Harmony Black

✓ Harmony Black å Craig Schaefer - Harmony Black, Harmony Black Harmony Black is much than your average FBI special agent In addition to being a practicing witch she s also an operative for Vigilant Lock an off the books program created to battle occult threats
  • Title: Harmony Black
  • Author: Craig Schaefer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Harmony Black å Craig Schaefer, Harmony Black, Craig Schaefer, Harmony Black Harmony Black is much than your average FBI special agent In addition to being a practicing witch she s also an operative for Vigilant Lock an off the books program created to battle occult threats by any means necessary Despite her dedication to fighting the monsters threatening society Harmony has become deeply conflicted about her job Her last investigation rHarmony Black is mu ✓ Harmony Black å Craig Schaefer - Harmony Black, Harmony Black Harmony Black is much than your average FBI special agent In addition to being a practicing witch she s also an operative for Vigilant Lock an off the books program created to battle occult threats
  • ✓ Harmony Black å Craig Schaefer
    184 Craig Schaefer
Harmony Black

About Author

  1. Craig Schaefer s books have taken readers to the seamy edge of a criminal underworld drenched in shadow the Daniel Faust series , to a world torn by war, poison and witchcraft the Revanche Cycle , and across a modern America mired in occult mysteries and a conspiracy of lies the Harmony Black series.Despite this, people say he s strangely normal Suspiciously normal, in fact His home on the Web is craigschaeferbooks.

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  1. I Might Be a Deceiving Cheating Cheater but It is not my Fault I am Totally Innocent and Was Forced to Start this One Early Against My Will Buddy Read IMBaDCCbIinmFIaTIaWFtStOEAMWBR with the BBB Deceiving Cheating Cheaters and stuff Actual rating 4.6 stars It s early in the morning and my inner hysterical teenage Craig Schaefer fangirl isn t yet available My rating could implode when she surfaces Don t say I didn t warn you It s not so early in the morning any but I am trying to control myself a [...]

  2. 4.25 Maybe I Could Date a Demon StarsShhhhhI m a cheating cheater who cheats but only when other cheaters pressure me into it I started this buddy read 2 days early I Blame xXSarahXx.but it is really Cathy s fault idea.Well this was unexpected and I m a little nervous now.I really liked this, like I liked this so much that I m totally going to read Mr Schaefer s other series because I enjoyed this world so much You might think that isn t a problem but for me statistically it has been Most of the [...]

  3. I read this for the 2017 MacHalo Group Reading Challenge.Man, this ended up being really good At first, I was thinking eh I don t think I like this as much as Daniel Faust or The Revanche Cycle, but Schaefer ended up sucking me in I m not a big fan of police procedurals, mysteries, finding out who killed kidnapped etc the victims, but this is not your typical cop story Harmony Black is part of a top secret investigative team with bad guys and girls that come from Hell Literally Or are black magi [...]

  4. MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListThis is my kindle first book of January and I picked a winner Yay Woot So Harmony Black is a witch in the FBI, in a sort of X files division They hunt down evilness in the world, in this case they are trying to find the bogeyman who is taking babies from their cribs Harmony really wants to find this entity because not only is it taking children, she has a past with it when she was a little girl Harmony has a partner named Jessie and she s a bad arse too They [...]

  5. 4.44 A buddy read with the UF aficionados at BBB Because demons are creeptastik Craig Schaefer does it again After some exciting world building with Daniel Faust and all the crazy action that went on there, he decides to show us where life takes Special Agent Harmony Black, the dogged law enforcer who split ways with Faust after their contentious battle in book 5 of that series And her life is in no way dull, that is for sure You could forge your pain into a sword, Nyx said, and persecute your e [...]

  6. At first I need to say that I haven t read any of Craig Schaefer s books before and Harmony Black is my first try to tame his books Thanks for the recommendation, Gavin I liked Harmony and there were times when my fangirling was on happy squealing mode After finishing reading I just felt Wow, what a freaking Monster university it was I still can t recover from reading the final fighting scene The idea of this book is quite simple the clash of two worlds, magical and non magical, with ordinary pe [...]

  7. The Harmony Black books are a spin off series from Craig Schaefer s Daniel Faust books Since the Faust books are fantastic I had very high expectations for Harmony and thankfully this book did not disappoint All the things that make the Faust series great are present in this one Craig Schaefer has a very engaging writing style and the story has the perfect mix of hilarious humour, likeable characters, interesting happenings, and a slightly dark tone that always keeps the reader on their toes We [...]

