God Hammer

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ God Hammer : by John Conroe - God Hammer, God Hammer Book Summer in the Big Apple Eight million stories of excitement and adventure plus one Declan O Carroll is ready to start his summer internship at the hottest new company on the planet Demidova In
  • Title: God Hammer
  • Author: John Conroe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Audiobook

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ God Hammer : by John Conroe, God Hammer, John Conroe, God Hammer Book Summer in the Big Apple Eight million stories of excitement and adventure plus one Declan O Carroll is ready to start his summer internship at the hottest new company on the planet Demidova Incorporated What will he be doing What tasks could he possibly handle for the most famous couple on Earth After all what could a second semester college freshman hopeBook Summer in the Big [PDF] Unlimited ✓ God Hammer : by John Conroe - God Hammer, God Hammer Book Summer in the Big Apple Eight million stories of excitement and adventure plus one Declan O Carroll is ready to start his summer internship at the hottest new company on the planet Demidova In
  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ God Hammer : by John Conroe
    174 John Conroe
God Hammer

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  1. John Conroe Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the God Hammer book, this is one of the most wanted John Conroe author readers around the world.

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  1. Why call a book all about Declan God Hammer Disappointed I enjoyed the book and I love the series but this book isn t what I ve been waiting for I wanted to see what happens next for Chris and follow his story line This book, even that chapters from Chris s point of view, is all about Declan Why is it even called God Hammer Chris doesn t even fight a demon at all this book He doesn t fight a vampire or a were Most of the book we watch him watch Declan be awesome Honestly, the book would have bee [...]

  2. 2 3 Stars I love this series but a couple of minor gripes.WHY IS THIS CALLED GODHAMMER I enjoyed reading this series as always but it didn t seem up to John s usual standard It also seemed Chris and Tanya s characters were incredibly reduced for the only purpose of making D look good Their only real purpose in this book was to sit back and watch D do stuff none of them can, even the POV s of other characters seemed to revolve around him and everybody else being amazingly ineffective, i enjoyed t [...]

  3. An excellent addition to the series.I liked seeing Declan continue to come into his own.I liked seeing Declan gain a couple of new friends.I would enjoy seeing Declan take some time to be a teenager Instead he is totally consumed in helping the team and being a superhero with a microscopic ego Caeco seems to be evolving with an interesting Internship The sky is the limit for the series But, like all addicts the wait for the next fix is hard,

  4. Confusing POV s, frantic pace and a surreal endingIf you are reading this review, you are obviously fully committed to this author and this series, as am I That said my head is still spinning after a marathon reading session My first impression was an uncomfortable confusion resulting from the head spinning POV changes It s not just that the chapters often overlapped too closely, it s the fact that the two main characters are basically the same in most every respect They have the same background [...]

  5. I thought this was okayI dunno, I went in expecting a Chris Tanya story Got a Declan instead.e parts with Chris felt almost like filler don t get me wrong it was still a good book, but I m not the biggest Declan fan so for me it was just okay Fallen Stars and Forced Ascent were so goodI m waiting for that magic to come back.Still contains all the great action of course, and Mr Conroe continues to give us solid forward moving story with a few reveals at the end Not a fan of the whole Declan Staci [...]

  6. Sorry for my terrible english, not my first language.This is the best book in the series for me, I loved all of it I m starting to like Declan than Chris.I never really liked Caeco as a love interest for Declan and I hope to see of Stacia and Declan together Maybe Declan can help her a bit in the next book Is Omega trustworthy To me it looks like Sorrow is somehow connected to it Will Omega listen to Declan or is Omega in controle over the nuclear launchcodes it seems to have taken from the go [...]

  7. He is getting good.Conroe s characters used to be one dimensional, his writing amateurish, but his stories and imagination made the books compelling nonetheless.But he keeps improving his writing His characters have some nuance now, and his plots get intricate and pretty, worth a re read And the writing is getting surer, even In a pre self published world, he would never have been able to publish God Touched But College Arcane and God Hammer would be publishable anywhere.Now he just needs a pr [...]

  8. FantasticThis was a great read It was a split book between Chris and Declan but all set within New York mostly So many mind boggling thing happened not only in events but relationship as well Some characters I was hoping to see of didn t appear much but other than that I had a lot fun reading it Good thing he already has started the next book because with how thing wrapped up at the end of this one you ll be crying for ke me.

  9. I just couldnt get with this book I cant help but think that Declan is to strong Come on Chris and Tanya were shoved to secondary characters as well And dont get me started on Stacia She has turned from being a strong female to a weak have to be saved by Declan I cant like they re relationship because they are being thrown together for convenience of a were witch relationship.

