The Darkest Hour

☆ The Darkest Hour ↠ Caroline Tung Richmond - The Darkest Hour, The Darkest Hour Never underestimate a pretty face My name is Lucie Blaise I am sixteen years old I have many aliases but I am none of the girls you see What I am is the newest agent of the CO And we are here to ta
  • Title: The Darkest Hour
  • Author: Caroline Tung Richmond
  • ISBN: 9780545801270
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ The Darkest Hour ↠ Caroline Tung Richmond, The Darkest Hour, Caroline Tung Richmond, The Darkest Hour Never underestimate a pretty face My name is Lucie Blaise I am sixteen years old I have many aliases but I am none of the girls you see What I am is the newest agent of the CO And we are here to take down Hitler After the Nazis killed my brother on the North African front I volunteered at the Office of Strategic Services in Washington DC to do my part for the war effNever un ☆ The Darkest Hour ↠ Caroline Tung Richmond - The Darkest Hour, The Darkest Hour Never underestimate a pretty face My name is Lucie Blaise I am sixteen years old I have many aliases but I am none of the girls you see What I am is the newest agent of the CO And we are here to ta
  • ☆ The Darkest Hour ↠ Caroline Tung Richmond
    336 Caroline Tung Richmond
The Darkest Hour

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  1. Caroline Tung Richmond Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Darkest Hour book, this is one of the most wanted Caroline Tung Richmond author readers around the world.

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  1. Lucine Blaise is the newest recruit of Covert Operations She is a part of the all girls group of spy s that has one mission destroy Hitler and every dirty Nazi working for him The girls of Covert Ops have many disguises They are every girl that you see and every girl that you don t When Lucie s brother was killed fighting the Nazi s, Lucie made a promise to her beloved Theo She promised him that she would not rest until Hitler was dead and paying for what he had done Lucie was excepted in to Cov [...]

  2. Okay, so I m fresh out of finishing this book and DANG do I feel good about reading Yeah, yeah, you guessed it I love this book.Now, let s talk about the epic action y fighting pew pew stabby stabby scenes I liked those Lucienne was a favorite of mine.I find the idea of WOMEN agents standing up, fighting, and fending for themselves an amazing idea It supports feminism altogether.

  3. Really enjoyed this concept for a historical fiction novel The main character was a spy during WW2 for an organization called Covert Operations She is strong willed, and throughout the book, learns to be confident and independent Although the characters themselves are fictional, the book is based on stories of women spies throughout history Definitely a topic I was not super familiar with Great read for middle school students.

  4. What a splendid book It reminded me a little of Violins of Autumn, and it s almost as good The plot twists and turns almost constantly with traitors and plots and vital information that may or may not be true Also, as far as I can remember, there was no swear words except, I think, for a French one that, admittedly, was used several times and one of the only quibbles I have is that there was no romance and no really great male characters except Major Harken But it s an awesome read all the same [...]

  5. I thought that this was a really good book I loved the action and adventure of the setting and climax Friends and family die, yet Luise the main character stays in character throughout the story revealing the way she feels about being part of the OSS.

  6. So, I ve been a big fan of Caroline Richmond s since my first year of blogging I heard about The Only Thing to Fear, and immediately knew that this was an author I wanted to read Since then, Caroline has only continued to impress me and with each of her projects, as she write stories about fierce, canny girls who are willing to go against the establishment, with a healthy dose of history thrown in InThe Darkest Hour, Richmond introduces us to Lucie, who has joined the Office of Strategic Servi [...]

  7. This review originally appeared on my blog, Leeanna At the start of THE DARKEST HOUR, Lucie s biggest concern is successfully completing a mission and earning her title of agent in Covert Ops But before she knows it, she s in action up to her eyeballs, debating whether or not to trust a Nazi defector who has deadly knowledge about a new superweapon I was originally interested in THE DARKEST HOUR because, female teenage secret agents I gobble that kind of thing up with a big spoon I didn t know w [...]

