The Brotherhood of the Wheel

[PDF] The Brotherhood of the Wheel | by Ó R.S. Belcher - The Brotherhood of the Wheel, The Brotherhood of the Wheel R S Belcher the acclaimed author of The Six Gun Tarot and The Shotgun Arcana launches a gritty new urban fantasy series about the mysterious society of truckers known only as The Brotherhood of The
  • Title: The Brotherhood of the Wheel
  • Author: R.S. Belcher
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Brotherhood of the Wheel | by Ó R.S. Belcher, The Brotherhood of the Wheel, R.S. Belcher, The Brotherhood of the Wheel R S Belcher the acclaimed author of The Six Gun Tarot and The Shotgun Arcana launches a gritty new urban fantasy series about the mysterious society of truckers known only as The Brotherhood of The Wheel In A D a group of nine crusaders became known as the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon a militant monastic order charged with protecti [PDF] The Brotherhood of the Wheel | by Ó R.S. Belcher - The Brotherhood of the Wheel, The Brotherhood of the Wheel R S Belcher the acclaimed author of The Six Gun Tarot and The Shotgun Arcana launches a gritty new urban fantasy series about the mysterious society of truckers known only as The Brotherhood of The
  • [PDF] The Brotherhood of the Wheel | by Ó R.S. Belcher
    487 R.S. Belcher
The Brotherhood of the Wheel

About Author

  1. R.S Rod Belcher is an award winning newspaper and magazine editor and reporter Rod has been a private investigator, a DJ, a comic book store owner and has degrees in criminal law, psychology and justice and risk administration, from Virginia Commonwealth University He s done Masters work in Forensic Science at The George Washington University, and worked with the Occult Crime Taskforce for the Virginia General Assembly.He lives in Roanoke Virginia with his children Jonathan and Emily.

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  1. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 03 04 bUpdated Book trucker hat giveaway US CAN 3 4 16 3 14 16 bibliosanctum 2016 03 04 bUrban Fantasy is such an exciting genre right now because of books like The Brotherhood of the Wheel While mythological creatures and vigilantes have long been a mainstay, R.S Belcher has shaken up these conventions and breathed new life into UF by looking at a slice of American culture that arguably hasn t gotten a lot of attention Truckers Motorcycle clu [...]

  2. It s like a 13 year old drank too many monster energy drinks then tried to write a Stephen King novel after watching too much Criminal minds and Sons of Anarchy.

  3. The nitty gritty Another winner for Belcher, a good versus evil story that will scare and delight in equal measure Jimmie, if what the Pagan said is true, then the universe, at its most fundamental levels, is out of whack and is falling apart We have to do something before it s too late Right, Jimmie said Save the universe Got it, but first we have to merge into the damned right lane I started this book near the beginning of March, and I fully intended to post a review at that time But unfortuna [...]

  4. The Templar for the highways is made up of truckers, law enforcement, bikers, RV Gypsies, taxi s and basically anyone that hits the road on a regular basis They help those that encounter evil while traveling In this addition there are black eyed children that try to abduct people and take them to a town in another dimension The demon who creates these scary, sharp teethed minions is sacrificing people abducted from our highways to a higher evil being If everything goes according to his plan and [...]

  5. Knights Templar in big rigs C mon This is begging me to read it I found this when looking for Bronson Pinchot s latest narrations on Audible If I thought I could handle the violence or sex audibly, I d definitely listen because Pinchot is superb But I know I ll want to skim or skip those parts So I chose this for my March book purchase yes, I m still trying to limit my book buying and mostly it works FINALThe adventure is enjoyable enough but it is ruined by a lack of focus on the mythology Unde [...]

  6. DNF at 6%, no rating.This book is not keeping my interest at all I m not sure if it s because I just don t care or if I m getting burned out on urban fantasy after reading the entire Daniel Faust series.Either way, I m putting it on the abandoned books shelf, but I may come back to this one another time.

  7. R.S Belcher has now been added to my list of Authors I Really Like.What I LikedCharactersJimmie Aussapile is a great main character I liked him because he doesn t have any special powers he s just a man doing a job he knows needs to be done, at risk to himself and his family Fighting evil might save the world, but it s trucking that pays the mortgage He s also not some young, handsome hunk he s married with a loving wife he actually talks to, a daughter and a baby on the way So, in all ways, not [...]

