Shattered Spear

[PDF] Shattered Spear | by · Jack Campbell - Shattered Spear, Shattered Spear The New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Fleet returns to the strong saga of a rebellion against a totalitarian regime and the determination of two people to create a better future in the far
  • Title: Shattered Spear
  • Author: Jack Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780425272275
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Shattered Spear | by · Jack Campbell, Shattered Spear, Jack Campbell, Shattered Spear The New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Fleet returns to the strong saga of a rebellion against a totalitarian regime and the determination of two people to create a better future in the farthest reaches of the colonized galaxy The Syndicate Worlds continue to splinter as star systems pledge allegiance to President Gwen Iceni General Artur Drakon The New York Times bests [PDF] Shattered Spear | by · Jack Campbell - Shattered Spear, Shattered Spear The New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Fleet returns to the strong saga of a rebellion against a totalitarian regime and the determination of two people to create a better future in the far
  • [PDF] Shattered Spear | by · Jack Campbell
    147 Jack Campbell
Shattered Spear

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  1. Jack Campbell is a pseudonym for American science fiction author John G Hemry.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information John G Hemry is an American author of military science fiction novels Drawing on his experience as a retired United States Navy officer, he has written the Stark s War and Paul Sinclair series Under the name Jack Campbell, he has written four volumes of the Lost Fleet series, and on his website names two forthcoming volumes He has also written over a dozen short stories, many published in Analog magazine, and a number of non fiction works.John G Hemry is a retired United States Navy officer His father, Jack M Hemry, also served in the navy and as John points out was a mustang John grew up living in several places including Pensacola, San Diego, and Midway Island.John graduated from Lyons High School in Lyons in 1974 then attended the US Naval Academy Class of 78 where he was labeled the un midshipman by his roommates.He lives in Maryland with his wife and three kids His two eldest children are diagnosed as autistic and suffer from Neuro immune dysfunction syndrome NIDS , an auto immune ailment which causes their illness, but are progressing under treatment.John is a member of the SFWA Musketeers whose motto reads The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword, but the Wise Person Carries Both.

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  1. Fin zavr etak ovog pod serijala Glavni tokovi pri e su fino razja njeni mada ima jo nejasnih detalja kao i sve ukupna pri a za koju ekamo natavak.Tempo knjige je odli an, od po etka kada uhvati ne pu ta do kraja Prikaz borbi velikih brodova na ogromnim razdaljinama svemira je dosta uverljivo prikazano mada ne bi ulazio u to kolko je mogu e sa realnim zakonima fizike Ali malo za muriti na jedno oko i ne smeta teta to e pisac da pravi pauzu u ovom serijalu po to ne mogu da do ekam da se nastavi.

  2. A wonderful ending to a very enjoyable series I enjoyed the characters, watching them grow, learn, and dare over the series So much action Now I must wait for the next book in his Young Adult series Pillars of Reality which appears on the face of it to be fantasy, but which I have decided is a blend of fantasy and science fiction, or perhaps simply disguised science fiction, It is, however, quite addictive, and has two books left in the series It would seem that I am always waiting for a book by [...]

  3. This has been a good series but it s getting a bit long in the tooth Lots unnecessary references to past events that are not relevant to the current story arc and the characters and stories themselves aren t as good as in days gone by.

  4. I think this is the last book in the Lost Star series I hate to think this is the end Between the Lost Fleet series and the Lost Star series the characters have absorbed me into their world and I do not want to leave them The books in the series must be read in order to fully understand the story line.Midway Star system is facing multiple threats not only from the Syndicate Worlds but from a female pirate who has taken over three neighboring worlds and hates Gwen Iceni, and from a former Syndica [...]

  5. Fourth book in The Lost Stars a side series to Campbell s long running Lost Fleet series focusing on the planet Midway, which has broken away from the faltering, repressive Syndicate Worlds President Iceni and General Drakon, former Syndicate CEO s, are learning how to build a functional government based on trust instead of fear They are making progress, but although the long war with the Alliance has ended, peace an almost forgotten concept is still far away The Syndicate Worlds want their rebe [...]

  6. Jack Campbell brings the Lost Stars saga to a deserved 5 star end with Shattered Spear.A compelling story in its own right and fitting end to the saga of the Lost Stars, a companion series, that takes place in the Lost Fleet universe I loved this series even than the excellent Lost Fleet Beyond The Frontier series of books, as The Lost Stars had a wider scope of interpersonal conduct, political passion and personal motivations than the original series, which stayed closer to the militaristic po [...]

  7. You know how a lot of popular Shonen anime has this thing where the anime gets popular and outpaces the manga, and so they end up doing large arcs that take months or sometimes years, and can sometimes have cool character development, but don t really advance the main plot in a significant way This felt like that.I had fun reading it It certainly isn t BAD There are some great lines that really made me laugh And it even does move up and even cap off a few plots But it kinda feels like the book C [...]

  8. Shattered Spear is the fourth book in Campbell s Lost Stars series, a spinoff from his Lost Fleet series Led by President Iceni and General Drakon, the Midway star system continues to consolidate its rebellion against the Syndicate Worlds The threat of those Syndicate Worlds is compounded by the hostile alien Enigmas setting up a new base in a neighbouring star system and the appearance of an apparently hostile warlord in the next system over from that.With the Midway space fleet now much estab [...]

  9. Another fun entry in this serial set in the newly independent Midway star system and nearby systems Many threats still bedevil Iceni and Drakon, including the former Syndicate Worlds forces, the neighboring alien Enigmas, and a new local rival assembling her own coalition of star systems One by one, each challenge is met and overcome in one risky way or another Iceni and Drakon decide to tie the knot, as do Bradamont and Rogero Midway learns about the enigmas and strengthens it s association ne [...]

