Work Song

↠ Work Song ✓ Danielle Allen - Work Song, Work Song When society tries to put you in a box knock the walls down Tati Green You have a pretty face is such a back handed compliment It s like telling me that my face is beautiful but the rest of me is no
  • Title: Work Song
  • Author: Danielle Allen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition

↠ Work Song ✓ Danielle Allen, Work Song, Danielle Allen, Work Song When society tries to put you in a box knock the walls down Tati Green You have a pretty face is such a back handed compliment It s like telling me that my face is beautiful but the rest of me is not Despite what society says my curves are hot My love life on the other hand is not My mom says I ll never find love because of my weight My sister says I ll never findWhen society tries ↠ Work Song ✓ Danielle Allen - Work Song, Work Song When society tries to put you in a box knock the walls down Tati Green You have a pretty face is such a back handed compliment It s like telling me that my face is beautiful but the rest of me is no
  • ↠ Work Song ✓ Danielle Allen
    331 Danielle Allen
Work Song

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  1. Work Song by Danielle Allen is easily my favorite read by her yet In the story you meet Wesley and Tati, the two main characters who I fell head over heels for Wesley is magical he says the right things, he pulls at your heart, and he s SEXY but for the first time ever I was much in love with the heroine of this story TATI She was witty, smart, successful, curvy, and strong She knew what she wanted in life and wasn t afraid to go get it Work Song has so many twists and turns that I didn t see c [...]

  2. APB Perspective Review Danielle Allen you got me I was just as intrigued by Wes as Tatiana was , I felt as if I was hearing his sexy voice over the phone As I waited for Wes to make an appearance ,I did not know what or when it would happen and when he did appear I was happy with the results This book was well written and Wesley humor and sexiness wetted my appetite for his humor , geekiness and movie quotes between he and Tati I was 40% in to reading this book and had to share my excitement wit [...]

  3. I first found out about Danielle Allen s Work Song via the cover She shared it on Facebook, and it caught my eye I am a bit snobby when it comes to book covers I know I shouldn t judge a book by its cover, but the cover truly is an author s calling card and Work Song s cover is gorgeous I bought the book for my Kindle and added it to my TBR list but didn t really read it until I was on holiday a few weeks ago Work Song introduces us to Tatiana or Tati , a fashion blogger and aspiring sports writ [...]

  4. More like 3.5.Dislikes1 There was a lot of angst and it fell short of that angst sweetspot, so instead of loving the main characters I was bordering on annoyed at times.2 And it s so weird, but it wasn t until I read a review I realized that the author didn t describe much about the heroine other than the fact that she was a size fourteen and proud about it Which is a nice change from the usual self fat shaming and horrendous insecurities that authors like to stick in so that the hero could come [...]

  5. 4.5 stars.I have never been this pissed off this early in a book Body shamers, shitty ex s, mothers sisters from hell, misogynistic turds Damn this book had it all Being a woman in a predominately male workplace is hard Being smart and sexy is hard Being strong and smart and sexy is even harder I feel what Ms Allen was saying and the thread of feminism and strength was true throughout the novel There were times that Tati s decisions made me want to slap her, however Her continuing to choose a jo [...]

  6. This was romance Take a chance and make the choice that fits right for you and no one else No holds barred confidence while harboring self doubt of the ability to love and fall in love with you whole being.Tati and Wes were a chance, Sleepless in Seattle kind of romance with a little, Beyond The Lights chemistry and life choices Yes, I matched their movie buff personality I fell in love with the vision and the quotes of work best friends but also the always available shoulder and laughs that kep [...]

  7. 4.5 Stars Work Songis a story unlike any other I have come across This novel takes a step out of your stereotypical characters generally seen in the Romance genre.Danielle Allen s voice is very powerful and her characters are a representation of that She touches on the everyday topics that a person, specifically a woman questions herself about everyday Am I thin enough Am I too fat Am I pretty enough Am I good enough Can I survive in a male dominated world Can I pull at the top without forgoing [...]

  8. This was an okay read, I am not sure why I just didn t click with the characters or the story line I found myself trying hard to really get into this book but it was not a moment in the book for me personally where I was drawn in and it s probably because I have no interest in sports or that I didn t understand the front desk receptionist writer thing Now I loved that she was plus size but she felt absolutely fab in her own skin, which was a plus in my book I also enjoyed wes character, there is [...]

