Spanish Bay

Spanish Bay Best Download || [Hans M. Hirschi] - Spanish Bay, Spanish Bay Spanish Bay is a feel good novel about two young men who despite having the odds stacked against them never give up always see the silver lining work hard and are committed to their families com
  • Title: Spanish Bay
  • Author: Hans M. Hirschi
  • ISBN: 9781910635865
  • Page: 119
  • Format: ebook

Spanish Bay Best Download || [Hans M. Hirschi], Spanish Bay, Hans M. Hirschi, Spanish Bay Spanish Bay is a feel good novel about two young men who despite having the odds stacked against them never give up always see the silver lining work hard and are committed to their families come what may Chris a Texan native who recently moved to Carmel rescues wheelchair bound Neil from bullies Neither question the love that develops between them although theirSpanish Bay is Spanish Bay Best Download || [Hans M. Hirschi] - Spanish Bay, Spanish Bay Spanish Bay is a feel good novel about two young men who despite having the odds stacked against them never give up always see the silver lining work hard and are committed to their families com
  • Spanish Bay Best Download || [Hans M. Hirschi]
    119 Hans M. Hirschi
Spanish Bay

About Author

  1. Born and raised in Switzerland, Hans graduated from High School in Arizona, worked for several years in the Swiss financial industry before pursuing his university studies in Zurich and Gothenburg.His majors include literature, linguistics social sciences.Hans self published his first book with poetry and a short story in 1991.Nine years later, he followed up with a professional book on e learning pedagogy and in 2010 his book Common Sense was published.He s published eleven novels so far Detailed info can easily be found here, below.

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  1. I won this book in the MM Romance Group s Seven Year Anniversary Celebration 2016 Many thanks to the author publisher for their generosity The author promised a feel good novel about love, overcoming obstacles, and finding happiness.Sadly, this didn t work so well for me.I really liked the setting in Carmel and Monterey but would have liked details I had the chance to visit Carmel for a day a few years back and I fell in love with this idyllic small town I also liked to read about the, sometime [...]

  2. If you were at GRL 2015, you might have noticed the queen was visiting, but not any old queen No This was the Queen of Unconventional Happy Endings I can t imagine who bestowed that title upon themAnyway.It pays testimony to how well established an author is when they can a get a reputation for unconventional happy endings, and then b write a novel with a happy ending that is unconventional only if compared to their back catalogue This is, of course, to say that Spanish Bay by Hans M Hirschi is [...]

  3. 3.5 starsThe main reason I picked this book up is because one of the MCs is in a wheelchair and I m always looking for romances where one or both of the MCs has as disability and I keep hoping to see of them This is very much a feel good story There s the romance be forewarned that everything s off page but it s about Neil and Chris building a life together on their own and then with other family members as tragedy strikes This is definitely a family story with Neil s parents playing a big rol [...]

  4. Spanish Bay is my first read from Hans Hirschi While I actually have 2 of his books on my kindle, The Fallen Angels of Karnataka kindly given to me for agreeing to do an interview for the author s blog and this one, I decided to go with Spanish Bay first because after a terrible couple of weeks I wanted to read something happy, and Spanish Bay promised just that I liked Neil right off But Chris, well he felt a little too good to be true But when his background was revealed, his easy, almost enth [...]

  5. Author Review When I began writing Spanish Bay, the idea was for it to be a short story, on the topic of disability, along many other shorts I had written on various topics But the interaction between Chris and Neil had a mind of its own and soon the story swelled, and in the end, it was easy for me to be swept along.It was a great privilege to meet these two boys, and to be a part of their early journey through life While their love for each other was never questioned by them, Neil s parents we [...]

  6. It was a nice read but a little to sweet The beginning was stronger than the rest of the book I would have loved it when their relationship was deeper described.There was to much story and drama in this book, sometimes not convincing.

  7. A man can be as great as he wants to be If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done Vince LombardiNeil, of Spanish Bay by Hans M Hirschi, is tired of dealing with the abuse of a few bullies at his school In one particularly nasty incident, he ends up on the ground after his wheelchair is forcefully pushed [...]

  8. I am than my scars Andrew Davidson, The GargoyleChristopher Titus Miller rescues Neil Joseph Horner from bullies Sparks fly the moment they meet and soon, Chris and Neil fall for each other But nothing is picture perfect as their relationship grows and deepens Challenges come from left and right, testing their mettle and their love Will there be a happy ending in sight for both Picturesque Carmel by the Sea in Monterey County, California offers the perfect background for the novel Spanish Bay W [...]

  9. If I am honest like 2.5 stars rounded up This book felt like a little soap opera in a book Just a lot of highly improbable things happening and even highly improbable solutions But like with a soap since you have invested the time you just want to get to the end.There is a heavy dose of insta love and lots of little things that required a bit of research but if you squint while you read them you can buy it.

