Burn Baby Burn

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Burn Baby Burn : by Meg Medina - Burn Baby Burn, Burn Baby Burn Nora Lopez is seventeen during the infamous year in New York After a freezing winter a boiling hot summer explodes with arson a blackout and a serial killer named Son of Sam who is shooting y
  • Title: Burn Baby Burn
  • Author: Meg Medina
  • ISBN: 9780763674670
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Burn Baby Burn : by Meg Medina, Burn Baby Burn, Meg Medina, Burn Baby Burn Nora Lopez is seventeen during the infamous year in New York After a freezing winter a boiling hot summer explodes with arson a blackout and a serial killer named Son of Sam who is shooting young people on the streets seemingly at random Not only is the city a disaster but Nora has troubles of her own her brother Hector is growing uncontrollable by the daNora Lopez is se [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Burn Baby Burn : by Meg Medina - Burn Baby Burn, Burn Baby Burn Nora Lopez is seventeen during the infamous year in New York After a freezing winter a boiling hot summer explodes with arson a blackout and a serial killer named Son of Sam who is shooting y

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Burn Baby Burn : by Meg Medina
    261 Meg Medina
Burn Baby Burn

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  1. I m Meg Medina, Latina author of libros for kids of all ages I m about strong girls, tough circumstances, and the connecting power of culture I am the author of several picture books, middle grade books, and young adult novels, including Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass, which is currently being optioned for Hulu I have been honored with the Pura Belpr award twice, an Ezra Jack Keats award, and I m a founding member of We Need Diverse Books, and I live in Virginia with my family and my cute dog, Hugo Menendez.The way to my heart is through chocolate, brains, and kindness.

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  1. NO SPOILERS Burn Baby Burn promises to be not just any young adult tale No, this one is set against New York s worst summer 1977, when Son of Sam was on a killing spree It s an exciting angle except it takes a back seat to other big issues.Medina s goal was to bring this terrifying time to vivid life by depicting likable teen narrator Nora Lopez living amidst this chaos with some notable adjustments to her normal routine to ensure her safety It s unfortunate, therefore, that the Son of Sam angle [...]

  2. HELLO FROM THE CRACKS IN THE SIDE WALKS OF NYC AND FROM THE ANTS THAT DWELL IN THESE CRACKS ANDFEED IN THE DRIED BLOOD OF THE DEAD THAT HAS SETTLED INTO THE CRACKS Poem sent to the New York Daily News by Son of Sam I was close to Nora L pez s age in 1977, though tucked away as I was in a Pennsylvania suburb, the Son of Sam murders seemed a world away For 17 year old Queens resident, Nora, the shootings might easily be happening on the very street where she lives And, considering the killer has a [...]

  3. 3.5 starsLatina main character, troubled family, romance, feminist movement, disco, 70s New York, a serial killer, a blackout, fires This is a perfectly fine YA novel that hits all the right buttons and checks all the right boxes and teaches all the right lessons hence, I guess, 4 starred reviews in major publications The family part was probably the most interesting to me However, this is not the kind of book that I would ever be compelled to read again No aspect of it was truly memorable.

  4. I try not to read books too ahead of their publishing date because then I m shouting at people that they have to read a book that they have to wait to read BUT this book had too many boxes checked off for me that I couldn t wait I tried and failed, especially after doing the just one page because I ended up not being able to stop turning the pages I was hooked from the beginning with Nora, a high school senior about to graduate, living in New York during the summer of Sam 1977 And while there s [...]

  5. I m not usually a fan of New York novels I think for the most part they reach a really niche market Medina, though, takes this in a place that made me really invested, as it s about the historical summer of 1977 when the city was burning and a serial killer named Son of Sam is on the loose Nora, our narrator, is Latina, and her best friend is a white girl Both of them are deeply invested in feminism, but what Medina does is offer a look at the ways feminism isn t necessarily inclusive, either in [...]

  6. When I heard of this book, I was very eager to read it Hey, I was around during this time, 1977, and living in Philadelphia, and remember the news and the terrifying environment created by the Son of Sam murders I wanted to read how author Meg Medina covered that time period.As I started this book, I was caught realizing the main character, Nora Lopez, was a teenage girl of seventeen, almost eighteen, and Nora was realizing some very hard truths My first reaction was oh, great, a young adult boo [...]

