The Rules

The Rules Best Download || [Elizabeth Brown] - The Rules, The Rules An older brother s best friend romanceWhen you re a guy the rules are simple Live by the Bro Code Rule Always have his back Rule Don t ever leave him stranded Rule Never ever touch his sister
  • Title: The Rules
  • Author: Elizabeth Brown
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Rules Best Download || [Elizabeth Brown], The Rules, Elizabeth Brown, The Rules An older brother s best friend romanceWhen you re a guy the rules are simple Live by the Bro Code Rule Always have his back Rule Don t ever leave him stranded Rule Never ever touch his sister Aw hell Two out of three ain t bad Warning This story contains mature humor a lot of cursing and of course sexual situations It s intended for adulAn older brother s best friend romance The Rules Best Download || [Elizabeth Brown] - The Rules, The Rules An older brother s best friend romanceWhen you re a guy the rules are simple Live by the Bro Code Rule Always have his back Rule Don t ever leave him stranded Rule Never ever touch his sister
  • The Rules Best Download || [Elizabeth Brown]
    296Elizabeth Brown
The Rules

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  1. 1 2 The Rules stand alone , book 2 Rules are made to be broken with best friend s baby sister I was lucky enough to beta read this last year But when book released I was swamped with work project I owe this book and author a reviewBooks in The Off Limits series are stand alones, but most enjoyed if read in order Book 1 The LessonsBook 2 The RulesBook 3 The MistakesThe Rules stand alone book 2 is about wanting something that is off limits Hotel empire heir and executive Lambo Christie kissed his [...]

  2. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    3.75 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author This story contained two of my favorite tropes second chance romance romance with the older brother s best friend I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series and was anxious to get my hands on this one, but in my opinion, the first one is still my favorite.Ainsley Andrews is the little sister of Ryan, the hero of book one She works in the local library and lives with her brother and his girlfriend Ainsley hasn t been out with too many men Things [...]

  3. I m not leaving you alone LamboThe Rules is the second book in the Off Limits Series In The Lessons the first book in the series , we met Ryan s best friend Lambo and Ryan s sister Ainsley What happens when a forbidden fling transforms into a heart stopping, swoon worthy, sexually charged romance story The Rules This stand alone read is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and swoon Get your kindles ready now Lambo and Ainsley s story is one that you will not want to miss Trust me This is gonna be [...]

  4. 2 STARSWARNING Unpopular Opinion alert and plenty of spoilers to follow I typically try to abstain from any and all spoilers in my reviews, but it really can t be helped here So if you don t want to know, please don t read You ve been warned Please rememberAnd this is just mine So do take this with a grain of salt I m the only one of my GR friends that didn t enjoy this I d suggest you read it and judge for yourself That noted, let s move on to the review, shall we SoThe Rules This was my first [...]

  5. 4 the Pu y whisperer stars When i read the first book, everyone was saying to me that the second book was way much betterI have to agree and to disagree with them at the same timeYep, i had a really good time while i was reading The Rules and in my opinion was funnier than The Lessons but for me the first book had a little bit better storyline.No, don t get me wrong I liked them both very much and i had a great time while i was reading them, but i liked different things in each one of them.The o [...]

  6. Ainsley is Ryan s sister and Lambo is Ryan s best friend That s right, brother s best friend those magic words that get me so excited to start a book Elizabeth sold this book to me with those few lines, but I was impressed to see this story is also Ainsley and Lambo meet at Ryan and Lambo s graduation, but Ainsley is only sixteen While Lam and Ains have a hot make out session luckily it doesn t go any further once he learns her age The story picks up eight years later right before they all leav [...]

  7. ARGHHHHH , I found Lambo and Ainsley immaturity to be ridiculous, Lambo Really of all the nicknames you can find you name a character after a car 3 not to mention the bad dialogue ,Lam is A self centred dick head that only ever wants sex , i couldn t bring myself to like him , they met when she was 16 years old at frat party , and when he sees her again she is 24 wait WTF, 8 years of NADA,NOTHING, RIEN the book dealt poorly with lots serious issues , Bipolar disorder, incest rape by her father a [...]

  8. Alright folks, I ll start off by saying that at first, I didn t think I d end up liking this book Lambo s narrative starts out a lotta bit obnoxious and cocky Then there s the many many problems Ainsley is dealing with All very serious One Ok Two Ok Three All serious The narrative for Ains starts off immature to boot I will say that what saves this book for me is the growth The characters I rolled my eyes at in the beginning weren t the same ones that get their HEA It was the moments that Lambo [...]