  10. This is one of the enjoyable ofthe series the first half is a little slow, but the second really picks up Campbell does re use a battle tactic situation from an earlier novel, but to be honest he s fifteen books into the series, and it s not a hugely important fight so that s probably ok.Generally speaking, exciting fights and a satisfying ending which wraps up a few lose ends that have been dangling for a while It doesn t drive the Dancer Enigma plot forward any , despite largely being about t [...]

  11. I don t normally write a review or give books 5 stars but I doing both for this I really started thinking these spin offs would be basic and just another way to sell the same story twice but I was so wrong about that I ended up enjoying these books a lot and the last book I really enjoyed so much that I did not want it to end The characters are well written and if I m truthful probably what I liked the must about these books Even though it s the military engagements that attracts me to these typ [...]

  12. I really loved this series, but I was very disappointed in the ending One of the outstanding plot points that I was really looking forward to seeing resolved ended up being taken care of within the last 5 pages of the book This felt incredibly rushed and lazy to me and I would ve loved to see it fleshed out.

  13. HaHA, the enigmas are back And still being very enigmatic This book lacked some of the punch that others had, and a few too many deux ex machina moments, but I liked it anyway The only downer was the clumsy IMO ending Also, accidentally read this before book 3, which created a bit of confusion Whoops.

  14. A good ending to a fun series While I know Mr Campbell is writing a prequel now, I can t wait for him to pick this story up again.

  15. Had trouble because was not able to start with beginning So now I am going back to Black Jack Geary The story is about trust and ability to start over working with former enemies.

  16. Shattered Spear eBook was published in 2016 and was written by Jack Campbell pseudonym for John G Hemry jack campbell Mr Campbell has published 25 novels This is the 4th novel in his Lost Stars series.I received a galley of this novel for review through netgalley I categorize this novel as PG because it contains scenes of Violence This novel is set in the far future in the world Campbell created for his Lost Fleet series The primary characters are Midway President Gwen Iceni and General Artur Dr [...]

  17. Cuando estaba a punto de olvidarme de esta serie, va el Autor y hace su mejor libro, con intrigas, batallas espaciales y todo tipo de aliens pase ndose por la narrativa Nada, a seguir con la serie para ver si vuelve a hacer un libro parecido B

  18. This series has been in the air over a shark, and for me, I think it came down on the other side In other words, it just jumped the shark.The dialog is stilted and reads like badly written political screeds from the twentieth century and earlier It feels like poorly written Socratic dialog, with heroic characters slaying straw men with broad strokes of the writer s pen.The Syndics corporations are mustache twirling evil people using people s commissars like the Soviet Union did The heroes are ju [...]

  19. Fourth entry in Jack Campbell John Hemrys spin off series from The Lost Fleet series and I ve lost count of what entry number this is in total , this is set back in what used to be Syndicate Space, with The Syndicate themselves as always coming across as Stalin era Soviets.While they do put in an appearance, they re not actually the maion threat in this entry rather, that is provided in the form of the alien Enigmas who, previous novels have shown, are to blame for the centuries long war between [...]

  20. I have been reading books of this series for a long time I remember reading some of the first books of the Lost Fleet series way back in 2008 I still enjoy them and find that this spin off series, The Lost Stars , adds an interesting element to the universe The characters aren t just naturally yes, that is an over underwhelming explanation of Jack Geary s skill set good like Jack, and this tells the stories from the nominal bad guys At this point I find myself cheering the non snake leaders of M [...]

  21. The weakest to date of the series Watching an autocracy trying to morph into a democracy that actually cares about its people, is trying to protect them from invading aliens and the attempts of outsiders to destroy them, should be interesting than this, and has been in previous incarnations, but this felt like Campbell was just going through the motions, setting up opponents and them dispatching them, and focusing on some of the melodramatic personal storylines set up previously and now, it se [...]

  22. This review was originally posted at The Book Nympho This is a bittersweet ending It definitely feels like an ending, an epilogue to this world There was action and politics and mysteries to be resolved in Shattered Spear It was mostly as expected and somewhat predictable.Nearly all the things I wanted to know were covered In most cases, the results feel too easy for our main characters The focus was personal and less world wide It seems I would like this but I didn t The effect was sentimental [...]

  23. Another great installment for the Fleet universe It is quite interesting how enjoyable I find this particular series, since it diverts so much from the other series but in form and content.Nonetheless, the glimpses we receive into Syndicate space and the exposition that sometimes is present in the book continue to provide information of what took place after the Lost Fleet series while still advancing the overall world story.My only I wouldn t call it complaint per se is that this time around it [...]

  24. Some people may ask why John Hemry aka Jack Campbell is one of my favourite authors There are many reasons, but for now, my answer is easy this book is amazing One important comment this was one of two series which I was worried about because the author borrowed from Arthurian mythology the other was the amazing Red Knight series which I strongly recommend if you prefer your warfare to involve knights and wizards In both series, that concern was unwarranted If this was the last book in the serie [...]

  25. Tying up another seriesI give it 3.5 stars Things move forward, we get to see all the previous characters again Characters introduced get some time Original characters move forward in their lives at a pace equal to a Game of Thrones episode There is action, there are a few battles and not much changes This book feels like a set up for the next book to come or next series It wrapped up a few story lines Morgan s fate, Boyen s, Togo s as well but there is none of political philosophy, finding th [...]

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