Falling for Trouble

Unlimited Falling for Trouble - by Selena Laurence - Falling for Trouble, Falling for Trouble Readers who love military bad boys are going to love this action packed romance A Good Girl Tempted to Sin Alexis Garcia volunteered to go to Afghanistan as a UN aid worker But she s never been a fan
  • Title: Falling for Trouble
  • Author: Selena Laurence
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Falling for Trouble - by Selena Laurence, Falling for Trouble, Selena Laurence, Falling for Trouble Readers who love military bad boys are going to love this action packed romance A Good Girl Tempted to Sin Alexis Garcia volunteered to go to Afghanistan as a UN aid worker But she s never been a fan of the military and wasn t prepared for the conditions she finds there Even disturbing is the escort who s assigned to her the impossibly arrogant Gabe Thompson He sReaders who lov Unlimited Falling for Trouble - by Selena Laurence - Falling for Trouble, Falling for Trouble Readers who love military bad boys are going to love this action packed romance A Good Girl Tempted to Sin Alexis Garcia volunteered to go to Afghanistan as a UN aid worker But she s never been a fan
  • Unlimited Falling for Trouble - by Selena Laurence
    218Selena Laurence
Falling for Trouble

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  1. Selena Laurence is a USA Today Bestselling author who loves Putting the Heat in Happily Ever After In 2014 she was awarded the Reader s Crown Award for Contemporary Romance of the Year In 2015 her rock star romance A Lush Betrayal was a finalist in three national contests.Selena lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with her kids, Mr L, Goldendoodle and Demon Cat When she s not writing she can be found at soccer games and tennis matches, or one of her favorite coffee shops Online, see her at all these places email author at selenalaurence dot com, FB SelenaLaurence, Twitter selenalaurence, Instagram selenalaurence, and the web selenalaurence Sign up for her monthly newsletter here bit subscribetoselena

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  1. I liked this a lot It was steamy, which I always like It was short, which I was in the mood for And best of all, it was FREE, the awesomeness of which needs no further explanation The story line was decent and the writing was great The scenes flowed along well and all of the dialogue was very smooth and natural I will definitely read the next one in the series My only problems with the book are personal pet peeves, so take them with a grain of salt.Alexis She kind of annoyed me Her attitude and [...]

  2. Holy HOTNESS is all I can say about this novella Man I love a man in uniform anyways There is something hot about a man willing to lay down his life for his country that makes a girl go weak in the knees Plus the way Selena tells this story has me wanting and when I found out book one in this series is out I had to buy it so now I just need to get some time and read it because I need me some romance stories in my life.In this story we get to meet Gabe who is a soldier in Afghanistan Fighting f [...]

  3. I ve read tons of novellas, and this was one of the best Selena does an excellent job painting the perfect picture of the Afghan desert and the perils the main characters Gabe and Alexis face The story is well developed and the characters layered I loved it Selena s an author to watch, peeps Don t miss the companion novel Concealed that goes with Camouflaged.

  4. Selena Laurence is the reason I made my perfect romance bookshelf over at I adored Hidden and I could not wait to get my hands on the next book in the Hiding From Love Series I was able to read an ARC of Camouflaged and sigh absolutely amazing Definitely another book that is going on my perfect romance shelf We have Gabe, the hot guy in uniform, the player, God s gift to women He knows what he wants and he doesn t give the illusion that he is wanting to stick around for Gabe is the ultimate alp [...]

  5. Camouflaged continues Laurence s Hiding From Love series though it is technically a prequel , and tells the story of Gabe Thompson While Nick Hidden was sent stateside after an incident, Gabe, his best friend, is still in Afghanistan finishing up his second tour of duty Gabe s always been the player, the proverbial man who runs away from commitment But, as with any playboy in romanceland, this changes as he begins to fall for Alexis Garcia, the UN volunteer he is assigned to show around the area [...]

  6. Camouflaged by Selena Laurence is a military novella The whole story takes place in Afghanistan There are at an undisclosed military camp Gabe enlisted because his friend Nick enlisted Now Nick s out and Gabe is still in Gabe meets Alexis, a UN volunteer from University of Texas, Austen Texas with a UN sanctioned group bringing supplies for native Afghanis They meet over a harrowing circumstance They are attracted to each other but Alexis fights it making Gabe want her all the When he is assign [...]

  7. Gabe he s just so cocky, oh, sweetheart, you don t know me too well Ask around You ll find there s a whole lot of things I can do that would interest you Things that would help you relax I liked being in his mind, oh yeah, I thought as I strode out of the tent We had a lot of unfinished business, and I was just the entrepreneur to handle the transaction Alexis she s feisty, do you ever stop she asked, her voice rising Do you ever stop and think about the other person in the equation You could be [...]