  9. 4.5 s Perfectat s what Lambo was for Ainsley and I m definitely shocked to say the least Gone was the manwhoreere wasn t even a blimp on the radar for any other woman and that was truly impressive Lambo and Ainsley have a history where they shared some passionate kisses at his and Ainsley s brother s, Ryan, graduation party Lambo had no idea she was Ryan sister or that she was sixteen Needless to say, things did not evolve from there Through the years, most people thought they kind of hated each [...]

  10. 4.5 Lam and His Numbers Stars ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Thank God I decided to continue reading this series, thank God Yesterday I was left with bittersweet feelings because I did not enjoy The Lessons as much as I expected But I continued with the second book because I recieved the ARC and also because I was kind of curious about the characters of this story And it was a great choice The Rules is the second installment in the Off Limits series by Elizabeth Brow [...]

  11. Title The RulesSeries Off Limits 2Author Elizabeth BrownRelease date February 2, 2016Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler The Rules is a lighthearted, fast and easy adventure through a manwhore s loss of his hit it and quit it lifestyle It s told in alternating POV, so not only do we get the funny inner thoughts of the ultimate ladies man, we also get Ainsley s side of the story which I feel gave the book a better balance had it just been the male POV.If you re a fan of the brother s [...]

  12. ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Lambo is so hot luv him Ainsley an Lambo have know each other for a while Lambo is the best friend of Ainsley brother Ryan she had a smooch an a lil grope with Lambo at Ryan s graduation but he didn t know how she was at the time he thought she was so gorgeous an Lambo bein Lambo he had to have her but now yrs have gone by Ye they still see each other but they think that they don t like each other when actually they fan [...]

  13. First off,I NEED TO WIPE THIS STUPID GRIN OFF MY FACE But I can t This book left me feeling warm and good inside It was filled with humor, sexy times, heartbreaking sadness and uplifting hope I LOVED IT The Rules is the second installment in the Off Limits series It s about Ainsley Andrews who we already met in the first book She still suffers the mental consequences of a difficult childhood but it doesn t mean she will stop from finding the right man who can fix her problem even if that man tur [...]

  14. Took the TestBack in the day when I was in school, you would find a teacher you liked and would sign up for another class they were teachingticipating a repeat of loving the course Sometimes it worked just like thatd then sometimes it didn t This was an experience of the teacher missing the markr me Here s hoping the next semester of learning turns out better with a new subject Before Reading Hey, I learned my Lessons.So I would say I am ready for The Rules Off Limits, 2.I even have my Binder fi [...]

  15. 4.5 stars ARC kindly provided by the author via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review This is the story of Lambo and Ainsley A story about old brother s best friend love A kind of forbidden love I have to say that I really liked this book The plot was moving fast and the story was interesting The best part of the book was the writting Ms Brown wrote this book from a dual POV but it felt like Lambo and Ainsley were speaking directly to me and not to themselves Their comments and thoughts were [...]

  16. I really enjoyed The Lessons and fell a little bit in lust with Lambo, so I was excited to read The Rules, but I had no idea I was going to love it so friggin much Wow Funny, sexy and a romance that will make you swoon Lambo Where do I start Such a lovable ass His thoughts cracked me up There is nothing better than watching a player fall and fall HARD Ainsley was a great h very likable and not the least bit annoying in any way I have one last bit to say, but I m going to put it in spoiler tags b [...]

  17. 4.5 Spooning StarsWhen you re a guy, the rules are simple Live by the Bro Code Rule 1 Always have his back.Rule 2 Don t ever leave him stranded.Rule 3 And never, ever, touch his sister.Aw hell, two out of three ain t bad Firstly I ll start by saying that I didn t love the book, but I did like it very much I liked that it was written in both characters point of view, I found that by reading Lambo s thoughts, it really helped me see how he changes from a playboy to something different I haven t re [...]

  18. 3.5 StarsOverall Opinion I felt like this was better than just ok 3 stars, but not quite a full I liked it 4 stars so I m going to go in the middle with 3.5 I liked the characters and I felt their connection, but I still felt like something was missing Even though we do address some heavy subjects when we get some history on these characters, I felt like we didn t get as deep into them as we could ve I enjoyed it It just won t go down as all that memorable or on my favorites shelf.Brief Summary [...]

