The Biker

Free Download The Biker - by Rain Carrington - The Biker, The Biker When a young man is sold for drugs on the day of his mother s funeral he thinks his life is over It wasn t like it was a great life that Malcolm Sandoval had led so far not with a drug addicted moth
  • Title: The Biker
  • Author: Rain Carrington
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download The Biker - by Rain Carrington, The Biker, Rain Carrington, The Biker When a young man is sold for drugs on the day of his mother s funeral he thinks his life is over It wasn t like it was a great life that Malcolm Sandoval had led so far not with a drug addicted mother a father who d left him before he was three and a stepfather that punched first and asked questions later Kirk was another biker like TJ Malcolm s stepfather A HarleyWhen a young man i Free Download The Biker - by Rain Carrington - The Biker, The Biker When a young man is sold for drugs on the day of his mother s funeral he thinks his life is over It wasn t like it was a great life that Malcolm Sandoval had led so far not with a drug addicted moth

  • Free Download The Biker - by Rain Carrington
    475 Rain Carrington
The Biker

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  1. The books you see are all that are coming I am tired I MAY in the future finish the Denver Diaries series, but I don t have any plans at the moment It s been a fun ride Thank you for your support and amazing reviews

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  1. What happened to that shy man who was afraid to see me naked You fucked him to death Now I m possessing his bodyI loved this book Malcolm was so adorable and had lived a shitty life so far He thought he was screwed when Kirk bought him from his stepdad but that was the best thing that could have happened to him.Kirk is sexy as Hell He thought he d never love again but was surprised by the man he got when he decided Malcolm would be his.This story has up and downs and was really entertaining.

  2. I have been a fan of Rain Carrington s books since I first read Rebel Yells But I think this book is her best to date This is an incredibly fresh take on a biker gang book, I was blown away She has a way with a story that just pulls you in and you forget you are reading You see the story unfold and before you know it, you have reached the end I always find myself sad at the end because I want even Malcolm is such a great character Even with the crappy life he had lead, he still has love in his [...]

  3. OMG THIS WAS AMAZING Malcolm, this poor boy, tossed away like trash, until this chance meeting with a sexy, dangerous biker Kirk Both there world s would forever change Mal, finally finds a place where he belongs, being in love and having a family he always wanted.Kirk, letting go of his dark heart and opening it up for his sweet Mal This was exciting, heartbreaking at times, accepting, loving, and SMOKING HOT LOVED THIS AND I AM LOVING THIS SERIES THIS WAS FANTASTIC

  4. Sois seems to be the second book the author has written and she still hasn t really found herself yet The writing style, pacing and now plotting are all over the place and completely implausible In this book, I don t see a connection at all to the first Men In Shadows book I don t know what this one had to do with the first one Maybe book 3 will clear that up I m going to take a break before I read book 3 though Again, If I had started with this one, I m not sure how much farther I would have go [...]

  5. 4 Heart Review by AmberI am really enjoying this series I love how gritty they are Usually main characters are good guys Good people who work every day jobs and do every day things These stories don t toe that line and I m finding that I m really enjoying that Like The Family, The Biker has some pretty heavy violence, drugs, gangs, death, and a lot of rough sex And like The Family, The Biker also has 2 very flawed men that are perfect for each other.Kirkland Mitchell is a big time biker and a sm [...]

  6. A few years back I began to write for fan fiction sites, two mainly, and finally started to scratch an itch I d had for twenty odd years, to put words down and weave them into something that someone, somewhere may enjoy reading There I made some great friends and they encouraged me to continued and strive for Then I got up the courage to talk to a famous M M writer and she read my story, Biker Trash She liked it, and I was floored I nearly puked just talking to the woman, but when she liked my [...]

  7. Krik really need money He need a lot of it When TJ can t pay he offers his brother Malcolm instead of payment How is a virgin going to deal with Kirk Kirk is in the really tough Motorcycle gang They are all a family right No one would do anything bad to the family Or, would they Imagine being sold at 18, a virgin to this rough guy who you have never seen emotion fromWhat will happen when they find out TJ wants to take over Kirk s business They both come from broken worlds Both men have seen a lo [...]

  8. I generally don t like biker storiesGenerally I don t like biker stories and it s only because of the first book in this series that I got this one I really should have known that Rain Carrington would write a story about bikers that wasn t totally about the club I absolutely loved both Malcolm and Kirk Both are stronger than they appeared in the beginning or neither would have survived the events that happened around them and to them It s a story about greed, betrayal, drug addiction, revenge, [...]

  9. This series keeps getting better and better I would say this one can be read as a stand alone, since no story lines overlap and there are no characters from the first story included in this one At the beginning I disliked Kirk as much as TJ, but Rain Carrignton has a way redeeming the characters and make you fall in love with them He saved Malcolm and gave him a better life, despite the unconventional beginning to their relationship My heart was breaking for Malcolm and the hand that he was deal [...]

  10. I loved this book A new Rain Carrington favorite As usual, great characters you can t help but love You probably won t like Kirk much in the first few chapters but have no fear Rain of course, changes your mind about him pretty quick And I fell for him hard I loved Mal and the MC was freakin awesome They gave Mal what he needed, a family This is book two in the series but can be read as a standalone I highly recommend you do It s fabulous and another Rain Carrington hit And at the end you get a [...]

  11. Wow Rain has written some amazing books, this one though Hands down the best one by far More than once I had to stop and collect myself in order to continue She has this way of building up and tearing down before you know what s hit you Malcolm and Kirk did just that Mal had been through so much and even being with Kirk, didn t take the danger away He was so strong and kept his head and tried his hardest to be loyal and true, even facing his own death Gritty, harsh and tough characters to care f [...]

  12. Loved it I love this series I loved Kirk and Malcolmeir story was believable and just flowede secondary characters were well written as well and I can t wait to re visit them in book 4 of this seriesd it s official I m going to read every book this author has written I m soooo glad I found another AMAZING author

  13. Another great book from a great author Loved the story and the amount of action and drama in the book Only thing that could made it better would been a bit love and hot stuff.

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