My Daughter's Army

[PDF] Read Û My Daughter's Army : by Greg Hogben - My Daughter's Army, My Daughter s Army Sera Goodwin is on a mission to expose and confront the worldwide oppression of women With an ever growing army of supporters harnessing the power of social media she seems destined to lead a revolut
  • Title: My Daughter's Army
  • Author: Greg Hogben
  • ISBN: 9781634761925
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read Û My Daughter's Army : by Greg Hogben, My Daughter's Army, Greg Hogben, My Daughter s Army Sera Goodwin is on a mission to expose and confront the worldwide oppression of women With an ever growing army of supporters harnessing the power of social media she seems destined to lead a revolution But on the brink of rallying women to unite she makes a startling confession to her father that reveals the driving force behind her activism a secret that threatens tSera Good [PDF] Read Û My Daughter's Army : by Greg Hogben - My Daughter's Army, My Daughter s Army Sera Goodwin is on a mission to expose and confront the worldwide oppression of women With an ever growing army of supporters harnessing the power of social media she seems destined to lead a revolut

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  • [PDF] Read Û My Daughter's Army : by Greg Hogben
    414 Greg Hogben
My Daughter's Army

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  1. British author based in Washington D.C I m a human rights advocate with a special interest in raising awareness of worldwide women s rights and LGBT equality You can contact me at Email greghogben gmailFacebook Greg HogbenTwitter mydaughtersarmyBlogger TheHuffingtonPost

One thought on “My Daughter's Army

  1. My Daughter s Army is a thoroughly gripping, moving, and highly accessible story of a father s struggle to save his daughter as she tries to save the women of the world The novel tracks the life of Sera Goodwin through the eyes of Adam, her adoptive father from her childhood including an especially emotional chapter of her experience on 9 11 , to her teenage years as a popular blogger for issues facing young women, to her extraordinary efforts after college to motivate her online followers aroun [...]

  2. The story begins with Adam Goodwin grieving over the loss of his companion, Michael, and then finding an abandoned baby in Grand Central station.The baby was handed over to the authorities But Adam couldn t stop thinking about her, and wondered if she was ok Being he s an attorney, he did a little investigating and found her He winds up adopting her and names her, Sera He raises her as a single parent with the assistance of his brother Aaron, and three women who live in his building.Based on pec [...]

  3. I liked this book It was a giveaway and not usually what I read but I thought the summary was interesting.I found the topic interesting and the book felt very well documented the topic of women s rights is clearly something the author has carefully researched and I liked that because I don t get to read about it that much in novels The story is well developed and the characters are really what makes it a great book I found several chapters especially very moving the beginning, when Sera is found [...]

  4. I can t praise this book enough Author Greg Hogben s work in My Daughter s Army reflects his research on the true scenarios for millions of women around the world and brings them close to home.If you want to get people to start talking about feminist issues, have them read this book In Mr Hogben s own words, Awareness is the first step In order for there to be change, people need to be educated This book can do that.

  5. Perhaps because I m a bleeding heart, liberal, feminist, LGBT equality, tree hugging, pro choice, etc etc etcis book was candy to me I gobbled it up There were a few times I wanted to tell the dad to chill out, or some times it felt a little very special episode, I still enjoyed the story the author wove I loved Sera s care takers, not expecting those tears And I appreciated the brother But now that I know the ending, I want to know what happens next

  6. KUFlawless writing with wonderful characters This book is both very spiritual and scarily plausible I loved it.

  7. My Daughter s Army I was given a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review Let me start by saying this book was beautifully written This is a spiritual, mystical story firmly grounded in reality I felt at any given moment in the story that the events could really be happening today Even though the book is about a woman who is possibly the daughter of God and sister of Jesus, the author s use of historical events as well as the gradual introduction of social media into [...]

  8. My Daughter s Army is a story of love, compassion, and strength The unbreakable bond between Adam and Sera is formed the moment Adam s daughter enters his life The wonder of what Adam or Sera would do next kept enticing me to read just one chapter.As a parent, I connected with Adam s concern to protect Sera and his desire to always keep her safe Sera s innate compassion for others leads to compromises between father and daughter throughout Sera s life It is their ability to speak openly and hon [...]

  9. I don t often give a full five star rating on anything But what Greg Hogben has created here is strong, and well wrought, and intensely necessary He explores religion, and meaning, and purpose through a thoughtful and nuanced lens His story is heavy handed and at times a bit over the top but in a GOOD way in all the right ways Because the reader will have no doubt that he s writing from the heart Each word is powerful, and poignant and carefully chosen And he s not afraid to address the flaws of [...]

  10. My Daughter s Army is a well written and compelling story about family, love, strength and what we can do if we stand together Not only does the novel have a very important message, but it is also a very good read with a gripping story, excellent language and very good dialogue The novel catches you from the very first page and you just have to keep reading The message of empowerment of women all over the world and how it can be achieved is a very important one, not least because of how the nove [...]

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