[PDF] Unlimited ï Nightblade : by Ryan Kirk - Nightblade, Nightblade Ryuu is a boy orphaned by violence at a young age Found by a wandering warrior he learns he may have strength than he ever imagined possible A quiet child Moriko is forced into a monastic system she
  • Title: Nightblade
  • Author: Ryan Kirk
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unlimited ï Nightblade : by Ryan Kirk, Nightblade, Ryan Kirk, Nightblade Ryuu is a boy orphaned by violence at a young age Found by a wandering warrior he learns he may have strength than he ever imagined possible A quiet child Moriko is forced into a monastic system she despises Torn from her family and the forest she grew up in she must fight to learn the skills she ll need to survive her tutelage under the realm s most dangerous aRyuu is a boy orphaned [PDF] Unlimited ï Nightblade : by Ryan Kirk - Nightblade, Nightblade Ryuu is a boy orphaned by violence at a young age Found by a wandering warrior he learns he may have strength than he ever imagined possible A quiet child Moriko is forced into a monastic system she
  • [PDF] Unlimited ï Nightblade : by Ryan Kirk
    193 Ryan Kirk

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  1. Ryan Kirk Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Nightblade book, this is one of the most wanted Ryan Kirk author readers around the world.

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  1. Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves ConfuciusI was in a reading slump for a while, nothing I picked up drew me in or held my interestyou can probably get an inkling of this by looking at my Currently Reading shelf and the number of unfinished books there Then I started Free the Darkness and it was pretty good Therefore I checked out the people who liked this book also liked page for it here at On there I found among others Six of Crows, A Dance of Blades, and this book Nigh [...]

  2. This was a dark YA coming of age fantasy tale The fantasy setting had a definite Japanese tinge to it The Nightblades were like Samurai warriors with a bit of extra Jedi like powers This story followed three main POV characters in Ryuu, Moriko, Takako They were all of a similar age and we followed them from childhood into early adulthood None of them had easy lives Ryuu s whole family was murdered by bandits when he was a child He was saved from the same fate by the man who went on to become his [...]

  3. Nightblade was a refreshing change of pace to what I have been reading recently The authors writing style was a little different, but as I kept reading I noticed it fit the story perfectly It did take me a while to really get into it, but it was time well spent.The setting has an ancient Japanese feel to it where warriors live by their sword and their honor The plot is definitely character driven, and follows three main POV s Ryuu, Moriko, and Takako from childhood to young adults Their journey [...]

  4. 4.5 Not without some minor flaws but it was thoroughly enjoyable regardless I actually found the simple writing style a refreshing change It genuinely had me captivated from the very start and maintained my interest throughout.

  5. This book is a terrible inconsistent mess.The world is inspired by feudal Japan and the world building is quite generic This book s conception of honor is so stereotypical, it ll make a Klingon blush.The prose is stilted and uninspired The vocabulary is simplistic Descriptions are unimaginative and bland The action is very low on detail While that s likely due to a stylistic choice, much of it seems to be due to the fact that author doesn t know how to write action because there s no variety He [...]

  6. Definitely an excellent read Fast paced and interesting the whole way through however the story may have been a little too quick for my tastes.This book follows there children as tragedy leads them down a collision course for each other once they reach their majority This book is a very nice departure from the run of the mill Western European fantasy as it is based on Asian cultures Though the plot moved quickly the story is not light This book gets dark Not Jorg Ancrath dark but dark all the sa [...]

  7. This was fan feaking tastic I didn t just read this, I devoured it Everything about it was phenomenal, but non so than the character building Every character in this was extremely well written and developed We have Ryuu, a boy who saw his parents being killed and who was rescued by a mysterious man This warrior is a Nightbade Ryuu had heard that the Nightbades were the enemy but the man who rescues him, is anything but He is kind, honest and wise He passes on as much as he can to Ryuu and thus [...]

  8. 4.5 StarsNightblade represents a whole year spent taking chances on books I ve never heard of, all with the hopes of finding new authors and hidden gems Some didn t turn out that way but most turned out to be excellent and fun choices Nightblade is truly one of those gems.Instead of your run of the mill, European based fantasy we are treated to a world with Japanese Chinese parallels with a very rich history The land is split into three main Kingdoms, with other nations surrounding that, and eac [...]

