The Abandoned, Volume 1

[PDF] Unlimited ñ The Abandoned, Volume 1 : by Ross Campbell - The Abandoned, Volume 1, The Abandoned Volume Everyone and older suddenly dies one fateful stormy night but quickly rises from the dead The zombies seek out the only living thing left their children After Rylie escapes a nursing home she ma
  • Title: The Abandoned, Volume 1
  • Author: Ross Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781598164343
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ñ The Abandoned, Volume 1 : by Ross Campbell, The Abandoned, Volume 1, Ross Campbell, The Abandoned Volume Everyone and older suddenly dies one fateful stormy night but quickly rises from the dead The zombies seek out the only living thing left their children After Rylie escapes a nursing home she makes her way through the swamps of her hometown to find her crush Naomi before the dead find her first Rated for older teens [PDF] Unlimited ñ The Abandoned, Volume 1 : by Ross Campbell - The Abandoned, Volume 1, The Abandoned Volume Everyone and older suddenly dies one fateful stormy night but quickly rises from the dead The zombies seek out the only living thing left their children After Rylie escapes a nursing home she ma
  • [PDF] Unlimited ñ The Abandoned, Volume 1 : by Ross Campbell
    106 Ross Campbell
The Abandoned, Volume 1

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  1. So, despite the fact that I sometimes feel like I ve seen it all when it comes to Zombie story lines, the cover was pretty much irresistible That, and I had really been meaning to read something by Campbell for a while now That said, I have to admit that the plot definitely felt a little less then original or explained Maybe it would have felt fresher if I had read it ten years ago when it was published, but a lot of stuff is just glossed over or completely ignored The zombies are there as a sor [...]

  2. I really enjoyed this Besides for having excellent illustrations, and a completely decent plot line for another zombie story, it tells a sad and beautiful story of young love Young, lesbian, interracial love This came out a while ago and I don t think there was nearly enough hype about it.

  3. Campbell is clearly a huge fan of the genre, and the book is chock full of insider references However, I can t say that I really cared for the book For full review, see review R2GR165W

  4. The Abandoned is a good zombie comic Do not expect deep , poetic literature this is about zombies and the re slaughtering of said zombies Ross Campbell s art does not disappoint All female characters carry the Sir Mix a lot seal of approval.

  5. Hey Look It s a zombie comic set around a majority black population that has a lot of black characters cough unlikeTWDespeciallytheTVseries cough Snottiness aside, I m totally biased for this comic because the lead character Rylie is a hot, fat, pierced and tattooed, black lesbian punk with an awesome mohawk who volunteers at a nursing home and kills zombies with a toilet plunger What s not to love Seriously, this girl is making me think 1 I do, in fact, need bat wings tattooed on me and 2 oh lo [...]

  6. I m feeling like the Last Man on Earth this weekend classic Vincent Price zombie movie so I went looking for modern Zombie novel This Publisher s weekly and the cover struck a harmonic chord, in some sort of pathetic, morbid way From Publishers WeeklyCampbell Wet Moon adds color in this case red to the OEL manga format, the better to highlight zombie gore Actually, the red keeps the reader s eye on Rylie, a red headed black lesbian in a swampy Southern town She s trying to start a relationship w [...]

  7. I m a huge fan of Ross Campbell s Wet Moon series I think it s one of the top five comic book series ever The abandoned is a zombie comic he did while writing some of the early books of Wet moon In a recent interview I read with him he said that he was trying to get across the idea of the fetishisation of youth in today s society but he thought he d failed and just produced a mediocure zombie comic I have to say that I thought it was very good What made this different from most zombie films book [...]

  8. Ok, I ll admit it I m a sucker for a zombie movie book Being as I m also a sucker for Ross Campbell books, I melted when I heard about this one Loved it I near died when I found out that it wasn t going to be picked up for a sequel You really can t go wrong with teens and end of the world kind of situations Teens are so extreme even in normal situations This worked very well, and I may read it again if I don t get a new novel soon.Oh, but I did have one beef This isn t Ross fault, but the text a [...]

