War Factory

War Factory Best Read || [Neal Asher] - War Factory, War Factory Thorvald Spear resurrected from his death over a hundred years earlier continues to hunt Penny Royal the rogue AI and dangerous war criminal on the run from Polity forces Beyond the Graveyard a la
  • Title: War Factory
  • Author: Neal Asher
  • ISBN: 9781597808347
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Hardcover

War Factory Best Read || [Neal Asher], War Factory, Neal Asher, War Factory Thorvald Spear resurrected from his death over a hundred years earlier continues to hunt Penny Royal the rogue AI and dangerous war criminal on the run from Polity forces Beyond the Graveyard a lawless and deadly area in deep space Spear follows the trail of several enemy Prador the crab like alien species with a violent history of conflict with humanity Sverl a PrThorvald Spear War Factory Best Read || [Neal Asher] - War Factory, War Factory Thorvald Spear resurrected from his death over a hundred years earlier continues to hunt Penny Royal the rogue AI and dangerous war criminal on the run from Polity forces Beyond the Graveyard a la War Factory Sniper Elite Map Gamer Guides No War Factory Gioielli etici realizzati con scarti di bombe Vietnam War Vehicles Military Factory Sniper Elite How to Use Rat Bomb Mission War Factory Game Rant John McCain a war criminal, not a war hero Liberation News TV Shout Factory A Football Factory Hotchkiss car The Ticket Factory Ganz Works
  • War Factory Best Read || [Neal Asher]
    251Neal Asher
War Factory

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  1. I ve been an engineer, barman, skip lorry driver, coalman, boat window manufacturer, contract grass cutter and builder Now I write science fiction books, and am slowly getting over the feeling that someone is going to find me out, and can call myself a writer without wincing and ducking my head As professions go, I prefer this one I don t have to clock in, change my clothes after work, nor scrub sensitive parts of my body with detergent I think I ll hang around.Source blogger profile 139339

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  1. The sequel to Dark Intelligence is no less riveting and complex than the first in the Transformation series Asher is still playing with the deconstruction and evolution of being, what it means to exist, to act and overcome for Humans, Prador the crab like alien race as well as A.I entities Through Penny Royal, a dark possibly insane A.I the destinies of characters introduced in the first book continue to be manipulated Is it for peace, is it out of guilt, is it out of benevolence The motive for [...]

  2. War Factory Review Mr Asher has once again taken us on a rip roaring ride through the universe of the Polity, chalk full of half human crabs and overly emotional AIs War Factory may be his best work yet As is typical in Mr Asher s work a broad range of characters from past works, particularly Dark Intelligence, take part in the chaos that unfolds As the title infers the central plot focuses around AI with seemingly God like abilities finding the original factory it was created in The machination [...]

  3. Space opera at its best with a fantastic world building, good characters and a complex, surprising and addictive plot, with moments of tension and action if somewhat elongated for my taste in some cases I really want to know how the saga will end.Full review in english dreamsofelvex 201Rese a en castellano dreamsofelvex 201

  4. This book has flaws but I am starting from six stars for scope, complexity and continuation of a very long series So five If this is your first Asher, put it down NOW Go and read at least six of his others, and definitely 1 of this series.As I read this I kept picturing Asher working in an biggish room with whiteboards from floor to ceiling On one wall he lists all the facts he has laid out about each character On another, he maps where everyone is at the current plot moment On the third, he sho [...]

  5. This is the kind of book where you have no idea what s going on but you re riding along giggling the whole time as it s just that good An excellent follow on in the series and one that closes out some threads while making a whole new quilt along the way Additionally, I m not even certain those closed threads will remain that way as death is a mere inconvenience in this universe Now the long dark wait till the next one.

  6. Not terrific Internal inconsistency, and way too much exposition Could ve been halved in length but I guess he s famous enough now, for publishers to fear editing a cash cow I d be harsher, but he s suffered loss, I know how that feels and there should be mercy in the world I will always read him Jain speed Asher.

  7. Great science fiction Second book in the series Artificial intelligence has never been handle so well The complexity of a,man made being that has surpassed it s maker is spell binding.The truma of self awareness is delivered flawlessly

  8. This is the second book about the dark intelligence named Penny Royal It plays out similar to how Dark Intelligence did by following many different characters that have had historical contact with the rogue AI At the culmination of the first book in the trilogy two of the characters whos lives were changed by Penny Royal reached a well, a transformation likely why the series has that name The ultimate confrontation between these characters, and a new character the AI that created Penny Royal and [...]

