was definitely book boyfriend material Thea was a great match for him and their chemistry was steamy I enjoyed the twists and turns in the plot and the reveal of some surprising details I would have loved for this to be a fully flushed out novel It would have been wonderful to get to know these characters even better and to have of those provocative scenes between The [...]

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