  8. Book 52 Read in 2017The Darkest Hour by Caroline Tung RichmondThis is a good piece of historical fiction, geared towards young adults Lucie is a member of Covert Operations fighting against the Nazis She is not always sure who to trust and who not to trust Her life is constantly in danger and this book will keeps readers hooked to see if she makes it out alive This book has good action, good historical perspective and interesting characters I recommend it for high school readers as well as adult [...]

  9. Interesting plot kept me reading until the end, but the voice of the main character seemed too young for what was happening in the story.

  10. An intriguing young lady spy novel set in Europe during WWII A good story, lots of action, but also quite a bit of violence as Blaise navigates the streets of France in the OSS.

  11. It was good Love the women in war aspect, and the underdog in Lucie was fun to read It was a bit predictable, but offered a good story line that will intrigue boys and girls alike Worthy of a book club read and a decent choice for someone who s not super into historical fiction because WWII is engaging than other aspects of history.

  12. E ARC provided by Edelweiss Above the TreelineTeenager Lucie Blaise s father is French, but she lived in the US Now that her older brother has been killed in action during WWII, she has decided to use her linguistic skills and join the British covert ops team with other girls Provided with a variety of different identities, she travels around on differnt missions Her first mission is to kill an informant while she is disguised as a nun, but he claims to have information, and she lets him go Whe [...]

  13. I was intrigued by The Darkest Hour because I have been recently leaning towards novels that contain historical fiction and strong, powerful, heroines Don t get me wrong, I still enjoy reading romance novels but sometimes it is nice to read something different Lucie is an American who signed on as a part of operations in Europe and became a member of a covert ops group filled with powerful women all looking to taking down Hitler However, you can never really trust anyone especially when someone [...]

  14. It was definitely an interesting book I love how it gave us the view of a girl undercover agent Usually we only hear about one side of the war, but did we ever think about the undercover agents working risking their lives to overthrow Hitler in the war I sure didn t After the Nazis killed her brother, she Lucie Blaise naively volunteered to do her part in the war I m not exactly sure she thought this through throughly, but what can I say If I had a brother, and he was killed in the war, I would [...]

  15. I won this copy of The Darkest Hour by Caroline Tung Richmond and was glad I did The Darkest Hour is a historical fiction YA novel that takes place during WWII and the Nazi regime Lucie Blaise is part of Covert Ops, a group of teenaged girls, who act as spies and assassinate key people assisting the Nazi party Lucy isn t a very good assassin, but she s forced to be one when something terrible befalls the organization Can she rise to the occasion and figure out who is behind the infiltration of t [...]

  16. this book was really good, it is about a girl named Lucie Blaise, who joins a secret organization to kill hitter and his henchmen, and faces many horrifying truths.

  17. The Darkest hour by Caroline Tung Richmond takes place in world war 2 and is about Lucie Blaise who is a new recruit in the U.S covert ops This is an organization in America that leads military operations into other countries that conceals the identity of the attacker The challenges that occur are what she has to to go through to achieve her goal in the covert ops, take down Hitler and kill filthy nazis.This book is mostly about trusting others which makes sense because there is a very long expo [...]

  18. I enjoyed The Darkest Hour by Caroline Tung Richmond The author included many plot twists and a lot of character development The main character is Lucie Blaise She is sixteen years old, and she volunteered to work for the French Resistance against the Nazis The Nazis killed her brother, so she went to the Resistance to do her part She expected to receive a desk job, but instead, she was assigned to the field after training This comes as a shock to her Not to mention she did this without her pare [...]

  19. Unlike Nazi women, I m not here to keep his home and hid bed warm Lucie 105 Wow this book is amazing, usually I m not into books very much but this book kept me wanting This is one of the best books I have read in a while, I rarely give books a 5 star rating but this one really deserves it The darkest hour follows a 16 year old girl name Lucie who works for the Covert Operation The reason Lucie has joined Covert is because she wants to avenge her brother Theo who died in the war that took place [...]