  9. Is it possible for a hurricane to somehow cause people over the age of 23 to turn into zombies In Campbell s The Abandoned it is Rylie lives in Georgia and finds in the blink of an eye that every adult around her suddenly diesd comes back to life Gathering a group of friends they do their best to protect themselves and find away to escape the mass of horror surrounding them.I loved the illustrations, especially the gray tones and red being the only true color showing through Very artistic Lots o [...]

  10. I learned about The Abandoned from Good Lesbian Books s Lesbian Fiction list A lesbian zombie graphic novel Sounds too good to be true I tried to brace myself before reading it Maybe there would just be gay undertones Nope It s established from the first couple of pages that Rylie is into girls, though romance isn t really a big plot line in the book And when I actually got The Abandoned in my hands, it looked even better A fat lesbian PoC protagonist And the art is amazing Rylie is just as awes [...]

  11. God, I wish Tokyopop sucked less This book has so many different emotions in it and I am not sure I can fully describe how I felt about it Gorgeous art, even if it has a bit of sameface The story is paced realistically and is quiet in downtimes but almost deafening in times of action I am not sure how I feel about some of the dialogue, in that it doesn t seem terribly organic, but the emotions the characters share and have are diverse and interesting.

  12. I went into this one, expecting it to be blah The muted colors and zombies were something that doesn t usually attract me to a book But, I was pleasantly surprised Everything about this manga just works I love how it captured the way that Southern people actually talk Sadly, that led to alot of misspellings, but it needed to be that way I also loved how it presented yuri and yaoi relationships At times, it focused on the yuri than it did on the zombies, which I really enjoyed.

  13. Ross Campbell delivers the goods for fans of character driven teen angst soap as well as zombie lovin gorehounds in The Abandoned, a beautifully drawn, extremely graphic, graphic novel That this book is a one shot speaks volumes to Tokyo Pop s bad decision making I m sure I m not alone in wanting .

  14. I enjoy zombie books and this graphic novel was fun I have read a few other Ross Campbell graphic novels and enjoyed them immensely.This was a good read and the idea that getting older makes you susceptible to turn into a zombie was funny.The illustrations were really good and I liked that the protagonist was of ethnic origin, this is not very common.

  15. Born in lust, turn to dust Born in sin, come on in Andre Linoge movie Storm of the Century, 1999 Great artwork and the zombies are great too,they the zombies are the least disturbing thing in this book, but it is the relationship between the characters that disgust the most.

  16. I love Campbell s work, even this, but this is probably the poorest of her work It just felt like an excuse to draw zombies and mutilation Which can be fine, but isnt what i wanted Still always fun to read.

  17. I m not entirely sure what I think about this one It was grusome, crude and everyone s clothes were practicality shreds of cloth Throw in some zombies and the fact that all the main characters were gay and there you have it Loved the artwork in the back by the way.

  18. 3.5 because the art is fantastic Plus, it s great to see comic characters with different body types The pacing was strange a lot of non character building dialogue Hopefully, since this is the first volume, the story and pace will pick up in the next book.

  19. I can t say I felt a bit of remorse for anyone who lived orr died in this book although seeing characters full of a similair self induldgence as in Wet Moon be ripped to shreds and eaten did bring a smile to my face.

  20. Great art and character dialogue, story is nothing special yet but interesting enough that I m sad the title won t get a proper continuation.

  21. An amazing story, beautifully set apart against all the zombie holocaust stories in the world Ross Campbell s art is without equal.

  22. beautiful artwork, but the lettering and the size of the book made it hard to read and fully enjoy it this is a sexy zombie comic whats not to like

  23. It s such a b grade graphic novel Just total trash But Campbell draws girls the way I like em And there s zombies So my copy is well worn and well loved.

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