  8. I want of this yesterday.Urban fantasy done absolutely 130 percent correctly, tons of action, fun, great characters I cared about, and a world that hinted at much deeper which by God, he better go back to This tale rocked pretty much from top to bottom, seriously took me about 2 days to read My issues are few, I only docked it one star, this was mainly due to how things wrapped up The final act was a bit too tidy and clean, but considering I hope this is a new series, it s easily forg [...]

  9. I m sorry here I really wanted to like this book In fact I wanted to like it so much I maytery it again, but I doubt it.I am as I ve noted elsewhere a Christian and I m always looking for GOOD Christian fiction Sadly quite often books that are overtly Christian seem not to be quite as good as their secular brethren The idea here is an excellent one A brotherhood of Goodguys of the road, truckers, motorcyclists, and others who live and work on the highways in service to goodness and facing evils [...]

  10. What an awesome, gritty urban fantasy, peeps R.S Belcher is an unknown to me author, but I remember that Six Gun Tarot did get really good reviews from the blogs I trust, so I decided to give this book a go In many ways it s UF at its purest hard driven, packed with elements of horror and really rich on details God, at some point it reminded me of Buffy so much Jimmy is a slightly overweight, middle aged tracker An average man who is also a Paladin entrusted to keep the roads of America safe He [...]

  11. Really 3 and 1 2 stars Urban fantasy supernatural mystery about a modern day offshoot of the Knights Templar, whose members are made of truckers, state troopers, bikers, bus drivers and the like Their job is to protect the people who travel the U.S interstate system from evil both earthly evil i.e serial killers and the supernatural kind i.e demons.A highly original take on a familiar fantasy trope The plot focuses on a large group of missing children and finding the person or thing behind it Th [...]

  12. This is a serviceably written contemporary dark fantasy that is saved from its occasional cool guy posturing by some very fun ideas Elvis Presley as a Lich King presiding over an exclusive nightclub on an island in the river outside of Memphis Serial killer hunting lodges disguised as down market diners Templar truck drivers versus the biker Wild Hunt It s a fun, easy read Mostly pretty predictable, and some of the characters are a little thin, but it goes fast enough to be forgivable My biggest [...]

  13. An Urban Fantasy Supernatural Horror which at times made me think twice about opening the door is someone knocks at night Jimmie Aussapile the truck driver who seems to spend time chasing bad guys than he does picking up loads, is joined by Heck the some what off the rails bikie and Louisiana cop Lovina Marcou Together they set out to solve a mystery involving missing children only to discover a heap of B.E.K black eyed kids The story is creepy and then in walks Elvis wtf so thats where he got [...]

  14. So here s the deal with this book It falls into the pile of books that I think of as emotionally good, but technically bad.The story is phenomenal It s a fun and rowdy and energetic plot that keeps you engaged I love the characters that go through it, and their own struggles that they re dealing with as they try and wrestle with the larger plot problems the book takes on I went through it very quickly not because it was an easy read it actually has some nice and complicated stuff it works with , [...]

  15. When this book came out I added it to my maybe shelf The description intrigued me, but I just didn t make an effort to read it Then in the last week it showed up as the daily deal at audible and I grabbed it and looked forward to listening to it.The first part was confusing, there were 3 separate things going on, but they didn t seem connected It was only as Jimmy, Hector and Lovina met up that things started to come together Part of it was the characters being together, part was that Jimmy was [...]

  16. This book could have been an absolute winner, but Belcher repeatedly shot himself in the foot Be it his need to constantly mention what song by what artist is playing, like a freshman creative writing major trying to create a sense of place, or his overly expository dialogue, it seems like the author doesn t trust in his writing or his readers enough to just let characters and plot roll on and get shit accomplished When Belcher stops trying and lets the story get going, it s fun as fuck There ar [...]

