Frosh: Second Chances

Unlimited Frosh: Second Chances - by Mónica B. Wagner - Frosh: Second Chances, Frosh Second Chances In FROSH FIRST BLUSH Ellie Grant Devon and Charlie spent their welcome week falling head over heels for each other before totally falling apart Now in FROSH SECOND CHANCES they ll have to pick u
  • Title: Frosh: Second Chances
  • Author: Mónica B. Wagner
  • ISBN: 9781531286781
  • Page: 462
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited Frosh: Second Chances - by Mónica B. Wagner, Frosh: Second Chances, Mónica B. Wagner, Frosh Second Chances In FROSH FIRST BLUSH Ellie Grant Devon and Charlie spent their welcome week falling head over heels for each other before totally falling apart Now in FROSH SECOND CHANCES they ll have to pick up the pieces After ruining Grant s football career and her own reputation Ellie has been trying to lie low which means not making enemies But some students stillIn FROSH FIRST Unlimited Frosh: Second Chances - by Mónica B. Wagner - Frosh: Second Chances, Frosh Second Chances In FROSH FIRST BLUSH Ellie Grant Devon and Charlie spent their welcome week falling head over heels for each other before totally falling apart Now in FROSH SECOND CHANCES they ll have to pick u
  • Unlimited Frosh: Second Chances - by Mónica B. Wagner
    462 Mónica B. Wagner
Frosh: Second Chances

About Author

  1. M nica was born in a Peruvian city by a snow capped volcano Growing up, books were her constant companion as she traveled with her family to places like India where she became a vegetarian , Thailand where she almost met Leonardo di Caprio , France where she pretended to learn French , and countless other places that inspired her to write Now, M nica lives in Chile with her husband, three boys, eleven hens, and stray dog.

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  1. Hi, guys I wrote this book And I have a few fun graphics teasers to share with you.Newspapers And also, you re invited to join Fleur de Lis A very secret societyOh, and you want a sneak peek and see what the characters will be up to Here s Grant Here s Devon, thinking about Charlie Here s Ellie And here s Charlie And lastly, I d thought you d like to know, while I was writing this book, I felt like And then, when I finished it, I felt like 3M

  2. I received a copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review This was an amazing read I thought it was a nice romance The story was very interesting I love these couples However, I wonder what will happen to the characters There were some moments of laughter It was nice to see the interaction between opposites A nerd is in love with a bad ass rich girl A former jock is in love with a quiet reporter journalist student.I think my favourite character is Charlie because he is sweet yet passion [...]

  3. Original review The Daydreaming Bookworm I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review After the first book in the Frosh series, First Blush, ended with a cliffhanger, I was pretty anxious to get my hands on Second Chances to find out what was going to happen next While I didn t end up loving the sequel as much as the first book, I did enjoy seeing some of my favorite characters again and getting some answers for my unanswered questions.Second Chances picks up a few weeks [...]

  4. 3 4 Stars ARC kindly received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This was a fast and easy read It s been quite a while since I had read the first book in the series, but once I got into this one I started to remember who was who, and what had happened At least enough for me to read without confusion haha.There were our usual great favourite main characters along with some secondary ones as well There were also a few hidden life lessons in this story We have an ending with quite a few [...]

  5. It is wonderful when you get a second chance at love or to make a difference and fix things but with university kids, it s much than that, there is a lot of pride and peer pressure along the way For Grant and Ellie, this was an opportunity to make things right and try to salvage what they once had But it wasn t as simple as that with the drugs factor still raising its ugly head with their football team, and their so called friend s interference, it was one mighty uphill battle for them This boo [...]

  6. FROSH SECOND CHANCES is the sweet and sexy and heartwarming and heartbreaking second book in M nica Wagner s Frosh series It takes readers back to Hillson University and back into the lives of Ellie, Grant, Devon and Charlie, where they ll finally find out what s been going on with each character in the aftermath of what went down on campus in the series first installment.Ellie is trying to recover from what happened and stay out of the spotlight But her need to make things right and her desire [...]

  7. I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This in no way alters my opinion of the work.If you re like me and you missed the first book, don t you worry The synopsis covers everything you need to know.This book follows several different characters, which is great, but I did not like the sudden transitions between each point of view Grant and Ellie and Charlie are likable enough and they each have their own issues, but I m actually interested in seeing things from An [...]

  8. I received a copy from the author in exchange of an honest review.I loved Frosh First Blush and was really excited to pick up the sequel The characters are so lifelike and real that it was like meeting some old friends My favorite characters are Devon and Charlie They re such an unlikely couple, yet they somehow fit together perfectly It was heartbreaking to see them struggle, but the conflict was real and believable It annoys me when writers come up with some made up conflict for the sake of te [...]

