[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Throneworld : by Guy Haley - Throneworld, Throneworld Book of The Beast ArisesA new threat arises on Holy Terra the eldar attacking the Imperial Palace from beneath And in the depths of space an unlikely alliance discovers a secret that might save th
  • Title: Throneworld
  • Author: Guy Haley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Throneworld : by Guy Haley, Throneworld, Guy Haley, Throneworld Book of The Beast ArisesA new threat arises on Holy Terra the eldar attacking the Imperial Palace from beneath And in the depths of space an unlikely alliance discovers a secret that might save the Imperium from the marauding orks But can they survive long enough to tell anyone The Imperium s situation has never been grim an ork attack moon hangs over Terra Book of The Beast Aris [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Throneworld : by Guy Haley - Throneworld, Throneworld Book of The Beast ArisesA new threat arises on Holy Terra the eldar attacking the Imperial Palace from beneath And in the depths of space an unlikely alliance discovers a secret that might save th

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Throneworld : by Guy Haley
    297 Guy Haley

About Author

  1. Guy Haley is the author of Crash, Champion of Mars, the Richards and Klein series, The Dreaming Cities and others He is a prolific contributor to Games Workshop s Black Library imprint having written books including the bestselling Dark Imperium, Dante, Pharos and The Devastation of Baal.

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  1. Oh man, Throneworld Guy Haley rocks his way into The Beast Arises series with a monumental bang The story was utterly fantastic Guy Haley masterfully picks up the strands where other authors have left off and runs with it The novel opens with the Eldar, the insanely exciting cliff hanger of book 4, and things get moving very quickly This part of the novel was definitely one of the best, following the troupe of Eldar Harlequins as they tore through Terra to reach the Golden Throne Guy did a fanta [...]

  2. Review also published hereThroneworld ties with The Last Wall for my season favorite to date This is down to its high focus on Terra, as the title suggests, and with it all the politcs and scheming that make this series shine It also picked up a few plot points from earlier installments that I thought had fallen by the wayside, or been resolved off screen.First off, though, I have to say that the cover art is somewhat misleading The Ulthw Farseer depicted may or may not appear depending on the a [...]

  3. I read this in one sitting and it was a good addition to The Beast Arises series I am not quite sure how many there are in this series, but this one was as good as the better ones in the set so far The Ork moon still menaces the Earth and the dissembling and chaos from the High Lords of Terra is still strong and in full swing Meanwhile, the Last Wall has been called by Slaughter, the last living Imperial Fist Space Marine in existence Successor Chapters and the might of the Black Templars come t [...]

  4. Closer to 3.5 stars in my opinion.Overall I enjoyed this novel The deeper intrigue of the politics of Terra and the Space Marine Chapters that make up the Last Wall were enjoyable The space battles were awesome The land battles and boarding actions were awesome as well And seeing the Officio Assassinorum plot thread starting to reveal itself was good stuff I especially like the scenes of the infiltration of the Eldar and the Harlequin attempt to breakthrough the Imperial Guard and Adeptus Custod [...]

  5. You can read the full review over at my blog shadowhawksshade.wordpressA galaxy wide Ork invasion that heralds the rebuilding of their lost empire on an even greater scale yet Political bureaucracy and infighting that paralyses the Imperial response Secret and possibly traitorous experiments being carried out by the Cult Mechanics Terra itself directly threatened A Chapter lost Entire sectors lost Possible Chaos interference The Beast Arises series has it all it seems The previous four novels ha [...]

  6. When Games Workshop Black Library announced last year s long Warhammer 40,000 event story line, The Beast Arises, I was pretty skeptical I wasn t exactly sure how a 12 part novel series about a massive invasion by the Orks a faction that I find interesting in a force of nature sort of way, but never really as compelling villains could maintain momentum and my interest The kick off novel to the series though, I Am Slaughter, was by Dan Abnett, one of my favorite 40K and comic writers So I decided [...]

  7. This is book 5 in the year long event known as The Beast Arises In the previous book, the Proletarian Crusade was pulped to death almost immediately after landing on the Ork deff star lounging above the homeworld of the Imperium of Man Even worse, the Orks sent ambassadors to demand an Imperial surrender The High Lords of Terra were too worked up to give an immediate response, and that s when the Eldar launched an attack on the Golden Throne itself Except the Eldar aren t attacking They re there [...]

