Cadence Best Read || [LisaSwallow] - Cadence, Cadence Tegan Hughes joins Blue Phoenix and Ruby Riot on tour and drummer Bryn isn t the only one who notices his little sister isn t a kid any Jax Lewis is the guitarist for Ruby Riot and the band are risin
  • Title: Cadence
  • Author: LisaSwallow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 148
  • Format: None

Cadence Best Read || [LisaSwallow], Cadence, LisaSwallow, Cadence Tegan Hughes joins Blue Phoenix and Ruby Riot on tour and drummer Bryn isn t the only one who notices his little sister isn t a kid any Jax Lewis is the guitarist for Ruby Riot and the band are rising to success He s hot property and loving every minute of his new found fame Now he s on tour supporting Blue Phoenix and living his rock star life to the full Until TTegan Hughes joins Blue Cadence Best Read || [LisaSwallow] - Cadence, Cadence Tegan Hughes joins Blue Phoenix and Ruby Riot on tour and drummer Bryn isn t the only one who notices his little sister isn t a kid any Jax Lewis is the guitarist for Ruby Riot and the band are risin

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  • Cadence Best Read || [LisaSwallow]
    148 LisaSwallow

About Author

  1. I am unable to read answer GR messages at present.Please feel free to contact me by email at lisa_writes ymailIt s unfortunately become difficult to keep up with requests messages made via various social media sites.Thank you so much for understanding Lisa is an author of new adult romance and writes both paranormal and contemporary, often with a side of snark.Lisa is originally from the UK but moved to Australia in 2001 and now lives in Perth in Western Australia with her husband, three children and dog.Newsletter sign up eepurl Po81D Facebook facebook lisaswallowbooksTwitter twitter lisa_swallow_auWebsite lisaswallow

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  1. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewLisa Swallow delivers a crazy, sexy, intense whirlwind of drama, music and romance in her newest release, Cadence , a spin off of the Blue Phoenix Series.Readers will get in lost in a palpable rocker romance that will have our hearts beating the same tune When Tegan Hughes shows up announced on her rockstar s brother Blue Phoenix European Tour, she never expected to have such a strong connection to Ruby Riot s guitarist, Jax Lewis Keeping aw [...]

  2. I love Lisa s Blue Phoenix series and having only recently read Jem and Ruby s story which was my favorite of all the books I was really looking forward to reading Cadence Overall, it was a very enjoyable read and I can t wait to read Nate and Riley s story next.From what I learned previously, Jax is a total man slut but he has a heart of gold underneath that player persona What I didn t realize until I read Cadence is that he s drowning in this new world that he s been thrust into, and he doesn [...]

  3. Cadence is book 1 in the Ruby Riot series, and the spin off series from the hugely popular and addictive Blue Phoenix series In Cadence we follow lead guitarist and Ruby Riot eye candy, Jax Ruby Riot are starting to climb up the Rock Star ladder, and have the most amazing job of being a follow up act for Blue Phoenix on their European tour Which means we also get glimpses of the Blue Phoenix boys in this book too Leading lady this time is the feisty, spirited, and totally independant younger sis [...]

  4. If you are a fan of Lisa Swallow s Blue Phoenix Series, or even if you have never read any of her books you will enjoy Cadence, the first book in her Ruby Riot series It is a spin off of her Blue Phoenix Series and while it is enjoyable to catch up with the characters, this can be read as a stand alone You will not be disappointed with this fantastic story.Teagan Hughes is finally going on tour with her older brother Bryn He is the drummer for the world famous rock band, Blue Phoenix He has prom [...]

  5. First I will say that I have not read the other books in this series, but I was able to read without confusion This is a new author to me, and I will read everything this author publishes from here on out That is how amazed I was with this book.This is a story a rock star romance book The heat factor was off the charts The story line was absolutely incredible I picked this book up and didn t put it down until I finished reading It really is THAT GOOD Ruby Riot is the band opening for Blue Phoeni [...]

  6. You can see this full review and at Book Briefs bookbriefs Cadence is the first book in a new adult series, called the Ruby Riot series Ruby Riot series is a rock star romance that is a spin off of the Blue Phoenix series I have not yet read the Blue Phoenix series, but I absolutely love love love how the author worked the spin off series in Ruby Riot is a newer rock band on their way up the charts, and they are touring with the hugely popular Blue Phoenix And if that isn t a cool enough tie in [...]

