Initiated: Episode Two

Initiated: Episode Two Best Download || [Nicholas Bella] - Initiated: Episode Two, Initiated Episode Two I always thought I knew myself better than anyone ever could Now I m not so sure Having been approached by some secret organization that polices the demon world I m now left with the choice of if I
  • Title: Initiated: Episode Two
  • Author: Nicholas Bella
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Initiated: Episode Two Best Download || [Nicholas Bella], Initiated: Episode Two, Nicholas Bella, Initiated Episode Two I always thought I knew myself better than anyone ever could Now I m not so sure Having been approached by some secret organization that polices the demon world I m now left with the choice of if I want to join them or not My entire world has been flipped upside down I used to just be Brian Cordero sexy as hell cop with a body as masculine as my machismo Life was I always Initiated: Episode Two Best Download || [Nicholas Bella] - Initiated: Episode Two, Initiated Episode Two I always thought I knew myself better than anyone ever could Now I m not so sure Having been approached by some secret organization that polices the demon world I m now left with the choice of if I

  • Initiated: Episode Two Best Download || [Nicholas Bella]
    229 Nicholas Bella
Initiated: Episode Two

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  1. About me Hmmm, I m just a person with a wild imagination and a love for words who was sitting around the house one day and said, Why hasn t anyone written a book like this before As with every storyteller, I wanted to share mine with the world I like my erotica dark, gritty, sexy and even a little raunchy I m not afraid to go there and I hope you aren t afraid to go there with me When I m not writing, I love watching movies and TV shows, clubbing, biking, and hanging out with family and friends I love life.I d love to hear from you, feel free to send me a shout out

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  1. BR with my fellow Bellaholic Julie.This was again another great episode of The Demon Gate Series But I do think we re still working up to the really good stuff Two new characters are introduced Mr Cassien President of the Society Adriel S ma Demon King of Hell s eighth gate My only wish for this series is that we get less m f sex As Brian needs to accept his new bisexuality I won t have you ashamed of me, Brian You will accept both my role and your own, Adriel said, rising from the kitchen chair [...]

  2. Overall book rating 4Audio book N ABook cover 3 StarsRating this series one book at a time is not that easy, cause you really have to see the BIGGER picture as a whole to show appreciation It s not my usual type of thing There is no hearts and flowers moments here so move along if that is a MUST have thing for you I m gonna keep reading on for a little while longer, because I m sensing something on the horizon, and that just might make it worth the wait.I m totally in the dark here seeing as it [...]

  3. 3 Fem bitsStars I love this book, but damn This would have been a rock solid 5 stars, but I do NOT endure fem bits well these days So it it a shaky 4 5 stars.Because, besides the fem bits, this book was absolutely fab The execution or rather intro this book was stunning, I felt The engine roar of the engine as he speed to get to his mate This writer know how to set a pace I loved it, the flow was splendid This writer has me hooked on his easy raunchy dare devil writing style for sure I am starti [...]

  4. this is how I see Adriel S maCan t wait to see what he would make of Brian.I couldn t keep myself from thinking about how the Japanese use sama to adresse someone of higher rank so just saying Adriel Sama felt like I was saying master Adriel it just put everything into perspective from the first time his name was mentioned and it felt somewhat real like I didn t even need a tilte to adresse him his name is enough to demand the respect I felt Like I didn t have a choice but to submit to him in a [...]

  5. This was better than the first one As in it didn t start out with raaaaaaaaaape.There were some slightly rapey moments, but not nearly as much.Still a lot of i m not gay, but I need this And now we have a new player for him to get his i m not gay lusting on But this time it s not the demon and it s mate so whoop boy you Bi Get over it Would have done a better review but I ve read several books since I finished listening to this.

  6. The entire month of October has been dedicated to books in the Horror Paranormal Halloween themes As you can see, this series is named The Demon Gate Series, so it fits right in.I was given a complimentary copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.This is episode two in the Demon Gate Series and these should be listened to in order so you can fully understand the events taking place in this story.Brian is beginning to learn a little bit about what it means to be an Agato demon in [...]

  7. Nvm that I had to overlook the rape in the first book It was still interesting The relationship was at least developing and the book had a promising plot and future The demon society, the soul eaters It was all a good plot needed I even rated it 4 However this book was a huge disappointment It started really good but at the last 1 3rd it completely destroyed all the promisese when I consider the authors other books, you already know where this leads to.When you ever read the books chained in dar [...]

  8. 5 starsThings are getting hotter.It s not like Brian s life is not complicated enough, with all the souls he needs to survive, out of control sexual tensions, and his obligatory monthly booty call with Raphael He discovers that there are still many things he needs to know Raphael agrees to tell him in exchange of some sexual demands Sneaky bastard, right Yet, Raphael is not the most dangerous man here His work for the Society brings him right to the door step of a much dangerous demon Catching [...]

  9. The story has veered off the romance course and has dipped into the sleazy erotica pool Very porny with a straight hero beset on all sides by hot demons that want to plumb his plumbing, and no of course he doesn t want it as he repeatedly tells everyone even while there s a hard on tenting his pants Gonna give the next one a try and see if it doesn t get any better.

  10. 3.8 StarsBetter than the previous one but I m getting a little tired of the not gay protestation while reveling in the gay sex Sometimes the binary of straight gay doesn t apply, damn just own what you like, asshole.

