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[PDF] Download î Back To Us : by Teresa Roman - Back To Us, Back To Us Abandoned by her parents at fourteen Jessica knows what it means to struggle She s vowed that getting her degree is the only thing she has time for until a summer internship brings Justin into her l
  • Title: Back To Us
  • Author: Teresa Roman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download î Back To Us : by Teresa Roman, Back To Us, Teresa Roman, Back To Us Abandoned by her parents at fourteen Jessica knows what it means to struggle She s vowed that getting her degree is the only thing she has time for until a summer internship brings Justin into her life But Justin has scars of his own A tour of duty in Afghanistan has left him with wounds A medical discharge from the Navy leaves Justin struggling to make sense of his nAbandoned by her [PDF] Download î Back To Us : by Teresa Roman - Back To Us, Back To Us Abandoned by her parents at fourteen Jessica knows what it means to struggle She s vowed that getting her degree is the only thing she has time for until a summer internship brings Justin into her l
  • [PDF] Download î Back To Us : by Teresa Roman
    359Teresa Roman
Back To Us

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  1. My absolute favorite things in life are my family and books In fact, my love of reading is what inspired me to become a writer I love the way stories can take you to another time and place.I currently live in beautiful Sacramento, CA with my husband, three adorable children and a doxiepoo named Parker that my son convinced me to adopt When I m not at my day job or running around with my kiddos, you can find me in front of the computer writing or with my head buried in another book.

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  1. 4 StarsBack To Us is a story about two broken characters who started as strangers and who eventually became friends until they realized that they fell in love with each other Things were not that easy for Justin and Jessica though, because these characters have inner battles they re fighting and their issues were the main reason why getting into a relationship was difficult Jessica s parents abandoned her and her brother when she was 14 and since then, she has been living independently Justin s [...]

  2. 3.75 STARSJessica and Justin are both dealing with scars from their pasts some obvious and some hidden Justin is struggling to adjust to a life he never imagined With his military career over, he tries to find a new path while still dealing with the aftermath of his previous life College student Jessica is focused and determined to lead a better life than the abusive childhood that left her abandoned and living in a group home A summer job spent tutoring kids at a community center introduces her [...]

  3. Review originally posted on my blog I Heart Fictional PeopleINITIAL THOUGHTSThe title and the cover intrigued me from the start And after I read the synopsis, I knew I had to read it I m a sucker for two damaged people with their own haunted pasts who come together, fall in love, and make each other s lives better.WHAT I LIKEDOh where do I start I loved everything about this book It was one of those feel good books that you just can t put down because you just HAVE to know what happens to these [...]

  4. 2.5 3 StarsMy opinion and may have a few spoilers.Here is what I liked The characters and the story I loved that this story was not insta love Great premise.This is what I did not like There was TOO much detail It took me awhile to get into the story I almost DNFed the story because there was no point to some of the extensive detail Not sure if an editor points that out to an author For example The heroine had to describe in great detail about the Chinese takeout her brother got loc 4% Then the [...]

  5. My heartstrings have officially been pulled Honestly, it took me a while to get into this book This was likely because I ve been overly distracted and shouldn t be taken as a poor reflection of the author or this work I kept reading and before I knew it, I was looking forward to sneaking in an extra chapter on my lunch break to see what happened with these two damaged, but likable characters Both of them have troubled backgrounds, and the demons of their pasts cast a dark shadow over their curre [...]

  6. Pulls on the heartstringsCan two young people aged beyond their tender years overcome their early adversities and risk it all for love That s the story question Kindle Scout winning author Teresa Roman poses in her new book.Jessica and her brother were abandoned by their parents in the US Their parents literally left them here and went back to Croatia Jessie went through the system and managed to reconnect with her older brother after high school On top of her abandonment, she endured years of b [...]

  7. full review princessicaofbooks.wordpressI received a copy for review from the author This in no way has affected my review Two things I don t usually read eBooks or novellas so I was kind of out of my comfort zone on this one However, I tried not to let that effect my review I actually quite enjoyed Back to Us At first, I thought it was kind of mediocre, probably a solid three There is some insta love but not much I finally got into it about 50 or so pages in I found the second half enjoyable T [...]

  8. I was given a free copy of this book as part of the Kindle Scout program I was torn between 3 and 4 stars This was a sweet easy read love story Justin is a damaged Navy vet, Jessica was abused as a child and left by her parents They connect because of their broken parts I was leaning with 3 starts because it really was just a quick easy read Not a whole lot of depth to it No big surprises I decided on 4 stars because once I started reading it I couldn t put it down I enjoyed Justin and Jessica b [...]

  9. Originally posted on Daydreaming Books I received a digital copy of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review Back To Us was a light read, it had a lot of potential but it felt flat for me It had a promising start but somewhere towards the middle the rhythm got lost Nonetheless I did enjoy this book, I just didn t fall in love with it.The story is about Jessica and Justin Jessica s financial condition is not so good She had a pretty rough childhood and now she lives with [...]

  10. I liked the story of the 2 main characters struggling to overcome the hardships imposed on them by life I liked their romance, and the honest and honorable nature of their affection for each other But I have to admit that the aspect I liked the most was the setting I lived in NYC for many years as a teenager, and the description, the setting, the actions of the characters through the city, it all felt so real I can imagine that the author really lived there I also think that in this day and age [...]

