Ú Exo ✓ Fonda Lee - Exo, Exo It s been a century of peace since Earth became a colony of an alien race with far reaches into the galaxy Some die hard extremists still oppose alien rule on Earth but Donovan Reyes isn t one of the
  • Title: Exo
  • Author: Fonda Lee
  • ISBN: 9780545933438
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Hardcover

Ú Exo ✓ Fonda Lee, Exo, Fonda Lee, Exo It s been a century of peace since Earth became a colony of an alien race with far reaches into the galaxy Some die hard extremists still oppose alien rule on Earth but Donovan Reyes isn t one of them His dad holds the prestigious position of Prime Liaison in the collaborationist government and Donovan s high social standing along with his exocel a remarkable alien teIt s been a century of p Ú Exo ✓ Fonda Lee - Exo, Exo It s been a century of peace since Earth became a colony of an alien race with far reaches into the galaxy Some die hard extremists still oppose alien rule on Earth but Donovan Reyes isn t one of the
  • Ú Exo ✓ Fonda Lee
    144 Fonda Lee

About Author

  1. Fonda Lee is the award wining author of science fiction novels Zeroboxer and Exo, and the forthcoming gangster fantasy saga Jade City Orbit, Nov 2017 Fonda is a recovering corporate strategist, black belt martial artist, foodie, and action movie aficionado living in Portland, Oregon.

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  1. This book is original and fantastic and asks questions that I can t stop thinking about Highly, highly recommend.

  2. While reading, Exo by Fonda Lee, I just kept thinking, Finally FINALLY Finally, a young adult dystopian science fiction novel with a writer that understands the nuances and complexities of colonialism and oppression Finally, a story that isn t just about the suppression of individualistic expression and calling it oppression, but a story that understands that oppression is systemic, involves power, and is than about teens spearheading a revolution for the sake of plot and action Finally, a book [...]

  3. Last year I read Fonda Lee s debut novel, Zeroboxer and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it I went in to Exo expecting to like it, and I loved it Enough so that I m adding it to my favourites 2017 shelf.Lee has a gift for emotive storytelling and creative worldbuilding, which she puts to good use here Questions of alien integration into human culture, the use of different technology and biotechnology, and who gets access to those things, all play out within the context of a story ultimately a [...]

  4. One hundred and fifty years ago the Zhree came to Earth to invade After a thirty year war they won Now Earth is a Zhree colony on the edge of their space Humans are a servant race, some of which have been taken into Zhree culture and marked as part of Zhree families castes A small elite of whom have undergone hardening as children, modified with Zhree biotechnology to have exocels, a retractable covering of armor and weaponry.Donovan Reyes is an Exo with one of these exocels working for the Glob [...]

  5. The second book in an author s career is often harder to write than the first, so as much as I love ZEROBOXER, I am especially proud of EXO I set out to break a lot of tropes in this book, to completely twist the old aliens conquer Earth narrative, and to write an action packed science fiction novel about soldiers and aliens and terrorists in a story that s ultimately about reconciling yourself with the choices made by your parents Also, I would really like to have an exocel, wouldn t you

  6. Peace Day may be quickly approaching, but a battle is about to go down while something sinister, bigger, bubbles beneath Tension between the Global Security Pacification Forces SecPac and humans is palpable the humans hatred, disgust and raw fury with the zhree is tangible, yet they plan to celebrate a century of coexistence Coexistence applies to the fifteen percent of mankind approved to exist among the zhree The remaining eighty five percent faded into shadows of themselves or morphed into f [...]

  7. Originally Posted OnThe Sassy Book Geek 3.5 Stars Thank you to for sending me a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I was on and off with Exo a lot because there were many things I enjoyed and a few that I didn t so I was debating between a 3 star and 3.5 star rating which in the end I decided 3.5 was a good rating since I did actually enjoy myself The Plot Exo gets into the action immediately at the start of the book with Donovan and his partner going to capture some rebel [...]

  8. Review Originally Posted on Lacy Literacy Exo had a lot of potential for worldbuilding, character development, and morality conversations.There were some good things about Exo, but they were wow look at that potential than that s good content Unfortunately, it did not live up to its potential Each of Exo s flaws when combined together made each individual flaw worse Exo brimmed with discussion topics Having dialogue about defining humanity and if alerting your body with alien technology still m [...]

  9. I was initially drawn to this book by the cover art, although I did not win the GR giveaway Donovan Reyes is an exo soldier, and the son of the Prime Liaison between the aliens now ruling the Earth and the surviving humans When Donovan was five years old, his father decided over the objections of his departed wife to have him changed, undergoing an operation to create a hardened shell Donovan is captured by the resistance, Sapience, on a routine patrol, and becomes uncertain of his loyalties whe [...]

  10. Checkout my full review on my blog omgbooksandbooks.An action packed sci fi adventure, Exo is a exhilarating from start to end This book captures violence, politics, and fighting These kinds of books are unique in YA I haven t found a sci fi book with this much adventure and action packed goodness I was on the edge of my set the whole time One wrong move could, literally, start a war.I love the world building It is well thought out and very imaginative The author creates a world where humans and [...]