  7. Lisa Swallow s Blue Phoenix series was unlike any other rock star romance I d ever read before She captures the darker, uglier sides of fame and rock star life and entwines it with romance So having that thematic vibe follow into a spin off series was exciting to say the least Cadence follows two characters that were introduced in the Blue Phoenix series Keep in mind this can be read as a stand alone I think it was written really well so that new readers can easily follow along, and veteran read [...]

  8. I m a huge fan of Lisa s Blue Phoenix series and couldn t wait to get started on the Ruby Riot spin offs Cadence is the first in the series and did not disappoint I immediately had a love hate relationship with Jax He s the lead guitarist and front man for Ruby Riot, a rock group who is quickly rising to the top Jax certainly acts the part of a rock star but underneath that persona lies a man who loves deeply but doesn t always know how to express it He is wild, snarky and parties too hard yet h [...]

  9. Jax is easy to fall in love with despite the cocky side, Jax drops my hand Holy s , no I doubt I d be standing here if Bryn had found you half naked Not my style, Tegan If a chick wants to take her clothes off for me, that s her call Tegan is one smart cookie she knows how to take advantage of things, I push his open shirt and jacket from his shoulders I don t want any restraint If I m going to get so much crap for being your girlfriend, you d better make it worth my while Jax could be so flirt [...]

  10. Cadence was an absolute joy to read What blew my mind and has lead me to consider this as one of my top romance favourites is the quality of Lisa Swallow s writing itself From the characters and their chemistry to the development of the rock star world and all its intricacies, the prose pulled me in and created a detailed world I was completely immersed in Lisa Swallow may just be a master of the ultimate writing triusm Show, don t tell It s easy to tell readers that the hero in your story is in [...]

  11. Quick recap Tegan wants to go on tour with her older brother Bryn s band, Blue Phoenix this is a spinoff of the Blue Phoenix series, which I have not read , so that she can continue to travel around Europe Right off the bat she feels an attraction to Jax, guitarist for the opening band, Ruby Riot Jax has been warned that he s not to mess with Tegan, but of course the chemistry between the two is off the charts and they end up together Jax isn t the type that gets into relationships and Tegan is [...]

  12. Typical rock star bad boy falls in love with girl and he s all about her and changes and blah blah I wish I d known to count how many times they said rock star 22 year old pr person for the biggest band in the world And 20 year old runner up Neither with a degree Yeah right Also, these people are like 21 22 and they re a supporting act and have enough music out to do an hour and a half set And have older songs Nope Nor do supporting acts get hour and a half sets After all thiswhy did I read this [...]

  13. This writer is good at setting the stage and then going off in unexpected directions, but this one Just no The characters were whiny and immature I wanted to slap them silly Just cause you stamp your foot and flounce that you are AN ADULT doesn t make it so And getting drunk every time things don t go your way Nope, not a sign of maturity How can I buy their HFO ending when I can t even picture them as a couple I m going to give this series a pass

  14. Slow MovingI couldn t find anything to draw in my attention Admittedly, I only read to 33% all about flirting, girls, getting drunk, protective brother and a roofie This is clearly written for a young group.

  15. Part of set that flowsEach character seems to understand beach other But not when it comes to heart feelings, but each character and scene are brought to life.

  16. Pretty Tegan is twenty, and her brother Bryn is a rock star in the band Blue Phoenix She turns up at the start of his band s tour because he s been acting really cagey and he once promised her that she could come along, so now she s forcing the issue.Bryn s caginess probably has something to do with his own romance This book kicks off a series starring the characters of the band, Ruby Riot There s a previous series starring the characters of the band, Blue Phoenix There s may be an earlier book [...]

  17. Title CadenceAuthor Lisa SwallowGenre New Adult, Contemporary RomanceSeries or Standalone Standalone Series Ruby Riot 1 Rating ReviewCadence is the first book I ve had the pleasure of reading by Lisa Swallow But with the band of characters that came alive in its pages apart from the main characters, I m sure won t be my last.It follows the guitarist for Ruby Riot in Jax and the sister of the drummer for Blue Phoenix Tegan A band which I ve come to learn after doing some research into this author [...]

  18. Received ARC in exchange for honest review.Cadence is the first book in the Ruby Riot series This series follows the lives of the band members of Ruby Riot while they rise to fame Cadence intertwines with the Blue Phoenix series also written by Lisa Swallow Cadence is a story of passion, heartbreak, redemption, and compromise Lisa Swallow did an amazing job writing each of the characters They each have their own personalities that seem to come to life outside the book and in your mind.Cadence is [...]

