Seven Tears at High Tide

✓ Seven Tears at High Tide ☆ C.B. Lee - Seven Tears at High Tide, Seven Tears at High Tide The sea holds many secrets Kevin Luong walks to the ocean s edge with a broken heart Remembering a legend his mother told him he lets seven tears fall into the sea I just want one summer one summer t
  • Title: Seven Tears at High Tide
  • Author: C.B. Lee
  • ISBN: 9781941530474
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Seven Tears at High Tide ☆ C.B. Lee, Seven Tears at High Tide, C.B. Lee, Seven Tears at High Tide The sea holds many secrets Kevin Luong walks to the ocean s edge with a broken heart Remembering a legend his mother told him he lets seven tears fall into the sea I just want one summer one summer to be happy and in love Instead he finds himself saving a mysterious boy from the Pacific a boy who later shows up on his doorstep professing his love What he doesn tThe sea h ✓ Seven Tears at High Tide ☆ C.B. Lee - Seven Tears at High Tide, Seven Tears at High Tide The sea holds many secrets Kevin Luong walks to the ocean s edge with a broken heart Remembering a legend his mother told him he lets seven tears fall into the sea I just want one summer one summer t
  • ✓ Seven Tears at High Tide ☆ C.B. Lee
    444C.B. Lee
Seven Tears at High Tide

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  1. C.B. Lee Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Seven Tears at High Tide book, this is one of the most wanted C.B. Lee author readers around the world.

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  1. A charming and sweet twist on the selkie legend Morgan,a half human half selkie and Kevin, an Asian American bisexual and proud human, are wonderful characters.Their love story is very sweet, but that isn t by any means the only plot in this book there are some brilliant side plots about hunters, Morgan s parents, and his place in the selkie world, which caught my attention and my heart too I loved the new twists on the selkie myth especially the idea that selkies fall in love at first sight, as [...]

  2. Seven Tears at High Tide has a little bit of everything that makes it so spectacular a heartmelting and utterly adorable romance, characters that are sweet and lovable, a mixed family with one of the most lovely dynamics I have ever read, and selkie mythology with a twist Seven Tears at High Tide follows Kevin Luong whose loneliness and heartbreak spurs him to make a wish for happiness and love to the sea His wish comes true rather unexpectedly in the form of a boy by the name of Morgan who is a [...]

  3. Until Te quiero, the last book I read, I had never finished a book and immediately started it again Now I m going to do that with Seven Tears at High Tide Two books in a row Who am I Seriously though, I m not ready for Seven Tears to be finished I m not ready to let Kevin and Morgan go I m not ready to let the essence of this book go The feelings it evokes and the sights and sounds and scents CB Lee effortlessly conjures in my imagination are enchanting and mesmerizing I can smell and taste the [...]

  4. This is a sweet, light paranormal story about Kevin, an Asian American openly bisexual which is cool because rare in YA books teenager, and Morgan, the selkie seal shifter boy who answers his wish for a summer of happiness The feel is fairy tale, in a modern context The tone is warm and slow, and the LGBT content is part of, but not central to, the story There s a refreshing lack of coming out bullying angst for a YA book The writing is smooth and descriptive, and the selkie society had some int [...]

  5. I loved this much anticipated book, following the story of Kevin and Morgan This enchanting tale puts a new spin on the Scottish mythology of selkies, folk who shift from seal to human A romantic young adult tale full of beautiful imagery and a blossoming young love that will warm your heart Lee deftly explores issues surrounding race, sexuality and mixed family dynamics against the summer setting of a Californian sea.

  6. Kevin is 16 and heartbroken after a sudden act of cruelty He gives into a whimsical impulse to plead with the sea to bring someone into his life who d love him for the duration of the summer Morgan, also 16, is the half human half selkie who is assigned to fulfill Kevin s plea.Their sweet romance, however, is threatened by unseen dangerThis is the kind of YA LGTB romance that makes me grin like a fool and feel ten kinds of tingly.What I liked LGTB characters including the protags An Asian Americ [...]

