Slanted Jack

[PDF] Slanted Jack | by ↠ Mark L. Van Name - Slanted Jack, Slanted Jack Slanted Jack a novel that bobs and weaves takes you on a headlong race through a strange but believable future and never slows down The job looks simple enough Jon Moore the nanotech enhanced worl
  • Title: Slanted Jack
  • Author: Mark L. Van Name
  • ISBN: 9781416555490
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Slanted Jack | by ↠ Mark L. Van Name, Slanted Jack, Mark L. Van Name, Slanted Jack Slanted Jack a novel that bobs and weaves takes you on a headlong race through a strange but believable future and never slows down The job looks simple enough Jon Moore the nanotech enhanced world weary soldier of fortune agrees to help a con man a friend from a part of his past he d rather forget protect a very special young boy The deal doesn t stay simpleSlanted Jack a nov [PDF] Slanted Jack | by ↠ Mark L. Van Name - Slanted Jack, Slanted Jack Slanted Jack a novel that bobs and weaves takes you on a headlong race through a strange but believable future and never slows down The job looks simple enough Jon Moore the nanotech enhanced worl
  • [PDF] Slanted Jack | by ↠ Mark L. Van Name
    373 Mark L. Van Name
Slanted Jack

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  1. Mark L. Van Name Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Slanted Jack book, this is one of the most wanted Mark L. Van Name author readers around the world.

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  1. Slanted Jack is the second Jon and Lobo book While at the beginning I was excited to adventure with Jon Moore and his sarcastic sidekick, Lobo, I didn t feel the same connection and punch as the first novel Slanted Jack is a con artist, and though the whole book moves through an elaborate con, the plot didn t seem complicated enough Several additions to the team cut into precious time alone with Jon and Lobo I still enjoyed the book, but I m glad I d already read the third installment and loved [...]

  2. I enjoyed the relentless pace of the story it s almost a sprint from start to finish Jon gets and tangled in Jack s affairs and everything builds to the final confrontations Interesting worlds and technologies, and I still loved sarcastic Lobo and the inane chatter of the electronic devices.However, Jon himself is still guilt ridden and unhappy He can appreciate beauty and there are moments where he experiences levity and joy, but these are fleeting The overall sense of the character is grim, [...]

  3. I wish had half stars because I d totally bump this up to 3 1 2 A tiny bit slower than the first one, and Jon continues to make mistakes for which he berates himself, but I did love the whole con game theme There s nothing like a good con movie or story but I did get tiny bit frustrated knowing that there were so many elements of the con that were hidden from us the reader Overall though, a very enjoyable story where Jon Lobo stop the bad guys, rescue the innocent, and almost get the girl.

  4. A very enjoyable book full of Ocean s Eleven style hijinks This one doesn t have the military elements that the first book had, instead focusing on the complex triple con Jon devises to protect a little boy there are a few action scenes but most of it is planning and implementing the con I m a bit ambivalent about the Maggie plot It made sense in the end but there was never enough going on to warrant the kind of connection Jon seemed to feel for her But that was very minor Overall it was a great [...]

  5. I give this story high marks I think I mentally rate it a tiny bit lower than the first one The pacing might have been a little slower and the violence may be a little less It is so rewarding to read a action story with very few deaths I would consider this military fiction, but Jon tries extremely hard to keep deaths to a minimum I appreciate the sentiment, and I think it is hard to accomplish in fiction and real life But, as Jon says, Just because you are able to do something, does not mean yo [...]

  6. Nah Lightweight stuff, and often than not boring We re told about 50 times what a mean, nasty tough guy Jon is He never does anything with those abilities We re told at least 100 times how Lobo is the rootin est tootin est shootenist west of the Pecos, and he always wants to blow stuff up real good, but he never does A machine with a tenth, hell a fiftieth of Lobo s stated capabilities would have been amply sufficient for this book Lobo s a smartass, and a genius, but that idea s been done to d [...]

  7. How to sound positive without being a big clich I like this book I d recommend it to folks that like action and adventure but then when I thought about it a little there isn t much in the way of action in this book Not like the first one.This isn t a bad thing It s good It s also very interesting The author shows depth of character development here and spends a lot of time sticking to the rules he s set up for himself The technology that seemed to answer so many questions in the last book barel [...]

  8. I think if I hadn t read this right after reading his first book One Jump Ahead I would ve rated it higher It had a pretty good story line and there were a few parts where his imagination of future recreational technology was outstanding Also, introducing two characters into Jon s life, both of them very colorful and interesting, was a great touch My main issue with this book was that it was very much like the first one in many ways Jon would get dragged into a conflict, meet each opposing side [...]