  19. Check out of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuchCadence is book 1 in the Ruby Riot Series, I was gifted an ARC of this book to read for Gemma Reads Too Much.I LOVE Lisa Swallows books, since I grabbed a freebie of Summer Star from I have devoured the Blue Phoenix books So when I was offered an ARC of the first book in this spinoff series I jumped at the chance.Jax came across like a split personality in Jem and Ruby s book, on one hand he was the caring friend and incredibly sweet but then [...]

  20. Uplifting StoryTegan and Jax rode on the high I have from reading Dylan and Sky love story Maybe that s why I feel like this book is just not one I can gasp about It is a good love story though The angst is about some of the fans cyber bullying Tegan She was roughened up because she went to an ATM alone at night How stupid is that knowing what she did SheeshOverall it is a feel good and light story.

  21. 4 I m a rockstar, Stars Tegan Hughes joins Blue Phoenix and Ruby Riot on tour to be with her brother Bryn from Blue Phoenyx Arriving on her first day the chemistry most certainly begins, bumping into Jax from Ruby Riot after checking in gave Tegan a reaction she hadn t bargained for Jax is what you would expect of a rock star, cocky flirtatious,surrounded by girls and alcohol Ruby Riot are only just making it big and you could say fame was definitely going to Jax s head Jax has his sights set on [...]

  22. My first book by Lisa Swallow and I really enjoyed it It was everything I hoped a rock star romance would be like and Engaging writing, lovable characters and an interesting plot made the book a great one.I have to mention that I haven t read the author s previous series Blue Phoenix that this new series is a spin off of, but I didn t feel lost at any point than anything I made me want to go and pick up book 1 in that series.Told in dual POV, Cadence follows Tegan, Bryn s younger sister and he [...]

  23. There isn t a book that Lisa Swallow could write that I wouldn t absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE, and this book is no exception Cadence is FANTASTIC Tegan Hughes is taking a year off, and touring Europe with her big brother Byrn s band Blue Phoenix The drummer isn t happy at all when Tegan just shows up and cashes in on his promise, but she s not taking no for an answer Jax Lewis is the popular guitarist for Ruby Riot, Blue Phoenix s opening act He feels an instant connection when he comes across Tega [...]

  24. I followed this story through the weekly newsletter releases, but I have to say I thought it was much better reading it as a whole I was able to get into the story in a emotional way Teagan is Bryn s baby sister, and she has come to tour with the band much to Bryn s displeasure From the moment she lays eyes on Jax she is drawn to him despite his bad boy ways Jax is lead guitarist for Ruby Riot, he is full of himself when he is in rock star mode and has a no holds bar approach to living his life [...]

  25. Definitely not your average rock star romance, Cadence is about the contrast and connection between two strong characters who don t have a dark past and are determined to make sure their future is bright Having grown up alongside her rock star brother and the rest of his band, Tegan isn t a starry eyed groupie looking to hook up with anyone I loved her strength of character even when her stubbornness drove her to deny what happened at that particular party as it definitely makes her a heroine to [...]

  26. I love a good rockstar romance and CADENCE really fit the bill This was my introduction to Lisa Swallow and her incredible crew.Baby, I am SOLD Sign me up as a full blown Ruby Riot and Blue Phoenix groupie Tegan and Jax drove me mad crazy and thrilled me to the core Theirs was a love story to rival my favorites Intense, unconventional, and wildly passionate and romantic Both were sexy as hell But Jax wow He was a trip and I fell for him as hard as Tegan What it is about the broken bad boys Thoug [...]

  27. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Cadence is the first book in the Ruby Riot series It follows the lives of the band Ruby Riot and is a spin off of The Blue Phoenix series This is my first book by Lisa Swallow.Cadence is passionate, lusty, and heartbreaking all at the same time, with well characters you can t help but fall in love with.Tegan Hughes is a strong willed woman just happy to travel Europe and is excited to finally be on tour with her brother Bryn, drummer for the fam [...]

  28. Unfortunately, I ve never read any of the Blue Phoenix books by Lisa Swallow However, reading this new series from her, which is a sort of spin off, made me definitely want to read all of them I was pleasantly surprised to find an affordable deal on all of the books through Kindle Unlimited Anyway, I m excited about the following Ruby Riot books If they are as incredible as this one, this is completely a series worth checking out.As already stated, this is a steamy and fascinating novel that cap [...]

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