Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out

✓ Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out Ö Steve Orlando ACO Hugo Petrus Alec Morgan Stephen Mooney - Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out, Midnighter Vol Out Spinning out of GRAYSON comes a solo series starring the man who can predict your every move but no one will be able to predict what he ll do next A theft at the God Garden has unleashed a wave of dan
  • Title: Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out
  • Author: Steve Orlando ACO Hugo Petrus Alec Morgan Stephen Mooney
  • ISBN: 9781401259785
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out Ö Steve Orlando ACO Hugo Petrus Alec Morgan Stephen Mooney, Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out, Steve Orlando ACO Hugo Petrus Alec Morgan Stephen Mooney, Midnighter Vol Out Spinning out of GRAYSON comes a solo series starring the man who can predict your every move but no one will be able to predict what he ll do next A theft at the God Garden has unleashed a wave of dangerous biotech weapons on the world and Midnighter intends to put that genie back in the bottle by any means necessary But something else was stolen from the Garden as wSpinni ✓ Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out Ö Steve Orlando ACO Hugo Petrus Alec Morgan Stephen Mooney - Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out, Midnighter Vol Out Spinning out of GRAYSON comes a solo series starring the man who can predict your every move but no one will be able to predict what he ll do next A theft at the God Garden has unleashed a wave of dan
  • ✓ Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out Ö Steve Orlando ACO Hugo Petrus Alec Morgan Stephen Mooney
    304 Steve Orlando ACO Hugo Petrus Alec Morgan Stephen Mooney
Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out

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  1. Steve Orlando ACO Hugo Petrus Alec Morgan Stephen Mooney says:

    Steve Orlando ACO Hugo Petrus Alec Morgan Stephen Mooney Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Midnighter, Vol. 1: Out book, this is one of the most wanted Steve Orlando ACO Hugo Petrus Alec Morgan Stephen Mooney author readers around the world.

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  1. I ll Burst Your Eyeballs and Punch My Fist Into Your Liver The last time I came across the Midnighter was than a decade ago, back when Ellis and Millar were still writing The Authority I remember being quite fond of the title at the time, so this new volume looked like a great opportunity to catch up and get reintroduced to one of the team s lead characters Unfortunately, it did not turn out to be the kind of reintroduction I had been hoping for.Don t get me wrong, it s great to have an openly [...]

  2. This just wasn t as good as I thought it was going to be I like the idea that he could see every move you are going to make before you make it so it made his fighting skills better I also liked some of the graphics I would like to thank Netgalley and DC Entertainment for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

  3. Superhero team comics have never been my thing I ve enjoyed the occasional X Men adventure but I don t think I ve ever read a great Avengers or Justice League book Somehow though, I loved The Authority Maybe because they were subversive two of its core members, Midnighter and Apollo, are meant to be Batman and Superman, but gay married though it s probably because my favourite comics writers and artists worked on the title Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch created the series, Mark Millar back when he [...]

  4. This DCYou title stars Midnighter, a former member of Stormwatch and lately seen mixing it up with Dick Grayon over in his title Someone has stole some artifacts from the God Garden, including Midnighter s secret origin Along the way, now that he s no longer with former beau Apollo, Midnighter also has to navigate his way through his new life as a single man As expected from a book about a fighter, Midnighter is pretty violent and bloody It works here because we get a glimpse of Midnghter as a m [...]

  5. What confusing writing Also what a bland character I found him interesting in his seven pages in Grayson than here Here he s all mighty, knows everything, can t lose zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzI can t even recapture details about the story cause I was confused as hell I didn t know what the hell was happening half the time And when it settled down it added nothing to the character His love life felt forced in, when we should have felt some type of connection or drama To have a badass main character who is [...]

  6. My knowledge of midnighter is kinda limited i know of him and the general gist of the guy but i hadn t read any midnighter prior to this So picking this up doesn t really tell you anything about the guy, the plot was weird i m pretty sure even the most avid midnighter fan couldn t explain that plot or what little plot it had, it was all over the place The best it got was when grayson showed up to help the plot seemed together but then he goes and it quickly goes back to what the heck is going o [...]

