Free Read Postskriptum - by Alain Claude Sulzer - Postskriptum, Postskriptum None
  • Title: Postskriptum
  • Author: Alain Claude Sulzer
  • ISBN: 9783869711157
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Read Postskriptum - by Alain Claude Sulzer, Postskriptum, Alain Claude Sulzer, Postskriptum None Free Read Postskriptum - by Alain Claude Sulzer - Postskriptum, Postskriptum None

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  • Free Read Postskriptum - by Alain Claude Sulzer
    408 Alain Claude Sulzer

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  1. Alain s first novel was published in 1983 and he has since written four furthur novels, including Annas Maske 2001 and numerous short stories A Perfect Waiter is his first novel to be published in English He lives in the Alsace region of France.

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  1. I can t quite make my mind about this book Somehow it was much difficult to read through than other of Sulzer s novels The different storylines felt too disconnected from each other, and while they were all interesting in themselves, the looseness made it difficult for me to see the wholeness of it all I was ready to give this book two stars at most, until I read the postscript, which managed to convince me that this book deserved a bit better.As usual with Sulzer novels, homosexual romance in [...]

  2. Sehr ergreifend, melancholisch und f r mich auch ein wenig deprimierend Sprachlich sehr sch n Der Schluss hat mir nicht so zugesagt, hat meiner Meinung nach die Stimmung der Geschichte zu sehr aufgebrochen.

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