The Killing Floor Blues

Free Download The Killing Floor Blues - by Craig Schaefer - The Killing Floor Blues, The Killing Floor Blues Nobody has ever escaped from the Iceberg It s a privately owned prison deep in the Mojave Desert staffed by brutal guards and surrounded by desolate wasteland Inside the walls gangs and predators ar
  • Title: The Killing Floor Blues
  • Author: Craig Schaefer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download The Killing Floor Blues - by Craig Schaefer, The Killing Floor Blues, Craig Schaefer, The Killing Floor Blues Nobody has ever escaped from the Iceberg It s a privately owned prison deep in the Mojave Desert staffed by brutal guards and surrounded by desolate wasteland Inside the walls gangs and predators are constant threats outside the walls there s nothing but a sniper s bullet or a slow death in the desert heat Framed for murder and snared in a deadly curse Daniel FaustNobod Free Download The Killing Floor Blues - by Craig Schaefer - The Killing Floor Blues, The Killing Floor Blues Nobody has ever escaped from the Iceberg It s a privately owned prison deep in the Mojave Desert staffed by brutal guards and surrounded by desolate wasteland Inside the walls gangs and predators ar
  • Free Download The Killing Floor Blues - by Craig Schaefer
    307 Craig Schaefer
The Killing Floor Blues

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  1. Craig Schaefer s books have taken readers to the seamy edge of a criminal underworld drenched in shadow the Daniel Faust series , to a world torn by war, poison and witchcraft the Revanche Cycle , and across a modern America mired in occult mysteries and a conspiracy of lies the Harmony Black series.Despite this, people say he s strangely normal Suspiciously normal, in fact His home on the Web is craigschaeferbooks.

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  1. Actual rating 8 stars Damn right.In case you missed the previous episodes I kind of like this series Not much, mind you Just a little bit.How do you go from Best UF Series with a Male Lead Status BUFSwaMLS straight to Top 5 Favourite UF Series Ever Grade T5UFSEG Here s how You create a delicious male lead worthy of my High Security Harem HSH Not one of those wimps who worry about being good, saving humanity and all that crap Hell no One of those hot dudes with highly bendable morals and slightly [...]

  2. Hot damn, that was fun I don t mean fun in the hanging with the bestie sense, eating dinner while we dish over the latest at work No, I mean fun in the Hollywood blockbuster, Six Flags roller coaster kind of meaning I started this on the exercise bike, and kept my nose in the book until I finished The last book that did that to me was well, it was Night Fall, only that was edge of my seat, nail biting kind of engaged But neither of the recent Connelly thrillers had me riveted, so there you go M [...]

  3. This was another fast paced and extremely fun instalment in the Daniel Faust Series As always there was a perfect balance between the humour and the dark and gritty moments Faust is a great character He and his friends are easy to like despite the fact that they are no saints.The story in this one picked up in the aftermath of the shock happenings at the end of the last book Faust, framed for murder, now finds himself in the maximum security prison Iceberg To make matters worse, the Smile, and h [...]

  4. Another awesome book in Daniel Faust series They are like candy I can t stop myself I m sure I ll finish once I run out of published books.

  5. 4.5 StarsProbably my favorite Daniel Faust book so far, just edging the first in my opinion Killing Floor Blues switches up the usual formula we ve seen in the first four books and delivers exciting action that makes me very curious to read the sixth book At the end of the last book, Faust had just been successfully framed for murder and arrested Killing Floor Blues picks up with Faust on his way to a privately run prison out in the desert Even as far as prison s go, this is a bad one, with sadi [...]

  6. The Killing Floor Blues picks up where the last book left off Faust wakes up to find himself in a maximum security prison for a murder he did not commit Someone using some pretty powerful magic set him up That s the first problem And it s a big one Here s the thing His second problem is a pretty big one too He doesn t remember the trial It was only a day ago that he was arrested and now he s being sent away for life A powerful hex is convincing everyone that he knows and meets that he did, in fa [...]

  7. Another solid entry in the Daniel Faust series, although this one is less focused on Faust s magic and his backup team than on his brains and abilities to break out of prison Yes, prison.The one drawback with this one is the focus on the prison how why he was there unanswered , who had the power to cast a spell over EVERYONE unanswered , and the prison break itself From that last point alone, it was a plot like every other prison break book movie TV show protagonist is taken to prison, makes a c [...]