  7. Read for the second time Enjoyed it even this go around While I found the historical setting interesting, what I enjoyed most were the characters complex and honest.

  8. I really enjoyed this I haven t read a whole lot of non contemporary YA or that isn t SF Fantasy and the setting in this is so strong and important it s almost a character on its own I loved seeing blips of the women s movement through the eyes of Nora and Kathleen Nora was a great character, and I m glad I got the chance to see the world through her eyes even when it was bleak I wanted to give this book a hug when it was over This quote kind of says it all from the Author s Note But for me, thi [...]

  9. This is sooooo much better than Yaqui Delgado Also, it s just good A great example of how people of color can exist in ALL historical fiction, not just Issue Books, and it also gets points for being about kids who may or may not go to college, but it s not guaranteed AND that doesn t make you an underachiever, a loser, or unintelligent This book is a great way to upset most socioeconomics narratives in YA.

  10. 4.5 stars but worth rounding up an ambitious project, really well done I d love some teen feedback on this one recent historical fiction coming of age stories can be a tough sell sometimes, and I wonder if this one might have adult recommending to teens appeal than teens gravitating to it on their own Especially strong the narrative voice kept solidly to Nora s relatively innocent perspective without feeling like it was talking down.

  11. One of the best YA novels I ve ever read Burn Baby Burn is on the National Book Award Long List and deserves to win Review coming later.

  12. It was OK, I guess I expected fire, given the title Burn Baby Burn is of a slow simmer, though, without much payoff I sped through it in an afternoon, and while it was not a bad book with which to pass the time sitting outside, it also wasn t too remarkable.There were a few places that Meg Medina made me angry in a good way It s 1977 Nora Lopez is 17, and when she should be thinking about life after high school, she is instead forced to hold her family together Her mother is on the brink of lo [...]

  13. Meg Medina is one of my favorite YA authors writing today I really, REALLY liked her book YAQUI DELGADO WANTS TO KICK YOUR ASS, and shout my love for it to the hills and any patron who will listen to me So when I saw that Medina had written a new book called BURN BABY BURN and that it took place during the Summer of Son of Sam in Queens, New York, I ripped it off the shelf at work and hoarded it like dragon s gold Nora Lopez is starting out the last semester of high school, and she can t wait to [...]

  14. Grade DOne Word BleakNora eagerly anticipates graduating from high school and moving out of the apartment she shares with her abusive brother and ineffectual, depressed mother Son of Sam is on the loose, arsons burn buildings too close to home and money for rent and food is scarce A new love interest and her supportive best friend give Nora some respite from her dismal home life and lack of support from her parents.I was a teenager in 1977 and remember the hunt for Son of Sam, but I grew up midd [...]

  15. Another great little book I picked up because I saw that a friend had read it This app has greatly improved the overall quality of the books I pick up to read Thanks, friends.I read this book this evening, it kept me up till one in the morning One of the most effective parts of the writing was the author s ability to make danger ever present and the fear people felt about the Son of Sam in NYC palpable It is the fictionalized account of a young woman who isn t safe on the streets or in her home [...]

  16. I knew I would like this book but I was surprised at how much I loved it If you like disco, psycho killers, juvenile pyros, teen love and dysfunctional families this book is for you Love love love love love it

  17. I received a copy of Burn Baby Burn from Walker Books Australia in exchange for an honest review.I haven t read a lot about serial killers so I didn t know much about Son of Sam going into this but I d heard the name before Even after finishing the book and reading the things he did I haven t looked him up Son of Sam wasn t the focus of the book It was set during the time that he was killing innocent people at random.Burn Baby Burn didn t just follow what happened the summer of 1977, it also had [...]

  18. UPDATE I read this one for my YA book club okay, I was the one who suggested reading it because it was sitting on my shelf and I am so happy I read it for me rather than for my students.I am often complaining that the books that get Printz attention and become compulsive purchases for librarians and easy adds to a summer reading list aren t the kinds of books that I think teens should be reading Rather, they tend to be the kinds of books that adults who already love to read love to read So that [...]