  9. Everything went to hell, but no what can be done about it Relationship gaps between social classes, Crimes that need to be revealed and accounted for, family issues in many forms, and love For people are at the center of this tale, and they all are looking for their place, in their own way They struggle to figure out what s truly important I cannot wait for the the next book I am completely attached to these characters

  10. I was fortunate to read an Advance Reader s Copy of this fresh, fun romance A swoony college quarterback, a stressed out journalist, a cute science nerd, and a spoiled rich girl, are all struggling with relationships that started off on the wrong foot, and trying to keep their hearts from getting broken The characters and their relationships are unique, hot, and unpredictable, and will keep you guessing Can t wait to see how everything turns out in Frosh 3

  11. And the plot thickens Love the new layers of mishaps and mysteries we find in Book 2 It s fun to watch the characters grow and the relationships get complex Tali was a fun addition and I m interested to see the role she ll play in Book 3

  12. Book one, First Blush ended in a cliffhanger, so I wanted to know what happened to all our MCs Ellie, Grant, Devon, and Charlie This book picks up a few months after the big scandal, which sent Grant s world into a tailspin, and made Ellie the Hillson pariah Though Grant and Ellie were dealing with many changes, things were going swimmingly for Charlie and Devon Each couple was presented with obstacles Devon and Grant had to deal with the backlash from the football ban, and Ellie s indecision ab [...]

  13. This is book 2, in the Frosh series This book can be read as a standalone novel To avoid spoilers, and have a better understanding of the series, I recommend reading this in order.Following the couples of Grant Ellie, Devon Charlie, this story continues as we head into further mayhem at school with these adorkable peeps Grant is through with football and trying to adjust to classes Charlie is finding he can be than the nerd.All the characters must decide if the relationships are worth all the t [...]

  14. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.There s really not much I can say about Frosh Second Chances.I saw it on Netgalley and was excited to see the second book in the Frosh series was available to read since quite enjoyed the first book, however this book was not appealing to me.Unfortunately, I became bored with it and it became a struggle to read I didn t like the format of the book I had received as it looked as if there was no breaks Just one LARGE es [...]

  15. I am a lover of Cora Carmack Rush University series and heard that this series was along those lines so Monica had some big shoes to fill and boy did she step up to the plate and deliver a home run This story was filled with steamy love scenes, twisted secret clubs, mean catty girls, and a story line that kept you guess where it was going However in the end I really did enjoy reading this book and would like to see what else she has going on in this series.

  16. I received a copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review I start by saying that I loved the book and I just do not give five stars because I m very strict about five stars I loved the chemistry of the couples, it was interesting to see a powerful girl for a change Usually it is the boy who is rich and powerful and the girl who thinks she does not deserve such a perfect boy It was refreshing to see this change I m looking forward to the third book.

  17. I read this ARC for a honest review from NetGalley I didn t read the whole first book ,but this one summed it up good without having to.A very Sweet romance,some sexy moments, makes me wish I was back in college.

  18. Second Chances, FROSH 2, M nica B WagnerReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Romance, New Adult Gah third part isn t out til next year that s just what I hate about trilogies and duologies, you re hooked in to the story, racing along with the characters and thenThe End, For now anyway, come back next year I loved the first book, First Blush but that was last year and a few hundred books back, so when picking this up although I could recall roughly the story and the main dramas the intensi [...]

  19. I received an ARC for this book in exchange for an honest review There s something about this series that makes me want to find out what happens to the characters, yet there always seems to be something missing The story and characters are great, but something seems to get lost in the execution.While there were quite a few things that were predictable in this book, it wasn t as obvious as the first book in the series I also felt that the flow was better in this book, so I can see the author s gr [...]

  20. This book was of a YA story It focuses on the lives of 4 Freshman college students and the aftermath of a terrible scan.Ellie and her boyfriend, quarterback, Grant, are on a break from each other after being exposed by a fellow journalist, Tanner Tanner not only took Ellie s article about the football team, plagiarized it, and then published it he also released intimate pictures of the couple as well As a result, the University lost their football team and a drug charges were brought upon many [...]

  21. I read the first book in this series where we first met these characters and I loved it This one not as much While all four main characters are back this particular book focuses on my least favorite character Devon Grant is dealing with life without football and Ellie Football he doesn t really miss but Ellie is another story Ellie s life isn t going so well either She misses Grant like crazy and now she s being targeted as campus snitch when football is suspended from Hillson It seems no one wa [...]

  22. I didn t read the first part of this series so I didn t come into this book with any real investments in any of the relationships and I kinda liked that I could see relationships shifting and being amazing and exciting I liked seeing the story play out and not rushing to forgiveness, Grant actually took his time to process his feelings even though he wanted to be with Ellie right away Great building blocks for a future in a relationship The one couple I wouldn t mind seeing shift around is Devon [...]

  23. I was give a free copy Via NetGalley for an honest ReviewThis book is all about second chances, as college students you are legally required to make mistakes lolBut, Are some mistakes forgivable Can redemption be sought Love this book angst, love, Lust and college campus shenanigans all rolled into one.

  24. This review is based on the ARC received from the author and or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.It is definitely not meant as a standalone If you have access to both I highly recommend this book Otherwise you will be swimmin with some confusion.

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