The Attic Room

[PDF] Read ☆ The Attic Room : by Linda Huber - The Attic Room, The Attic Room A father s secret a mother s lie a family mystery An unexpected phone call and Nina s life takes a disturbing twist Who is John Moore And how does he know her name Nina travels south to see the house
  • Title: The Attic Room
  • Author: Linda Huber
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ☆ The Attic Room : by Linda Huber, The Attic Room, Linda Huber, The Attic Room A father s secret a mother s lie a family mystery An unexpected phone call and Nina s life takes a disturbing twist Who is John Moore And how does he know her name Nina travels south to see the house she inherited but sinister letters arrive and she finds herself in the middle of a police investigation With her identity called into question Nina uncovers a sA father s secret a mot [PDF] Read ☆ The Attic Room : by Linda Huber - The Attic Room, The Attic Room A father s secret a mother s lie a family mystery An unexpected phone call and Nina s life takes a disturbing twist Who is John Moore And how does he know her name Nina travels south to see the house

  • [PDF] Read ☆ The Attic Room : by Linda Huber
    489 Linda Huber
The Attic Room

About Author

  1. Linda Huber grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, but went to work in Switzerland for a year aged twenty two, and has lived there ever since Her day jobs have included working as a physiotherapist in hospitals and schools for handicapped children, and teaching English in a medieval castle Not to mention several years spent as a full time mum to two boys, a rescue dog, and a large collection of goldfish and guinea pigs.Linda now lives in Switzerland, in a little town on the banks of beautiful Lake Constance.Her debut psychological suspense novel The Paradise Trees was published in 2013, and was followed by The Cold Cold Sea, The Attic Room, Chosen Child, Ward Zero, Baby Dear, and Death Wish Linda has also had over 50 short stories and articles published, some of which can be read in The Saturday Secret, a charity collection of short feel good stories.

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  1. I had been eagerly awaiting the next book from talented author Linda Huber since reading The Cold, Cold Sea last year and loving it The wait was well worth it as The Attic Room really delivered and lived up to expectations Whoop A father s secret a mother s lie a family mystery.An unexpected phone call and Nina s life takes a disturbing twist Who is John Moore And how does he know her name Nina travels south to see the house she inherited, but sinister letters arrive and she finds herself in the [...]

  2. What would you do if your mother has jut died, and weeks later you hear from an estate attorney telling you some man, recently deceased, has left his house and a lot of money to you and you have no idea who this man is I would do exactly what Nina does go meet the lawyer and look at the house and ask how much money.And what would you do if you found out this man was actually your father the man your mother told you died many, many years ago And while Nina is trying to come to grips with all the [...]

  3. The Attic Room by Linda Huber was an outstanding first novel of suspense, betrayal secrets that had my head spinning round round then some it was so good could not put this down.Nina Moore had just lost her mother Claire who died a horrible death was struggling to cope with her daughter Naomi they all lived together in Arran got on very well, until one day Nina gets a phone call from Samuel Harrison a lawyer telling her she has just inherited a house a lot of money.She doesn t believe him as sh [...]

  4. Originally reviewed on Becca s Books.Originally it was the cover that drew me to Linda Huber s psychological thriller The Attic Room Once that had caught my attention, I turned my focus to the blurb and thought it sounded like a novel I d really like to know about It intrigued me with talk of twists, secrets and mystery, so I grabbed myself a copy off and couldn t wait to begin.The Attic Room by Linda Huber follows the dual narrative of Claire and Nina, mother and daughter Nina now resides on t [...]

  5. I ve been wanting to read one of Linda Huber s books for ages I eventually chose The Attic Room Its mysterious cover intrigued me as I knew something awful must have gone on behind that door I wasn t disappointed, far from it I haven t read any of the other reviews, and I daren t say too much to spoil anyone s reading experience All you need to know is that the story and fluid style will draw you in It touches on a subject not often discussed and the author has been brave enough to tackle it hea [...]

