[PDF] Read ✓ Bladesong : by Jean Gill - Bladesong, Bladesong A masterpiece A historical feast C M T Stibbe Chasing Pharoahs the Holy Land From the Winner of the Global Ebook Award for Best Historical Fiction Estela the troubadour is following the destin
  • Title: Bladesong
  • Author: Jean Gill
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ✓ Bladesong : by Jean Gill, Bladesong, Jean Gill, Bladesong A masterpiece A historical feast C M T Stibbe Chasing Pharoahs the Holy Land From the Winner of the Global Ebook Award for Best Historical Fiction Estela the troubadour is following the destiny of her beautiful voice Dragonetz her passionate knight has a dangerous mission to fulfill divided by the times they love in they fight to be together Imprisoned in A masterpiece A histor [PDF] Read ✓ Bladesong : by Jean Gill - Bladesong, Bladesong A masterpiece A historical feast C M T Stibbe Chasing Pharoahs the Holy Land From the Winner of the Global Ebook Award for Best Historical Fiction Estela the troubadour is following the destin

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Bladesong : by Jean Gill
    486 Jean Gill

About Author

  1. Jean Gill is a Welsh writer and photographer living in the south of France with two scruffy dogs, a beehive named Endeavour , a Nikon D750 and a man For many years, she taught English in Wales and was the first woman to be a secondary headteacher in Carmarthenshire She is mother or stepmother to five children so life was hectic.Publications are varied, including prize winning poetry and novels, military history, translated books on dog training, and a cookery book on goat cheese With Scottish parents, an English birthplace and French residence, she can usually support the winning team on most sporting occasions.Sign up for Jean s newsletter at jeangill for updates and a free book If you review one of Jean s books you can add a dog to Jean s Readers Dogs Hall of Fame on her website Contact Jean at jeanll wanadoo with comments or questions She loves to hear from readers.

One thought on “Bladesong

  1. A Trickster Eric Novels reviewJean Gill asked me to read her historical novel Blade Song which is the second book in her The Troubadours series She had previously requested a review for the first book, Song at Dawn, and I rated it highly so I was excited for the sequel Now I have mixed feelings I will examine Plot, Characters, and Polish and then assign a gradeOT There s good and bad in this one I ll do the former and then latter For the good there s the reconstruction of the Macguffin trope, sa [...]

  2. I loved the first book in this series Unfortunately, this sequel has omitted all that made the first book good Estela s introduction to court life and her interaction with Dragonetz and left in all that was bad page after page of exposition, usually disguised as Dragonetz ruminating on previous incidents and re explaining to himself details of old political intrigues One fourth of the way into the book it felt like a long, dull slog Life is too short to wade through dull writing.

  3. My only regret after having read book one in the Troubadour series by Jean Gill was not having read the sequel sooner.Bladesong has been quite an adventure The final chapters of the book whooshed by so intensely and so fast that I was almost out of breath when I finished reading them It is an amazing feast for everyone who enjoys a great political thriller, historical fiction, romance not in the traditional swooning manner though and fantastic characters I can just bet the author felt it was an [...]

  4. BLADESONG by Jean Gill A ReviewThis is the second of Ms Gill s Troubadour Quartet and follows perhaps a few months after the events of Song At Dawn The action is split between France and the Holy Land of 1151, and as in the previous volume, the author s knowledge and feel for her period is obvious from the opening words.Oddly for a historical action romance novel, there are some uncomfortable themes explored in this book, alongside the usual treachery, hidden agendas and double dealing that one [...]

  5. Great book.Learned so much from reading the first two books in the series Anxious to delve into the remaining two Author does a excellent job of assuring the reader they are with the individuals all the way Good read.

  6. Wonderful detail and loved the way spirituality wove it s way into the characters Believable and fascinating culture differences made clear and real Loved it even than book one of this trilogy.

  7. Jean Gill has truly outdone herself with Bladesong sequel to the equally magnificent Song at Dawn Bladesong is book 2 in The Troubadours series and picks up about a year after where its predecessor left off The sheer complexity of the plot has been taken to another level in this novel Not only did Gill maintain impeccable consistency between books, but she mastered the task of crafting an entirely new adventure interweaving historical detail and imagination as if they were two sides of the same [...]

  8. Bladesong is book 2 of the Troubadour series, of which book 1, Song at Dawn with its mix of historical romance, intrigue, and adventure completely captured my heart and imagination You can read my review of Song at Dawn on as well Dragonetz and Estela were characters I could not forget Overtime, my appreciation for Song at Dawn actually deepened as I remembered the brilliant characters and settings that author Jean Gill had so masterfully created from the fabric of history So of course, I was ve [...]

  9. The story of Estela and Dragonetz continues where Song at Dawn ended with Dragonetz undertaking a perilous mission to transport a holy Jewish Torah to Jerusalem As we would expect, the mission is very dangerous and Dragonetz finds himself imprisoned in Damascus with several players vying for the sacred Torah I often see a lot of reviews complaining about historical accuracy in fiction books I have absolutely no idea how accurate Jean Gill s books are but I do know they are outstanding works of f [...]

