[PDF] Sunbaked | by é Junie Coffey - Sunbaked, Sunbaked Welcome to Pineapple Cay Nina Spark bought a house off the internet On a sunny Caribbean island she d never heard of before Things seemed to get off to a good start Nina s new hometown is the charming
  • Title: Sunbaked
  • Author: Junie Coffey
  • ISBN: 9781511445221
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Sunbaked | by é Junie Coffey, Sunbaked, Junie Coffey, Sunbaked Welcome to Pineapple Cay Nina Spark bought a house off the internet On a sunny Caribbean island she d never heard of before Things seemed to get off to a good start Nina s new hometown is the charming village of Coconut Cove with its narrow lanes lined with candy coloured houses and gardens overflowing with tropical flowers Her back yard is a white sand beach and theWelcome to Pineapple [PDF] Sunbaked | by é Junie Coffey - Sunbaked, Sunbaked Welcome to Pineapple Cay Nina Spark bought a house off the internet On a sunny Caribbean island she d never heard of before Things seemed to get off to a good start Nina s new hometown is the charming
  • [PDF] Sunbaked | by é Junie Coffey
    363 Junie Coffey

About Author

  1. Junie Coffey lives with Fisherman Fred and Hurricane Annie in a little town north of 45 degrees latitude which got two hundred inches of snow last winter She has lived, worked and travelled throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean, and spends time in the islands every chance she gets.Write to Junie at junieffey gmailor visitpineapplecay

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  1. A few months after separating from her cheating husband, Nina Sparks decides to buy a cottage on a small island while drunk The next day though the decision still feels right so Nina takes a leave of absence from her teaching position and picks up and moves to Pineapple Cay She arrives to find her realtor and soon to be fast friend Pansy arguing with Barry Bassett the local property mogul who had been trying to buy the land that now belongs to Nina Barry eventually starts to accost Nina to sell [...]

  2. Sunbaked was a fun read It was a lot than I bargained for in a good way The mystery was easy to guess and not a big shocker, but that wasn t the point The characters are what makes this story so enjoyable Nina, who is soon to be divorced from her cheating husband, is easy to relate to and likable She s also a bit daring and adventurous Danish, the entertaining, colorful yoga instructor slash mail carrier slash bar tender is a handful, but a laugh out loud entertaining handful Pansy, the happily [...]

  3. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review I had a great time reading this fun, fast, entertaining story A perfect beach read that will leave you wanting your own little yellow cottage on an island with turquoise waters Highly recommend

  4. I floated between 3 and 4 stars and finally landed on 4 stars, because after I finished reading it, I kept thinking back upon the story and smiling That s enough for an extra star.It s a little Nancy Drew, a little Miss Marple, and a lot of Jimmy Buffet It has a strong female character from Maine, who decides to set herself free from the confines of her life and finally does what she wants to do It takes a bit of work to not fall back into the trap of her old ways of thinking.The characters are [...]

  5. I would like to thank NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for an ARC of Sunbaked by Junie Coffey for my honest review The genres of this novel are Women s Fiction and General Fiction I would give Sunbaked three and one half stars I like the way Junie Coffey describes the sandy white beaches and turquoise waters in the Caribbean, where the story take place I wish I could buy a ticket and take a vacation there, lying in the sun The story has a great start Nina, despising her cheating husband is dr [...]

  6. 3 1 2 StarsNina Spark packed what little she chose and bought a house in Paradise I think I loved this little read so much because I am drawn to the beach 100% of the time How fun this trip to Pineapple Cay was I would find myself thinking about this book when I wasn t able to be reading it I was just drawn to the town and the people It was like a little beach town Mayberry, where everyone knows every one and everyone is nice, with the exception of a few This was just a fun little adventure with [...]

  7. Sunbaked Pineapple Cay Stories Book One is by Junie Coffey This is a cute book that is great for summer or light reading It is a mystery with a hint of romance and a lot of comedy Dr Nina Sparks found her husband and his paralegal in an improper situation in her own home when she came home from work She quickly kicked him out and changed the locks, then filed for divorce A few days later, she was pursuing her favorite pastime of surfing the Internet for her dream home in the Caribbean This time, [...]

  8. Fun, light adventure And what could be better than a romp in the Caribbean Ms Coffey s descriptions had me feeling the heat of the sun and the lapping of the waves on the shore Her characters are believable and likeable except for the ones you re not supposed to like I especially enjoyed the sidekick named Danish Great first book I look forward to others.

  9. I received my copy of Sunbaked via a giveaway, which in no way influences my review.After an October of reading horror and thrillers, I needed something light and breezy to cleanse the darkness from my soul Sunbaked seemed to fit the bill.I laughed out loud a couple times during the first chapter, which had our heroine, Nina Spark, impulsively buying a house over the Internet Nina had discovered her husband and his assistant having an affair, and decided a change from New York City was in order, [...]

  10. I want to thank Junie Coffey, author and First Reads Giveaway for my eBook copy of Sunbaked that I won in the Giveaway.Nina is ready for a change and makes a big one when she bids on a cottage on Pineapple Cay at 2 00 a.m after drinking a bottle of wine To her surprise the offer was accepted within an hour and she was off to a new start on life after her soon to be ex husband left with another woman.I loved Sunbaked and all the interesting characters that lived on Pineapple Cay Danish the postma [...]

