[PDF] Arcade | by ¼ Drew Nellins Smith - Arcade, Arcade A new world opens up to Sam when fresh from a breakup he discovers a XXX peepshow on the outskirts
  • Title: Arcade
  • Author: Drew Nellins Smith
  • ISBN: 9781939419729
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Arcade | by ¼ Drew Nellins Smith, Arcade, Drew Nellins Smith, Arcade A new world opens up to Sam when fresh from a breakup he discovers a XXX peepshow on the outskirts [PDF] Arcade | by ¼ Drew Nellins Smith - Arcade, Arcade A new world opens up to Sam when fresh from a breakup he discovers a XXX peepshow on the outskirts
  • [PDF] Arcade | by ¼ Drew Nellins Smith
    151 Drew Nellins Smith

About Author

  1. Drew Nellins Smith s essays, reviews, and interviews have appeared in many places in print and online, including The Believer, Tin House, Paste Magazine,The Millions, The Daily Beast, and Electric Literature He lives in Austin, TX Arcade is his first novel.

One thought on “Arcade

  1. Some people will probably be repulsed by the narrator of Arcade, a man in his late 20 s stuck in a self destructive spiral He is gay, but still mostly closeted, and he clings to the two things he loves most his former lover, the cop, and the Arcade The Arcade is one of those seedy places with racks of porn DVD s in the front and viewing booths in the back, and the booths are where men in this small Texas town go to cruise Our narrator is able to think of little else and the book is a chronicle o [...]

  2. Arcade manages to succeed where most contemporary American fiction fails, boldly testing the reader s sympathy and patience without the reader questioning the writer s talent or character s emotional worth Possibly the best book I will read this year, it had my heart and stomach competing for a place in my throat while my hands struggled to keep both book and moral compass aloft Redemption is secondary to an admirably frank confrontation of right and wrong with a concupiscence that is both start [...]

  3. As a novel, Arcade is an artless, plotless mess as a thinly disguised memoir, Arcade is an act of courage, since Smith creates one of the most pathetic protagonists in the history of literature a wimpy closet case who s stalking a former hookup while cruising for anonymous sex in the porn video arcade of the title The nameless narrator displays so few redeeming qualities that the reader is embarrassed to empathize with him, since his neediness, low self esteem and dishonesty are all familiar, an [...]

  4. I am perennially fascinated by authors who write about unsavoury, unlikeable, or morally ambiguous characters This requires a considerable buy in from the reader, especially if the experiences related are totally alien to your world view, and or antithetical to your values and social s.I think the author also has to tread a fine line between the reader s natural prurience and outright aversion However, the balance is certainly shifting Niche books like Samuel R Delany s The Mad Man and Through t [...]

  5. A look at varied characters who come to an XXX arcade in a small town as told by a 28 year old who obsesses about a cop he met there The character is so stupid that I could not get into it Even a comment that AIDS resulted from all the NYC city gays having wild sex in the back of trucks proved how ignorant this guy is This was taking place in the 21st Century with emails, grinder etc which made this very hard to believe.

  6. Americans have a hard time with sex We are simultaneously obsessed with it and repelled by it This is the case with the protagonist of Drew Nellins Smith s debut novel Arcade, the tale of a nameless character s compulsion to seek anonymous sexual encounters with men at a XXX arcade located on the outskirts of a small Texas town What on the surface seems like a provocative gadfly s view into a demimonde where men of all backgrounds and races blur the lines between gay, straight, and bisexual to f [...]

  7. Tolle Sprache und scharfe Beobachtungen Eine Weile Dann geht es nicht weiter, sondern dreht sich endlos um aussichtslose Unterfangen Pornokino, verflossener Halblover, Und als es interessant werden k nnte hat das Buch noch 5 Seiten daf r brig G hn Wenn das autobiografisch ist tut mir der Autor sehr leid, dass er das noch Jahrzehnte sp ter aufschreiben musste.

  8. This book, is a great exploration into the subtle difference between the need vs the desire to make emotional vs sexual connections in the gay and not honest south.

  9. The narrator is too whiny He sounds like a twelve year old instead of twenty eight Also, the book is littered with cliches.

  10. Let s talk about great American filth, not the great American novel John Updike and all his drinking buddies pronounced its death a long time ago Whether the proverbial white whale of literature breathes still or gurgled its last breath in 2001 with Franzen s The Corrections the subject is still boring The conversation is just about as boring as the subject of the great American novel Want to know what isn t boring filth Bukowski, Miller, Fante these guys can t write a dull sentence On his good [...]

  11. An excellent piece of erotica where the author uses the protagonist s love interests and sexual exploits to explore themes of atomisation, alienation of labour, class warfare, friendship, sexuality, homophobia, and disgust What I feared was that the novel would become a sort of coming of age novel, but it s not At the end of the novel, the protagonist s internal and external conflicts remain unresolved and he, along with the reader, are left to cope One of my favourite novels from the unnamed pr [...]

  12. Arcade is sexy, gritty and sad I d like to give it 5 stars, but I feel like the book is missing just a little bit of something Maybe some kind of resolve or even a suggestive glimpse at the narrator s future.

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