  9. The adventures of Jon Lobo Lobo being the AI controlling a PCAV personnel carrying assault vehicle , and Jon his human companion are in another league This book has con men, religious fanatics, small time crooks with delusions of grandeur, a gorgeous redhead, and a psychic 12 year old boy Oh, and an extreme sports ride you won t soon forget As if the pace of the book wasn t fast enough No less than Orson Scott Card says on the jacket, Van Name has created a hero who is worth at least a dozen no [...]

  10. I must say that I felt a bit let down by this book I found the first one much better in that Jon appeared much professional and so did the people he associated with This book revolves around a con artist and Jon is just either conned or simply walks into one mess after another.In the previous book the ex colleague girl is cool In this book the girl is just dumb and cannot be trusted even though some surprise revelations do come at the end I also miss that neither Jon s nano implants nor Lobo s [...]

  11. Jon Lobo is easily my favorite sci fi series after the Ender saga, of course Nanotech enhanced mercenary Jon Moore and his AI spaceship Lobo are great characters, both of whom the reader knows little about even after two books little by little is reavealed about their pasts, which they even aren t entirely comfortable sharing with each other My curiosity is still growing, and I look forward to inevitable revelations in future volumes The plot of this book was easy to follow and somewhat predict [...]

  12. Mark L Van Name has created a pair of characters you will want to follow Jon and Lobo continue to try to do the right thing and end up in trouble Plenty of action, easily believable characters that you care about and intrigue as well Add to this the memorable character of Slanted Jack who will sell you out at the drop of a hat just to improve your character and you ve got another winner.

  13. Good clean fun A delicious techno romp with a most likeable team the reluctantly macho warrior, too soft hearted for his own good, and his I wanna blow something up sidekick, an assault vehicle with an attitude Imagine a Schwarzeneger Han Solo with Knight Rider s KIT as the brain of a Millenium Falcon bristling with weaponry and tricks up every exhaust tube Plenty of eyebrow raisers and big grins here The bibliosphere needs heros like these.

  14. Jon Lobo do The Sting I just didn t enjoy this one all that much.Jon s nanobots no appearance, Lobo s combat capabilities threats and surveillance only, interaction between Jon Lobo annoying, interaction between Jon Maggie annoying Where did all the anger come from Jon , no Strange Kitty stuff, Slanted Jack Manu boring, the ending to the con decent, just took too long to get there I did enjoy the Luge ride down the mountain that was fun.

  15. When one good con isn t enough, try running 3 at the same time From start to finish this fast paced book will have you guessingCan Jon trust his old acquaintance Slanted Jack How many risks will Jon take to save a child Will he ever escape his past The second book in the Jon and Lobo series, thoroughly enjoyed it and can t wait for Jon and Lobo are intriguing characters who leave you wanting As always the action is fast paced, exciting and very well written

  16. Jon Moore is a man with a little bit of nanojunk in the trunk Lobo is a military assault vehicle with a big dollop of A.I attitude And Jack Gridiz is Slanted Jack, a dude who is neither straight nor gay Together the threesome run a scam on an organized crime boss, a religious cult leader, and a space federation bureaucrat If I had to pitch this novel to a movie producer, I d say it was THE STING and KNIGHT RIDER in outer space And really, who doesn t want to see a movie like that

  17. This book is an improvement over its predecessor, One Jump Ahead Jon s nanotechnology fortunately plays a much less significant role, while Lobo snatches of the limelight The plot is as convoluted as in One Jump Ahead.

  18. It is the second of two novels by the author in the omnibus edition, Jump Gate Twist JGT has a short story providing background on Lobo as well.Jon and Lobo help a con artist friend Slanted Jack protect a special boy with connections to Jon s embargoed home world from religious fanatics, gangsters, and a frontier government.

  19. Good story Development of the characters from the first book makes this a much better story Also the addition of a character whom I believe is based on Harry Harrison s Stainless Steel Rat and a byzantine con make for a very enjoyable read Looking forward to reading in the Jon Loboverse

  20. Not as good as its predecessor, but still a decent story I will continue with the series view spoiler Not to thrilled with Jon s treatment of the female lead by the protagonist who seems awfully bad at relating to people for someone who is supposed to be 150 yrs old hide spoiler

  21. Lobo is becoming likable, but between this and the start of the next book, the main character is starting to look like a non Federation Captain Kirk Except he has no skills for dealing with women so nothing ever happens Also, becoming less kind.

  22. Slanted Jack is a good follow up book to Van Name s One Jump Ahead.All of the same elements that made the first book enjoyable are there in the second, and it s an overall enjoyable sci fi action read with decent characterization.I enjoy the series and will probably continue to follow it.

  23. protagonist attracts trouble and is troubled by both his actions in the past and his ongoing lifestyle fun not deep.

  24. A bit slower than the first in the series, but with some nice detail throughout the book that made the scifi feel real.

  25. Entertaining bit of Science Fiction Interesting characters and lots of action Follow on to One Jump Ahead.

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