Box கதைப்புத்தகம்

Box கதைப்புத்தகம் Best Read || [Shobasakthi] - Box கதைப்புத்தகம், Box None
  • Title: Box கதைப்புத்தகம்
  • Author: Shobasakthi
  • ISBN: 9788192971520
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback

Box கதைப்புத்தகம் Best Read || [Shobasakthi], Box கதைப்புத்தகம், Shobasakthi, Box None Box கதைப்புத்தகம் Best Read || [Shobasakthi] - Box கதைப்புத்தகம், Box None
  • Box கதைப்புத்தகம் Best Read || [Shobasakthi]
    290 Shobasakthi
Box கதைப்புத்தகம்

About Author

  1. Born as Antonythasan Jesuthasan.Shobasakthi lives in France He is a Sri Lankan Tamil refugee and a former LTTE child soldier He has published two novels, a collection of short stories, three plays and many essays His first novel, translated in English as Gorilla, was published to immense acclaim For the last twenty years, he has worked as a dishwasher, cook, supermarket shelver, room boy, construction worker and street sweeper, among other things He blogs at satiyakadatasi.

One thought on “Box கதைப்புத்தகம்

  1. Box novel written by Shobasakthi is good It deals with the pains of Tamils suffered in Srilanka during and after the war time It does not fail to register the violence of LTTE too Since author was a former LTTE child fighter, the value of the book increases and the incidents covered in the book get authenticity The book is close to the history when author explains in first person at final chapters The dramatic change of the deaf and dumb boy is an artificial one No idea if it s an true indecent [...]

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