Vampires: The Occult Truth

[PDF] Vampires: The Occult Truth | by î Konstantinos - Vampires: The Occult Truth , Vampires The Occult Truth The facts are stranger than anything you may have read heard or imagined before now Vampires They really exist and this book rips away the myth to expose their habits and lifestyles Vampires the Oc
  • Title: Vampires: The Occult Truth
  • Author: Konstantinos
  • ISBN: 9781567183801
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Vampires: The Occult Truth | by î Konstantinos, Vampires: The Occult Truth , Konstantinos, Vampires The Occult Truth The facts are stranger than anything you may have read heard or imagined before now Vampires They really exist and this book rips away the myth to expose their habits and lifestyles Vampires the Occult Truth divulges actual first person encounters with vampires of all types the ancient undead of folklore contemporary mortal blood drinkers and the most dangerouThe f [PDF] Vampires: The Occult Truth | by î Konstantinos - Vampires: The Occult Truth , Vampires The Occult Truth The facts are stranger than anything you may have read heard or imagined before now Vampires They really exist and this book rips away the myth to expose their habits and lifestyles Vampires the Oc

  • [PDF] Vampires: The Occult Truth | by î Konstantinos
    281 Konstantinos
Vampires: The Occult Truth

About Author

  1. Konstantinos Rowley, born in 1972, has been a paranormal researcher for over fifteen years, is the author of six books published by Llewellyn and has a bachelors degree in English and technical writing A recognized expert, he has consulted for and been a guest on various shows and documentaries on MTV, the SciFi Channel, NBC, History, Discovery Channel, and other networks A former Physics major, Konstantinos been working on explaining the paranormal using modern scientific discoveries, especially in the realm of Quantum Mechanics.Some of his research has inspired TV, film, and novels, fleshing out scenes in the film Black Roses and the novel Dead Souls He has also appeared in the bestselling videogame Grand Theft Auto Vice City He was lead vocalist of the now defunct band, Bell, Book Candle, which appeared on three Cleopatra Records compilations Goth Box, 100 Tears Tribute to the Cure, and Vampire Themes It is unclear how soon he will be able to devote time to a musical solo project.

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  1. Nice one, Mr I Don t Believe In Vampires And The Like So I m Going To Write A Book About Them And Host A Halloween Special To Tell You How To Kill Them With Lemons Konstantinos, you fail at life Please stop writing contradictory booksHell, just stop writing altogether, you slag.

  2. Can t work out what possessed me to read this book have been one of those spirit sapping Vampires that make up the last chapter.To be honest it just seemed cheaply thrown together, care in showing sources at bottom of pages rather than a small select bibliography may have helpedso the bit on factual blood drinkers was lacking Elizabeth Bathory made up about half a page and other Cradle of Filth concept album figure Giles de Rais made up about the same again and had his credibility as a figure of [...]

  3. 1st Read January 25, 1997 February 1, 1997 I had picked this book up while I lived in Calgary, Alberta in the late 1990 s, and read nearly all of it judging by the bookmark in it at page 185 However, I do not have any recollection of how it was It is now back in my to read pile of books 2nd Read February 1, 2015 February 2, 2015I found this book to be much like others about vampires, which I have read in the past It is informative and educational in the sense that it does not stick to one kind o [...]

  4. The rest of this long review is at Msg2TheMing Author speaks in a pleasant manner too, a manner that allows a skeptic to remain a skeptic or reconsider, while a believer can continue believing or reconsider too, nothing is pushed, everything is questioned.

  5. Konstantinos is a well known author of occult works and he focuses largely on Nocturnal Magic In this book he focuses on vampires Vampires have been identified in every culture going all the way back to the first civilization, the Sumerians Seems that thorough out the different cultures there are two main types of vampires Physical vampires that actually drink blood and psychic vampires that feed off your psychic energy In Sumeria there are emikus or angry spirits who died a violent death They c [...]