  7. It is not a bad book, i like it, but it didnt excite me I like when i cant stop read a book and with this one I was always wondering how many pages were still left to read Also, I didnt care that much about the characters I think Midnighter the character its pretty cool tho And the art was good for the most part.Im gonna read vol 2 , its the last one so Hope it gets better

  8. This book was so awesome It was great to see a character pushing the boundaries of expectations in terms of being a protagonist in a superhero solo series Midnighter is a super fun character, and he s a badass He reminded me of a mix between Batman and Deadpool, with Wolverine s past or lack of The art in this book is stunning, but I did find it hard to follow at times, especially the action scenes The Midnighter Grayson team up issues were my favorite, and the twist with the antagonist definite [...]

  9. I liked this a lot At times it was laugh out loud funny, sometimes sweet, plus there s a scene where Midnighter and Dick Grayson fight bad guys wearing nothing but towels wrapped around their waists.

  10. Very happy to see a gay super hero have his own title from DC comics I m not overly familiar with the character I did read the early THE AUTHORITY collected editions but nothing since then There were components of the story that flew a bit over my head I don t know anything about the personal lives of the creators of Midnighter but I m betting they both are straight men I don t think a gay creator would have unleashed this type of super hero a super violent death dealer I mean Maybe Maybe not Ju [...]

  11. I liked pretty much everything about this.There s action, romance, mystery, diverse characters and relationships, inclusivity as a standard rather than as an anomaly.My main complaint is inconsistency in the art The art is great, just not consistent One character, Jason, has like three different hairstyles throughout the volume That s fine I didn t realize it was him when I first saw the second style, but it s still fine When characters look 25 in some panels and 56 in others, though, you lose m [...]

  12. Good but an awkward fit.Steve Orlando does an interesting job pairing a Wildstorm character clearly into new 52 world with Dick Grayson and having Midnighter adjust after his break up with Apollo It s an awkward fit like both versions of the new 52 Constantine the mainline plots seem to hem the character in but violence both do and don t quite seem to fit with the tone of the New 52 While the LGBT themes are handled well and make the new 52 richer, it s still rough around the edges in It s curre [...]

  13. This was a great introduction to Midnighter who is a psychedelic mixture of Batman and The Punisher Midnighter is similar to Batman because, like him, Midnighter also have expensive high tech gadgets that doesn t exist in real life And, he is literally one The Punisher b cause essentially Midnighter is the perfect killing machineThat being said, This was DEFINITELY a title for Adults, since there is some sex and a LOT of blood and violence I like quite like the detailed art style and the pastel [...]

  14. Find this and other reviews at Ramblings of a Daydreamer.I have a confession to make until a few days ago, I was a comic book virgin I know, I know, don t revoke my Nerd Card just yet As much as I love superheroes, I never got around to reading comic books, mostly because I had no idea where to begin and partly because my BFF knows way about superheroes than I do and I was worried if I started, I d bombard her with never ending questions and drive her nuts Imagine my shock and pleasure when I w [...]

  15. All the negative reviews of this one were right, unfortunately I went in with low expectations, but as a huge fan of Warren Ellis s original run of The Authority, and the significance of the first to my knowledge openly gay super couple, originally parodying Batman and Superman, I wanted this to be good I don t know anything about Steve Orlando s personal life or affinities, but he really screwed this book up from the first issue and didn t improve it much by the end.There are so many lines and [...]

  16. I ve been a fan of Midnighter since I first encountered him in The Authority several years ago It seemed like he and Apollo might have come across as jokey characters What if Superman and Batman were gay for each other the sort of immature humour that ends up hurting the gay character movement But Warren Ellis wrote both Midnighter and Apollo as relatable people, they were gay but it wasn t a focus any than being straight is a focus for Batman or Superman.Steve Orlando clearly gets this characte [...]

  17. This would be five stars from me if it wasn t for the iffy beginning The first third or so was ok, the middle was awesome, and the last has me aching My heart hurts I tend to give out stars based on how the book, a trade in this case, made me feel Holy shit, guys, I wasn t expecting the sharp left turn this one took I didn t think I d get worked up over a character I ve only ever heard of, but damn I love Midnighter So much His characterization is just so good I miss it already Midnighter manage [...]