  8. 3.5 Stars rounded up A great first book awesome, funny characters, solid world building, fast paced and action packed I still blame our cheating cheaters for making me read this series earlier even though that meant getting to enjoy it that much sooner view spoiler Just Don t let this go to your heads ok hide spoiler

  9. Q Magic is real You re a witch I carry a demon in my pocket c Q Investigate, exterminate, obfuscate c Q And this Walburgh is a friendly I asked She doesn t exist You can t get friendlier than that c Q Your father would be so proud of you right now, she whispered I do my best, I said, but I can always do better c Q You aren t an extra large pepperoni pizza, she said Uh, no No, I m not Then you must be the witch we ordered C mon in c Q I regrettably left the Bureau quite some time ago taking an ax [...]

  10. In the 1980s children disappeared from their cribs without explanation in a small, rural town There were no signs of forced entry There was no explanation The children were simply gone, leaving grieving parents and a terrified town One of the kindnapped children is none other than young Harmony s infant sister The traumatized toddler caught a glimpse of the intruder It was the boogeyman The boogeyman was stealing children.Flash forward to the present day, and the abductions have started again Sm [...]

  11. This was my January 2016 First choice, but I didn t get to it until now because I had to read the entire Daniel Faust series first, as this is a spin off from that series I m a completist like that At least I m among friends in this insane asylum we call Okay, on to the review.While I am now very familiar with Craig Schaefer s writing, this is the start of a new series, and as such, he takes a lot of time to build his main characters, as well as his supporting cast Backstories, relationships, an [...]

  12. This is a pretty good book I finished it a while back and just haven t gotten around to reviewing it The book did draw me in and hold my interest though after I finished it it wasn t one that stayed with me strongly I do intend to if possible get the next book I think it rates a the 4 star rating though it may be just across the line it s still a good read.This one opens up doing a pretty good job of being a book about an FBI agent and then sort of grows into a horror UF novel It s a trip into a [...]

  13. 4.5 An irresistible UF candy It s like The X Files with the strait laced agent Dana Scully Harmony Black as MC with a dash of Men In Black and Supernatural for the fun banter and speedy action and a good helping of horror for the suspense and mystery I wouldn t go looking for the deep thoughts and meanings in here, and the characters are stereotypical compared to Daniel Faust series, but it totally works If you want fast, fun and engaging Craig Schaefer nailed it.Recommended to all UF lovers.I [...]

  14. I was able to read this book through s Kindle First program Thanks to and 47North for making it available Harmony Black is a slightly uptight, by the books FBI agent Well, as by the books as you can be when you re a practicing witch.Harmony is an operative for a secret program called Vigilant Lock, which was created to battle occult threats by any means necessary She s very good at her job, saving society from the monsters that threaten to harm it, but being good at her job means having to destr [...]

  15. 3.5 stars rounded upthe excellent part of this urban fantasy novel wherein the bogeyman is real is it s almost as much a police procedural as it is supernatural thriller

  16. 4 StarsA spin off from Craig Schaefer s Daniel Faust series, Harmony Black takes that universe and expands it in new and interesting directions by focusing on FBI agent and witch Harmony Black side note Harmony Black is just an awesome character name, isn t it Part of a secret unit within the FBI, she is tasked with hunting down and killing supernatural threats regular law enforcement isn t prepared to handle The book successfully blended several different genres, mixing urban fantasy, horror, a [...]

  17. This series came into my life thanks to the wonderful Sarah and her magnificent brainwashing program reviews.This could have been written for me I ve been looking for a series like this for a long time, and while I ve found some great series along the way, none of them have been quite right This though This is perfect.Harmony is an FBI agent first introduced in the Daniel Faust series which you don t have to read to get into this series at all, but I m a sucker for background so I ll be reading [...]

  18. Good world building and character introductions right off the bat Good plot, decent action scenes Nice build up Nothing earth shattering, but solid writing Enjoyable.I could have done with visual information about the looks of the main characters Especially Harmony was a little hard to grasp for me At some point in the story she kisses someone and I was genuinely surprised that she had to get on tip toes for that Was he that tall, is she that short But that s a minor thing Overall I liked the c [...]