  11. Brian to the rescueBrian gets initiated in ways than one Learning his demon powers, secret societies in the world, and being bi sexual He is in need of a learning curve but sarcasm aside he is in it to protect the world.

  12. Getting interesting Adriel, Raphael, and Brianunds like things will be getting interesting from here on out Hopefully he gets past his denial stage.

  13. Iniciated Episode Two The Demon Gates Series Book 2 Still fun, still sexy, still kinda dark.Minor M F action here too.King Demons are fcking hot BTW Next, please

  14. And the plot thickens Brian Cordero, the sexy cop turned into a demon Agoto is getting in over his head, I m afraid He is struggling trying to meet the demands his body needs as far as feeding and having sex with his mate He continues to be in denial about the pleasures he receives from Raphael even though fulfilling the demands his body is seeking makes him fill renewed and have newfound vitality.In the first episode, Brian was approached by a secret organization who wanted his help in bringing [...]

  15. Audio Book review narrator Michael O Shea This is basically a review of the first two audiobooks The rest of the series is not yet available as audio The first book was just an introduction to get the story going, although it has a rape scene which should probably be warned for This isn t going to be a series for everyone It s dark, violent erotica.First off, Michael O Shea does a fantastic job with the narration His voice is sexy and he reads the main character and supporting characters well Ev [...]

  16. SteamyThis book is so steamy Hot sex throughout Had to wipe the steam off my kindle so I could read it Nicholas Bella did an incredible job on his writing I love his creativity and his originality He just blows me away.Now some highlights.Brian is still struggling with his sexuality He s still telling himself he doesn t like men but his body has other ideas He just about losses it when Raphael meets him at his apartment Brian wants answers about other demons and the secret organization Raphael w [...]

  17. 4,5 starsReading Updates 4%I opened the door and saw him sitting casually in the chair by the window with his arms resting lightly on the armrests He wore a crisp white business shirt, which was open, exposing his sculptured chest, and he was in a pair of black dress pants, unbuttoned and revealing a little bit of his blonde pubic hair The vision of him partially dressed sent signals to my cock that it was time for action My desire for him flared like an inferno and I had to hold on to the doorf [...]

  18. ARC gifted by the Author in exchange for an honest review I have nothing but raves and waves to give this hot author, he has a style all his own I just think he rocked the M M world and he gives you something you can sink your teeth into This new series is amazing the second book Initiated will have you saying damn Brian still fights against his new life, being a demon host If he really thought about it, its not as bad as he whines about it He s been approached by a secret organization that take [...]

  19. It s really getting hot in here After reading the first book in this series I knew I had a new favorite, Initiated just confirmed it all the way I longed to read of Brian and his new life and within his new future to be Oh, and his mate Raphael, my new crushoh this blond sexy sob with his Italien accentpurrrTo see Brian finally accepting his new demon part and even giving in to his urge to be together with his mate and mentor, Raphael, is hot, wait than hot and awesome These two Alphas in one r [...]

  20. After Episode One s amazing cliffhanger, Brian is contemplating joining the Society in order to save humanity In order to do that he must convince a demon by the name of Adriel Sama who is actually a Demon King that can close the Gate of Hell that is opened Episode Two starts with Brian running home to meet with Raphael It s been a month since they last mated and the Agoto is want in another session Brian has been sleeping with other women to calm it down but only Raphael can really do that Afte [...]

  21. You are an amazing writer I m currently reading DEMON GATE 2 and I ve been into Yaoi MM since 2007, I can fairly say that you re one of those few LGBT writers who grasp the point of LGBT relationships to the point that you can bend and break some standards, if you know what I mean I love Brian and his journey from straight to bi Usually I m not into bottoms switching but you sometimes make it work Like with Raphael and how flawed yet solid he is as a man I have yet to purchase the next books but [...]

  22. It s no wonder Nicholas Bella is one of my favorite authors Nicholas writes such complex characters and original stories that get you hooked This installment of his Demon Gate series has Brian starting to accept his new life and he s leaning towards giving in to his desires Now not only does he have his mate Raphael to deal with but a new powerful demon named Adriel Brian is also realizing he has so much to learn and that he may not be as invincible as he thought Can t wait for Episode 3

  23. This just keeps on getting better and better You have to read episode one to understand what s happening to Brian He s being drawn to Raphael even though he doesn t want to be He has decided to join the organization that fights the demons and protects the humans If you re into raw, gritty and dark with a kick as plot and lots of steamy sex then this is the series for you Independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance Authors That Rock.

  24. This is book 2 episode 2 of this series All of they are novelettes and range from about 75 85 pages This one follows newly made Brian, as he tries to juggle understanding what he is, what he s capable of, dealing with a Demon King, his every day job, and his mate The man is stretched thin Now he has a secret society to add to his list This is a very creative and addicting world that Nicholas has created I m very interested in seeing where it goes.

  25. It just keeps getting better Oh man Nicholas Bella is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors I love how the books feel like a tv series Every book is like an episode, there s just enough in each book to have you holding your breathe in anticipation while still keeping you captivated for the next installment There s a soothing flow to the books as well, you get drawn in, enjoy a bit of snark, a dash of sexy fun naked time, and a spot of action Excellent series

  26. An Awesome Series Not To Be Missed The books keep getting better and better Brian is learning about how to live in the world he knows even though he has changed as well as the world around him has changed The world Nicholas has created is utterly fascinating and a bit bizarre at the same time I can t get enough.

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