  20. This book was a great historical with a strong female presence I was so intrigued by the story line that I found myself trapped within the mystery Each page I was trying to piece together the timeline and person s of interest I was pleasantly surprised by how unpredictable it all was If you are female rights advocate or a feminist at heart, you will eat this story up Even if you aren t, it will lend a new appreciation for women heroes that made a huge impact on our history Lucie will forever be [...]

  21. I initially loved this book It was two of my favorite genres historical fiction AND mystery It was my dream book of sorts And for a while, it was Lucie and the whole cast of characters were fantastic, they had personality and spunk and were very fleshed out However, my impression of it severely soured when I reached the turning point of the book It utterly baffles me why the author decided to sprinkle some awkward dystopian esque plot in the second half It was incredibly boring to hear Lucie rep [...]

  22. This was one I couldn t put down until I finished Lucie Blaise is a 16 year old who is recruited by Covert Ops, a team of girls engaged in sabotage and espionage, after her brother is killed by Nazis The setting is 1943 Nazi occupied France Lucie has many aliases She s deadly Her current mission is to track down and interrogate a Nazi traitor about a weapon that threatens to wipe out all of Western Europe and leave Hitler as its ruler Trusting the wrong person could cost millions of lives, and g [...]

  23. This book was very entertaining It had several plot twists, including killing Major Harken, and a character who is a double agent It s so entertaining that you will probably not stop reading it It s a bit of a harder book, but the plot is quite easy to follow Lucy, the main character, is a spy for Covert Operations, an Allie spy agency during world war two She goes on various missions to get information What she doesn t know, though, is that one mission will change her life forever She meets a N [...]

  24. Loved this book A real page turner that s for absolute sure it kept you reading and interested Perfectly written and descriptions are still stuck in my mind now Now it did get me down at times because of the war aspect, but what I truly saw from this book was how empowering and how amazing and shocking the plot twists were Some of the parts left me heart wrenched at times Main character is driven and smart I felt bad because she had been hurt so many times, never showed it though It was sad how [...]

  25. In my personal opinion, this wasn t one of the best books I have read I couldn t find myself getting into the book, although it had a good plotline I feel like if the plot was executed in a faster pace, it may have grabbed my attention a bit Lucy, the main character, didn t make me feel like she was 16, but I applaud the author because it shows Lucy s personality She had to grow up very quickly in order to be a spy for America in World War II I love historical fiction books, and this book made [...]

  26. The Darkest Hour is a thrill seeking historical fiction book about a girl name Lucie Blaise She works for the OSS, a spy league that was sent to take down the nazis Lucie is a brave and story girl But when everything that happens on a is all a lie, she gets caught by the nazis Dr Nacht, who works for the nazis, is trying to take control of her mind She can t stop asking herself the same questions over and over again Will she die or make it out alive Read the book to find out.

  27. The darkest hour was the best book I ever read It was perfectly sculpted, with intriguing characters, hyped up suspense, a sense of reality, it s all in the book about a girl who dared to defy Hitler Who sacrificed a normal life to commit sins that God cannot forgive Betrayals, spies, friendship, and trust are the fundamentals of this story, and I highly recommend it to anyone You will experience WW2 like never before.

  28. Book Review of the Darkest hour The Darkest hour is about Agent Lucie Blaise who is sixteen years old She is a recruit of Covert Ops and her missions all involve with taking down Hitler She Volunteered to be in the Covert Ops after the Nazis killed her brother Her mail mission right now is to interrogate a nazi traitor about a weapon that will wipe out all of Western Europe Trusting the wrong person can cause the lives of millions of people.

  29. I like the idea of a 16 year old doing her part for the war I bought the French connection, and liked the beginning of the book where there was a group working together I thought the struggle and guilt associated with assassination very realistic I wouldn t have minded a little down time between the blunder so I could see the characterization instead of just being told.I knew who the traitor was early on.If there s a sequel, I will read it willingly.

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