  11. This review was originally posted on The Review Court Review 3.5 StarsI hardly do light reading, but this one seemed like a quick read and I have been doing some heavy reading listening lately so a light read was appealing There was a giveaway on , which I won, and so I decided to read.It s pretty much what I thought Nothing extra thought provoking I m in an audio book mood right now I ve listened to 6 audio books or so this year almost in a row Halfway through the story, my son took over my kin [...]

  12. This is a great book this is the first book in the Pineapple Cay series written by Junie Coffey Thirty six year old Nina Spark has done something crazy After knocking back a night s worth of wine, she s bought a house in the Caribbean Off the Internet At 2 00 a.m Committing to the most impulsive decision she s ever made, Nina leaves her cheating ex husband behind, puts her teaching career in New York on hold, and moves to Pineapple Cay a land of white sand, cloudless skies, and turquoise waters [...]

  13. Sunbaked by Junie Coffey is fun, fast paced story that puts a fresh twist on beach read Nina Spark is looking for a fresh start, her marriage in crumbles after she finds her husband sleeping with another woman in their apartment Three months later, she is trying to figure out where she lost herself, where the smiles went, when she became this person Over a bottle of wine at 2AM surfing the internet she finds the perfect escape in a cottage on a tropical island called Island Cay Without so much a [...]

  14. What a great book with a series of twists along the way Nina Stark has just separated from her husband after learning he had an affair Nina is looking for a change, and in the wee hours of the morning decides to try to purchase an island cottage over the Internet All works out well for Nina and the cottage becomes hers in Pineapple Cay.The characters Nina encounters after her move to Pineapple Cay all have great or interesting stories about their lives and how they arrived at Pineapple Cay I lov [...]

  15. I would like to thank NetGalley for an ARC of Sunbaked by Junie Coffey in exchange for my honest review.I struggled through the first two and a bit chapters, but somewhere in the third chapter I found that I was enjoying the read and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the book.After Nina Spark s husband had an affair, Nina had a few drinks and then bought a house in the Caribbean over the internet And so begins Junie Coffey s tale She described the people and places so well that I stopped reading ab [...]

  16. A fun, brain candy read about a woman going through a divorce who buys a beach cottage drunk in the middle of the night and moves to an island called Pineapple Cay She makes friends with the locals and becomes involved in investigating or perhaps meddling in the case of a missing socialite and the emerald necklace she was wearing A good beach or vacation read when you don t want something too heavy.

  17. I won an ebook through the GoodReads First Reads Giveaway Program This is another slow book for me I tried hard to get into it, but it fell short for me The characters were eh, the storyline was a bit too unbelievable and I just didn t feel like there was any great mystery to the story I liked the detail that the author gave to the island, and to the island life, but just didn t find anything too spectacular about the actual plot An Eh read for me.

  18. CuteI was a little skeptical at first, but I was decently surprised Nina buys a house on Pineapple Cay sight unseen off the internet and she and a bumbling doer of all things, Danish, become amateur sleuths trying to solve the mystery They find themselves in trouble and are totally irresponsible and that was annoying, but it s them It was a fun read with a few slow parts I found myself skimming and rolling my eyes through, but overall I enjoyed it It s not a solid 4 stars, but I m looking forwar [...]

  19. This is a cute book that is great for a light easy read With the perfect mix of adventure, mystery and a hint of romance this book would make a great beach or by the pool read Coffey s characters in the book are both believable and like able well most of them anyways Looking forward to book 2

  20. Great bookI really enjoyed this story of adventure and mystery The author has done a beautiful job of putting a group of characters together in a very humorous romance I did it back wards for some reason, I read book two first, then book one, Ltd worked, it kind of gives a little of the characters action together away I only wish there was a book three

  21. I won this book through a giveaway If you want a light summer read, this is good It has a little bit of mystery and romance but overall I found it to be pretty predictable and a little bit over exaggerated I just didn t really find any of the characters believable which made me not like them too much It was a cute book But, it was just not really for me.

  22. Hit the spot First time reading this author and was so glad to give this a chance I m pretty picky with my reads, don t want all the angst and ugly cries and feels Reading is my escape stay at home mom with 4 kids under 6 and I generally want to feel happy And this book had it all, laughs, some thrills, a little romance Can t wait to read the others in this series

  23. This is a nice choice for light reading Follow Nina on her detective adventure that started shortly after she purchased a home on an island at 2 in the morning after her husband finished leaving for good cheater need not say I love the description of the area but, would have loved developed characters It was a sweet little mystery with no loose ends.

  24. So cute It s everything you want in a comfortable beach read It s a lovely vacation paradise for your brain, in between busy back to school days Reminiscent of the beauty and stillness of a lounge near the surf, on a calm, sunny day.

  25. Laugh Out LoudI found this book hilarious You could imagine all the characters so well and the plot was so funny and such great one liners Can t wait to read the sequel and hope it continues.

  26. Would that we could all buy beach houses off the internet This is light, breezy reading Nina takes charge of her emotions and her life The mystery isn t twisty, making this or less a cozy Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.

  27. What a great story I really enjoyed the story and especially enjoyed the audible narrative It really brought the characters to life Accents were a bit funny but was still good Great Job

  28. Buying the house was a good idea, but you can t run away from people The mystery felt a bit throw in as running around the island and cays and descriptions of every day events was Based on the Bahamas Columbus memorial, probably So why all the wooly sweaters

  29. Pineapple Paradise This was a completely delightful cozy mystery I came upon it by chance on One third of the way in I was tempted to go on the internet buy my own little yellow cottage in paradise

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