Out of Tune

Out of Tune Best Download || [Gail Nall] - Out of Tune, Out of Tune A country music hopeful puts her Nashville dreams on hold when she moves into an RV to travel across the country with her family in this charming new novel from the author of Breaking the Ice When twe
  • Title: Out of Tune
  • Author: Gail Nall
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover

Out of Tune Best Download || [Gail Nall], Out of Tune, Gail Nall, Out of Tune A country music hopeful puts her Nashville dreams on hold when she moves into an RV to travel across the country with her family in this charming new novel from the author of Breaking the Ice When twelve year old Maya s parents sell their house and move the family into the world s ugliest RV to travel the country Maya s only goal is to get back home in time to audition foA country mus Out of Tune Best Download || [Gail Nall] - Out of Tune, Out of Tune A country music hopeful puts her Nashville dreams on hold when she moves into an RV to travel across the country with her family in this charming new novel from the author of Breaking the Ice When twe

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  • Out of Tune Best Download || [Gail Nall]
    453 Gail Nall
Out of Tune

About Author

  1. Gail Nall lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her family and cats than necessary She once drove a Zamboni, has camped in the snow in June, and almost got trampled in Paris Gail is the author of the Aladdin SS middle grade novels OUT OF TUNE, BREAKING THE ICE, the YOU RE INVITED series co authored with Jen Malone , and the upcoming BESTGHT.EVER co authored, 8 15 17 She is also the author of the young adult novel, EXIT STAGE LEFT Epic Reads Impulse HarperCollins You can find her online at gailnall and on Twitter as gailecn.

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  1. When Maya s dad brings home a beat up RV and declares the family is selling their house and embarking on an adventure , she s less than thrilled Especially since it means missing out on the chance to audition for a reality singing competition alongside the boy she s crushing on Who could blame her for cooking up a million and one plots to get back home, despite the fact that life on the road isn t quite as bad as she expected and full of unusual sights and people Super fun tween drama here and t [...]

  2. Normally love this author s work, but since I don t have many singers in school, I think I ll pass Living in a trailer is pretty quirky, but there have been families in our area who have done it for a while I think my big objection was that I didn t like Maya very much Either that, or I flashed back to my family s travel trailer that my parents threatened to live in for a while Since my parents were both educators, it was a valid threat I think they planned on subbing here and there Luckily, it [...]

  3. The idea of traveling around the country in an RV sounds amazing to most of us Not to the lead character in Out of Tune, though All Maya wants is to audition for a show called Dueling Duets with her secret crush, Jack But her fixation on getting home almost makes her miss out on all of the great things about her new life, including a cute boy named Remy and a frenemy named Shiver Gail does a fantastic job of conveying the angst a preteen feels when she s stuck with her family while missing out o [...]

  4. This is a super good book It s about a girl who has to live in a motor home because it s her parents dream But she doesn t want to and she just wants to go home She s missing a very important audition that could fulfill her dream, and get her her dream guy So she tires to find away to get back, but soon she realizes she can find home right where she is, with her family.

  5. It s never good news when your dad brings home a junker RV But it s especially bad news for 12 year old Maya Her parents announce that the rust bucket in the driveway will be their new home and Maya will have to leave everything behind her house, her BFF, and her dream of becoming a country music star on Dueling Duets.As the family hits the open road, Maya plots a way to make it back to Nashville for the Dueling Duets auditions But Operation Maya Goes Home, OMGH, turns out to be complicated tha [...]

  6. Maya s dad decides that her family is going to go on an adventure adventure that involves selling their house, buying an RV and touring the country While Maya s little sister, Bug, is on board, Maya most certainly is not She needs to stay in Nashville to try out for the reality show Dueling Duets, where she s sure she ll become a star, but her parents won t listen to her So while stuck on the RV, she tries everything she can to get back home for the audition.Middle grade readers are going to lov [...]

  7. This was an interesting read for a little older child I received this book for free and I voluntarily chose to review it I ve given it a 4.5 rating It was full of adventures and finding out life doesn t always turn out like you want it to This is pretty long for a child though However, if a child really likes to read, it is pretty fast moving and there is something happening all the time.

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