Chains of the Heretic

[PDF] Unlimited Ë Chains of the Heretic : by Jeff Salyards - Chains of the Heretic, Chains of the Heretic Men are easily broken than myths Emperor Cynead has usurped command of the Memoridons Tower controlled memory witches and consolidated his reign over the Syldoonian Empire After escaping the capital c
  • Title: Chains of the Heretic
  • Author: Jeff Salyards
  • ISBN: 9781597805971
  • Page: 144
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unlimited Ë Chains of the Heretic : by Jeff Salyards, Chains of the Heretic, Jeff Salyards, Chains of the Heretic Men are easily broken than myths Emperor Cynead has usurped command of the Memoridons Tower controlled memory witches and consolidated his reign over the Syldoonian Empire After escaping the capital city of Sunwrack Captain Braylar Killcoin and his Jackal company evade pursuit across Urglovia tasked with reaching deposed emperor Thumarr and helping him recapture thMen are e [PDF] Unlimited Ë Chains of the Heretic : by Jeff Salyards - Chains of the Heretic, Chains of the Heretic Men are easily broken than myths Emperor Cynead has usurped command of the Memoridons Tower controlled memory witches and consolidated his reign over the Syldoonian Empire After escaping the capital c
  • [PDF] Unlimited Ë Chains of the Heretic : by Jeff Salyards
    144 Jeff Salyards
Chains of the Heretic

About Author

  1. I grew up in a small town north of Chicago While it wasn t Mayberry, with all the doors unlocked and everyone offering each other slices of pie and quaint homilies, it was pretty quiet and sleepy, so I got started early imagining my way into all kinds of other worlds and universes that were loud, chaotic, and full of irrepressible characters and heaps of danger Massive explosions Tentacled aliens Men with sharp swords and thousand yard stares and secrets they would die to protect Clearly, I was a full bore dork.Royal Crown bag full of multi sided dice Check Blood red hooded cloak Check Annual pilgrimages to Renaissance Faires Check Whacking other curiously athletic and gifted dorks with rattan swords in the SCA Check Yes, I earned my badges, thank you very much.My whole life, I ve been fascinated by the fantastic, and of course this extended to speculative fiction of all kinds Countless prepubescent evenings found me reading a worn, dog eared copy of Thuvia, Maid of Mars it sounded so much dirtier than it was or The Frost Giant s Daughter high hopes for that one too well past lights out, flashlight in hand, ignoring the repeated calls to turn in That s as quiet and harmless a rebellion as you can have, and my parents mostly sighed and left me to it.So, no one has ever been surprised to hear that I was working on or at least talking about working on some sci fi or fantasy story or other But it took years of flirting with various projects, flitting from one to the next without the hint of complete commitment, before I finally mastered myself enough to finish a novel And longer still before I finished another one that was worthy of being published.But wonders never cease And here we are.My debut novel, Scourge of the Betrayer, is a hard boiled fantasy to be published by Night Shade Books in May 2012 It s the first installment in a series called Bloodsounder s Arc I m so excited I m beginning to annoy myself I am represented by Michael Harriot at Folio Literary Management, and couldn t be happier His savvy, smart advice has been invaluable on this journey I suspect he has a secret stash of 20 siders somewhere in his desk.I live with my lovely wife, Kris, and three daughters in a suburb west of Chicago I am indebted to Kris in countless ways for her steadfast encouragement, support, and thick skin in dealing with a prickly, moody writer I don t always like living with me, but she has a choice and stays anyway.And before you are tempted to mention it, I am fully aware that siring three daughters is certainly karmic retribution, particularly when they all transform into teenagers I cling to the hope of discovering at least one of them reading covertly in the middle of the night That kind of transgression I can handle.

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  1. This arrived on my doormat today.It prompted me to this blog post on the cost of promotionrk lawrenceEDIT And now I ve read it I liked the first two books in this trilogy quite a lot I had some reservations, but they were good reads Book three is a great read and my reservations are gone I m not entirely sure what changed I think it s down to several factors.i The characters have won me over, I buy the relationships, and our hero Arki is focused and develops swiftly Also the endless research p [...]

  2. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths4.5 stars Let me explain why.As the concluding chapter of Bloodsounder s Arc, Chains of the Heretic is a rousing and fitting finale one which thunders out of the gate, determined to shed light upon every shadowy mystery and to resolve every plot line This journey of Arki from naive scribe to trusted member of Captain Killcoin s Syldoon company ending the only way it could with both tears and optimism for a new beginning But, wait, I m getting ahead of myself let [...]