  11. This was a YA sci fi novel that was smart Taking place on an earth that has been colonized by an alien race, it explores the ideas of colonialism, suppression, indoctrination, rebellion, trying to retain culture, and the many shades of grey involved.Other people have written wonderfully thought out reviews I particularly recommend the review of CW Read Think Ponder She breaks it all down brilliantly I literally bought this book because of a blind book shopping challenge, having not known anythin [...]

  12. Originally reviewed for YA Books Central yabookscentral yafictiSuit up, sci fi fans this isn t your standard fare alien invasion plot Several generations after being overtaken by a vastly different and technologically superior alien race called the zhree, humanity is divided on their perception of the occupation Those who ve strived for a peaceful and mutually beneficent co existence live close to the zhree and enjoy their technological benefits Those who ve proven problematic or of no particula [...]

  13. This book was such an unexpected, fantastic surprise, since I d heard absolutely nothing about it beforehand.The MC, Donovan, is an incredibly sympathetic character, the plot roars forward from the beginning and doesn t stop, the characters and opposing sides are all multifaceted and complicated, and this world 150 years into an alien colonization is vividly fleshed out.I highly recommend this I ordered Zeroboxer about halfway through reading this because I enjoyed it so much.

  14. Pages read 49Characters are flat, voice is bland, and I m not invested in fifty pages Buh bye now.

  15. I loved the idea of this book What happens AFTER the inevitable alien invasion As a world building person, I really enjoyed all the description of places, the aliens themselves, the concept of the exocel.I wanted to grow attached to the characters than I did It wasn t a super fast read for me But those are the only real qualms I have.It was an easy middle school booktalk just gave them the set up, and explaining that was so compelling that I ended up opening my presentations with it for every 7 [...]

  16. EXO follows Donovan, a security force with an excocel and the son of the Prime Liaison who works with the aliens that have taken over Earth for roughly 100 years Donovan is dedicated to his cause and taking out those who rebel, but when he is captured by rebel forces, he finds conflict within himself he didn t expect But war is dangerous, and Donovan s fate rests with people who despise everything he stands for.The world building in EXO is fantastic Lee crafts a unique Earth where aliens and hum [...]

  17. I will be able to suggest this to any teen looking for a good scifi read I liked the political angle of the people on earth dealing with a superior force that is considering abandoning the planet they conquered a century ago There is another alien race on the way and the current ruling faction is not sure earth is worth fighting for Weaved throughout the whole story is Donovan Reyes, a young exo, a human modified by the current aliens to be a soldier His father works with the aliens and his moth [...]

  18. I expected from this book I didn t like the characters human or alien Also, there wasn t much action the story was too slow I did the the technology in this book That was the most interesting part of this story.

  19. Meh, from the cover of this book it had SO MUCH potential But then starting it, like nothing happened He was view spoiler captured for the majority of the book, hide spoiler and the only thing that I considered significant was that view spoiler he found his mum, who was leading the rebellion, and then he committed treason for some reason, his parents died and then he ascended his dad as the Prime Liaison hide spoiler Oh yeah, and view spoiler of course he d get the girl I kind of forgot about he [...]

  20. 2nd standalone sf ya book by author This one is quite a bit different in setting and theme then the previous book and yet has some commonalities Both have a young somewhat enhanced man as its pov This one though is on Earth and with aliens And our hero is on the side of the aliens over the terrorist humans A little bit simplistic, but readable The situation is never all that surprising and yet there are twists and turns that definitely went differently then I expected A little bit too train wrec [...]

  21. I read this one as it is a new addition to my classroom library I really liked it The writing is descriptive and the dialogue is real Exo is good science fiction without focussing too much on the science I ll definitely recommend this book to my students.

  22. A very detailed alien invasion storyThe politics of a post invasion humanity were well thought out and the aliens specific and interesting the human figures relatable with great romantic tension built in.

  23. A new look at alien invasions Also it s nice to have a male protagonist in a role that seems to be female dominated.

  24. 4.5 out of 5, rounded down to 4 Rather incredible A nuanced, down to earth, and realistic narrative of teenagers caught in a war While I can t say that I was particularly drawn to Donovan or any of the other characters , I felt compelled to keep reading, to see how his journey would end I loved how consistent the characters were, the way they were able to compromise while staying true to their beliefs.

  25. Exo by Fonda Lee is an exciting novel about understanding others Fonda Lee is known for writing in the sci fi genre Her writing is easy to understand and there is always action to keep the book flowing First published on January 31, 2017, Exo is about a human boy, Donovan, who has an alien exoskeleton In this future world, humans coexist with aliens, the Zhree, and use alien technology to create a hybrid, that is stronger and lives longer than a human but not as strong as the Zhree, called an Ex [...]

  26. DNF I got about halfway through, and I just found too many details that had me eyerolling I can buy into the premise that an alien species invaded Earth, we fought, and we lost I can buy into the premise that the alien species now co exists peacefully on Earth along with humans What I struggled with was finding any sympathy for Sapience They want to wage another war, starting from a disadvantaged position, against a species that already crushed humans, even when humans had the advantage They thi [...]

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