  8. Wonderfully surprised by Camoflaged Selena Laurence grabs you from the first paragraph and pulls you into Gage and Alexis story which keeps you interested until the very end A fabulous short story to pick up to pass a few hours Gage is that cocky, arrogant soldier who thinks he knows what women wants Enter Alexis, part of a UN contingent and suddenly, Gage s charms no longer work It s not that Alexis isn t interested, she just doesn t like cocky, arrogant men Of course, fate would make sure that [...]

  9. Young love, captured perfectlyWhat a great novella Selena Laurence captured the essence of new, young love Set in the backdrop of the war in Afghanistan, which was exciting, scary, and so tense at times Selena beautifully honors the dangers faced by servicemembers, and developed a sweet, engaging love story Bravo

  10. ARC given in exchange for an honest review Excerpt You do realize, I said, that this is a mil i tary base, right I mean, you re surrounded by people with guns We shoot if we have to, and a lot often we get shot at This is the Army, sweetheart,not a freaking hippie peace rally She looked down at the ground for a second, and I expected her to apologize Instead, her head popped up, and I stared into the face of fury Her brows were drawn down into a scowl, her luscious lips were pursed, and her eye [...]

  11. It was sad, but a fact of life in this country the women were at the mercy of the men, and often the men were anything but merciful.Gabe is a soldier, stationed in Afganistan He has a sexual relationship with a local widow, Natalya As a widow with no husband to support her, Natalya is forced into a life of prostitution While Gabe is completely up front with her, that all he wants is sex, she grows to love him Gabe cares for her You can see it in his jealousy of her other men in how he takes care [...]

  12. You gotta go read this people 5 Outstanding stars I m not that guy I never will be I m like my old man and his old man before him We don t rescue people We aren t nice guys We don t fall in love Oh Selena Selena, Selena, Selena This is quite possibly the BEST EVER NOVELLA I ve had the pleasure and honour of reading It has the right amount of angst, tension, action, sweetness and heart stopping moments I usually go balls to the wall for what I want We meet Gabe in Hidden Click to read my review H [...]

  13. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS ENTIRE REVIEW What I Love About This Book So I honestly didn t know what to expect when reading this prequel and I was honestly pleasantly surprised I m always hesitant to read authors I haven t really heard tons about and I didn t really look to see the reviews before I got into this but the novella was great I thought the sentence structures were awesome and the character development was pretty good considering this is a novella, there was no skimping on details when it [...]

  14. This book did not disappoint I Loved it Camouflaged takes place in Afghanistan where Gabe meets Alexis, who is there as a volunteer to do aid work for the United Nations Alexis presents herself as one tough cookie who won t let a player like Gabe seduce her, but whether she wants to admit it or not, she weakens a bit to his charm Gabe has been assigned to watch out for Alexis and escort her as she fulfills her duties as a volunteer But suddenly Gabe is in a position where he must protect Alexis [...]

  15. You know how I always go on about how I don t like novella s, well this is one I can definitely can get behind It might help that it s over a hundred pages long and it was so easy to connect with these two main characters.Gabe is definitely a confident, borderline arrogant player He looks amazing, has some serious skills and the boy knows it and uses it Serious is not his game, but it seems that most woman don t mind as long as they can have a little piece of him.Alexis though is not impressed S [...]

  16. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Gabe Thompson had me from the first page of Camouflaged He s an incredibly hot, sexy soldier deployed to Afghanistan who knows how to please a woman and have her coming back for He will give them his body but never his heart All that changes when he meets UN volunteer Alexis Garcia These two are complete opposites She can t stand a egotistical, womanizing man So, you can imagine her first impression of Gabe when he refers to her as babe when he [...]

  17. I received a copy of this book along with the other books in this series so far from the author in exchange for honest reviews.This is technically the first book in the author s Hidden series but I am not sure if it was written first or not Either way, this book is the story of Gabe and Alexis and their time together in Afghanistan And what a story it is Gabe is a deceptively simple, young, man whore who is in Afghanistan on his second tour of duty He and his best friend Nick had signed up toget [...]

  18. I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed this book, Selena does a fantastic job building the characters and the story line so that you re sucked in from page one This book starts before her other book Hidden, and gives you a better understanding about Gabe You really see a completely different side of Gabe that you never would have expected Gabe Thompson is known as a major playboy, and why wouldn t he be He s gorgeous, an American Soldier and fantastic in bed He i [...]