  9. Work Song is a beautiful story that takes a confident step outside the usual character boxes typically seen in romance Tati is an aspiring sports writer who has made moves to progress in her career, which has brushed the possibility for love a little to the side along the way When she clicks with coworker Wes on a life changing level, their feelings roll right over the feeble professional line she drew between them.Tati is truly a gorgeous character and the hero of this story She s been through [...]

  10. My 5 star review of Work Song by Danielle AllenThis is my first Danielle Allen work, and let me just say I fell in love Her voice is very strong, and so are her characters And sometimes I wonder, where has she been hiding Is Danielle lurking somewhere in the shadows just waiting to be discovered, because I think she SO is She is definitely worth praise, and especially for this book, Work Song side note whenever I say her book title, I sing it to the tune of Rachel Platten s Fight Song, you re we [...]

  11. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED An ARC was provided for an honest review 4 stars What a wonderful story this was I am so impressed by Danielle for writing this book This story is not about your average women but about someone who is constantly criticized about her size from the people closest to her But it s also about being independent, strong and knowing what you want to do and fulfilling that dream.That is Tati She is a writer who works in the sporting industry and loves her job Though it is a job tha [...]

  12. 4.5 Stars That first kiss felt like Wes wanted to test me The second kiss felt like Wes wanted to own me When a story makes me want to do a happy dance then it was darn good I loved every second of Work Song This story is witty and captivating and just makes you all giddy inside It s about taking chances on love and life Tatiana Green is one of my FAVORITE heroines She s the type of girl that guys love, and girls crush on Seriously I wish I were her This chick is smart, sexy and confident Tati i [...]

  13. Let me begin by saying I love a good curvy girl story, and Danielle Allen does not disappoint with this one Tati Green is smart, sophisticated, and a barrel of fun She can quote movies like a true geek, but rock a sexy outfit like nobody s business What could you ask than a woman who knows her sports, her movies, and can dress to kill Wesley Barnes is the whole package successful, funny, and sexy as hell There s only one problem they work together and Tati has a strict no dating coworkers Only [...]

  14. I got an Advance Reader Copy of Work Song in exchange for an honest review, and I m happy to be able to say that if I hadn t had to get up for work the next morning, I d happily have read it all in one sitting and just not put it down the entire night I loved it I really connected with Tatiana s character Her story reminded me of myself a few years ago, right down to her budding friendship with Wes Throughout the book there were passages that had me laughing my head off in public, and the fact t [...]

  15. This is my first book by Danielle Allen, and it will not be my last I really like the authors writing style, it flows nicely Easy to follow Now on to the story Tatiana Green is spunky, vibrant, and funny She is not afraid of her curves and knows how to work them I love how Wes and Tati start off as friends and their relationship builds during the story A few twists in the story I did not see coming, but nice My only issues was the endinge it ended I did not want it to end This is one of those bo [...]

  16. As I sit here relishing the emotions I m left with after reading Work Song, I am in awe of this author s talent Danielle Allen is a true artist Tatiana Green is such a strong, complex character, and Wesley Barnes is everything a hero should be Reading their story was like falling in love for the first time all over again Five huge stars

  17. Title Work SongAuthor Danielle AllenPublisher E by MReviewer BarbRelease Date September 27, 2015Genre s Contemporary Romance, SportsPage Count 335Heat Level 3.5 flames out of 5Rating 4 stars out of 5Review 4 Game On Stars Every body is different because everybody is different Different is sexy Different is unique Different is beautiful Don t let fashion magazines, haters or body shamers tell you otherwise Tati GreenI loved Tatiana Green in this story She was strong, confident, sexy, determined t [...]

  18. Overall Stars 4 STARSAlpha maleCurvy womanCan a fashion loving curvy woman know what to do with the sparks that fly between herself and a stranger You have a pretty face is such a back handed compliment It s like telling me that my face is beautiful, but the rest of me is not Despite what society says, my curves are hot My love life, on the other hand, is not My mom says I ll never find love because of my weight My sister says I ll never find love because of my personality My almost fianc says I [...]

  19. This is the first book i have read from this author but it certainly wont be the last Danielle Allen has an amazing talent,, I absolutely love her writing style and just fell in love with the character s and story she has createdFrom the minute i started this book I was instantly hooked , it was that good.I stayed up until 4am to finish it, I just couldn t out it down.Work Song tells the story Tati and Wes, two people who work for the same company only in different offices, in different cities I [...]