  8. 5 Stars You know all those movies where the bad guy gets captured, but it turns out that was the key to his master plan all along Not gonna lie I d always wanted to do that The Killing Floor Blues by Craig Schaefer is a terrific book and fifth in the Daniel Faust series Many people draw comparisons of this book to that of Jim Butcher s Dresden Files, but this one leans to the R Rated side than does the really PG Dresden Files I confess that the whole urban fantasy series has become my guilty pl [...]

  9. These books keep getting better and better Since Daniel was locked up for most of the book, he wasn t around his friends The story was just as fascinating He knows how to bargain and how to manipulate when he needs to Trouble seems to find him wherever he goes, and jail is no exception For once it finally seemed like he came on top, well, somewhat anyway Usually he achieves his goal but with a considerable debt He didn t walk away debt free but isn t completely fucked either This one was dark Th [...]

  10. Still loving Daniel Faust This has less magic at the beginning as Daniel finds himself trapped inside an inescapable prison with a dark secret at its centre But soon, his magical friends get involved Lots of fun Great series.

  11. That was something.Daniel swears off his criminal ways for good and quietly does his time behind bars He thinks about his life and starts to see where things went wrong He becomes a better man who realizes he must pay his debt to society The book follow his heart breaking transformation into a law abiding citizen.In a parallel world that is.Because in our world Craig Schaefer has different plans for Daniel As a cruel man he torments Daniel without mercy.The Killing Floor Blues picks up where the [...]

  12. In this episode Daniel wakes up disoriented in a prison bus He tries to figure out what s going on but there is a chunk of his memory missing , he is welcomed to said prison with a hardcore committee that does not give a flying F about anybody or anythingAnd so it begins another chapter of Faust journey albeit a scary one but definitely very exciting.The author upped the ante in this novel, our anti hero is forced between two unbelievable choices kill or be killed and his need to survive proved [...]

  13. HOLY This is going to be tough to write a review for but what I can say is that Craig Schaefer is up to his usual tricks Loved this Full review coming soon.Received by author, through audiobookreviewer, in exchange for an honest review THIS I don t even know how to write the review for this There are so many feels First of all being that I do not want Daniel Faust s story to end Coming to the end of a good book is like a tragedy Being involved in this series though, it just pulls you in and does [...]

  14. Full review over at Fantasy Book CriticCLASSIFICATION Featuring a cast of anti heroes and with a magician con man as the protagonist, the Daniel Faust series is Richard Stark s Parker crossed with The Dresden Files and set in Las Vegas OVERVIEW ANALYSIS The Killing Floor Blues was my favorite book of 2016 and possibly the best book in the Daniel Faust series of the six I ve read so far This book while being such an awesome read, cannot be read as a standalone unfortunately There will be mild spo [...]

  15. I m not going to review this because, frankly, it s 5, and any review this far into a series is sorta moot anyway nope, no review It s an awesome series Buy it There, now onto the big issueI m going to ask a question about the elephant in the room The elephant wears a white coat and kicks ass, and if she knew I d called her an elephant she d promptly kick my ass seven ways to Sunday.Let s talk about Caitlin view spoiler From the second we met her, bound to that douche, I haven t trusted her Faus [...]

  16. Univers carc ral am ricain plus magie plus pr diction type Cassandre Les m chants finissent pas n tre que les sous fifres d un plus grand m chant mais tout s encha ne sans pause et Daniel FAUST reste Super Mec donc tout va bien une s rie toujours distrayante m me si les ficelles sont identiques L auteur peinant parfois varier ses comparatifs Nota il vaut mieux lire la s rie dans l ordre j ai not quelques passages I didn t ask you your name she said I asked who are you m a fait cogiter l l l Trou [...]

  17. So, I started out this book yawning, and finished it still yawning Perhaps this time it was purely a matter of personal taste I cannot abide books about wrongful imprisonment coping in jail or prison God, that is so dull to me that I can t even express it I think one, maybe two books ever have handled it in a way that didn t have me bored, but it certainly wasn t this book This was like Prison Break, the lame show that I got bored of after a season Except, I got bored of this almost right away.T [...]