  6. The Attic Room is the second book that I have read by this author and have got to say I loved them both.The story flicks between Nina in the present day and Claire, Nina s mother, in the past.Getting an unexpected phone call telling you that you had inherited a house would probably be a nice surprise for most of us but unfortunately this is not the case for Nina The house as well as the man that has left it to her reveals some shocking and horrific secrets.You can feel the tension building throu [...]

  7. Nina is contacted by a solicitor in Bedford looking for the recipient of an inheritance from a man who claimed to be her father, but it s been two weeks since she lost her mother, who also told her that her father had died when she was young When the likelihood of this being a sine clerical mistake seems slim, Nina goes to Bedford from her home in Arran, to find a large mysterious but familiar house and a branch of family she never knew she had However, the dark secrets of this family threaten h [...]

  8. Nina is devastated by the lost of her mother While grieving for her she discovers that she has been named as a beneficiary for a man she does not know, although, he shares her same surname As she delves into finding out, she unlocks the torrid truths of her mothers past, that places her into immediate danger.This was a gripping read and would have been perfect had there not been an overuse of world building I like just enough to pull me in and let my imagination do the rest The writing was excel [...]

  9. You would think that this was a happy ever after story from the beginning Nina inherits a couple of million and a big old house from a relative she didn t know she had what could anybody want But nothing is free in this life, and the you get, the bigger the price, and the price Nina has to pay in terms of all what she holds dear is massive.The atmosphere of the house, leaking it s evil memories of the past came through strongly and chilled me to the bones Linda Huber knows about evil, knows ab [...]

  10. When I saw this book under my recommendations, I was instantly intrigued The cover, the author, the plot I needed to read it ASAP And so I did Having read The Cold, Cold Sea also by the author, I had high expectations However, I was pretty disappointed with this one Nina has just lost her mother in a freak accident and at the same time, finds out she has inherited a house and large sum of money Once she travels to the house, the threats begin Someone claims she doesn t deserve everything and tha [...]

  11. I was really interested in this read, the blurb intriqued me and I was eager to find out what it was all about.However, I got quite impatient with the style of writing, there are a lot of descriptive references to furniture in the rooms, of the very big and foreboding house of John Moore There was even a sentence that read the bathroom proper must be upstairs Even though the author has written two other books, I feel that she hasn t quite reached the pinnacle of her writing ability I also think [...]

  12. I enjoyed this, though not quite as much as The Cold, Cold Sea The theme is compelling and it dwells properly on the impact of a nasty subject, rather than reveling in the details Nina discovers that her father hadn t died when she was young, as she had believed Why hadn t her mother told her It s too late to ask her mother and then it s too late to ask her suddenly discovered father too, but she soon learns enough about him to wish he weren t her father after all She finds herself with a house [...]

  13. This wasn t bad but, i didn t think it came anywhere near the first book The Cold Cold Sea, written by this author.The main character Nina has just lost her mother, she gets a phone call from a lawyer telling her she has been left a substantial fortune by her late Father John Moor Nina has always been told her Father was dead.Anyway she ends up going from her home on Arran to London to find out whats going on.Once there she meets up with Good looking Lawyer Sam who is handling the case and he ta [...]

  14. Nina has just dealt with the death of her mother Then she gets a call from a lawyer saying she has inherited a house and a large amount of money from an unknown relative She goes to visit the lawyer and get the information she needs about this strange relative While there she finds out many secrets from her past that not only put her life in danger, but the life of her daughter as well This book was just wow The story was captivating Around every turn something new comes up and it gives the read [...]

  15. This story tackles a difficult subject but is told in a way which makes it an enjoyable read Nina is grieving for her mother who has died recently, when she finds out she has been named in the will of a man she doesn t know He has the same surname as her, however, and reluctantly she agrees to travel to Bedfordshire from the Isle of Arran where she and her daughter Naomi live and she runs a bed and breakfast Gradually, Nina discovers her relationship to this man and is drawn into the stories of [...]