  3. 5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 02 08 bI am stunned on so many levels To call Chains of the Heretic one of the finest pieces of dark fantasy I have ever read would be a gross understatement It is simply phenomenal, an incredible masterpiece and outstanding achievement for Jeff Salyards There s also no doubt about it, this series has come a long way since the author s debut novel Scourge of the Betrayer, the first Bloodsounder s Arc book that started us on this epic journey.J [...]

  4. While I enjoyed Scourge of the Betrayer, the first book of Bloodsounder s Arc, it was Veil of the Deserters that really opened my eyes to what Jeff Salyards was capable of Not only did it overcome the dreaded middle book curse, it actually proved to be one of those rare sequels that completely surpass the first I came away from it thoroughly satisfied, but also hungry for .That brings us to Chains of the Heretic, the third and final book of Bloodsounder s Arc Where that second volume expanded up [...]

  5. Captain Killcoin hadn t predicted what had come to pass in Sunwrack, but he had been absolutely right about one thing I d seen things so far beyond the pale they made me dizzy to think about Joining the Syldoon was surely the most remarkable adventure I could have embarked on, no matter how things turned out.Well if the first book was good and second even better this one is a blast Nonstop action, fights, adventure, twists one after another intense and breathtaking start to finish Strongest book [...]

  6. I ve been keeping a list in my head of the best books I ve read regardless of publication year in 2016 I ve read a bunch of great books this year but these are books that really left a mark Up until now I ve had D.G Valdron s The Mermaid s Tale, and Anthony Ryan s The Waking Fire on that very short list I have now added a third book Actually, an entire series I think I read all of em in 2016.It is a good day for crossbows, Syldoon A very good day.

  7. An exceptional finale to a very fine military Fantasy trilogy One I ll add to my personal all time favorites shelf And a trilogy I just cannot recommend highly enough Fantasy of the highest quality Last month, Jan 2016 I finally got around to reading Joe Abercrombie s FIRST LAW trilogy for the first time It blew me away I found it to be just about the greatest fantasy tale I d ever read I never expected that that reading experience would be topped or topped so soon No, not topped exactly I enjoy [...]

  8. Chains of the Heretic is the longest and best book of a trilogy that has continually made me root for Jeff Salyards to become my favorite fantasy author He has so much going for him his dialogue is hilarious in ways unmatched by the piers I ve read his action is top notch, and continues to improve with each book and his worldbuilding with the bloodsounder weapon, the Godsveil, memorandums, etcThis is my new favorite fantasy trilogy Chains of the Heretic is the best book yet, probably the most fl [...]

  9. Five plaguing stars Epic conclusion to the series, fantastic characters, worldbuilding and writing.Jeff Salyards welcome to my favorite authors list

  10. I realized I still haven t reviewed this book and that is complete junk because this book deserves to get reviewed by everyone on the whole site Salyards is such an underrated talent who is easily up there with Abercrombie and Lynch I always have a difficult time with reviews for the last in a series trilogy This is no different There s no way to do it without spoiling some stuff, but I refuse to hide the whole review for that reason because it s the third in a series I think we all get that.Any [...]

  11. FULL REVIEW ON MY BLOG, TOTAL INABILITY TO CONNECTWarning Review to contain minor spoilers.E ARC Provided by author and publisher in return for reviewIn 2014, I called Jeff s Veil of the Deserters one of my top 5 books, schmoozing with fantasy genre juggernauts such as Brent Weeks and Brandon Sanderson The debut in the series, Scourge of the Betrayer, captivated me it was short and to the point, yet incredibly interesting It left me wanting a lot , and Veil delivered that to me The incredible wo [...]

  12. Five plaguing stars for Chains of the Heretic.I originally read Scourge of the Betrayer as a group read and it was really great In fact, it was awesome enough to continue with the second and now here I am, reviewing the final book of the series That in itself is an accomplishment for those of you who know I give up on series pretty easily However, that s not all The first two books of Bloodsounder s Arc were good Solid 4 stars for both, but this last book was just epic You can really see the wor [...]

