Lies, Damned Lies, and History

Lies, Damned Lies, and History Best Read || [Jodi Taylor] - Lies, Damned Lies, and History, Lies Damned Lies and History I ve done some stupid things in my time I ve been reckless I ve broken a few rules But never before have I ruined so many lives or left such a trail of destruction behind me As Max would be the first
  • Title: Lies, Damned Lies, and History
  • Author: Jodi Taylor
  • ISBN: 9781910939000
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback

Lies, Damned Lies, and History Best Read || [Jodi Taylor], Lies, Damned Lies, and History, Jodi Taylor, Lies Damned Lies and History I ve done some stupid things in my time I ve been reckless I ve broken a few rules But never before have I ruined so many lives or left such a trail of destruction behind me As Max would be the first to admit she s never been one for rules They tend to happen to other people But this time she s gone too far and everyone is paying the price Grounded until the end of Lies, Damned Lies, and History Best Read || [Jodi Taylor] - Lies, Damned Lies, and History, Lies Damned Lies and History I ve done some stupid things in my time I ve been reckless I ve broken a few rules But never before have I ruined so many lives or left such a trail of destruction behind me As Max would be the first
  • Lies, Damned Lies, and History Best Read || [Jodi Taylor]
    172 Jodi Taylor
Lies, Damned Lies, and History

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  1. Jodi Taylor is, and always has been, a complete history nut It takes vast amounts of chocolate to get her out of bed for anything after 1485 And if it s raining, there s no chance.Habitually tongue tied when asked to talk about herself, she gets round this by describing herself as tall, incredibly beautiful, witty and technically proficient The Chronicles of St Mary s Just One Damned Thing After AnotherA Symphony Of EchoesA Second ChanceA Trail Through TimeNo Time Like The Past published in Feb 2015 St Mary s Short Stories When A Child Is BornRoman HolidayChristmas PresentRomance NovelsThe Nothing GirlLittle Donkey Short Story You can catch up with all the latest happenings on her Facebook page facebook AuthorJodiTaylor

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  1. What A total guilty pleasure that doesn t have much to do with romance, vampires, or werewolves One that reads so easy and so effortlessly and so addictively you might want to classify this as a class A substance And OMG we re ALL able to abuse this shit Yeah, we are Just for the price of a book or a whole damn series Including short stories We can GET OUR FIX.What s even better Oh yeah, it s SF, time travel, and SO MUCH HISTORY for all us history buffs Total history porn.Oh, and of course we ve [...]

  2. This rollercoaster event was proudly presented to you by Oscar the ringworm and carnivorous goats DInterestingly enough this book and the events therein reminded me strongly of book 1 What I mean is that there was quite a number of events leading the reader this way and that, throwing us around not just through time and making it impossible to breathe or foresee where this was going In the beginning there is a pregnant Max who is on light duty I must say I was as put out as she was by this becau [...]

  3. Rating 4 of fiveOh happy, happy sigh Series book reading is a special corner of the larger literary marketplace A serial series book reader craves the comfort level of familiar faces but requires that story still take place, therefore tribulation and torment and so on be inflicted on our pals.It s a little like being married, or as I recall that exceedingly unnatural institution anyway Fun is had in the schadenfreude of the moment of maximum chaos, confusion, and disorder, before a new but very [...]

  4. King Arthur, stealing swords, a whole load of bad luck, and time travel What could you wish for in a jolly good book This series continues to enchant and charm me and this book was just so much fun I found myself really getting into the story twists and there were many fabulous character moments which made me smile and even outright laugh which doesn t happen that often tbh Once we re following Max, but this time she and her team have just gone too far and the adventure that starts out so well [...]

  5. Another great instalment in the Chronicles, or should I say Tribulations, of St Mary s This time we get a quick look at Arthur and even visit Stonehenge As entertaining as these historical visits are, it is really the characters that time and again win you over, and their interactions with each other That and Taylor s writing skill Yes, she entertains you with humour and thrilling scenes, throwing you relentlessly from one thing to another, lulling you, but then every so often she shows her true [...]

  6. Another good un, with moments scary and hysterically funny Taylor really knows how to build suspense in both types of situation I ll admit that I had my fingers crossed at one point that she wasn t going to go for a dark resolutionould have known better.Quotable quote Pathetically hopeful, she said, Am I a historian Well, you re in a pod You re wearing 13th century clothing stained with someone else s blood You stink of beer and horse shit Your hair is coming down You ve split your lip and your [...]

  7. Fun antics per usual at St Mary s A good series as a palate cleanser between books with intense action or intricately plotted books Taylor has a gift for funny reparte between characters.

  8. This will be an entire review from books 1 7, excluding the Novellas Overview This was an enjoyable series and I highly recommend if for people that like historical fiction While the series was interesting and refreshing, it had some faults that made me rate it a three stars out of five stars I do have negative things to say about the book, but that shouldn t deter anyone from reading them Good Jodi Taylor did a splendid job capturing the past Each book had completely different jumps with my fa [...]

  9. If you ve been following my booklogs you ll realise that I ve read all seven of the St Mary s books in the space of just over a week, plus the five available short stories To say I ve enjoyed them would be an understatement The mayhem caused by the time travelling historians of St Mary s, disaster magnets all, have been immensely amusing just plain fun To begin with Max and her partners in crime literally this time Peterson and Markham are in deep trouble, having done the wrong thing for the rig [...]