  16. I was so excited to read another of Huber s novels, as I loved The Cold Cold Sea so much This book started off with lots of promise and intrigue but, unfortunately, it failed to live up to my expectations I didn t feel the character development was as strong as Huber s other work, though the plot was good there lacked some depth to the overall story.The main characters were written well, though their relationships seemed somewhat artificial, a lot of the book felt skimmed over to reach the main [...]

  17. I will read anything witten by this author What an awful consequence not kowing your family tree and then be plunged into a dangerous situation far, far fom home Not to give away spoilers, this story was very well written and you are on the edge of your seat as you cannot put it down once you undstand what is at stake.

  18. I enjoyedThis started out rather slow but as I read I gained and interest I did put it down for a bit as life got busy but when I picked it back up it read like an old friend.

  19. My new favorite authorI could not put this book down Ms Huber kept me on the edge of my seat I m looking forwarding to reading from her

  20. Not badI did like this book but it had a tendency to really drag ond on Especially towards the end But overall not bad.

  21. Great bookThis is a great book Easy to read Love it from the beginning I am going to read her second book.


  23. One and a half stars rounded up to two.Lackluster and predictable crime thriller and I m being pretty free and easy with the word thriller The story was so predictable that I began to wonder if there was even supposed to be a mystery involved at all It started out in a promising way A woman, Nina, runs a bed and breakfast on a Scottish isle with her mother and young daughter Sadly, Nina has just recently endured the death of her mother and is left to run the family business and raise a 10 year o [...]

  24. The Attic Room is mostly told from the point of view of Nina who is struggling with having just lost her mother, Claire, and who lives with her daughter Naomi on the beautiful Isle of Arran She gets a telephone call which turns her world upside down and has to head off to Bedford to try and uncover what appears to be a family secret, the truth of which has died along with her mother.Nina knows nothing of any extended family she may have and is keen to find out but when she does she is in for an [...]

  25. An ideal book for those liking gentler psychological crime thrillers.If you re looking for something that isn t all violence, threat and face paced action this is a good choice I d probably describe it as a cosy crime thriller if such a thing exists In a way it s rite of passage The main character, Nina, is numb after turning off the life support machine on the mother she was exceptionally close to Two weeks later she hears she has been left a property by a relative she knows nothing about It is [...]

  26. Read it in a couple of hours, found it neither thrilling or psychological Genuinely dislike leaving negative reviews, it s a fair thing getting published at all these days so congratulations to the author, I simply may not be the audience she was aiming for This is purely my personal take on it, I found it very clearly a debut story The dialogue between characters is how someone thinks speech would be writte By that I mean the way they interact feels false and untrue The storyline switched back [...]

  27. This is my third Linda Huber book Unfortunately I did not enjoy this one as I had The Cold Cold Sea and Chosen Child The story just didn t seem to have any real substance and I became bored with it due to the very predictable outcome I wouldn t class this book as a psychological thriller but rather just a mystery book The heroine Nina was bland and uninteresting, and at times just plain stupid The love story side of things was also much too predictable I will try reading of Linda Huber but will [...]

  28. 3 starsI had mixed feelings on this book The story kept me interested, and was a fast read However the subject matter of the book is disturbing in dealing with paedophiles, and Nina our main character is annoyingly na ve, and trusting throughout the book I find it frustrating when you can see what s happening from a mile away, and yet the main character is totally oblivious.

  29. It s engrossing story about strange woman She inherited a large fortune from her father, hwo she dad never seen before She went to her father home a found it dingy and somber But why took she her beloved daughter in the place where she felt so uncomfortable and unprotected She got into a very dangerous situation but not along Her daughter was abducted by a madman But I don t want to spoil someone s reading The plot is interesting and very dinamic.I enjoyed reading

  30. Standard thrillerI gave this 3 stars as I found the plot very unbelievable , the characters were quite annoying and not a fan of romance in these novels

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