A Lime to Kill

ò A Lime to Kill ✓ Summer Prescott - A Lime to Kill, A Lime to Kill Poisoned by pie The residents of Key West Florida can t believe it but that doesn t solve the problem of a homicide victim in Marilyn s pie shop Bad becomes worse when the shop owner s daughter is s
  • Title: A Lime to Kill
  • Author: Summer Prescott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Kindle Edition

ò A Lime to Kill ✓ Summer Prescott, A Lime to Kill, Summer Prescott, A Lime to Kill Poisoned by pie The residents of Key West Florida can t believe it but that doesn t solve the problem of a homicide victim in Marilyn s pie shop Bad becomes worse when the shop owner s daughter is suspected ò A Lime to Kill ✓ Summer Prescott - A Lime to Kill, A Lime to Kill Poisoned by pie The residents of Key West Florida can t believe it but that doesn t solve the problem of a homicide victim in Marilyn s pie shop Bad becomes worse when the shop owner s daughter is s
  • ò A Lime to Kill ✓ Summer Prescott
    387Summer Prescott
A Lime to Kill

About Author

  1. Summer Prescott is well known in the Cozy Mystery realm, having written and published several Best Sellers in the genre An avid reader of Thrillers, Horror and Suspense, the author has decided to follow her passion with the debut of her Thriller, The Quiet Type, which launched in the top 50 of the Serial Killer category on The novel has received high praise in its reviews, and Summer is considering a possible trilogy or series to continue the story.

One thought on “A Lime to Kill

  1. I wanted to read something light and on the short side Unfortunately I misplaced my copy of Critique of Pure Reason so I had to do with this freebie It is short and it is well short.A woman opened a pie shop in Key West which became reasonably successful Her daughter having not being able to find a good job after a college joined her mother helping her with financial part of the business This setup took exactly 60% of the book Finally way into the second half a murder happened By the way, I just [...]

  2. A Lime To Kill A Key West Culinary Cozy 1 by Summer Prescott Marilyn has a pie shop in Key West Florida Her twenty one year old daughter comes to work for her Then a regular customer dies out side of the shop, and it is discovered he murdered, killed with poison Marilyn s daughter is the number one suspect.Marilyn is very likable, a hard working divorced woman The sunny Florida setting gives a relaxed feel, even though a murder has been committed The story flows at a rapid pace The characters ar [...]

  3. Marilyn and Tiara Her Daughter own and operate a Bakery in Key West They make Key Lime pies Business is doing great so Marilyn hires a new Baker who seems made for the job.Than one of their regular customers Fergus dies after eating at the Bakery Now the hunt is on to catch a killer A short well written story I look forward to reading books in this series.

  4. Marilyn owns a pie shop in Key West specializing in Key Lime Pie Her daughter comes to work for her between college graduation and her dream job One of Marilyn s loyal customers collapses in front of the shop and chaos ensues Fergus dies and his death is declared a homicide Marilyn s daughter, Tiara, is the prime suspect.The first in a series, A Lime to Kill does a good job introducing us to the main characters The plot moved steadily and the murderer was not obvious On to book two

  5. This was very good A new series by Ms Durand This one is all about pies and Key Lime pies and other desserts with a key Lime component Takes place in Key West, and has some really interesting characters I think this will be a good series, and I am looking forward to seeing what the second in this series is like

  6. I absolutely loved this book What a fun murder mystery I have to admit that I had figured out who the murderer was as soon as the murder was discovered However, I never thought of the reason behind the murder I definitely plan to get the next book in this series.Definitely recommend.

  7. A really fun series to create the perfect vacation atmosphereEven though this series is an older one from mega talented author and publisher, Summer Prescott, this is my first time reading it And I m totally enchanted I chose to begin reading this series at this particular time in honor of a beloved brother Li friend who is vacationing with his family in Key West These wonderful lime themed books set in beautiful Key West trusting and believing the whole series will be as awesome as this first i [...]

  8. This was a fun quick read I like having a short mystery every now and then This one fit the bill I want to try some of the key lime desserts sole at SubLime They sound delicious

  9. Summer Prescott s introduction to her series accomplishes Readers are filled in on the relationship between Marilyn her college aged daughter Business aspects are quickly discussed without too much unnecessary detail while there s clarity on the store s mission popularity Fergus is efficiently introduced as is new baker, Susan Additional characters are added without clouding the plot I love a good mother daughter team these two are no exception.For a short novel in true Cozy Mystery fashion, Lim [...]

  10. Really a 2 1 2I have thought I missed a few chapters While I think the author has good ideas and a wonderful way of setting up for the development of the characters that is as far as it got.The story was good and I think if the characters and setting had a little depth it would have worked.I did get the idea the writer had never cracked open a cookbook or looked at a key lime pie recipe I also kept thinking I missed a few chapters because there wasn t the usual flow What I really did like was w [...]

  11. This one went by super fast so fast I finished it on a single bus ride, I think The plotline was interesting, but turned on a dime so quickly that I had to go back and reread several times to make sure I hadn t missed some key part of the storyline Nevertheless a really fast, very interesting read that I couldn t put down Looking forward to reading of Summer Prescott s works to see how they shift over time.

  12. Short but sweet Marilyn and her daughter Tiara run Marilyn s bakery in Key West, with a howling success in Marilyn s Key Lime pies Business is booming and they hire a new baker who seems tailor made for the job.Things are going swimmingly when Fergus, one of their regular customers dies after eating at the bakery The hunt is on for the culprit This was so short I finished it in 2 days, but I m not complaining, as it as so well written, I didn t feel shortchanged.

  13. The 1st book in a new series, set in a bakery in Key West, a bakery that specializes in key lime anything This was a very quick read A good book if you happen to be distracted, easy to pick back up and not have any trouble rejoining the story.FTC Full Disclosure A copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

  14. Great first in a new seriesI thought this was a good beginning to a new series I loved that Marilyn was so devoted to her business and to her daughter The author has a way of incorporating mystery and suspense into this story.I think there is great potential for a series, I m looking forward to reading

  15. Loved, loved, loved this book Light hearted cozy with characters that you want to invite into your home for coffee and conversation Can t wait to get to know them better in the next book.

  16. Yummy good funA very enjoyable mysterye characters are fun and the story flows well Looking forward to reading in this series Good stories and Key Lime Pie, what do you need

  17. I thought this was much better than others The characters were so believable that they could be someone know,my only beef with it and it s a one is that I picked the killers out from the get go but had no idea she did it.

  18. Great short cozy mysteryI just love those short cozy mysteries that I can read on my lunch break I really enjoyed reading this one and look forward to reading future books in the series.

  19. Love, mystery and murder.I really enjoyed this first book It s a great book to read before going to bed Light hearted and cozy reading It s a short story full of love, mystery and murder Oh yeah and the pies sound so good.

  20. Great story 5 stars for sure I really enjoyed every minute Can t wait to read the next one Wonderful story Fabulous read

  21. Goodthe woman who made success of her business was to trusting and a murder happened in her businesse women sliced the murder.

  22. Good ReadA fast paced move along cosy that s full of surprises For a first book it has it all Can t wait for book 2.

  23. Good book, took 60% to get to the mystery and it didn t explain it very well I will give the next book a shot.

  24. Just what I expected.A great book from a great author No matter what series I read from this author I really like them Has everything in it that you want in a cozy mystery.

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