  20. Oh my God, I loved this book so much This is by far my favorite read of this author s so far This book is a romance, but the setting and the characters are so different than anything else, it was a breath of fresh air.Tatiana and Wes become online friends as they work for the same company, but she s in New York and he s in LA They both are funny, witty, silly and I loved their banter Tati s dream job is to become a sports writer in the male dominated sports world Listen to the songs I told you a [...]

  21. I need to start off by saying that I am a Danielle Allen fan and have read her past work But.HOLY MOTHER OF ALL HOT BOOKS WORK SONG IS OFFICIALLY MY FAVORITE DANIELLE ALLEN BOOK OH DEAR LORD, I WAS GLUED,YES GLUED TO THIS BOOK Ok Tati is my freaking hero man She is smart, beautiful and independent and oozes confidence She knows what she wants and she is going to go after it She proves she s her own woman in the opening of the book, yup I got sucked in Tati Green is a class all her own and we nee [...]

  22. There is so much to love about Work Song, by Danielle Allen.The characters are so relatable and well written, that I could easily believe they are real people And if they were real people, Tati is totally the type of person I d want to be friends with She s loyal, funny, and downright smart Although I don t understand her love of sports, I do love that she s so confident about who she is and what she likes She s uncompromising, and I respect that Wesley is beyond yummy, and says all the right th [...]

  23. Another awesome read by this author and she never ceases to amaze me with her talent Onto my review Tatiana is beautiful, curvy, vivacious young lady that is working her way up in a male dominant job field She is very smart and although she has had a bit of a hard past she still keeps her head up.I love her character because she is so confident regardless of what others think and strong regardless of what she has been through in her past That being said she never lets men into her life because o [...]

  24. Work Song is probably one of my favorite book this year Tatiana Greene is my hero She is strong, confident and takes no shit from anyone As a size 14, she doesn t let anyone tell her what she can and cannot do when it comes to fashion Which I absolutely love The relationship that develop between Tati and Wesley is fast, fierce and consuming Hello, sexual tension You can feel it in waves from my kindle Although Tati is reluctant to start something with Wes, who is her co worker, his patience, und [...]

  25. This was one I couldn t put down Work Song was a walk down lovers lane with Wes Barnes and Tati Green fated to be together Tati character was very likable, strong, independent woman that was comfortable with who she was and what she looked like Her mother and sister was not supportive of her appearance or dream job of sports writer I was able to find some of myself in Tati Westley came into her life after being told she was incapable of loving anyone Because of her size and love of sports she wa [...]

  26. Maybe the romance genre is just not for me I might be too immature I did like the two main characters They usually made me laugh and I only winced at their dialogue like once or twice But the way that whole he s not my boss, but he KINDA is was dragged on way too long for my taste I wish the ESPN plan had been thought up and brought up sooner and I didn t care for reading from Wes s POV at the last epilogue Tatianna was a full character with her own stuff going on, but all Wes did in his chapter [...]

  27. An ARC was received for an HONEST ReviewThis book had me drawn in from the beginning I normally don t get to invested in the female characters of a book, but Tatiana is absolutely KICK ASS She shows us how to be confident with what you were given Every female that believes they have a body issue should read this book and take note from Danielle Allen s amazing character.Tatiana has never been in love, never felt sparks fly until Wes and I have to say I want me one of him for my own I did, howeve [...]

  28. I got an Advanced copy from the author I loved this book , in the story we meet Tati and WesleyWesley he s sexy , he does all the right things anyway Tati is smart, successful, Curvy Work song had some many things coming that I did not expected in the book , Wesley and Tati became friends and the relationship between them made me laugh so hard into the book I had loved the end of the book it was the best ending ever , you guys should buy it and read You will love as I did Danielle your amazing a [...]

  29. I received a gifted copy from the author in exchange for an honest review This story absolutely blew me away I loved it I couldn t stop until I was done.Danielle wrote this amazing story and I am so glad that she gave me the chance to read and review it for her Tatiana is a strong female Yes, she has her back and forth with herself but she is strong and I love her for that OMG Wesley That man is the perfect book boyfriend, why is he not real I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a goo [...]

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