  10. It goes without saying, Jean Gill is the master of historical intrigue As with several of her books, this is another I own She has a distinctive voice and her characters are always convincing.A delicious mix of language and cultures, of Moors and Knights, of treasures and thieves, Bladesong gives a plaintive, atmospheric first chapter that puts the reader right in the thick of it Danger always accompanies priceless treasure so we know we re in for a thrilling ride.Lord Dragonetz is in prison, gu [...]

  11. In Book 2 of Jean Gill s brilliantly written Troubadours Quartet Series, Bladesong 1151 in the Holy Land , the author once again takes the reader into a long ago world of intrigue and romance Gill s ability to capture the essence of the time period borders on magic With much of the story taking place in Damascus and Jerusalem, Gill creates the flavor of the Middle East with an incomparable skill The sights and scents of post Crusade Damascus are rich throughout the segment Bravely taking on the [...]

  12. Another great story It takes a great talent to create a story like this My interest for Bladesong is centred on Estela and her lover Dragonetz my favourite characters from book one Song At Dawn The distance between the lovers is my main focus wondering how Jean Gill will close the gap It s so tense I developed a few Goosebumps I must say I like Jean Gill writing style, using the same characters in book two but of course she added interesting characters especially Musca, Simo and Prima Estela s [...]

  13. A trip to the holy land filled with intrigue, danger, and lies This book continues the story of Estella and Dragonetz, though they have been separated by a quest Dragonetz shows his intelligence and ability to see several moves ahead even after being weakened by his captor Estella continues to grow and blossom into a beautiful and talented troubadour She displays her bravery and sacrifice while protecting those she loves The historical details have been well researched and only add to an already [...]

  14. It was some time ago that I read the first book in this series Song at Dawn and called it one of the best historical novels I ve read Well, now I ve found a better one Bladesong has all the historical depth and authentic fine detail of the first book, and in reading it I learned a lot of fascinating facts about this period For example, did you know that in those times nautical charts were the personal property of the ship s pilot, and no one else would be allowed to see them As an ex sailor myse [...]

  15. Wow As amazing as Song at Dawn is, I think Bladesong is even better It feels streamlined, the characters, particularly Dragonetz, real His struggles with the poppy were an interesting twist, particularly the dreams No longer simply the courageous knight, Dragonetz has fallen victim to an ingenious scheme to turn him into an opium junkie And strangely enough, his suffering makes an already likable character that much compelling.The plot is very clever There are plans within plans, and watching [...]

  16. Very enjoyable, intricate historical fiction This is a sequel and you must read the other book first this is definitely not a series you can pick up random pieces of The breadth and scope of the plot is amazing The political wrangling and intrigue is interesting and delightfully devious Bar Philipos turns out to be an excellent villain crafty and evil, yet with an understandable motive My only complaint is this book picks up immediately where the first ended, and the author seems to expect the r [...]

  17. While I liked this book, my favorite is the first in the series This book evokes strong emotion due to the distance between lovers separated by a quest and by the horrendous obstacles they must overcome The mystery and intrigue are intense and the dialog and internal conflicts are amazing The first book left me wistful This one left me feeling that I had gone on this long journey, arriving nearly exhausted The story is packed with description of places and events making it seem as though you are [...]

  18. I wanted to like it, but whereas I would usually read it in two to three days, it took me a week and I admittedly skimmed from about 70% to the end of the book The story line was good, the characters were familiar and well developed, some of the details were required some suspension of belief, but overall, it was a solid book It just took too long and required remembering too many plot twists and didn t hold my interest.Would I recommend it Yes If you like historical fiction, particularly mediev [...]

  19. Another stunning masterpiece by a brilliant author.Jean Gill writes with passion, flair and knowledge of the era and location The result is a superb story with wonderful settings and complex, well developed characters who feel like old friends Add the political intrigue and a long journey with surprises on the way, and the result is a book that is totally addictive If you re a fan of historical fiction and love well written, exciting books, you won t be disappointed Highly recommended.

  20. Blade a little too made Dragonetz and Estela face and overcome incredible odds where everyone else has power and resources than they Characters are as strongly conceived and written as nearly any, but plot is a little less than believable, despite the clever use of symbols foreshadowing events.

  21. LOVED IT I am especially glad to have started this series right after reading the first two of Elizabeth Chadwick s books about Duchesse Alienor Summer Queen and Winter Crown I have been stuck happily in medieval France all summer

  22. I really enjoyed the first book in this trilogy, but I liked this book even better For one thing, it was quite suspenseful and I felt really anxious to see whether Dragonetz and Estela would escape several pitfalls in their path.

  23. Enjoyed this book and curious to know about how the story continues Only gave it 3 stars though because it was on the slow side for me.

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