  19. We don t have a future, Natalya I m not going to marry you and take you back to the States, so either sex is okay or it s not Your choice 6% into Camouflaged I had to say to myself, Well, hot da n This guy Gabe sure does not bite his tongue I had to applaud his honesty, but boy I felt sorry for Natalya who was living in subpar conditions and really thought that this American soldier would take her away from her native land, Afghanistan.Enter Alexis She is a young woman that works with the United [...]

  20. I m not a huge fan of romance novels at least not the old school version where the same old story is rehashed over and over again BORING That being said, I am a total sucker for a good love story with a fresh perspective and dare I say lots of sex If you are romance novelist that is looking to draw in a reader like me the perfect combination is a modern storyline If you are looking to sweeten the pot, highlight a member of our armed forces in Afghanistan Yeah, I m one of those I LOVE a hot guy i [...]

  21. Posted on Les Romantiques Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the AuthorThis is the second book I ve read by this author It s her third published novel Besides I should read her first opus, a contemporary whose synopsis I like.Once again we are here in her NA universe and we meet again Gabe Harrison, a secondary character seen in Hidden The series is named Hidden from love, and while this story has just been published, Camouflaged is its first volume.It s a short story of a hundr [...]

  22. Sgt Gabe Thompson is in Afghanistan on his second tour When his next mission is to escort UN representatives he doesn t expect his heart to react the way it does to Alexis Garcia, the feisty volunteer.Alexis Garcia is a good girl who has left a boyfriend and her family at home while she completes a goal of hers with the UN She hates that Gabe flirts with her and doesn t respect the fact that she has a boyfriend back home that she is devoted to.Yet when an event puts their lives in danger will Ga [...]

  23. God bless I love finding gems like Camouflaged for free download while browsing It s only a novella, but there is a sequel so I have hope.In comparison to a lot of the new adult I ve been reading lately, Camouflaged has real depth The novella is set in war torn Afghanistan and the U.S military base s there Gabe is an American soldier serving his second tour Alexis is a UN volunteer there to distribute supplies to the poor Afghan citizens From the first moment they meet, Alexis and Gabe have inst [...]

  24. Sergeant Gabe Thompson enlisted with his best friend Nick Carlisle and on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan Gabe isn t counting the days, weeks, hours, or seconds for no reason right Gabe is known as player and charmer when it comes to woman Gabe doesn t have Nick to back his play any since he returned State side UN Human Rights inspectors enter the camp two days later, Gabe is assigned Alexis Garcia as escort Gabe is warned by his CO not to screw up or around his charge Alexis is off limi [...]

  25. Once again, I ve had the pleasure of receiving an ARC of a Selena Laurence gem Camouflaged is the prequel to Selena s book, Hidden I loved Gabe in Hidden so I ve been curious about his back story My curiosity has been quenched, but now I have a new problem.I need Gabe to have his happy ending What he goes through in his life is not a clich d tragic childhood But it s not a sitcom with the perfect upbringing either And it s sad when a strong man is so held back by actions of the past that he can [...]

  26. This was a free novella I picked up on At 124 pages, it has a full story arc, but it ends on a CLIFFHANGER Which, of course, made me go purchase the whole series in a box set because I just had to read it all I wasn t too sure about Gabe at first because he was such an asshole But he showed some great character growth throughout the story, and by the end I started to wonder if he really could change for the better Alexis was young and na ve, and Gabe was NOT what she needed I also worried that s [...]

  27. I was sucked into this story from the first page Gabe is in the US Army and doesn t seem to do relationships He is a of a casual sex and then leave kind of guy Alexis is in Afghanistan with the UN on a humanitarian mission and she winds up with Gabe as her escort around the war torn towns One day while on a trip into town, they get ambushed During that time, they are together for 3 days with little food, water and shelter in spending time with each other the feelings that they obviously had for [...]

  28. I really enjoyed this short little novella Gabe is the hot play boy out on tour in the Army in Afghanistan His latest booty call is getting serious in the beginning of the book and he just can t have that He is upfront with all the women he has sex with, but when they get attached, they got to go When he meets UN volunteer Alexis, he thinks she is hot and he is looking for his next no strings relationship, but she is not having his seduction techniques After, he gets enlisted as her chaperone du [...]

  29. Testosterone levels and their female counterparts run high in this erotic spoof in the Afghan desert Despite the cheesy dialog this is a pretty good book When the story strays from its primary theme of lust, it explores the realities of war, raising it above many of the novels of a similar ilk When their sexual thoughts and actions occasionally come up for air one can almost feel the blazing heat of desert days and the freezing cold of Afghan nights in other words there is actually a story hidde [...]

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