Compleat Cat

Free Download Compleat Cat - by Cleveland Amory - Compleat Cat, Compleat Cat Cleveland Amory s three classic cat stories have been compiled for the first time into one edition The Compleat Cat an enchanting moving and humorous collection A self confessed curmudgeon and dog
  • Title: Compleat Cat
  • Author: Cleveland Amory
  • ISBN: 9780965027380
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download Compleat Cat - by Cleveland Amory, Compleat Cat, Cleveland Amory, Compleat Cat Cleveland Amory s three classic cat stories have been compiled for the first time into one edition The Compleat Cat an enchanting moving and humorous collection A self confessed curmudgeon and dog lover firmly established in his ways Cleveland Amory never anticipated how one dirty and scrawny alley cat could affect his life so dramatically Underneath the New York grCleveland Amor Free Download Compleat Cat - by Cleveland Amory - Compleat Cat, Compleat Cat Cleveland Amory s three classic cat stories have been compiled for the first time into one edition The Compleat Cat an enchanting moving and humorous collection A self confessed curmudgeon and dog

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  • Free Download Compleat Cat - by Cleveland Amory
    204 Cleveland Amory
Compleat Cat

About Author

  1. Cleveland Amory was an American author who devoted his life to promoting animal rights He was perhaps best known for his books about his cat, named Polar Bear, whom he saved from the Manhattan streets on Christmas Eve 1977 The executive director of the Humane Society of the United States described Amory as the founding father of the modern animal protection movement.

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  1. I could say Cleveland Amory is an acquired taste, but whenever that cliche comes to mind I instantly think of Harry Dean Stanton s smart ass riposte to was it Crispin Glover in Almereyda s Twister It seems to me you can acquire a taste for anything, but the question is, why would you want to That s not the movie with the cows flying around That s the schlub Twister And so it is with Amory One wonders why one is bothering to try to acquire a taste for an author who is a self admitted curmudgeon a [...]

  2. The stories about his cat are amusing and relatable as a cat staff member myself, but the rest of the book s stories are kind of dull He will usually track his rambling stories about his other work, his friends, his opinions, or his personal experiences back to his cat, Polar Bear, but sometimes it s a huge stretch and the cat is barely involved What s nice, though, is that you get three full books, and it s only at the end of the third book that the cat finally passes away Too many animal memoi [...]

  3. This book is three in one, which is why it took me a bit of time to get through it I had to read other books in between as a sort of palate cleanser Each book is different, so if you get tired of the discussion of Polar Bear s endless antics as charming as they may be , never fear, the entire set is not devoted to that specific thread I love animals and books about animals, but there was something about the pacing of The Cat Who Came for Christmas that dragged at the end And the beginning of The [...]

  4. Oh man To be fair I have had this book sitting on my shelf for almost two decades and it s been almost that long since I ve tried to read it The reason I own a copy is because in 1995 we had a white cat and I am a cat fanatic and an avid reader so my husband thought I needed to read this book I maybe made it halfway thru and gave up My goal is to pick it back up again the the new year and start from scratch I can t ever remember what it s about only that this book has been a joke for so long in [...]

  5. Amory was the founder of the Fund for Animals in New York City and president of the New England Anti Vivisection League.The 3 books included in this volume are all fantastic and can be read independently, but if you read them in order The Cat Who Came for Christmas, The Cat and the Curmudgeon, The Best Cat Ever you re in for a treat You will get caught up in the story of this rough and tough man who melts when he saves Polar Bear, a stray he found in the rain.Some smilesbut alas, as in real life [...]

  6. This book is the best book ever Three books in one that I loved so much that I read it twice and liked it even the second time Cleveland Amory s satire is so genius that even though he never met me he wrote this book specifically to me and for me Clearly non cat dog people may not get all of the inside jokes but any animal lover will appreciate Cleveland Amory s contribution to saving animals around the world and the US he is the original creator of our Humane Society.

  7. I did not care for these books at all They seemed less about the cat than they were about the author using the cat as a segue into unrelated anecdotes There were many, many tangents that literally took pages upon pages to get back to the original topic.Polar Bear, for the little I heard of him, seemed adorable.

  8. I did not like this book at all I did not find it entertaining it was like reading a text book I love my cats, but this guy is one of those freaky obsessed cat people, that I just can t relate to.

  9. Combining a wit reminiscent of P.G Wodehouse with a compassion all his own, Cleveland Amory is a good pick not only for cat lovers, but anyone who cares about animals Though he tends towards repetitiveness a little Amory goes a long way , his humor and heart are evident throughout.

  10. I would strongly recommend these books to ANY animal lover Even if you are a dog person, Cleveland Amory smart but witty humor gives a descriptive idea of what you don t think of when you adopt an animal.

  11. This has to be one of my favorite books of all time You have to love cats to like it, but I do The things he says in this book and the stories he tells have stuck with me for years and years.

  12. Of all the three, I liked the first and third the best The second gets too much off topic These books show the bond between cat and man.

  13. Being a cat lover, I couldn t help but love this book It s been awhile since I ve read it, but I do remember enjoying it.

  14. I picked this book up on impulse and fell in love with it The writing style of Mr Amory is just wonderful and pulls you right in.

  15. I loved this story about Cleveland Amory s snowy white kitty, who when found, was so dirty, he thought it was gray at first.

  16. I love Cleveland Amory s tales of his adventures with a peculiar cat who crossed his path and found a place in his heart.

  17. These books are adorable They are about a curmudgeonly bachelor and his car Polar Bear Cleveland Amory was an extraordinary man who founded Black Beauty Ranch.

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