Red Sapphire

↠ Red Sapphire ☆ Ashley Mayers - Red Sapphire, Red Sapphire The young timid dreamer Supriya Rutherford Ramachandran always wondered what happened to her father and her grandmother when they disappeared without a trace just weeks before she was born But whe
  • Title: Red Sapphire
  • Author: Ashley Mayers
  • ISBN: 9781943918027
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Red Sapphire ☆ Ashley Mayers, Red Sapphire, Ashley Mayers, Red Sapphire The young timid dreamer Supriya Rutherford Ramachandran always wondered what happened to her father and her grandmother when they disappeared without a trace just weeks before she was born But when she discovers a hidden box of letters in the attic of her family s San Francisco Victorian she quickly realizes that perhaps she rather would not know As Supriya uncoverThe young tim ↠ Red Sapphire ☆ Ashley Mayers - Red Sapphire, Red Sapphire The young timid dreamer Supriya Rutherford Ramachandran always wondered what happened to her father and her grandmother when they disappeared without a trace just weeks before she was born But whe
  • ↠ Red Sapphire ☆ Ashley Mayers
    396 Ashley Mayers
Red Sapphire

About Author

  1. Ashley Mayers graduated with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University Since then, she has used every opportunity to travel the world, from working on an archaeology dig in Sicily to working for Google as a regional trainer in Asia, based in India and Singapore Throughout her travels she was inspired by the beautiful diversity of Southeast Asia, and she is happy to be able to combine many years of vivid cultural experiences with her humanities education and her love of fantasy literature to create THE SITA CHRONICLES She now lives in San Francisco.

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  1. I was very grateful to have received this book from Ashley Mayers,in exchange for an honest review of Red Sapphire,which turned out to be a wonderfully,engrossing novel.The story centres around Supriya Rutherford and her family as she begins to unravel the mystery behind her father and Grandmother s disappearance and the power her destiny holds.Through this discovery, she uncovers much .Red Sapphire is a fantastic book due to complex characters,an exciting plot and great writing.The Indian folkl [...]

  2. I would like to thank Ashley Mayers for my free copy of Red Sapphire in exchange for an honest review Wow, I really enjoyed this book It took several chapters for me to really get into the flow of the book because initially the information was like a foundation Once the foundation was built, I thought I was on a skyscraper metaphorically speaking This book is outstanding I learned about an ancient Indian epic, The Ramayana A folklore that I was unaware of until I read this novel I love a good v [...]

  3. THIS WAS SO GREAT I absolutely love the world building The ensemble cast of characters is also fantastic They all have interesting backstories and distinct personalities Writing is great, story is awesome, pacing on point It wasn t quite PERFECT, but it was pretty freaking close, and I can t wait for the sequel I m rating this book 4.5 stars.

  4. Wow Loved it The author does a great job exploring a very complex traditional story, while also managing to tastefully and sensitively explore modern issues surrounding feminism, xenophobia, war, and politics Characters are well developed and the story pulls you in deeply and fully Looking forward to reading of this series.

  5. I normally don t write reviews of books that I read, but I was going on and on about this series that I came across at a local bookstore in SF, and my boyfriend was like why don t you just write a review online So here it is I read all three of the available books in this series in less than two weeks NOrmally, I do NOT have time to do something like that, but one night I was awake literally all night and finished it at 10am the next mornign I ended Violet Sapphire around 7pm and told myself oka [...]

  6. Ok, so let s do a book review of the first book of the series The Sita Chronicles Red Sapphire But first, let me start with how I got hold of this book in the first place So, someone in my Facebook reading group shared the link of this series available free of cost at Kindle version And since I had just got my new Kindle few days back and was loading whatever book I got, I saved this too Funny, right Read book reviews at my blog Ethereal Jinxed However, what mainly attracted me to start reading [...]

  7. I was given a copy of this book by the author, and I want to start off by saying a huge thank you for doing so I really enjoyed this book, it s made me feel better about YA.It s super well written, the characters are realistic and had realistic reactions to the events.I loved the independence and the strength of the female characters and that the main character Supriya didn t need to be saved as such But she also wasn t this super powerful I can do anything on my own all of a sudden either.The m [...]