  6. This book is 172 pages of whimsical nonsense, I really wish I had not wasted money and effort getting hold of this book.The author, known only as Konstantinos most likely real name Nigel attempts to convince the reader that Vampires really exist.ough not necessarily in the traditional Hollywood sense yes, of course I am interested in Vampires and love films like Interview with the Vampire but as soon as somebody who wishes to be taken seriously suggests to me that they believe Vampires are real [...]

  7. I went into this book thinking it was going to be another campy vampire book that while it had genuine vampire tidbits in it, was told like the rest of the books of its ilk Thankfully I was wrong although I have to say that while it was refreshing getting away from the camp, Konstantinos was, at times, a little dry in the execution of his point and it was sometimes hard for me to get through But those spots are pretty few and far between.What I liked most about the author was that while he takes [...]

  8. When I was in high school I picked up a bunch of occult books at the time, only recently have I been going back over them This book was one of them, I didn t remember any of it regardless of reading it in the past so I figured I would My biggest criticism relates to the way in which the author conveys information Throughout almost the entirety of the book, the majority of the words were describing what will be coming up, or speculation, side notes, on what will be coming up There was very little [...]

  9. I really liked this book Probably like most people I thought vampires to be like the Anne Rice ones a bit disappointed that they might not be, because I love Lestat and Marius I never imagined that vampires could be like psychic entities.While reading this book, I was also completely shocked to find out that when I was a child I was the victim of a psychic vampire attack I ve been a horrible insomniac for as long as I can remember, never able to sleep and always staying awake for most of the ni [...]

  10. I feel like for all of the research and years of studying various cases and mythology behind vampires, I had to give this book three stars just for the sheer effort behind writing it.The pros legends and lore in the beginning were extremely interestingcluding legends of vampires from places like Greece I truly enjoyed this part of the book and learned some things about vampires I didn t know before Also, the chapters on psychic vampirism were well thought out and actually confirmed a theory that [...]

  11. The author brings us anecdotal and actual evidence of four types of vampires immortal blood drinkers, mortal blood drinkers, unintentional psychic vampires, and intentional psychic vampires He stresses the fact that the only evidence of immortal blood drinkers is anecdotes and folklore based on historical figures such as Vlad the Impaler and Countess Bathory Also, he warns of the dangers to mortal blood drinkers of blood borne pathogens, such as HIV Psychic vampires are a different and chilling [...]

  12. Well first of all I originally didn t think that vampires existed, that is until I read this awesome book In this book Konstantinos really uncovers the truth about the questionable existence of vampires One of the best parts is that he doesn t try to force you to believe in vampires, he keeps it very open ended and debunks a good portion of vampire lore at the same time But he also writes about the truth and facts on the subject of vampires, in my favorite part he adds in letters he had gotten f [...]

  13. This is a fairly good, nonfiction book about vampires The book starts off with vampire legends and myths The book moves on to different categories of vampires that may or may not exist, tells about them, and shows evidence of them, if there is any The book doesn t push you to believe or not believe in vampires, rather it lets you decide for yourself The author doesn t look at vampires from a regular view, he views them almost scientifically However, the book uses some dialogue that may be confus [...]

  14. Not a bad read.In the years prior to reading this book I have done a small amount of research on the subject of vampires myself And I have discovered, on my own, much of what is expressed in this book, to be true Such research has, however been complicated by the fact that information on this subject is often tainted by the innumerable fictional ideas, stories and their resulting influences on our current culture Happily, this book has been written in a way which acknowledges this current cultur [...]

  15. This was quite possibly the most ridiculous load of B.S that I ve ever read on the subject It took me forever to get through it due to the amount of times I had to stop myself from setting it on fire Konstantinos obviously suffers from some kind of inferiority complex as the book is peppered with useless facts about himself I interpreted this as some sad attempts at adding validity to what he was saying Do yourself a favor and skip this one as the amount of magical thinking in the pages has me r [...]

  16. Really good book with techniques on how to deal with psychic vampires and cleaning your space to prevent attacks Also, what I thought was cool was how he used personal examples to illustrate what was being talked about Konstantinos covered things I already knew, however, like the origins of what we now know is Vlad Dracula Vlad Tepesh , Elizabeth Bathory the Blood Countess and Gilles de Rais which, IMO, was just a sicko who, through his wealth and priviledge, murdered boys AND girls for Black Ma [...]

