↠ Ageless ✓ Paul Inman - Ageless, Ageless Ageless is a debut for the ages and Inman is a talented new writer for readers to watch out for Examiner Imagine that you never aged that you would forever remain young and vital impervious to the ra
  • Title: Ageless
  • Author: Paul Inman
  • ISBN: 9781941758618
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Ageless ✓ Paul Inman, Ageless, Paul Inman, Ageless Ageless is a debut for the ages and Inman is a talented new writer for readers to watch out for Examiner Imagine that you never aged that you would forever remain young and vital impervious to the ravages of time For Alessandra a woman whose genetic code keeps her eternally young perhaps even making her immortal this fantasy is a reality But it s not as idyllicAgeless is a debut for the ↠ Ageless ✓ Paul Inman - Ageless, Ageless Ageless is a debut for the ages and Inman is a talented new writer for readers to watch out for Examiner Imagine that you never aged that you would forever remain young and vital impervious to the ra
  • ↠ Ageless ✓ Paul Inman
    348 Paul Inman

About Author

  1. Paul Inman has had a passion for creating all of his life He first began flexing his creative muscles in high school and took his love of storytelling across many platforms, including all genres of music, short films, podcasts, and different types of writing In his debut novel, Ageless, he dives headlong into an adventure spanning multiple decades across past, present, and future Ageless is one of the winning entries in the Sword and Laser Collection Contest from Inkshares Crowdfunding Publishing.As a graduate of Coastal Carolina University, he holds a BA in Music Performance and an MA in Teaching He currently teaches chorus at Myrtle Beach Middle School and lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with his amazing wife, Kim, and beautiful daughter, Parker.

One thought on “Ageless

  1. My goodness this book was hard to put down I liked the premise of Ageless and Paul Inman did a fantastic job of making me want to find out what happens Sadly, I didn t connect with the main character, Aless, as much as I would have liked, and I was frustrated by the clueless CIA agents insisting on doggedly chasing Aless I really wanted to like the characters in this book, but they weren t developed enough for me While reading this book, I felt like the story was building up to an ending that wo [...]

  2. Ageless starts off feeling like a noir piece It s not, not really Nor is it straightforwardly science fiction It s not an action adventure spy novel, or a somewhat out of fashion alternate universe story.Instead it blends elements of all of the above The premise is not an unfamiliar one, the Escaped Nazi Experiment But the writing is gripping and not unrealistic If it s noir, its modern noir, in all of it s Jason Bourne splendor Inman s pacing is slow and deliberate, keeping you following along, [...]

  3. And the crowd goes wild Ageless is an Inkshares production, meaning that hundreds of people voted this book into existence And with good reason, the hook is irresistible to we ephemeral folk who shuffle off our mortal coil Or should I go with out, out brief candle, even Shakespeare knew mortality was a dead end Aless been on the run for her whole life, living in the shadows, from the day she was liberated from an underground lab The Nazis had her, the CIA wants her Ageless careens from decade to [...]

  4. I really enjoyed this As a person who loves to think about what being immortal would be like, I was instantly drawn into the concept of the book Of course this highlights just how much everyone would want that Unless you re the person with it Heh I ll have to update my own dreams of making sure that everyone has it instead of just me I like how Aless, through all the hopping in the story, gets her views on relationships as everyone dies from old age around her and how that would affect a person [...]

  5. An excellent read Definitely a page turner right until the end What other people may have found confusing about this book which was the generations of detectives over multiple time periods, I found it was extremely well done I feel each chapter was right where it should be to keep the reader excited I will definitely read his next book.

  6. We often try to classify writing by its elemental genre, the thing at the heart of the text that drives or emotional attachment to the story These aren t things like fantasy, science fiction, or slipstream rather, it s mystery, adventure, wonder, horror, relationship, and the like that connect us, on a human level, to what we read.At a first glance, Ageless seems to be a combination of mystery and wonder we have the big what if of wonder what if a person aged so slowly that they were essentially [...]

  7. Review posted on OurkidsmomI don t know about you, but my Summer time is filled with books Whether it s lounging by the pool, in the car on the way to vacation, or just relaxing in the air conditioning, you can bet I probably have a book in my hand My latest read was a book called Ageless by author Paul Inman.Ageless tells the story of a girl names Alessandra Satori, who was the test subject of Nazi eugenics experimentation during World War 2 The interesting thing about Alessandra also known as [...]

  8. An unexpectedly wonderful read about courage, love, and the unending battle between good and evil.Rather than telling the story in a linear fashion, each chapter takes place in a different setting and a different year, introducing us to new characters or new facets of familiar ones This form of story telling can read as a jumbled mess when done without attention to detail, but Inman handles the challenge like a seasoned veteran.The only minor quibbles I have concern the narrative arc and the dia [...]

  9. Full disclosure author is a friend and I ve slept in his spare room.The non linear structure of this novel is its best feature honestly I wish there had been time riddles to unravel Inman keeps each character voice distinct while jumping from different setting and time period with strategic glee Fans of Lost or late Claremont X men will feel right at home in this piece Tons of action, violence a fair smattering of body horror, so be aware I really enjoyed the two main characters Aless and Mark [...]