  18. I have some major issues with this book It s really conflicting I m not going to use spoiler tags, but I am going to be discussing the plot to a not insignificant degree You have been warned.Killing Floor Blues, or The One Where Daniel Faust Goes to Jail Some really heavy weights sit on both the good and bad sides of my Reviewing Scales On the good Schaefer kind of tackles the shittiness of for profit prisons The bad the false ending I ll explain what I mean later, but I want to talk about for p [...]

  19. Read the full review at my site wp p89tYT g1He held out his hand Give it to me, he hissed as his fingernails lengthened into claws If you insist, I said Then I shot him in the face.The Daniel Faust series, written by Craig Schaefer, is an urban fantasy starring an anti hero The series consists of 7 books and a novella so far Unlike other urban fantasy series like The Dresden Files, this series is far violent, gritty and is noir in its approach to this setting The protagonist, the eponymous Dani [...]

  20. From Bad To Worse NOT for the homophobic, transphobic, closedminded, or feint of heart This series must be read in order The first book is The Long Way Down The second book is The White Gold Score The third book is Redemption Song The fourth book is The Living End The fifth book is A Plain Dealing Villain This is the sixth book I can t wait to read The Castle Doctrine Getting busted by Harmony Black for the one crime he didn t commit was a low point for Daniel Faust Waking on a prison transfer b [...]

  21. Best book of the series by far especially given the change of setting on this oneThe 2nd arc of Faust s journey has been fun If book 4 was heist, book 5 is about a jail break and turns out to be rather well done Following the events of book 4, and the start of book 5, there is a searing sense of confusion surrounding Faust, a curse that affects a lot of people s memories including Faust, necessitating a jail break Now when the aforementioned prison hosts an illegal fighting league, a clash betwe [...]

  22. More It looks like this story arc has ended but the author promises to come That sounds like a good idea Daniel Faust has lives than a cat probably a black cat because the imagery seems appropriate Between being imprisoned he was framed honestly in a breakout proof prison and mob warfare in the plans for Las Vegas, Daniel still has to find a way to rescue a kidnapped friend whose life is about to be shortened considerably by her captors I m looking forward to the continuation of the series.

  23. Wow The Killing Floor Blues was really hard on Daniel Faust He was put in the maximum security prison for a murder he did not commit, he was set up with a pretty powerful magic And this family doesn t know where he is Daniel s time in the Iceberg was hard How can he be even remotely normal after what he seen and done there is beyond me I just hope his luck will turn beck on him.

  24. Daniel FaustHe wins again Great story yet again Starting the next book Hope the following book comes soon

  25. Great entry in the series that did a lot to expand the universe and overarching story, but was slightly marred by some odd pacing issues near the end.I was slightly worried heading into the book, to be honest I love Schaefer s stuff, and his Faust series in particular is some seriously enjoyable urban fantasy, but I knew this book would take place with the main character in prison and isolated from his fantastic supporting cast That being said, the book manages that feeling well Faust may be iso [...]

  26. While it plays differently than the other books in the series, it serves a duel purpose It translations to the next threat to Faust s life, while also showing that his allies make him sharper, stronger, and resilient to challenges While it shows how far Faust has come during the events of the first three novels the ever growing family and friends, it also shows just how easy it is to get used to those attachments Faust finds himself a resident of the United States Penal System On his own, and w [...]

  27. My newest addictionI found this series via Kindle Unlimited and lucky for me all the books in this series are in the program I read the entire series published to date before posting this review on the latest one.I found this author while searching for books like Dresden but I have to say there really is no similarity to me Their worlds are as different as their magic I love Daniel s character and his world the same way I love Dresden s but I get the advantage of having two different friends to [...]

  28. I ll keep this one relatively short If you re looking for a recommendation, this one is at about the same level of quality as the previous ones If you ve enjoyed the series so far, pick this up If not, you probably won t like it If this is your first Faust book, what the hell are you doing Turn around and start at Book 1 I liked this one better than Book 4, which I felt like suffered a bit because it had to introduce a new plotline and new antagonists The same weaknesses and strengths of the ser [...]

  29. As with the other books in this series I really enjoyed the characters and the story The overall story arc seems to get a little darker with each installment There are no knights in shining armor here This is a fun urban fantasy series that I highly recommend And I love the book covers

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