  19. I read this way too quickly so this will include some summary light spoilers I love the writing style and the focus on character Nora and her family and friends are very believable But perhaps the most interesting part of the novel is the setting NYC in 1977 during the Son of Sam murders and the blackout I d heard of these events but had never thought of their implications and living through them with Nora was fascinating and horrifying I Love the discussion of 70s feminism through both her whit [...]

  20. This book will resonate with all readers who are forced to take on parental roles within their family and who struggle to juggle being a teen ager and a parent Nora has a part time job, a new boyfriend, a possible college experience and lots of people who care about her, except her father, who is totally engrossed in his new family, her brother who is full of rage, drugs and is perhaps mentally ill and her mother who just capitulates into the difficulties of holding a job and understanding her s [...]

  21. Very impressive book from Meg Medina against a dangerous summer backdrop when Son of Sam is killing couples all over New York Nora, the MC, is itching for freedom but it s tough with unknown evils lurking not only in her city, but in her home Nora is also about to leave high school, is nervous about being separated from her best friend, and also starting to get overwhelmed by the amount of secrets she has been keeping There is SO much to take in in BURN BABY BURN I loved the 70s backdrop, Nora s [...]

  22. Set in the explosive NYC summer of 1977, this story brings the tension of that summer to life through the story of a Latina girl trying to figure out her future and deal with family problems While Son of Sam is terrorizing the city, murdering young ladies and sending cryptic notes to the news, Nora is just trying to make it through graduation and figure out a way to escape her disastrous home life Her younger brother Hector is a powder keg, liable to explode and hurt Nora or their mom at the sli [...]

  23. This was a very gripping and compelling read I have been reading watching so many things about this particular period in 1970s New York, and I think there s something extremely relatable about the sense of disillusionment and chaos considering our current period of unrest and political quagmire The relationships in this are so real and vivid, and Nora is the kind of female heroine I love seeing in YA she s strong but struggling with what it means to grow up, to be herself and love the people she [...]

  24. Burn, Baby, Burn is set during the New York summer of 1977 With arson, a black out, and the Son of Sam, a serial killer, on the loose, Nora Lopez lives in fear Inside of her home, Nora s brother Hector terrorizes her family, and she struggles to find a safe place where she can be herself Medina crafts a thoughtful, nuanced story that readers won t be able to put down.

  25. Burn Baby Burn by Meg Medina has appeared on several Most Anticipated and Best lists for 2016 In addition, it was recently recommended to me by someone who should know I have had a signed copy in my pile since the ALAN Workshop in November The cover didn t do much for me, and now that I have read the book, I don t think it effectively prepares the reader for what is to come However, based on these recommendations, I pulled it to the top of my pile and read it.It is the summer of 1977 in Queens, [...]

  26. WHY did this book not get attention when it came out Or maybe I just missed it Either way, this book needs to be in your hands right away if you haven t read it Or in your Audible queue for all of my audiobook fans, the audio is fantastic The narrator brings Nora s thoughts feelings to life, and I don t think I could imagine a better voice for her READ IT I love historical fiction, and I delighted in the 1970 s references, but if you aren t typically a fan of historical fiction, don t let that [...]

  27. Originally published here at Random Musings of a Bibliophile.Meg Medina s name on a book is a guarantee that I will be reading that book sooner rather than later I ve been highly anticipating the release of Burn Baby Burn from the moment I heard about it and was so excited to get to read an advanced copy I have been pondering how to articulate why this book is so special and particularly brilliant and not just gush Hopefully I will attain of the latter here.The spring and summer of New York Cit [...]

  28. This is a gripping YA novel set in New York during the Year of Sam It mentions the Son if Sam shootings and the fear that festered in the city at the time but the crux of this story is the drama of Nora Lopez life Her Dad ditched her mother and is raising a new family elsewhere, reluctantly providing late rent checks while Nora s mother attempts to make ends meet with unstable work Nora s younger brother is becoming a pyromaniac, drug stealing delinquent while Nora tries to keep appearing normal [...]

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