Breaking Old Habits

Breaking Old Habits Best Download || [Melissa Bender] - Breaking Old Habits, Breaking Old Habits You have to be fucking kidding me Ayla s exact same thought each day How do you get someone to change their ways You can t Or specifically Ayla can t She s been trying to keep Griffin s ex fianc away
  • Title: Breaking Old Habits
  • Author: Melissa Bender
  • ISBN: 9781680308693
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback

Breaking Old Habits Best Download || [Melissa Bender], Breaking Old Habits, Melissa Bender, Breaking Old Habits You have to be fucking kidding me Ayla s exact same thought each day How do you get someone to change their ways You can t Or specifically Ayla can t She s been trying to keep Griffin s ex fianc away from their home especially since she only just moved in with him and his two sons Unfortunately she didn t predict the ex from hell was going to be livinYou have to be fucking k Breaking Old Habits Best Download || [Melissa Bender] - Breaking Old Habits, Breaking Old Habits You have to be fucking kidding me Ayla s exact same thought each day How do you get someone to change their ways You can t Or specifically Ayla can t She s been trying to keep Griffin s ex fianc away
  • Breaking Old Habits Best Download || [Melissa Bender]
    398Melissa Bender
Breaking Old Habits

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  1. I m wife to a FIFO miner Mother of three Passionate foodie, and a vivid dreamer Living in a small beach town in the lovely Tasmania I spend my time between home and down at the beach making memories, and capturing the moments When I m not glued to my laptop, I m either in the kitchen creating recipes, cooking, or having a Netflix binge session Often, I find myself drifting off into the world of make believe, getting lost inside the stories I write I write because it s my passion I want to create a world for my readers to get lost in For them to swoon, and fall in love the way I do with each character made Oh, and I love starbursts Sweetly, Mel.

One thought on “Breaking Old Habits

  1. 1 I m f % ing seething No f % ing book has gotten f % ing pissed like this garbage here.I f % ing knew it was going to have other woman drama not to the f % ing point where the whole f % ing book is about the other f % ing woman, f % ing pathetic zeroine right along with f % ing pathetic loser piece of s t zero ARGHH I ve never told anyone NOT to read a book just because I didn t like it but just this once I ll do it, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND SAVE YOUR MONEY

  2. FOUR STARS I was in the mood for something angsty with a fair amount of drama and this story really fit that bill I enjoyed every second of it Griffin s ex Karen was such a bitch I enjoyed hating her as much as Ayla did Ayla sure put up with than her fair share of bullshit, and it was so fun watching her get a backbone and walk away from the b.s in her love life I adored the man Griffin finally grew into And the sex was off the charts Such an awesome little story.

  3. This book was just what I was in the mood for And I thoroughly enjoyed this story It was full of angst, drama and passion well, full of sexy times It was actually my fourth book of the author so I was kind of familiar with her writing style and as usual I liked it I won t go into the whole summary of the story since the blurb is pretty spot on I just want to say how I really enjoyed this book and the characters Though there are times that I want to smack and punch Griffin for being an ass jerk u [...]

  4. wattpad kindle unlimited I lost myself to him I gave him my all, and for what I got nothing in return Well, maybe a good fuck, but that was about it Karen was always his number one They have some sick emotional affair.

  5. I actually really enjoyed this I first heard about it on facebook, with someone providing some details about the story and asking if anyone knew the title because they were looking for it I was definitely intrigued and simply HAD to read it This was my first Wattpad book, so I wasn t sure what I was getting into Yes, there were some editing issues that would need to be cleaned up for publication, but it didn t detract from the story The story had twists and turns and it kept me hooked I hated to [...]

  6. If you ever wanted an example of an immature, toxic relationship here it is The plot line opens with a toxic couple s relationship on the rocks Griffin has finally escaped his controlling, manipulative shrew of a fianc , finding a new, just as toxic, relationship with Ayla Ayla is a girl 12 years his junior at 22 years old, and she definitely acts like it I ve read many romance novels that include a May December relationship, but this relationship demonstrates why many relationships with a signi [...]

  7. 2nd reading KU version bumped a star I made all notes visible A lot of sex scenes would have been novella length without them Skimmed some of them as it was too much back to back This H and h grew on me with the 2nd reading 3.5 rounded stars 1st reading Read on Wattpad

  8. Oh the power of FB Someone was looking for a story and had a bit of the story details and it lead to wattpad and this story I thought I d check it outI actually really enjoyed it Ayla had met a great guy that came with some baggage ex that wouldn t go away and 2 wonderful boys Griffin seemed to enjoy having his cake and eating it too He frustrated Ayla so much by not standing up to his ex There were a couple of times I wanted to throat punch Griffin and shake him particular the scene when his pa [...]