  18. Midnighter is a joy of a character Batman done right, or a Punisher who also takes delight in things other than killing scum, and confrontationally gay to boot So why didn t I enjoy this It wasn t even the pointless origin fiddling necessitated by bringing him into what passes for the DCU these days, or the issues where teaming up with Dick Grayson obliges him to be less killy More that, after the character was defined by Authority runs with top tier artists, none of the rotating art team here [...]

  19. Kind of hard to judge this one I m not sympathetic to vigilantes, to be honest But I really love the gay angle and how that s handled I really love how the men are so damn beautiful in this book I don t love how choppy the action is and how uncomplicated the characters are Maybe three stars is too generous, but in a strange way, this book speaks to me at a certain level Carnal Not sure But yeah, I m going to read the next volume I m cheering it onI m hoping Midnighter, the book, improves with ti [...]

  20. I love Midnighter and there s a lot to like in this book not least the idea of a superhero on Grindr and mixing dating and superheroes I remain firmly team Midnighter and Apollo forever, mind But the art was quite patchy and at times the storytelling cluttered Still, felt like an honest attempt to do something original Update upgraded my rating on a reread I still don t love the art sometimes it s hard to tell who s who or what is happening but the writing is slick and smart, and captures Midnig [...]

  21. I don t know a lot about the Midnighter, and after reading this, I don t know any really It s not a bad comic artwise, I just didn t really get into the story It seemed a bit messy story wise The Grayson cameo was good, and added to the storyline This book wasn t necessarily my thing, but I have friends that love this series I received an advanced copy of this from NetGalley and the publisher.

  22. 4.5 starsNot bad of a comic Liked Midnighter except he was too violent for my taste The computer on his brain seemed cool though Nice to see him partner up with Dick Grayson Agent 37 Hope he will be able to fix things with Apollo Wonder what his alias is true name could be Can t wait to read Midnighter comics

  23. This wasn t how I expected it to be.I was attracted to read this after Grayson And althrough this has characters easy to like, great fights and good art it doesn t compensate the fact that the plot wasn t well developed in the end.

  24. This was about as flawless a read as I ve had in awhile Delightfully on point between the art and the writing I m looking forward to vol 2

  25. So, I may just have binge read this entire series, cause I kinda like Midnighter I read Midnighter and Apollo and loved it this series is the predecessor for that one I don t know much about Midnighter, but both series have made sure we re well aware of his violent childhood He s a strange character, given that he can t lose You d think that would make him boring, but it doesn t He constantly has to process and understand the situation before attacking There s plenty of detective work involved, [...]

  26. This one s kind of tough to be dropped into the center of Midnighter is a title that expects you to either bring enough background knowledge to understand the character s situation or to muddle through until you re mostly caught up But Midnighter himself is a pretty fun guy to follow around He s ridiculous and pulpy and ready to punch the bejesus out of everyone, and he s also trying to figure out how to start dating now that he s no longer joined at the hip with his first and only boyfriend Add [...]

  27. I m predisposed to like Midnighter, because of my love for the excellent Authority comics he appeared in, back before DC bought Wildstorm I tried the New 52 Stormfront, but I remember it being mediocre This comic just got three stars, because I had some trouble following the art, particularly the panels where they tried to illustrate action or Midnighter s predictive abilities But the rest of it was good enough that I almost gave it 4 stars The importance of showing a gay character engaging in r [...]

  28. Came into this knowing nothing about the main character except that he s gay Took me a little bit to piece together enough of Midnighter s deal powers, backstory, etc to not be confused, and I still don t fully understand it I m sure fans of the character who know about him would enjoy this There s violence in this than I like in my comics, and I saw the twist coming.Having said all of that, there was enough in this that I enjoyed a decent mystery plot, bad guys getting their due, visually in [...]

  29. At the risk of sounding slightly unhinged, it can be really fun reading about a character who just really enjoys kicking people s teeth in An anti hero that beats the snot out of the right people for the wrong reasons whilst navigating the gay dating scene and trying to get over his ex an actual god, btw and trying to stop the mistakes from his past from killing everyone else Sign me up

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