  11. Thanks to Xpresso Book Tours for the review copy For some reason it is difficult to write long reviews when I really liked a book, because there is nothing wrong in it to point out, you know And this is the case, I absolutely adored this book, it is about trust and learn to love your other half not matter what Justin and Jessica were made for each other.Mike, Jessica s brother, was a great character,it surprised me how wise and mature he turned out to be He and Mel were great together.Justin s m [...]

  12. Back To Us is an emotional romance that I highly recommend It s told in the first person POV Jessica has had a hard life but she describes her struggles in a strong, warm voice I understand that this is Roman s first novel but reading it, I never would have thought so She uses specifics and vivid details to draw us into the romance between Justin and Jessica, and the character development was great I particularly liked Jessica s relationship with her brother, Mike, and the contrast of their pers [...]

  13. BACK TO US is what I d call a real romance with great, realistic character layering Jessica and Justin are pretty much perfect for each other, but they are far from perfect individually They each have intense pasts to deal with, and they have to learn, together, how to let each other help Author Teresa Roman did a great job of developing Jessica and Justin s characters as they learn to focus on the core of what drew them together in the first place.

  14. I couldn t get enough of this book I really loved it In fact I didn t get anything done today because I was reading it The reveal was so well done I loved both Justin and Jess And the brothers all of them I also loved the timeline this book took It wasn t a whirlwind 2 weeks and we are in love thing Believable relationships take time I m glad this one took the time and showed complex issues with parents It made it very real and enjoyable I hope this author writes

  15. Heartfelt story Two broken individuals who meet, become friends and fall in love despite all of their family drama, past and issues You have Jess, who s parents abuse and abandon her and her brother and just break down the two siblings who have self worth issues You have Justin young war hero, injured, PTSD and other problems They end up together, break up and together again, but what a journey along the way I really enjoyed the story.

  16. Teresa Roman gives us the beautiful and satisfying love story of Jessica and Justin, two young people from very different boroughs of New York City, who meet one summer when they re working at a community center They re instantly attracted to each other, but because of incidents in their pasts, they each struggle to believe they re worthy to be loved This is the ongoing conflict in Back to Us But the universal need to love and be loved is what keeps them fighting for their dreams.

  17. This is a great detailed love story between two people who you will connect with and feel for One is an adult abuse survivor and the other a war vet with all their internal conflicts can they find and keep their love Beautiful and easy read I received this book for free from First Reads program However this in no way reflects on my review.

  18. This type of books makes you believe in True Love and how if your love is true you don t mind your partner s weakness You Love them with your whole heart Teresa Roman stole my Heart with her Beautiful Writing and Development of great characters I Loved Jessica and Justin s Sweet Love Story I Would Definitely Recommend all the readers to read the Book.

  19. Justin is bae, Jessica is brilliant NA content, so if you are not comfortable with it, do not pick it up unless you are ready for it.full review haddieshaven 2015

  20. 3.5 review contains spoilers I did like this book, but I had some issues especially with the ending The ending, for one thing, felt incredibly rushed One minute Justin s mom hates Jess, and then all of a sudden there s this big turnaround and she s confessing that Jess is like the daughter she never had Umm, what I wish there would have been some sort of transition, like maybe a chapter or two should have been set aside to develop their relationship I also would have liked to know about what ha [...]

  21. A sweet romance with mild sexual activity It shows how people can let others mold us to be who we are Jess and Justin both let other people s comments and action keep them from being who they really were The characters at times felt a bit juvenile, considering Jess was supposed to be mature Nonetheless, if you love romance stories, you ll enjoy this one.

  22. Great story about two people trying to come to grips with the life they have been dealt and learning to trust one another in the process as their love for one another grows Loved reading about the ups and downs and how they deal with it Looking forward to reading the next book that is about some of the characters from this book Hope to hear about Jessica and Justin in it too.

  23. I loved this bookI just felt like I could relate to the main characters in this book I m a corpsman vet myself but I understand where Jess is coming from It really hit me on a personal level Well done.

  24. Very beautiful, romance history I like this book Is a romantic history between a poor woman and a rich man But is not the usually love history Is really beautiful

  25. Real life story Well written and interesting with Justin and Jessica each having there own secrets and problems they need to over come

  26. Cute This book was really cute I liked it a lot It had a good story line and I liked the characters


  28. 3.5 Stars POSSIBLE SPOILERS BOOK Standalone 239 pages Kindle loc 2707 POV first person, heroine HERO Justin Lambert, 25 coaches basketball at community center Former Corpsman in the Navy before he lost his legs He s handsome with amber eyes, short deep brown hair, and freckles Comes from a wealthy family Sweet, kind, generous but extremely insecure because of his amputations and PTSD HEROINE Jessica Jesse Maravic, 19 tutoring high school students A junior in college majoring in education Grew up [...]

  29. Jessica s life has always been a struggle Her and her brother Mike were abandoned by their parents when Jessica was fourteen Mike was old enough to be on his own but Jessica then had to grow up in a group home She got into college and is living with her brother Her only focus is to get her degree until the summer of her internship at the community center Here she meets Justin.Justin has been medically discharged from the Navy after a tour of duty in Afghanistan He has his own scars and struggles [...]

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