  9. Well, as with most of the other new reviews, I saw a description of this on FB and had to read this So, first and foremost I have got to beg Melissa to put this on because I read it on Wattpad and while I greatly appreciate that it was free, I am just not as comfortable with the app So, the book itselflots of typos Lots Lots of story that didn t flow or make sense to me, but the story, I loved the story Overall, really enjoyable read, but it would have been outstanding with a good editor I enjoy [...]

  10. 4 starsSo I found this book after someone posted a can you help me find out what book this is in a Facebook group and I decided it sounded like a book I wanted to read It was only available on wattpad so I made an account so I could read this book and I was even excited to realise it was free.I really enjoyed this story, it wasn t the typical meet and fall love break up get back together love story It was the story of an already established relationship and the work of keeping it together when [...]

  11. Surprisingly good read And based on the blurb, you can be assured that you re pretty much pissed off from the get go in this story Yet, I found it to be a realistic spin on that kind of situation I have seen these situations unfold in real life The heroine was extremely patient More patient that I would have been And I was proud of her resolve when she finally decided she d had enough.Family drama at it s best with a whole lot of sex, angst and heartbreak Just what i was looking for

  12. Saw this posted in a few groups on Facebook, you know the can you help me find this book they have all the time and I was really intrigued So I found it on Wattpad, the only place it is currently available I read it in one sitting I enjoyed the story, flowed well, but man, did I get frustrated with Griffin a lot It took him a major change to see the errors in his ways A good read I give Breaking Old Habit by Melissa Bender 3.5 stars Happy reading.

  13. I wanted to read this after someone on Facebook was looking for it The description intrigued me, so I searched it, found it and read it The storyline was greatloved it But, the grammar, sentence structure and sometimes wording made it annoying to read I think it should be given a thorough proof read and published It s quite amazing.

  14. I stumbled upon this by accident Someone had posted about a book they started reading and couldn t remember the title on one of the book groups I m in and someone said it sounded like this I signed up on wattpad and started reading I finished it in one sitting It was all angsty goodness The beginning, I wanted to scream a time or two but then it got really good and I wound up loving it.

  15. A couple of weeks back, one of the members of one of the book blogs I follow asked help remembering the title of a story She went on to describe the plot since she could remember the story but she couldn t remember the title Of course other members came up with titles of books that had similar plot lines but the title that was mentioned most frequently was Breaking Old Habits and someone posted a link Boy, am I glad that I found that story It s a great read filled with an H you want to kick in t [...]

  16. Saw this on a Can t remember the book post, and it sounded interesting Although it had potential, I m sorry to say it wasn t my cup of tea The writing was a little jarring, IMO, with poor grammar and punctuation at times now, it s likely that a good editor could polish this up There was also absolutely no continuity between chapters, and I felt that the sex wasn t sexy, but was instead used instead of dialogue to fill the plot.I could not stand the hero, who was a complete coward for the first 7 [...]

  17. Thanks to a post on Facebook, I found this awesome book I had to download the app to read it but it was so worth it This book had everything Romance, drama and you just wanted to smack the hell out of some people A definite must read book.

  18. I m so excited that you have us a chance to get the book and that It s open internationally.I can t afford to buy books online but It s okay, there are millions other people out there that have the same situation Not to sound dramatic or anything but I would really be honoured I think I m desperate to get the book for free I have read the book three times It is a different feeling you have a book in your hands that you desire I ll just wait and see what happens.Breaking Old HabitsBreaking Old Ha [...]

  19. Very Good ReadNew to this author Loved the story and characters Well written with only some minor editing goofs and a few grammar missteps Keep writing these, I ll keep buying Thanks for a good read

  20. I really enjoyed this story I hated Karen she was such an awful person and I loved when Alya stood up for herself and when Griffin finally fought for their relationship and saw that he took her for granted and I loved how the author made the story flow and it was quite engaging

  21. Really goodI really liked the characters I was thrilled when heroine finally found her backbone I didn t think Hero would ever break out of passive aggressive attitude I couldn t put it down.

  22. Love this book it was amazing love Griffin and Ayla story Well written and can t wait to read books from Melissa.

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