  9. This is the type of book I never know how to review and yet I feel must It s violent Might just be one of the most violent books I ve read Rape, torture, abuse and one of the main characters is sold into prostitution by her father at the age of 10 Normally these are the types of things that would cause me to abandon it as I did Game Of Thrones However, unlike GOT, I liked these characters and cared what happened to them.Will I continue with the series I honestly don t know I care about the chara [...]

  10. I really enjoyed this first book in the Nightblade trilogy.This is a fantasy with an Asian flair and a cross with GOT, with three kingdoms living harmoniously, but there is a history that lurks and reeks of powers and magic We have our main character Ryuu, with powers discovered at age 5, a Nightblade in training and two others This is presented as three seperate coming of age story lines, that eventually merge by novel s end The coming of age stories give us the backgrounds of other characters, [...]

  11. It gets surprisingly good I was apprehensive of starting this book but it turned out so much better than I thought I liked all the characters which is unusual for me and I felt the ending was good and sets up for The only downside, like what other reviewers have said, is that the fight scenes are over too quickly and with little description It s apparent the author may just not be good enough at that aspect to try While it still worked I ll be looking for some improvement in the next book.

  12. Truth is, I m not sure this is a 4 star book, but I really enjoyed it in spite of its weaknesses The plot, while nothing really fresh or new, was entertaining and engaging and every time I put it down, I found myself unable to stop thinking about it and anxious to get back to it As much as I enjoyed it, there was one aspect that left me disappointed I loved that the two female main characters were strong, smart women, unfortunately, they both felt a bit flat in comparison to the male characters [...]

  13. Same Review Also Posted In My Blog Dreamy AddictionsThis book was surprisingly good and I quite enjoyed reading it I picked this out because the synopsis sounded intriguing and I like reading about samurai s with blades and stuff like that Apart from comics, I ve never read books with samurai themes before so I thought why don t I give this a try I really liked the plot, the setting, the characters and also the unique concept of dayblades and nightblades The pacing might be slow at start but it [...]

  14. First things first, I relly liked this book It was fun, fast paced and most importantly, it was entertaining Sure there were a number of issues that should have knocked off one or two stars, but the entertainment factor makes up for all that So many authors these days seem to forget that books need to entertain before all else and when they do, the reader is willing to forgive a lot That mini rant over, on to the review THE GOOD1 The Pacing In spite of the book covering a 10 15 year period or t [...]

  15. I m sure I m not the only one who has made the comparison between the sense of this book and the Force of Star Wars fame Really, there s little difference between the two So, if you re interested in reading a book about Jedi in a pre Industrial Revolution Asian setting, then this book is what you ve been waiting for While fairly derivative, this book was not without its charm This book is told from a number of perspectives, but primarily three young people One, a young girl, has been sold into s [...]

  16. A story worthy of the word Saga or Legend In spite of the editing issues in a few places words missing or syntax out of step I found myself completely enthralled by the story and relationships I also recognized the subtle and not so subtle martial arts Eastern influences mixed with western story telling There were understandable overlays but in truth this author created a culture which rang true even as it reflected Japanese Chinese overtones.To say the least, he doesn t sacrifice the story for [...]

  17. Please do not listen to any positive review on this book Let s start with the obvious this book appears to be bad fan fiction based on the video game Ninja Gaiden Next, the story is very weak, and simply hits story wave tops throughout, failing to show you what is happening in the lives of the characters, and instead relied heavily on narrative summary through the book This makes the horrible dialog even worse than it was written the dialog itself is simply off, with mistakes all over the place [...]

  18. I was taken in by the premise I mean, Star Wars in feudal Japan, how cool does that sound Unfortunately, the premise is all this book has going for it The story is based around a magic system called the sense Think of it like the force in Star Wars Those who can heal with the sense are called Dayblades Those who can kill with the sense are called Nightblades, and they re deemed dangerous by the ruling class Both sides use their abilities for combat, only Nightblades do it better than Dayblades.T [...]