  10. DNF 53%What I was looking for a sweet hurt comfort with likable characters.Things that bothered me The writing felt really immature The characters seemed a lot younger than the 19 and 21 they are.Neil s parents, who are wonderful, supportive, loving parents on one page, turn around and behave like total dicks on another Then go back to loving, supportiveNeil and Chris fall instantly in love Literally Like two days after they meet they re calling each other boyfriends and picturing life together [...]

  11. Spanish Bay explores the capacity of love to win over human disabilities and personal tragedies It s an excellent YA love story of Chris and Neil that puts family at the center While I am probably not the demographic for this YA novel, I can find no fault in the story or the writing that should earn it less than stellar reviews all around Chris is a long way from his Texas home, after being thrown out by his parents for being gay He befriends Neil, after helping rescue Neil from bullies who over [...]

  12. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This story talks about Neil and his meeting and then life with Texan, Chris Because of Kugelberg Welander Syndrome a rare muscular disease Neil ends up in a wheelchair He s victim of bullies and one day, he get rescued by Chris, a Texan guy just moved to Carmel and that works in a caf Their meeting is something that will change both their life forever Neil is insecure because of his condition and he doesn t think that someone like C [...]

  13. I received this book in exchange of an honest review Personal rating 2 starsSummary Chris and Neil are two young men that are brought together by a chance meeting and fall in love So, I had very high hopes for this book and I was disappointed The narrative is too juvenile and simple There is no character development whatsoever The actions of the characters seem illogical at times For example, the very first meeting of the characters, which is a huge thing for both of them, barely takes a couple [...]

  14. Every book written by Hans Hirschi is different A different facet of humanity, or lack the there of, is demonstrated in each book I really enjoyed reading this one, as I do all However, I think this one deviated from his norm in that whereas in his other books, sex was implied, there were a few details here and there The relationship between, the two MC s just really worked for me They were engaging from the the get go And I will point out, as I usually do, that he did his research as far as the [...]

  15. I enjoyed this book Chris and Neil have an instant attraction that worked well for them I felt that they had way to many obstacles to overcome in a short period of time This book for me is all about family and hope.

  16. The Queen of Unconventional Happy Endings Does it Again I obtained an ARC copy of his book in exchange for an honest review as part of the launch blog tour of the novel.This is the fourth book I have read by Hans Hirschi I also read his blog regularly and I m aware that another author bestowed upon him the title of Queen of Unconventional Endings and he has taken proud ownership of the same And in this book the author lives up to the title.Spanish Bay is a young adult love story between two youn [...]

  17. Title Spanish BayAuthor Hans M HirschiPublisher Beaten Track PublishingISBN 978 1 910635 86 5Buy Link beatentrackpublishing Reviewer Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb Spanish Bay is a feel good novel about two young men who, despite having the odds stacked against them, never give up, always see the silver lining, work hard, and are committed to their families, come what may.Chris, a Texan native who recently moved to Carmel, rescues wheelchair bound Neil from bullies Neither question the love that devel [...]

  18. Spanish Bay by Hans M Hirschi is a wonderful story I hope we will see of that type and by that author in the future.Neil suffers from Kugelberg Welander Syndrome, a muscular disease that forces him to use a wheelchair When the story begins we witness him being bullied and I had pre conceptions about where the book would go I was very wrong Neil meets handsome Chris, who helps him up, and it doesn t take long before the two men start dating.There is the first great part of the story The illness [...]

  19. Extremely heartwarming story The book begins when Neil, who is wheelchair bound, is rescued from bullies by Chris, a Texan working at a cafe Neil is from a loving and supportive family, whereas Chris family took the news of him being gay very badly, and forced him out of his home Though they appear incompatible due to their upbringings, once they get together, they become inseparable After this, it seemed to me that everything bad that could happen to them does, but good things stack up at the s [...]

  20. Spanish bayI absolutely fell in love with this book This book is as close to my idea I had for as I ve ever seen written I am greatful that Hans had the disabled characters looked at as though they were no different then the other characters but I m also glad he didn t try to minimize the difficulties that disabled people face especially as in this case people in wheelchairs I was happy that he got the child with cerebral palsy spot on as that s what I have And from the sounds of it the to the s [...]

  21. Oh my gosh I loved this book I found Chris and Neil to be very dedicated to each other No matter what Neil s family thought, he knew that he wanted Chris and it worked out perfectly They made me cheer through everything that they went through with the ups and the downs I thought for a second they wouldn t make it but they did with the help of Neil s family I even cried This book was so great, I feel like it s a must read.

  22. I enjoyed this book very much.This book is all about love,family and getting through difficult times with a positive attitude and the help of friends and family It was a very uplifting story A great read.

  23. BeautifulThis is a lovely story and is a very satisfying read I really enjoyed getting to know the two families and sharing their lives You will enjoy it.

  24. I was looking forward to reading this book, the blurb really hooked me and I have a soft spot for character with disabilities Sadly, I was disappointed from the very beginning The writing style was just not for me and it kept me out of the story But I read on, hoping the story would suck me in to the point where I d forget about the writing And it kinda did, but not in a good way So I spent a lot of the book wanting to do this And let s just spend a second on the insta of all insta loves I mean [...]

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