  17. I don t think I ve enjoyed a fiction book this much in probably five years, and I read a lot The opening line is just absolutely killer, and the book just kept drawing me in from there The story itself is terrific, but what is possibly even enjoyable in this age of homogenous prose is the author s stylistic proficiency and flare Dude can just straight up write Every single character is recognizable and feels real, which goes a long way in making the fantastical elements of the story seem natura [...]

  18. Remember that time when you were a teenager browsing online fiction, and you found something so horrible and badly written but consoled yourself with the naive notion that nothing like that could get published and have real money put behind it WELL GUESS WHAT, life is cruel and this book proves once again it s possible Don t be lured with the promises of urban fantasy noir, this was so atrocious I couldn t even stomach slogging through the first chapter, and that s without even broaching the que [...]

  19. The only crime in this novel worth investigating is the one the author has committed against the English language Nicholas Sparks and Dan Brown look like modern day Melvilles when viewed alongside this R.S Belcher fellow.Readers with even loose standards with regards to prose are advised to stay far, far away from this stinking pile of refuse.Readers with absolutely no standards whatsoever are advised to consult a different review.

  20. Another work of brilliance from R.S Belcher I loved this book its story, its characters, its setting The way Belcher begins with numerous narratives and weaves them together is so well done, and it feels like you are immersed in the world he has created My only complaint is that there is a great deal of violence and at times it felt gratuitous But overall this was a fantastic read and I can t wait for Belcher

  21. In actuality, I must have listened to 90% of this story than 12 times Bronson Pinchot does a great job narrating the story It made it easy to fall into the world and characters that Belcher created and hang on for a wild ride The Brotherhood of the Wheel opens up with a trucker knight hunting down a serial killer that called himself the Markiss Mr Snappy killer found a copy of the The 120 Days of Sodom and decided that the Marquis de Sade is really cool Someone has to get rid of the trash of hu [...]

  22. The Wheel TurnsGreat new UF series about Highway Templars Truckers, Motorcycle Clubbers, Law Enforcement they hide among us keeping the roads safe from dangers natural and supernaturalI can t wait for R.S Belcher to write in this series this story told here is great, and all the unnecessary little embellishments along the way just enrich the world he s built

  23. As a fan of the Knights Templar history, I picked up Brotherhood of the Wheel by RS Belcher on a whim when someone on one of my lists recommended it I was leery at first because I d attempted his Six Gun Tarot and hadn t gotten past the first chapter.But Brotherhood surprised me It s gritty, horror filled, and keeps the reader on the edge of your seat until the last page Now I m not typically a horror reader my love of Dean Koontz and SyFy s Haven aside , but Brotherhood really reached out and g [...]

  24. DNF at about 45%.I m kinda angry This book had an awesome premise, and a talented writer behind the wheel I loved Six Gun Tarot by the same guy.So why are there amateur mistakes left and right The scene that finally broke the camel s back included no less than half a dozen cases of head hopping, none of which were necessary The book is not written in omniscient 3rd, these were just sloppy writing.There were some really great moments and lines, but always broken by clunky description or just bori [...]

  25. REALLY enjoyed this book great concept, well drawn and sympathetic characters, fast paced and smart As a fan of urban fantasy and horror, this book ticked every box for me ancient evil surviving into the modern world, smart characters in general and well drawn female characters in particular, bikers, secret societies, time pockets, etc Haven t read any of Mr Belcher s other works, but am now going to seek them out and catch up on what I ve been missing I can t think of any other author or book w [...]

  26. Exceptionally good urban fantasy that manages to transcend the genre by avoiding common tropes The heroes are diverse and colorful The villains are truly evil and strong enough to keep things from being easy on the protagonists The subculture is well researched and treated with respect On top of all of that, the writing is very good I want sequels I want prequels I want spin offs I want adaptations Give me of the Brotherhood, please.

  27. A decent read that kept me intrigued all the way through None of the characters particularly clicked with me, but I loved the idea of the were possum and wish that character had gotten a little play Not quite my cup of tea, but I think it will appeal to those who like Dan Brown s work and the tv show Supernatural.

  28. Perhaps it is because I listened to the Audio Version, but I couldn t get past the crappy narration and after 3 hours, I had no idea where the story was going or why one of the main characters had a weird Southern Scottish Accent despite no indication that he ever lived in Scotland.

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