  19. 3.5 stars.I found that I rather enjoyed the story here There were some slow moments in the beginning but the story finished strong I look forward to continuing the series.I really like the way Ryan leads us to learn of the Nightblades and Dayblades, and that there is a slight difference between the two Through the lessons of these three kids as they grew to adults, we learn the different stories and history Nightblades and Dayblades have to the land FULL REVIEW This audiobook was provided by the [...]

  20. I loved this story Isn t it great when Unlimited surprises you with a gem like this It was a fun and captivating read The characters are pretty amazing and the whole mythology involved here is awesome I fell in love with these characters and rooted for them throughout Awesome book

  21. Well written but nothing new here except the setting that favors a Japanese inspired background The snapping is seen before within the assassin genre and the view spoiler everyone I love dies has been done better hide spoiler.

  22. Really hard to rateThe storyline and characters were great The worldbuilding, and the warrior magic system were fairly interesting I could ve loved the bejeezus out of this However, the editing was really undercooked There were repetitions all over the place, extraneous words littered about, and it was really very obvious Even the narrator in the add on audio tried to fix it by skipping unnecessary words, and fixing weirdly punctuated phrases.And thus the reason why it s hard to rate The premise [...]

  23. First thing, this is an adult fantasy While not grimdark, it is oriented to adults, with violence, rape and other adult themes That being said, those parts are organic to the story, not gratuitous There are 3 different storylines following 3 different characters, who proceed through a series of tragedies in their lives that shape their futures Ryuu watches his parents murder at the hand of bandits, and is rescued by a warrior passing by, who happens to be a banned Nightblade, kind of a magic us [...]

  24. Rating for book 1 5Rating for series 1 5 Did not bother starting 3rd book The only way I can imagine people giving this book anything than 3 stars is if they re insanely in love with the idea of ninjas assassins and that love makes them overlook everything Or if they re really light readers who read without devoting too much attention Funnily enough though, I love the idea of ninjas assassins myself Which is probably why I went ahead and read the second book too But it was still impossible for [...]

  25. I m glad that this book is a trilogy and that I don t have to wait for them all to come out as they are already awaiting me on and I am an impatient person when it comes to waiting on series.At first I had a difficult time deciding on if I actually liked the story or if I would end up forcing myself to get through it Something about the start seemed like a historical textbook reads than that of a fantasy novel That soon faded and the story actually picked right up and never stopped.The story h [...]

  26. Originality is something I rarely see in fantasy books and this was no exception The tropes you see in this book are not particularly new, nor is the plot overly surprising So why the 5 star rating Simply put it is because a book doesn t need to be groundbreaking to be great and these books were great So much so that I read both this book and its sequel in the space of a day about 8 10 hours.The book has four main characters but does not suffer from the character bloat that is all too common pos [...]

  27. Slow and steady wins the readerIt took me a little while to get hooked on this book It is slow to developed and seems scattered at first I hung in with it and was rewarded by a slow build to a perfect battle for life , love, friendship and honor The world in which we find these tragic characters is bleak and at war A way of life night blades has been wiped out by the regime in power A sect of monks with the gift of sight has been charged with scouring the country for children with this gift and [...]

  28. Ryuu is a boy orphaned by violence at a young age Found by a wandering warrior, he learns he may have strength than he ever imagined possible.A quiet child, Moriko is forced into a monastic system she despises Torn from her family and the forest she grew up in, she must fight to learn the skills she ll need to survive her tutelage under the realm s most dangerous assassin.Young, beautiful, and broke, Takako is sold to pay for her father s debts Thrust into a world she doesn t understand and bat [...]

  29. I began reading this book a few days ago It has the hallmarks of an intriguing plot with good character arcs However, I was completely disillusioned from the plot by the terrible grammar and sheer number of errors that pop up I don t know if this is due to a bad transfer to Kindle, but either way it was enough to make me give up Words were missing from the middle of sentences, infinitives used in the wrong places, commas not used at all in some instances such that certain sentences made no sense [...]

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