  8. This was a FABULOUS read I was fortunate enough to win this book as part of FIRST READ program and couldn t be happier that I received my copy.I almost never give 5 stars so giving this book a 4 star rating should indicate how wonderful it is The story just flowed so well and the characters were very real and relatable characters you care about and can t wait to find out what will happen next I HIGHLY recommend this to those who enjoy great writing as well as a book that spans cultures and time [...]

  9. Finally a book with female characters that are not white, christian , pretty and dumb It s a miracle in this day and age Some diversity and a main character that is not a sniveling idiot Throw in some good character growth, loads of mystery the book assumes the reader has a brain and can be patient , a non western rooted plot and a healthy dose of ass kicking and you got a pretty darn good book Great work, looking forward to

  10. This was so so great I absolutely love the world building I m really impressed The ensemble cast of characters is so fantastic They all have interesting backstories and distinct personalities I d loved them The writing is great, story is really awesome, pacing on point It was freaking close to being perfect, and I can t wait for the sequel I m rating this book 4.5 stars.

  11. I received a copy of this book through giveaways.I really enjoyed Red Sapphire An interesting look into this culture that provides relatable material and an entertaining read.It starts out pretty slowly and the time jumps threw me off, but when it did pick up, I was hooked.Definitely interested in reading books in the series.

  12. I an not a true fan of this style of book, but I am willing to try a recommended read I was pleasantly surprised that it is a very enjoyable read, not a bad tale after all.

  13. Boy, what a great book The adventures the charactershad and with many to come Hopefully the next booksin the series will be just as good Will let you know.

  14. If you love reading fantasy novels that touch both ancient and modern times, look no further Read this By blending ancient heroes and villains spread across generations with the modern world of science and archaeology, Ashley Mayers has created something very elaborate and unique You ll learn plenty about Indian mythology beyond Rama and Sita, the alluring rakshasa race with plenty of context for beginners, and the perspective of what the days of WWII may have been for people in the Indian subco [...]

  15. With better editing, this book would ve been a lot better The premise is very interesting, but the way the story has been developed sounds too contrived At one point, it reads less like a novel and like the wishful thinking of a teenage girl This idea has a lot of potential I wish the author all the best for her future endeavors.

  16. I am very familiar with Ramayan I grew up learning about the stories I made it to 50%, but it was a struggle The concept is good, but the writing and main storyline was not Sabrina s storyline was interesting, and that was was kept me going.

  17. You can find this review at my blog Messing With ImaginationTitle Red Saphhire The Sita Chronicles 1 Author Ashley MayersMy Rating 3.5 5 starsMy Review The Sita Chronicle s foundation lies on the story of The Ramayana which is an ancient Indian epic The story follows the battle between the ancient Ramayana characters in the modern generation Supriya Rutherford Ramachandran is 16 years old and lives with her mother in San Francisco She always wondered what happened to her father and her grandmoth [...]

  18. It s fantasy I knew the genre before I started The beginning, upto halfway, the story is gripping It fleets between the protagonist Supriya, a young girl living in the US and letters to and from Sabrina, her missing grandmother, written in her younger days around the time of the second WW, which Supriya finds in her home The story builds up beautifully of course with some fantasy thrown in which links the story with the characters of Ramayana, as young Supriya visits Kerala in India to meet her [...]

  19. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book I have been interested in the story of The Ramayana, and the mythology that surrounds it and this book takes the story of the Ramayana and brings it to the modern world The tone of the book is young adult, but the length is very fantasy Even though it s only 434 pages, it felt like a very long book That doesn t mean I didn t enjoy it, it was a great read It was a different kind of young adult fantasy novel than I normally read I think younger readers [...]

  20. I LOVED THIS SERIES Got it for free on I got the first four a few months ago and then all of the rest last week I d been waiting and waiting to finish it I like the second half of the series better than the first because the first few books its hard to tell exactly where its going, but once I got through the fourth book which was easy because they are fast reads even though they are kind of long and they get longer, I was in love Neha, Neha, Neha I love Neha I want her to be my sister Supriya I [...]

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