  17. I can hardly believe this book is receiving positive reviews and is selling so well The book I read was an embarrassment, weak on every front, academically non existent, informationally void, with absolutely no bite The author writes very poorly and presents neither useful information nor entertaining anecdotes, simply throws together a bunch of lame facts, observations, and personal opinions in a lackluster fashion, and then presents it as a work of substance Most surprising of all is that it c [...]

  18. This books initial focus on folklore and documented cases was interesting although the whole book was strongly based on opinion and theory as opposed to fact, although the scientific explanations for events was fascinating I think that this book could have been wrote better and the constant references throughout regarding see end of chapter, see chapter 10 etc was quite irritating Regardless however this book is worth a read for people who like me are interested in Vampires and theories surround [...]

  19. I could not recommend this book to anyone The author bases his argument on keep an open mind and disregard all contrary evidence The one section of the book where he shouldn t have been able to get it wrong, the section on history and folklore, he managed to mispresent so much information that it made it worthless He presents historical theories as absolutes, even some that have been long disproven If anyone is interested in vampire lore, vampire history or vampire occultism, find a different bo [...]

  20. I really enjoyed this book The information was really great and the topic was handled very well, some times authors can be condescending or they treat the reader as if they are a child I would have liked a bit information on the psych vampires who are not harmful to the people that they take from Over all this is a great introduction to such a large topic People who are looking for respectful and well researched information on the real vampires who live in this world as well as the hysteria and [...]

  21. The author s style can be a little slow in spots, but if you wade through the first couple of chapters the pace picks up considerably Konstantinos interesting name, isn t it painstakingly explains exactly what he s talking about and takes great care that the reader understands one point before he moves on to the next I m still not convinced about the blood drinking vampires, but his case for psychic vampires is slightly believable possibly because it s a much nebulous concept.

  22. this book provides useful insight about the vampire nature it requires some occult experience in order to understand although the letters were interesting, the most spot on chapters were the psychic vampire chapters having experienced similar situations, i agree that most of the stories are truthful and a part of our reality for those without an occult experience, this book would be of little value.

  23. I am currently reading this book and I really like it It delves the occult and historic examples of vampires, along with modern day examples of vampires My favorite chapter so far deals with Vlad Dracula, it tells of his life and how he got the name Dracula It means Son of the Dragon Then it tells of favorite ways to torture and execute prisoners and how he would sit among the forest of impaled people and eat his evening meal.

  24. I would say this book is not for those who wish to know about the supernatural being, vampires , this is not a book on magick on how to become one it is a book about how to stop psi vampires in particular with some old European and African folk lore thrown in.Basically if you are a vampire fan, this book doesn t tell you anything you wouldn t already know from other books, documentaries or movies if you are seeking magick to become a vampire with this book, look elsewhere.

  25. I love vampire works, fictional and non fictional alike, but this book failed to grip or inspire me I think most of the reason why has to do with Konstantinos rather bland, dry style of writingI wanted to love this, but his prose just didn t excite me He s not a bad writer, but not talented enough to keep my interest, unfortunately.

  26. I must admit that I was disappointed somewhat in this book I suppose from the way everyone was talking about it I thought it would be on of the vampire sub culture of today and not necessarily the past tales of vampirc accounts However I did enjoy reading about what the vampire is considered to be across the world as well as read the tales of what others have seen or heard

  27. This was a very good book It had a lot of interesting information about vampires, past and present I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in vampires or the occult It has a lot of good information on psychic vampires, which if you believe what the author writes, is the only kind of vampire that exists today, and which are very harmful creatures.

  28. Disappointing did not find this at all informative seemed like it lacked research and credibility minus some stilt into the psy realm predates MB s book i got the first copy in 99 but have had three and 2 did not fair well i think research into the real community needed to be done still haas a magikal bentD

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