The Rogue Retrieval

↠ The Rogue Retrieval Ñ Dan Koboldt - The Rogue Retrieval, The Rogue Retrieval Sleight of hand in another land Stage magician Quinn Bradley has one dream to headline his own show on the Vegas Strip And with talent scouts in the audience wowed by his latest performance he knows
  • Title: The Rogue Retrieval
  • Author: Dan Koboldt
  • ISBN: 9780062451903
  • Page: 174
  • Format: ebook

↠ The Rogue Retrieval Ñ Dan Koboldt, The Rogue Retrieval, Dan Koboldt, The Rogue Retrieval Sleight of hand in another land Stage magician Quinn Bradley has one dream to headline his own show on the Vegas Strip And with talent scouts in the audience wowed by his latest performance he knows he s about to make the big time What he doesn t expect is an offer to go on a quest to a place where magic is all too real That s how he finds himself in Alissia a world cSleight ↠ The Rogue Retrieval Ñ Dan Koboldt - The Rogue Retrieval, The Rogue Retrieval Sleight of hand in another land Stage magician Quinn Bradley has one dream to headline his own show on the Vegas Strip And with talent scouts in the audience wowed by his latest performance he knows
  • ↠ The Rogue Retrieval Ñ Dan Koboldt
    174 Dan Koboldt
The Rogue Retrieval

About Author

  1. Dan Koboldt is a genetics researcher who has co authored than 70 publications in Nature, Science, the New England Journal of Medicine, and other journals Every fall, he disappears into the woods to pursue whitetail deer bow and arrow He lives with his wife and three children in Ohio, where the deer take their revenge by eating all of the plants in his backyard.

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  1. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 01 19 bThis year, I m resolving to do a much better job at controlling my TBR and a big part of that will involve being a lot prudent with the books I choose to accept for review, but when I was contacted about The Rogue Retrieval, I knew there was no way I could resist giving it a try The book s main character is a Las Vegas stage magician who one day hopes to make it big and headline at a Strip casino Call me cheesy, but I have a real fas [...]

  2. When reading the description of The Rogue Retrieval I saw portal fantasy and expected, well, fantasy Magic and magic and sword fighting I think this is of a Star Gate brand of portal fantasy than Narnia There s a whole lot technology than magic wands, which makes for a great mix I ve been missing Star Gate and here is a story that reminds me of it.I found it fascinating to bring together a user of magic from Vegas who relies on tricks and illusion with the genuine fantasy magic user Throw in [...]

  3. If you re a bit overwhelmed by the world right now, and the grimdark seems a bit too dark, I want to recommend The Rogue Retrieval, because Koboldt s story is the perfect take me away from the real world novel.Quinn Bradley is trying to win his spot on the Vegas strip when he is offered a job he can t refuse Corporate espionage, a true fantasy setting, and a likeable cast of characters make this a fast and enjoyable read Although the story is light, in no way does it become trite Koboldt keeps a [...]

  4. A Las Vegas magician gets recruited to go on a covert mission into a medieval world and pretend to be a wizard in order to regain control after an operative goes rogue I mean, if that doesn t make you want to read this book immediately, then I can t help you.

  5. Sometimes I read to experience something I have never read before and sometimes I read to enjoy the comfort of the familiar This book takes me back to the nostalgic enjoyment of the fantasy genre that made me fall in love with reading when I was young The inclusion of a Vegas magician, with a dash of humor as the protagonist, also gave it a little spice to meet my appetite for something a little different This was just a nice relaxing read with a fun premise I definitely plan on reading the next [...]

  6. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this to read, and devoured it.The Rogue Retrieval centers mostly around Quinn Bradley, a Vegas stage magician hoping to hit the big time From the very start, Quinn comes off as sharp, on top of his game, and perhaps ready for his big breakright up until his big break gets taken, in exchange for an even bigger job.Quinn will be part of a team sent to perform the titular Rouge Retrieval, but you can bet that even well prepared, well armed teams with the best mon [...]

  7. I ll note I was the editor for this book, so take that as you will But obviously I liked the book, or else I wouldn t have been the editor in the first place And I really liked Dan s book.I just felt like the idea of a stage magician being put in a world where magic is real is a great concept Too, I really hadn t read a portal fantasy in a long time, and yet one of my favorite novels is Terry Brooks Magic Kingdom For Sale Sold , and this reminded me of that in a really good way.Ultimately, thoug [...]