  9. War Factory is the second novel in Neal Asher s Transformations series, preceded by Dark Intelligence Based in his ever popular Polity universe, War Factory takes the events from the first novel and expands on them further, and all done in typical Asher fashion Not the place to jump in to Asher s work, but if you liked Dark Intelligence, you ll love War Factory From the publisher One seeks judgement, another faces damnation and one man will have his revenge .Thorvald Spear is losing his mind as [...]

  10. As always I really enjoy Neal Asher s Polity novels This one is of the same tightly plotted, its 500 pages flowed past effortlessly More please

  11. There aren t many authors whose latest releases push their way to the front of my TBR list, but Neal Asher is one of them He s one of my favourite contemporary science fiction authors, and I m always eager to read his latest offering The main reason for this isn t just the craft of his writing good as it is , but the strength of his world building The Polity universe is an interesting, and diverse place There is a wealth of technological wonders there, but also a balance.Although the balance isn [...]

  12. War Factory Transformation 2 by Neal AsherWowzers What a read This is the second of three books in the Transformation series And it picks up about a nanosecond after the first one ends Or maybe that s a femto second The pacing is tight, and the plot seems to start at berserk and then go into hyperdrive We have several subplots, each by a different character, who s have each somehow, been changed by being in contact with Penny Royal Penny Royal is the galaxy s Most Wanted AI, and for several god [...]

  13. I started reading Neal Asher quite recently Dark Intelligence was actually my first one Since then I ve read about the Polity universe so this time I was able to pick up the references better This is so far Neal s best book I ve read It s structurally a better book, the narrative races along, the epic space battles are even epic and all the subplots are equally engaging It does a great job at keeping you informed about what s going on and occasionally catches up the plot which can be hard with [...]

  14. I love Neal Asher I ve been a fan of his work since Gridlinked and every time there s a new book I m always super excited.Thankfully War Factory didn t let me down Now I m not a fan of the transition between first and third person but it works to highlight the main character I guess I also kind of would have liked a few jovial sarcastic AIs They re all a little bit psychopathic but that s kind of the point of the book So if you like psychopathic AIs then you should read this book No really you [...]

  15. I won a copy of this book in a giveaway.Wow This is a high octane sci fi thriller The story is complicated and convoluted particularly if you have not read the previous book in this series The glossary and cast of characters in the front proved to be necessary in getting the basics of the story The action is virtually non stop and at times unsettling, I frequently found myself going back to reread portions to ensure I understood what was happening This is not a book you take along for light read [...]

  16. Wow that was fun What next I want When gods are AI and students are next version man only the likes of Neal Asher can take you out past the edge of crazy and make you like the trip there and back I hope there is another book are three to take us even further Love his world view and the places we get to visit when he writes May you write 200.300.400 great stories with this scope

  17. Another exciting installment, as alway a convoluted story, so you can t guess where the stories heading One of the main characters appears to have died but it hard to die completed in the Polity, so there is hope of his return and I personally think he will I have no idea how Neal Asher will wrap up all the loose ends in the next book, although I won t say no if it has to go to a 4th book.

  18. Aaak I am super conflicted about this.I love the way Neal Asher is weaving his universe together I love human AI monster crab hybrids I mean who doesn t.But the writing style is so ADD, so many characters PoV in such short choppy chapters As soon as I really get into one thread it cuts to the next one.I found it super hard to focus and took ages to finish it.

  19. I always love Neal Asher s dark characters My main issue is that there were a few too many to follow I think trimming it down to three would have made the narrative clear Still enjoyed it though

  20. I found this book to be one of my absolute favorites The I read, the I wanted to keep going It s amazing the level of detail put into other species and their mannerisms and history Can t wait until the next book

  21. Awesome sequel I ve always enjoyed the Neal Asher Polity novels as cutting edge sci fi but this trilogy definitely ups the game I wish I knew how he thinks this stuff up but it s good enough for me that he does I eagerly await the next book

  22. MasterfulEnthralling from start to finish this second book of the Transformation trilogy just adds to Asher s pantheon of fabulous characters in The Polity SciFi at its best.

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