  10. Another excellent instalment in the series A lot of twist and turns in the book taking us to many historical events OK, the start of the book was a little shaky but how we got there was good.The ending is a roller coster and there is a certain someone i want to see very bad things happen to.The downside is i now have to wait like everyone else for the next book in the series Good news for Jodi Taylor is that i will be pre ordering it in Kindle and Audible.If you want a light, fun, interesting se [...]

  11. 4 20 17Finally caught up with my re read before starting book 8 Unfortunately some people at the Facebook group come join us have been saying too much so I m already worried about a few things But I do look forward to it, then to The Long and Short of it in the summer.I saw somewhere someone wondering if this is the last one I know there s the short story but I hope this isn t the last There s still questions and so much history to discover I need This book was soooooooo good but sooooooo sad a [...]

  12. I love Jodi Taylor I love Max I also love Zara Ramm It s especially fun to hear her say Caer Guorthigern But the premise of this installment in the Chronicles of St Mary s is not what it could be When Max s team brings back the location of an extraordinary artifact, the information is passed on to Thirsk, St Mary s funding partner, who promptly and happily recovers it and locks it up for future study And almost immediately terrible things begin happening to the area from which the artifact was t [...]

  13. The history of decline and commercialisation Here we go, I will probably offend many Jodi Taylor fans with what I will write, but it must be said, book five was a stretch of plot and humor book seven is just regurgitated pulp, she has nothing new to say, the adventures in the past are repetitive at best and the humor is puerile, not giving the characters any chance to grow or develop In a crime story at least you get a new crime, here we go into the past it all turns into a mess, we return to ma [...]

  14. Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes As I m reading this series, this is currently the last book in the series I was anticipating some withdrawal symptoms after finishing it, because I read all other books back to back Lies, Damned Lies, and History was not my favorite in the series There is a lot of not time traveling when Max isn t allowed to enter a pod, and even when she is, she is on light duty, meaning no dangerous jumps Instead watch the embarrassment of Queen Caroline Nevertheles [...]

  15. Lies, Damned Lies and History is one of the most accomplished books in the Chronicles of St Mary s This is Jodi Taylor at her best perfect comic timing that highlights rather than hides the stresses, anxieties and evil intents that life keeps throwing at us.As ever, the humour is based on a kind of compassionate fatalism that brings to mind almost outdated words like Pluck and Gumption and Intrepidness or even Sang Froid although the last one is suspiciously French and may tend to take itself to [...]

  16. This one was a corker I don t think I ve ever said that about a book before, but it s deserved.Love the entire St Mary s series and please, start at volume 1, don t you dare read this first.I will say that I d argue some legal points about the ending But that s just me.Give us Doctor Taylor

  17. Loved it I was worried the quality of the books would drop as they went on but this is yet another ripping yarn Taylor is not adverse to frightening the crap out of her characters, or crippling them with poor judgment Yet another stonker And if you can read the mathematic formulae section without spraying your coffee over your book device, then you re a better person than me.

  18. Poor Max These still often read like a selection of short stories loosely linked together rather than a coherent plot over the whole book.

  19. Watch The Gin Book Club s video review here josiejaffrey single pFirst up this is another well written and gripping instalment in the St Mary s series Read it, you ll love it, and then get all your friends to read it too.Now please indulge me in a pedantic geek out which contains spoilers.As you ll know if you ve read my previous reviews on the books in this series see my review of No Time Like The Past , I ve been finding the inconsistencies in the rules for time travel a little challenging In [...]

  20. Great fun, as usual One other reviewer called it history porn and there s something to that these are definitely a guilty pleasure for me I am mostly a pretty sensible person and St Mary s lets me enjoy vicarious madness I read a fair bit of actual history, and Jodi Taylor s got her facts straight in every area where I know enough to judge Love the humor, the danger, the inventiveness of it all Love Max.

  21. I love this series It is such a mix of everything humour, science fiction, history, horror, romance, and just general quirkiness I never know what to expect It s completely unpredictable, and the banter between the charcters, as well as the characters themselves has me giggling aloud as I fly through the pages I find it no problem at all to suspend disbelief because it s just so much damn fun to read these books I m already looking forward to the next book

  22. The amount of messing up is a lot higher in this book than in others within the series I believe this was actually a great choice by the author because it added a new dimension to the story and you were able to see how the characters grouped together and helped each other out Despite following many characters I feel strongly about them Max became a favorite of mine and there s even to her character when she s together with Leon Markham will probably always make me laugh and by now I got used to [...]

  23. Lies, Damned Lies and History is the latest book in The Chronicles of St Mary s And our heroine, Madeline Maxwell Max is in deep shit as usual Only this time it would seem that this time her career as a time traveling historian could be at an end Max has never been one to stick to the rules but this time it looks as if she will have to face the music for her transgressions and maybe get payback for all the times she got away with it.As to be expected with this series the book is full of wit and [...]

  24. Kudos to Jodi Taylor and Zara Ramm for, respectively, doing a fantastic job writing and narrating this book as usual This one had my heart breaking and me biting my nails and sitting on the edge of my seat, sometimes all at the same time Of course, it also had me laughing out loud That s what makes the Chronicles of St Mary s so fabulous you can be ready to cry one moment and then laugh the next Absolutely brilliant this book, the whole series and the audio narration Fans will love this one Anyo [...]

  25. I have to admit, I thought the author had painted herself into the same kind of corner she did in an earlier book and I didn t like the way she extricated herself from that one However, I was pleasantly surprised, she managed to solve the problems without jumping the shark I m very interested to see where she goes next, it almost seems as if our heroine s time is up and we need a successor or two I m looking forward to seeing where we go next.

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