  8. This was sublime Flowing with all the ease and marvel of a work written decades before, it totally kept me hooked nonstop I ve always enjoyed stories of other worlds but when they re written so well and keep the pulse pounding too, why that s even better A debut author with potential than many I ve seen in some time, I m already waiting for the next book

  9. Quinn Bradley, stage magician on an off strip theatre in Vegas, is about to get his big break Except it never comes Instead, he s offered a lot of money to help a huge corporation infiltrate Alissia, a world connected to ours by a secret portal What they want is his talent in illusions to help them retrieve the head of the research team, who has gone rogue But when the real magicians of Alissia come after the impersonator, Quinn has only his wits and his stage props to keep him alive.The Rogue R [...]

  10. I was lucky enough to get to read an advanced copy of this book.The Rogue Retrieval is a fun read that breaks out from the typical fantasy story and explores what happens when a regular guy comes into a fantastic scenario Quinn Bradley isn t a hero, and to me, that s the best part of the book He s a Vegas stage magician with quick hands and a quick mind, and that s really all he has to rely on as he faces a new, magical world beyond a portal.We ve all read portal fantasies, but to me, Rogue take [...]

  11. This was a book with a kick ass premise, and was a lot of fun, but also with plenty of flaws.First, the premise a wormhole of some sort has been discovered to another world, a world with real magic, and acquired and kept very secret by Omni Consumer Products Czerka Corporation Abstergo Industries Shinra Electric Power Company CASE Global They ve been scouting this new world, with Prime Directive esque restrictions on their personnel The story begins when they recruit a Vegas stage magician to he [...]

  12. The Rogue Retrieval is a portal fantasy part real world, part fantasy world Narnia, which is a genre near and dear to my heart There s not much other than the opening and the end which takes place in our world, but there s plenty of conflict between them This book has a lot of action going for it and just enough mystery mostly missing motives to keep you reading.Now, for the best bits I LOVE Quinn, the main character He s a Vegas magician pretending to be a real magician, because this world has [...]

  13. At first, I was a little tentative about this story While I love magic, I don t like magicians, the Vegas kind I don t know I m weird But this story pulled me in and didn t let me go until the end Stage magician Quinn is swept up into another world, a world with magic, as he travels through a portal to retrieve a rogue scientist before he completely messes up this new world they ve discovered He s a strong character, one who s just trying to enjoy his time in this wild and weird world while doin [...]

  14. THIS BOOK WAS EVERYTHING THAT IS AWESOME More intelligent review to follow UPDATE Okay Now that I ve had time to process this book, here s my review This book was, indeed, everything that is awesome Initially I picked it up because it appeared to be a cross between Now You See Me one of my favorite movies ever and the Middle Ages, which is absolutely my jam, and the first part of the story delivers in this aspect But as the plot deepens and the reader gets to see of this amazing world, the book [...]

  15. Ah, what a fun, light fantasy read Rogue Retrieval offers a delightful twist on the classic portal fantasy a stage magician from modern day Earth is recruited to assist a corporation on their forays through a hole into a real life fantasy world with magic One of the heads of the operation has gone rogue, escaping into the other world, and he needs to be retrieved before he introduces dangerous technology and ideas Mayhem ensues, of course It s a fast read a frolic and feels like a wonderful set [...]

  16. This isn t the type of book I usually read, but I liked it It pulls you in the action keeps things moving so it was a quick read for me I especially liked the details that surrounded the Jillaine character I look forward to the next one

  17. Let it be known that I am not generous with 5 star reviews An awesome blend of scifi and fantasy with kickass world building What s not to love

  18. Originally published at Reading RealityThe Rogue Retrieval is a terrific example of what is called portal fantasy , where a magical portal opens between our world of the mundane and another world where magic is operational.Admittedly, the magic of the portal itself may be of the Arthur C Clarke variety, where any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic as it may be in this case Or it can literally be a magic portal, like the famous wardrobe in C.S Lewis Narnia series.So [...]