  10. I love this Series so so much but I m not sure why John decided to call a book all about Declan God Hammer I Don t know why i went in expecting a Chris bookRather disappointed I enjoyed the book and I have always loved this series but this book is not what I have been waiting for and not up to John s usual standard I wanted to see what happens to Chris and Tanya and follow their story line This book, even that chapters that follow Chris s point of view, is all about Declan Why is it even call th [...]

  11. Super enjoyed the alternating Chris and Declan POV s I was extremely amused at several points and laughed

  12. I did not enjoy this book as much as the previous installments I feel like the series is losing steam with much of the same elements being repeated over and over again.

  13. Highly entertaining even though it wasn t what I had expected This is only the second book in the series that I have listened to and the main character wasn t who I had expected but I adored Declan I clearly need to go back and read 2 8 and catch up on what I ve missed This feels like it might be new Dresden Files.

  14. Great Story This is a great story in a long line of great stories I like that now you John Conroe have another The thread to pull in this story line It means stories yeah.

  15. God HammerDemons Accords is very fast paced,highly entertaining The story line hasn t grown old, Fallen angels, in love with Vampires.Computerised Magichow cool can t wait to start the next one.

  16. Another great one Non stop action This was a great listen and I love that all of the characters are together in this one On to Rogues

  17. What a ride The excitement and action just keep coming Thank you Can t wait to read and the series is so addictative.

  18. I only learned yesterday that this series has become my most anticipated series out at the moment Within minutes of seeing a post on Facebook by the author saying it was out I had it bought and there was a huge smile on my face right up until I finished reading it in the early hours of the morning The two main first person protagonists in this series, Chris Gordon The God Hammer and Declan O Carroll The worlds most powerful witch share the spotlight in this novel It is written in alternating fir [...]

  19. Great SeriesIt has been a long time since I read books straight through or enjoyed them as much as I have this series I m not a grammer or syntax expert so I don t worry about any of that when reading If I can follow the story line and enjoy it, that s enough for me If you want fun reads and delightful characters, you could a lot worse than this series.

  20. I ve read both the Kindle and Audible editions of this latest in the Demon Accords series Have to say the introduction of Declan in the latest books has greatly enhanced the series for me I find him much interesting than Team Chris and Tanya, who have been getting progressively boring Unlike some readers, I enjoyed the switches between points of view, and the development of different story lines Unlike at least one other reviewer, I think the relationship between Declan and Stacia is moving wa [...]

  21. Loved it Loved the intermingling of Chris and Declans point of view Loved the emerging romance between Stacia and Declan and the whole wolves mate for life I like her hell of a lot for Declan than Caeco and it was done well Loved the pregnant Tanya angle something I ve seen coming though from early books.Anvil was a decent storyline just wondering if it s completely over with the emergence of Omega I liked that Declan and Chris share things and I hope next novel continues that level of cooperat [...]

  22. Needs some better editingI ve been working through the whole demon accords series, and overall I find the books enjoyable the editing quality went way down for this last entry though, which is a disturbing trend It s definitely still readable, there weren t any passages where manning was unclear or that required additional reads to decipher, but there were numerous instances of incorrect word usage, along with a few other editing failures Also, while the constant switching between characters is [...]

  23. Interesting developmentsFirst, this is not anywhere close to the first book in the series You would be better to at least read the previous book, College Arcane.I love the series This is very much of the same Declan is front and center with all his awesome powers Natural laws are broken Beautiful women threaten alarming levels of destruction It s pretty cool.The bad not much really I graded down mainly because this book requires a high level of knowledge of the previous books to be comprehensib [...]

  24. Declan is going to spend the summer interning for Chris at Demidova Incorporated He s wasn t really sure what he would be doing as an intern but found out on the first day how special he was and how much they really needed him This is one of those series that I always think about how much I enjoy it when I m reading it and how I hate when it ends I don t know that I could pick a favorite in this series because I ve enjoyed them all so much It s also one series that I would love to be a character [...]

  25. This felt a little bit like the Chris and Declan are so awesome show, so many times through the book they ll either think about how the other one is just so great or be told by another character that they re super powerful and amazing, it just got a little bit repetitive after a while I did enjoy the book, all the stuff about computing went totally over my head but that didn t really affect the plot that much computing stuff happened but you don t have to know what a quantum computer is to under [...]

  26. Good read in the series as has been the normA building book with about the characters and storyline I really enjoy Declan storyline I did find it a little discordant going from Declan to Chris by chapter More my reading since had to stop mid chapter than once and did not remember who I was with Overall it worked in the writing and I don t think could have been written any other way If you have been reading this series this far, absolutely no reason to stop now

  27. Great Fun Read I love this series and look forward to every installment with much anticipation I love the POV from both Chris and Declan and I feel the added focus on Declan is helping to keep the stories fresh It helps to develop the stories and characters as their interactions and environment expands I do find myself shipping Declan and a certain tough gutsy deep than people realize werewolf I prefer this new style to the books and can t wait for next installment

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