  19. What to say about this one Hmm.It was okay It was not terrible It was not great Yes to all of those things The main cast felt a little flat to me, and I honestly gave zero flips about their back stories or even future stories if I m totally honest There was nothing there to emotionally connect me to any of them The magic system was, well it wasn t really fleshed out well at all She s a witch but I nearly forgot several times that she was There were a few parts that I did find interesting, like t [...]

  20. This was an interesting urban fantasy about two supernaturals who work for an FBI type unit to take down hostile supernaturals without the public knowing since the public is not aware of supernaturals in this world Harmony Black is a witch and her partner Jessi is a werewolf, and together they are sent out to find the monster that has been kidnapping babies out of their cribs in the night I found author Craig Schaefer s world building to be unique and left me guessing where the mystery was going [...]

  21. This was a surprising read for me I m glad I picked it from the First program It has some humor in it, which gives a good twist to the book I m intrigued to continue to follow the Harmony Black series

  22. Harmony Black is the first book in a series featuring straight laced Harmony Black and a team of black ops government agents working to keep the normal world safe from supernatural baddies Harmony is a witch, Jesse is sort of a werewolf and the other two team members coordinate activity from the safety of the surveillance van or Crown Vic.whichever vehicle they happen to have assigned.Jesse is gay, and Harmony frequently defends herself as not gay as Jesse comments on her clothing, noting you to [...]

  23. A fast, fun read, but at least for me nothing special I m not sorry I read it, but, I m not inclined to recommend it either.If you re familiar with Jim Butcher s Harry Dresden series, my guess is that you, too, will be disappointed It s a similar concept with, yes, plenty of differences , and, while there s plenty of action, there s just less of everything character development, color, depth, vocabulary, and dare I say it style OK, there s also less magical mumbo jumbo, which is fine, but it s c [...]

  24. Imagine a good episode of the X Files with the action cranked up to 11 That s Harmony Black.She s an FBI agent newly assigned to a black ops anti demon squad, assigned to investigate a rash of small town baby snatchings that happen every 30 years She s really tightly wrapped, as is her partner, who was raised in an abusive wolf demon cult Both have just a touch of magical power, and they re up against a serious Big Bad Oh, and two of Hell s bounty hunters are also after whoever s behind the kidn [...]

  25. 5 Stars Harmony Black by Craig Schaefer is a first book in a series that is tailor made for my likes I cannot get enough urban fantasy detective stories these days and Harmony Black struck all the right chords.This book are has hot FBI lead agents Paranormal story lines A witch or two A sleeping beast Demons and things that go bump in the night And I loved the characters, the writing, the world, and the story Who are you he asked me I shrugged I m just the girl next door When we were kids, yeah, [...]

  26. I don t know why I kept putting off reading this book this author as long as I have It has everything I adore in my favorite books I read to just take a break.Kick butt female lead with a mysterious side kick Oh yes, this and so many A body jumping demon with a British accent Why yes, my darlings it does Conspiracies that involve hell and supernatural beasts only in our dreams One word The Bogeyman It s black and twisted humor with a horror theme and doesn t require you to have read the past se [...]

  27. This series is almost as good as Daniel Faust I wish I was as much a fan of Harmony as I am of Daniel Still very engaging and well written.

  28. Actual rating 3 1 2 stars.This was my Kindle First selection for January.For most of this book, I was leaning towards 2 1 2 to three stars, as it fell somewhere between, it was ok, and I like it, during that time Then, in the last third or so, it really picked up, and I could not put it down I m rating three and half stars, because I d really rather books really hook me much sooner than that, but boy did I ever enjoy that last third.I enjoyed the world the author built, and I especially enjoyed [...]

  29. This was a very different read for me First time reading a book by Craig Schaefer and I don t really do paranormal I found this book under Prime Reading which I m really enjoying reading new authors I enjoyed it so much I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series and plan to check out the Daniel Faust books I have to say while Harmony Black is the main character, her partner, Jessie is the best character I ve read in awhile Her lines, her backstory, everything was awesome I laughed out [...]

  30. Full review over at Fantasy Book CriticOVERVIEW ANALYSIS This book is the first book in the Harmony Black series but not the first book where the character is featured in Harmony was introduced in Redemption Song, the second volume of the Daniel Faust series and since then she has made her presence felt in all the sequels since then After the events of book 4 A Plain Dealing Villain , we learn that Harmony has accomplished what she set out to do and hence returns back to her mother s home on the [...]

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