  13. Full review here thequeenofblades.uThis series is fantastic, and the last installment is, by far, the best It has all the things you come to expect from Salyards, great worldbuilding, superb characters, and most of all that authentic dialogue Plus some added extras What s the extras I hear you cry Well, the mystery is solved Not just any old mystery, the mystery I was so afraid the conclusion would not live up to the build up, but I was gladly proven wrong What started out as a small company of [...]

  14. The Bloodsounder s Arc is a Dark Military Fantasy through and through, yet the world author Jeff Salyards crafted to go with the brutal battles is no slouch Seldom do fantasy worlds feel as enticing as this We learned just enough to leave us flabbergasted by the world, but little enough to leave us wanting I hope to see a return to this world and its characters again one day Kudos to Jeff for a great trilogy that feels like one long book with the perfect amount of pay off in the end.

  15. Great finish to even greater series Hats off to Mr Salyards for writing such thrilling and fantastic conclusion Loved every moment of it Can t wait for his next book.

  16. A great conclusion to an engrossing series I loved how Arki became a part of the troop and he really grew as a character through the series The ending made complete sense and was a fitting ending for our characters Salyards created a real mix of characters that were essential to the story and each enriched the story in their own way Whether is was the rough speaking Mulldoos or Ven and his obsession with eating eggs.A trilogy well worth giving a go.

  17. Fantastic book Fantastic trilogy Of all the books I ve read this series is one of my all time favorites I ve grown to love the characters, and finishing this last book, I am so sad to leave them behind to Salyard sure we can t get rid of that trilogy word I d read another ten of these If you ve read the prior books you know much what to expect, save for a host of truly epic, in scale and awesomeness, and breath catching events Great action, great characters, great plot, great pacing, and great d [...]

  18. As with each book in this series the one word that comes to mind is unpredictable And while that is a huge asset, it also held me back from giving this 5 stars There were many situations and characters and their relationships that I thought should have been explained and explored thoroughly throughout this book Still, I highly recommend this trilogy I really enjoyed it and will miss these characters now that it is over.

  19. The years cool passions for some men, neutralize poison, soften the edges of grief and rage and prejudice But for others, they hold on even tighter to the things that burn their insides out regardless of the passage of time, or even in spite of it, as if to curse the very world itself.

  20. REVIEW SUMMARY Bloodsounder s Arc reaches its apogee with Chains of the Heretic RATING 4.5 stars BRIEF SYNOPSIS The ultimate coup sends Arki, Captain Killcoin, and the Syldoon soldiers of Jackal Tower fleeing into the unknown where they will confront their own legends REVIEWPROS Excellent character progression, unexpected twists and turns, relentless action, bittersweet goodbyesNS A little time spent learning about the Deserters would have been welcome and the final battle could have been longe [...]

  21. Ana amazing finale to the series It builds upon the tension and ends the only way it possibly could with a bang Fantastic read that I recommend to everyone.

  22. Jeff Salyards has conjured up a remarkable world in his debut series I was delighted that my unsubtle badgering yielded an ARC of the final instalment of the Bloodsounder s Arc trilogy While this review will eschew spoilers for Chains of Heretic, the whole work is such an interlocked series that there will inevitably be spoilers to the preceding two volumes So, if you have not yet met Braylar Killcoin and his band of cussed and cursing warriors then look away now Or still better, look at my revi [...]

  23. This review contains spoilers in the last paragraph I am so mad at myself for being lazy and refusing to write a review when i finished reading this book 3 weeks ago now i can t remember the details i liked so much well i guess now i know why people who actually take the time to write are called writers and us lazy beings are called readersyway, moving on.Jeff Salyards, i like u a lot u must be a combination of both Arki Braylar to have been able to switch easily between these two thank you for [...]

  24. In short, gripping This review is for the series as a whole I picked up the first of the series and whistled through it pretty quickly It was an interesting narrative concept that had been done before but there s nothing wrong with that The first book was short but left enough interest that I d want to look the next one up The next two held me very well and I was very impressed I thought that the best thing about the whole series is the characters The sheer variation of personalities from the wi [...]

  25. NO SPOILER REVIEW I was happy to receive an ARC of this book as I m a huge fan of the series and wanted to find out how Arki and his adopted Jackals would close out At first I was a little hesitant to become too excited about it as it seemed like most of the core themes had been played out the rough housing by Mulldoos and the rest of the Jackals, the epic battles, and Arki s awkwardness I held out hope that the Arki s scribblings would turn up something that would take Captain Killcoin and his [...]

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