  19. Throw a traditional pseudo medieval fantasy into a pot along with Stargate and season with a dash of Avatar, and you have some idea of what is in store in The Rogue Retrieval.Attracted by the dramatic concept of a Las Vegas performing illusionist come magician entering a fantasy world where he would need to be convincing alongside those who do magic for real, The Rogue Retrieval was an impulse buy for me I was also charmed by the book s opening where Quinn, the aforementioned magician, on the cu [...]

  20. Disclosure I ve met the author as part of my role as the Municipal Liaison for the St Louis NaNoWriMo region I received the book as a free digital ARC via Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewE ROGUE RETRIEVAL brings the magic of the stage together with magic of the world Quinn is a stage magician about to get his big break in Vegas when he s approached with a very strange job offer The world of Alissia lies just on the other side of a portal, and a megacorporation has bee [...]

  21. Dan Koboldt in his new book, The Rogue Retrieval published by Harper Voyager Impulse introduces us to Quinn Bradley.From the back cover Sleight of hand in another land.Stage magician Quinn Bradley has one dream to headline his own show on the Vegas Strip And with talent scouts in the audience wowed by his latest performance, he knows he s about to make the big time What he doesn t expect is an offer to go on a quest to a place where magic is all too real.That s how he finds himself in Alissia, a [...]

  22. I have to say, I had mixed emotions about starting this one I don t know where my head was at when I read the description, but I wasn t expecting what I got and I loved it Quinn Bradley is a Vegas magician with dreams of headlining on the strip His personality and charm, sleight of hand, and innovative illusions have finally attracted some head hunters, but they ve also caught the attention of a large and powerful corporation who want to use it for their own All his best options blocked, Quinn a [...]

  23. I had a lot of fun reading The Rogue Retrieval I got this as an eARC from Edelweiss, and read it in just a couple sittings It s an action packed ride with a witty protagonist, and I m a fan of magic both in fantasy books and magic acts performed in the real world so this was up my alley.Quinn is a stage magician in Vegas looking for his big break on the strip After a stellar performance, he thinks he s finally going to be offered his dream job Instead, reps from CASE Global make him an offer he [...]

  24. This turned out to be quite a fun book subtly drawing inspirations from a lot of sources but retaining enough charm to differentiate it from the others Charming, I think, thats the word for this book The characters are not very complex but are extremely charming and good hud There is a vein of darkness but that s mostly hidden away to an extent The classic fish out of water scenario heres involves a Vegas magician being hired by a large faceless corporation to hunt a rogue scientist who has gone [...]

  25. You know, I think might be the favorite book that I ve read from the Harper Voyager Impulse line When I was trying to think of negatives about this book, about the worst thing I could thing of was it doesn t exactly break any new ground, but that isn t necessarily even a bad thing, if done well.And honestly, it was.The book knew exactly what it was a story of contemporary, tech forward humans traveling to a world that s medieval in its technology to try and retrieve one of their own that went to [...]

  26. Ever seen a really good magic show You suspend disbelief for a while to enjoy it You know intellectually that skill and technology are behind the magic you re seeingbut what if a place existed where magic was real and impersonating magicians was a crime And what if you plucked a Las Vegas magician and stuck him there This is the premise of The Rogue Retrieval , a quick paced and entertaining adventure that blends fantasy with state of the art technology and a greedy corporate empire with designs [...]

  27. Short version until I can collect my thoughts to write a longer review I am VERY much looking forward to the sequel Write faster, Mr Koboldt I like how this portal fantasy doesn t just use the portal trope as a plot device to get the protagonist to another world Also, it s a joy to read a novel that is both interesting in terms of plot, setting, and characters AND well written in terms of the basic mechanics of writing no stupid punctuation errors on every page.Rating 4.5 stars.

  28. I thougth it started a little slow but then it picked up I was not to sure if i wanted to read the book after the first few pages but glad I did It got better and exciting as I went along liked that he used a magician Nice twist to the story Hope the writer will return to his world for adventures.

  29. The Rogue Retrieval is a portal fantasy that brings sci fi tech into a high fantasy world, and the result is pure fun Fans of Jim C Hines would enjoy Dan Koboldt s witty dialogue rich in banter and his great sense of humor And I really enjoyed following Vegas magician Quinn through his adventures in Alissia Is it too soon to hope for a sequel

  30. Good StartThis book was one of the better attempts to integrate science and magic It also laid the groundwork for further adventures It has some ideas that I would like to see developed into greater detail Worth the price.

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