  8. You know what This is a really good book.The Beast Arises series has in my humble opinion struggled to live up to the standard set by Dan Abnett in I Am Slaughter , but this one really does come close The problem with this series at times is that it features so many character perspectives it s hard to keep up sometimes Whilst it is true that there are still a number of different perspectives in this one, no less than previous books in fact, it seemed a little easier to keep up with what was happ [...]

  9. A satisfying continuation of the impressive Beast arises arc.Whilst there is nothing horrendous nor indeed tedious about the book which does flow very well there is a slight hint of mid series lag here There appears to be a sense that halfway in there is a need for a turning of the tide which is fine, though the weakness discovered does not appear to have been a part of the curb stomping defeats the Orks have given the Imperium up to now Purists may wonder at the reasoning behind the sudden impr [...]

  10. The Beast Arises series is a fantastic set of books, that really show the scale of a galactic disaster while keeping the stories individual and compelling That said I think Throneworld is a dip in the series so far The action is great and the fight back against the Orks really starts going, but it plays a lot like a filler No story arcs really wrap up or move on too much, and those segments that do start, like the Templars and the Iron Warriors, really doesn t progress the overall story too much [...]

  11. Another book that moves the story along but not a memorable one The marines finally return home but beyond that it is mostly posturing and political movement behind the scenes.

  12. Here goes another episode of our splendid book TV series The Beast Arises This time it was an episode mastercrafted by a talented fella Guy Haley.As an author he has a lot up his sleave His own sci fi, W40K novels and even his first HH novel which even if with the few setbacks was almost a masterpiece.As with every TV show some episodes are better worse than others In case with Throneworld it s definitely an improvement for a series A very good episode to set things of for the midseason finale B [...]

  13. So, here we are at Book 5 of The Beast Arises Where we last left off, the Proletarian Crusade ended with a true Last Wall moving mountains on the ork moon over Terra which closed shut on the Crusaders which had made it to the surface Only one survivor is confirmed Galatea Haas, the Arbiter who served as one of the story s protagonists.Following this, the near unthinkable happened ambassadors from the ork moon came down to demand surrender from the High Lords Yes, orks walked through the hallowed [...]

  14. This entry into The Beast Arises series has to be my favorite thus far The stakes are getting higher and the powerplays between the different factions, Imperial and xenos alike is really engaging The Eldar were certainly major players for the first half of the book, but then things shifted after the Eldar delivered their message to the Imperials Seeing the Eldar Harlequin make short work of the Custodes and make it to the center of the Sanctum Imperialis, the Throneroom, was really cool Other fa [...]

  15. The Black Library is not known for the writing excellence of many of its authors But there are exceptions Imho Everywhere there was only silence, echoing venues and empty rooms brimming with the self importance of this race, so arrogant that they had paved over the ground that fed them, uprooted the trees that nourished them and boiled away the seas that birthed them Their crimes were lesser in scale than those of her own ancestors, perhaps, but their folly was worse for its crudeness There was [...]

  16. Black Library s The Beast Arises series continues with book five, Throneworld by Guy Haley Following on from the disastrous events of The Last Wall, it sees the ork attack moon still looming in orbit over Terra and the High Lords paralysed by fear, while a troupe of Harlequins emerges from the Webway into the Imperial Palace in search of an audience with The Emperor himself Meanwhile in the Phall system the Imperial Fist successor chapters gather their strength to form the Last Wall, in preparat [...]

  17. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish Well written and has a good pace I would have liked to have seen of the Eldar and feel they were tragically under used, especially as there is a Farseer on he cover I feel this book was mostly about setting up plot treads for the future and I m sure that many of the treads left dangling in this book will pay off later Overall a good effort by Guy Haley I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.

  18. Really good book, but why mention the Eldar, after 2 chapters they were dead and completely insignificant Shame Like the way the 7th are infighting, politics among human is no different to politics among Astartes Great to see the Iron Warriors make an appearance too This series continues to gather pace.

  19. One of the worst books in the series, and I think that written by somebody without much idea about Warhammer 30k 40k

  20. Spurred a little interest in harlequins but otherwise was somewhat slow through the middle Does a good job of setting up the next arc.

  21. Enjoyable I was confused by why were were spending so much time on the Black Templar in the last quarter until about the last sentence, then it was clear.

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