  10. Inkshares and NetGalley have provided me with an electronic copy of Ageless, in exchange for an honest review.Alessandra s genetic code keeps her eternally young, which frightens her As she has been exploited in the past, Alessandra is desperate to keep her true identity hidden More along the lines of hunting or stalking, Mark Richards has been searching for her for the last 36 years Will Alessandra be able to evade capture and live some semblance of a normal life Ageless has a good premise, but [...]

  11. An original and intriguing novel that explores the pursuit of immortality and the brutality of human medical experimentation The main character s history is revealed slowly, through flashbacks and an intelligence investigation that has been passed down to a series of agents over time The characters are engaging and have their own distinct voices, and the flashbacks are handled smoothly This book respects the intelligence of the reader, and secrets reveal both answers and questions Readers will [...]

  12. An Ageless paper from Inkshares person is chased for those trying to duplicate her abilities Alessandra was born in Italy in 1938 and taken by a Nazi laboratory on Sardonica After being rescued by the allies, she escapes when she lands in America Chased by the CIA by an agent and his nephew, she is aided through her long teenage growth period and by her quick healing Paul Inman tells an intense tale that ranges from the nightmare of a Nazi lab, to the free world of 2028 with scenes flickering ba [...]

  13. Inman s debut sci fi fantasy novel AGELESS asks the question If you could live forever, would you Alessandra Sartori wasn t given that choice as a child, but she is forced to live with the consequences Inman follows her struggles across the decades from 1943 to 2025 as she endeavors to evade the sinister forces arrayed against her when her secret becomes known Brisk pacing keeps the reader engaged The author s willingness to delve into the darker aspects of mortality creates an undercurrent of m [...]

  14. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Although the time shifts can be a touch confusing, I thoroughly enjoyed this what if imagine you do not age like other people and can heal almost magically How frightened and confused Alessandra is After Nazi experimentation she develops these traits, and then the CIA wants in on the action Could do with a touch editing My opinion only.

  15. Unlike other books I have read, Ageless makes you feel like you are there with the characters, seeing and feeling everything that they see and feel I felt a variety of emotions when reading it, but I most clearly remember feeling disturbed Despite this, I find myself waiting eagerly for a continuation.

  16. An original spin on eternal life The story uses some familiar elements but adds in enough surprises on the way to keep you guessing Very much enjoyed the read and looking forward to from the Author

  17. A well crafted story with engaging characters, excellent descriptions, and a deep, thoughtful plot I really enjoyed this story and look forward to Inman s next outing Possibly a sequel

  18. Ageless is a challenging but rewarding read The complex storyline demands a lot out of the reader but makes it well worth the while Serious readers will find much enjoyment within these pages.

  19. Ageless has an intellectual plot playing on the philosophical quandary regarding the value of immortality A solid read.

  20. I really enjoyed reading this book, it wasn t like anything I have read in awhile I just wish there was I received this book through the giveaways

  21. I was giving away 4.5 stars, but I rounded it up This novel is a mix of sci fi elements, as well action, thriller, and fiction mixed with historical data I am not sure which genre to put it in But I loved this mix.It was hard to put this novel down I am not sure about the ending, and I don t like the jumping in time structure too much Still Paul Inman did a great job in writing this novel.Synopsis Alessandra is on run her whole life It doesn t matter which country or year it is, she is being cha [...]

  22. I am writing this for Interesting book Never fully grabbed my imagination but kept my interest The flashing through different times looked to be a problem but the author did this smoothly.

  23. Title AgelessAuthor Paul InmanRating 5 5At first, young Aless was a target for the Nazis After her escape, she was a target for the CIA A genetic difference makes the girl immune to harm and disease, and slows down her aging drastically At 16 years old, she bears the body of a child at seventy, the body of a teenager For Aless, the world is dangerous, and she spends the majority of it running from those who wish to exploit her differences For Aless, this immunity is not a gift, but a nightmare.W [...]

  24. Thank you Netgalley for the chance to read this advanced copy.Wow wow What a fun adventure this was Know right away that you re going to be ping ponging around different decades, from the 40 s to the 2020 s Alessandra is fortunate to have the gift to heal quickly and age very slowly However, it came at a steep price as she was experimented on by Dr Death during the war Since escaping from her tormentors, she has been pursued for almost a hundred years, experiencing love and loss along the way.I [...]

  25. I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is an interesting science fiction story about a girl who develops incredible healing abilities, which also slow down the aging process, as a result of Nazi experimentation, and the CIA agent who is determined to bring her in I was interested to see where the story would go, but I felt the ending was a bit of a disappointment I also found some of the descriptions of the Nazi experiments hard to read, which, although was surely t [...]

  26. Thank you Netgalley and Paul Inman for the ARC This is a complex story that shifts time periods quite a bit which was a little hard for me to follow I enjoyed the chapter openers with a reminder of what was going on in the world Alessandra was captured by the Nazis and used for child experimentation She, however, survived and is now aging much slower than other humans and has great wound healing capacity Now the CIA wants her and her secret Enjoyed it.

  27. Oh my I enjoyed this book greatly Some parts were too wordy though, like too much description which made me want to put the book down I loved the subject and topics within the story that I couldn t put the book down I hoped for a different ending but that is why I wasn t the author I recommend this story to anyone who doesn t like a little gore or touch on nazi history.

  28. 3.5 stars I really like the unique plot Interesting storyline It made me wonder what s next I was expecting a bit Anyways I enjoyed this novel and would recommend this to others.I received a free copy of this from first reads Thanks Inkshares for sending me this book.

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