Wicked Odd

Wicked Odd Best Read || [Virginia Nelson] - Wicked Odd, Wicked Odd Carmen finds it hard to trust then again her father went mad and had to be put down by her current Alpha Carmen might hold a position of power within the pack but part of her always wonders if they
  • Title: Wicked Odd
  • Author: Virginia Nelson
  • ISBN: 9781943576258
  • Page: 480
  • Format: ebook

Wicked Odd Best Read || [Virginia Nelson], Wicked Odd, Virginia Nelson, Wicked Odd Carmen finds it hard to trust then again her father went mad and had to be put down by her current Alpha Carmen might hold a position of power within the pack but part of her always wonders if they could turn on her as quickly as they did him When she finds a man who she s pretty sure the current alpha failed on a lot of levels she decides to take matters into her ownCarmen finds it Wicked Odd Best Read || [Virginia Nelson] - Wicked Odd, Wicked Odd Carmen finds it hard to trust then again her father went mad and had to be put down by her current Alpha Carmen might hold a position of power within the pack but part of her always wonders if they
  • Wicked Odd Best Read || [Virginia Nelson]
    480 Virginia Nelson
Wicked Odd

About Author

  1. Virginia Nelson believed them when they said, Write what you know Small town girl writing small town romance, her characters are as full of flaws, misunderstandings, and flat out mistakes as Virginia herself When she s not writing or plotting to take over the world, she likes to hang out with the greatest kids in history, play in the mud, drive far too fast, and scream at inanimate objects Virginia likes knights in rusted and dinged up armor, heroes that snarl instead of croon, and heroines who can t remember to say the right thing even with an author writing their dialogue Her books are full of snark, sex, and random acts of ineptitude not always in that order.

One thought on “Wicked Odd

  1. Loved this book, especially because Carmen had such a huge chip on her shoulder Sure, her motivations for finding out about Seth involved getting something to blame on their Alpha, but she also cared about the wolf who seemed all alone Sometimes, the last thing you want is exactly what you need.

  2. Full Disclosure Here Not only did I receive an advanced copy of this for review purposes, this is an author I already love However, my reviews can t be bought and even the best authors have off days, so without further ado, here are my real thoughts of this book I ve read a few books in Virginia Nelson s Odd Series This one may be my favorite I m still having a book hangover from it a few days after completion Let s put this in perspective, shall we I was so excited to get the book on Thursday b [...]

  3. A delightful tale of broody lone wolf Seth who is snared by the persistent charms of want to be pack rebel Carmen While preforming his sad ritual on the anniversary of his mate s death, fate intercedes and places Carmen in his path peaking his interest Carmen is drawn to this lone wolf out of her need for revenge Their alpha killed her father, the former alpha, then placed her with humans instead of a foster family of her own kind Carmen s hell bent persistence might just be her own undoing Will [...]

  4. This was a cute story about two wolfs who need each other but keep telling themselves they don t need each other I laughed quite a bit with the antics of Carmen and Seth.Seth was a loner and became that way when his wife killed herself He felt like he failed her He couldn t keep her happy enough to stay alive and the last thing he wants is a pesky female snooping around his little mountain But his inner wolf wants to get to know her but Seth keeps ignoring his wolf Carmen wants to find about S [...]

  5. I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review.I love this seriesough i haven t read all the books i really really love this series.I love the way Virginia writes Once again she has given us a wonderful story with some powerful characters.Seth has lost his mate and is grieving ever since Staying away from pack and on his grief is all he wants.Carmen hates her alpha and all she wants is to prove that her alpha is not a good one.When she meets Seth she finds the chance she needs but her wol [...]

  6. Carmen wolf shifter is not happy with her pack Alpha Dara Carmen s father had been pack leader, and rud to go bad so was put down Seth is a lone wolf though part of the pack Carmen believes Seth s isolation is a failing of the Alpha Dara and strives to find out about Seth We know only that Seth failed his mate but also that he is in solitude by his own request Carmen sniffs around Seth and disturbs his quiet and his wolf Not your average shifter story as both main characters are a bit separated [...]

  7. Seth comes back for the one night he is in town yearly to do exactly as he has done every year since his mate committed suicide ,but this year will be different Carmen s father was the old Alpha and Dara the new Alpha killed him the night Seth s mate died Carmen wants to prove Dara killed her dad for no reason, she tracks Seth to his cabin She keeps coming back because she believes the new Alpha is just not helping Seth and he will not answer her questions One day when Carmen comes to the cabin [...]

  8. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Virginia Nelson.All Seth wanted was to be left alone to deal with his grief in his own way On his yearly ritual visit down the mountain he is spotted by a gal who is looking to find a way to get the current alpha removed from the clan Carmen wants the current alpha gone because she killed her father but things are not always so clear cut and when the truth comes out can Carmen and Seth heal each other The author gave the characters [...]

  9. Seth is a wolf on the edge ever since he lost his mate years ago Carmen is the daughter of the former Alpha who doesn t care much for the current one ever since she killed him and sent her to leave with a human family Carmen wants to know about Seth and goes to find out why he is living alone but Seth just wants to left alone soon the two are establishing a friendship even as their wolves circle around each other Secrets will so be revealed and hopefully the pair can overcome them and become ma [...]

  10. 4 starsThis was an exciting book that kept your interest I loved the way Seth and Carmen got to know eachother Carmen was trying to find a reason to hate the current Alpha and take her down Sethwas trying to get over his guilt of losing a mate They both had a rocky past, but maybe the Alpha was right Things happen for a reason Through all of the pain, Carmen was able to pull Seth out ofhis despair The story had a happy and surprising ending It was a good read I really liked it.

  11. I received this book free for an honest review I have not read any of the preceding books in this series I can say you don t need to read them to read enjoy this book The qilt, sorrow and passion are woven into the pages I love the sassy strength of Carmen Seth is a broken stubborn man who can set the world on fire when he smiles He just can t smile untilThe bookis well written witha believable plot Now I have to read the previous 3 books Have fun with this little gem.

  12. What great book, I enjoyed because Carmen was out to get revenge on her pack Alpha but ended up getting so much Seth was grieving the loss of his mate and just wanted to be left alone until the annoying she wolf who couldn t take no for an answer came crashing into his life I guess the moral of the story is sometimes when you think you have all the answers Life has a funny way of showing you different.

  13. Beautifully broken people find eachotherWow This story is beautifully written I loved it for the broken people pieces I loved it for the emotional honesty and characters that weren t perfect but we re still okay The story flowed smoothly and the writing was sharp and clean You can t help but get caught up in the pain Seth carried and the anger Carmen was filled with I fell in love with everything about this book It was a very satisfying read.

  14. A tale of two hurting individuals finding each other told with humor and respect This book will make you laugh and cry often at the same time Though this is part of a series it can be read standalone Virginia Nelson tells a heck of story.Complimentary copy provided by author publisher for an honest review.

  15. This was an extremely good book It takes two mixed up people who are thrown together by chance and helps them both to understand themselves better They find l love regardless of the circumstances.

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