  19. Refresher Although this can be read as a standalone The Rules is the second book in the Off Limits Series Book one was The Lessons and featured Natalie Ryan In The Lessons we meet Ainsley Ryan s troubled little sister and Lambo Ryan s best friend I do recommend that you read these in order to get the full effect and complete spoiler free story.Ainsley has tried everything to get over her issues with intimacy EVERYTHING But nothing seems to work Now, twenty four years old, it seems the only man t [...]

  20. I didn t like Lam for maybe the first 60% of this book I didn t like his internal monologue that although at times was funny, it was also a little annoying view spoiler especially the fact that he was a major manwhore previously and it s mentioned frequently that s just not my thing he does not hook up with any OW at all during this book but I just didn t like all the mentions of his past hide spoiler but it s of my own personal preferences Anyways, I wasn t feeling Lam but then some things hap [...]

  21. 4.5 I think I d prefer the term pussy whisperer, sweetheart stars Lam and Ainsley were passionate, quirky, entertaining and so much fun to fall in love with and watch fall in love The first time the couple meet is at her brother s college graduation party because Lam s her brother s good friend and frat brother Ever since that meeting there s been tension between them but neither one realizes that the other doesn t hate them but want them Ainsley s got her own issues which is the reason her brot [...]

  22. Ladies and gentlemen, i present THE RULES i couldn t resist doing that, sorry sorrynotsorryWhen you re a guy, the rules are simple Live by the Bro Code Rule 1 Always have his back Rule 2 Don t ever leave him stranded.Rule 3 Never, ever, touch his sister.Aw, hell Two out of three ain t bad ARC provided to me by the author via netgalley in exchange for an honest review The book is written in both POV S yaaay case you haven t noticed, im a sucker for those the book is about view spoiler Ainsley and [...]

  23. First book I read by this author was The Lessons so when I saw that she had another book out called The Rules you know I had to go pick that one up Just the name alone lets you know that this is going to be one sexy read and I was not wrong.Okay, where to even start with this When you take one manwhore and align him with one librarian with major issues about sex, who happens to be your best friend s sister, you have the basis for a story that is going to wrap you up and suck you right in.Full of [...]

  24. ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review.It s official I m an Elizabeth Brown fan This is the second book I have read from E Brown and I have loved both of them Her stories are unique I mean, The Lessons is about a 30 year old Virgin going to a sex sarrogate Right And The Rules is about a girl that suffers from Vaginismus How crazy of a story line can you get and yet the author did such a good job she totally sold me on both I loved The Lessons but I loved The Rules even You have a total [...]

  25. Rating 4.5 He s not a Mercedes That man is a fucking Lamborghini The Rules is all about rules But not literally I think, no, I know what I loved about this book is the underlying topic that should have been given attention But before that, and anything else, well, let me tell you, I LOVE LAMBO they should be in caps locked because intense man, intense.Ryan is a sex therapist, and The Lessons should be read before diving and reading this story I know, I know This is a stand alone but it will giv [...]

  26. ARC received via Netgalley.The Rules is book two in the Off Limits series, in this book we see Ainsley, Ryan s little sister, meeting Lambo at his and Ryan s graduation She s all purple haired and adult looking at 16 and in that moment she becomes untouchable Lambo knows best friend guy code, especially when it comes to sisters Now an adult, Ainsley is still closed off and Lambo, well he s always thought she hated him Spending time together is inevitable though, especially when they go on a join [...]

  27. Did I like the characters Yes Did I like the writing Yes Would I read another story from this author Probably Then why only the three star rating Simple, there was a part in the book that rubbed me so terribly wrong, I couldn t get over it.He s always overestimated how sensitive and damaged I am, which is ironic, given that he doesn t even know the extent of anything with my dad Nope, he thinks I m this delicate suicidal flower, when really I just suffer from bad luck Yes, I am bi polar, but my [...]

  28. Reread 2018 I thought this was still a delight to read I love these characters, and I m excited to read the next book Oh this second addition to the Off Limits series was actually better than the first book I felt this second book in the series was entertaining, and definitely erotic It was just so good So a big thank you to the author for writing Ains and Lam s story This was written wonderfully.First off, the characters again MADE this story I love how throughout every event that went on in [...]

  29. 5 Follow The Rules Stars We met Ainsley Ryan s little sister and Lambo Ryan s best friend from The Lessons Ainsley was only 16 on the night of Lambo s graduation at his frat party Their chemistry is undeniable but she was his best friend s sister So it s a no go I do recommend that you read these in order to get a feel of the Characters Ainsley, has a little problem with intimacy the only person can get going is her brother s best friend Lam At trip to Vegas turns out to be than what they asked [...]

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