  7. I m sure this book is beautiful for a lot of people, it just didn t really do anything for me I picked it without really knowing anything about it, so when I found out it was YA off page sex scenes, people , I was disappointed.Kevin is 16, and feeling sad because a friend of his turned out to be just using him He cries while sitting on the pier at the beach And because he cries seven tears at high tide and makes a wish at the same time to have someone to love for the summer , a Request was made. [...]

  8. Do you know how hard it is to find decently written queer magical romance Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a book with a bisexual protagonist who isn t just confused, indecisive or going through a phase I LOVED THIS BOOK It was sweet, and thoughtful and had cool world building with interesting history and likable three dimensional characters, and flowed just as beautifully as its seaside setting.Read it Love it.

  9. I wish I could hug this book I LOVED this so, so much It took a little bit to get used to the present tense, but afterwards I just devoured the story This book had a bi POC main character, a mixed family, fantastic selkie mythology, and just such a sweet, well paced romance Honestly, just such a lovely read.

  10. TBQH this was one of the sweetest, most charming books I have ever read in my whole goshdang life.Ok so it wasn t the most technically perfect book, and the plotting didn t rock the boat ocean humor , but oh my good gravy, THE CHARACTERS Anyone who knows me is aware that I am here nose buried inside a book for my fictional sons and daughters Well friends, do I have two new sons for you First we have Kevin, our Chinese American, bisexual main character Which is just o to begin with He is out prou [...]

  11. When you are young, everything seems so much intense A sixteen year old boy loves with all his heart, not yet realizing how to tell when that love is not returned This is how Kevin Luong finds himself wandering the pier, crying and wishing for something so simple, someone to love.Morgan is a half breed, half human and half Selkie, on the cusp of manhood as well His soul is drawn to the pain and emotion of Kevin s tears, his wish, and Morgan is tasked with helping Kevin fulfill that wish Over th [...]

  12. Seven Tears at High TideC.B LeeFive StarsLike shifter YA Come read the best.Kevin Luong ia a heartbroken, sixteen year old boy facing a summer of loneliness Morgan is, well, a seal A selkie, really He hears Kevin s wish cast to the sea, and answers it Summer ensues.I loved their story, and cried in parts, and was glad to see a young adult story with interesting conflicts, rather than the same old stuff This story is really just two kids facing their last days of innocence, and about loving famil [...]

  13. This book.This goddamn book.I bought this for spring break instead of Better To Kiss With You, but I will get that one when I have money again and I m so glad I did Another Duet book, The Star Host by F.T Lukens, was such a great book, so I wanted this one too.Let s start with Kevin and the fact that we actually have an Asian main character Finally, really A queer Asian main character I mean, so far I only know Blaine Anderson, Oliver Conrad is that his name and Magnus Bane, and they re all from [...]

  14. 3.5 starsThis is a cute, sweet little romance It s a contemporary The Little Mermaid retelling combined with some selkie folklore.Compared to most of the selkie stories I ve heard which can be pretty depressing things this is pretty light and free of angst There s a little bit around the choice Morgan has to make but most of the story focuses on the building romance between Kevin and Morgan The most memorable scenes are the ones where each boy is learning about the other s world, and seeing Morg [...]

  15. Seven Tears at High Tide starts with Kevin opening the door to an old myth heartbroken over a messed up romance, he sits at seaside and cries, dropping seven tears into the sea and making a wish for love The wish is fulfilled as these wishes often are by a Selkie a mythical creature, sort of like a mermaid man, that lives as a seal but can also turn into a human and walk on land called Morgan who is charged with taking on human form and helping Kevin escape his loneliness for the summer During t [...]

  16. This was a lovely story about young love, broken hearts, and hope.Kevin remembered an old folk Lore Story his mom told him about Seven Tears on the High Tide and in desperation he crys into the sea and makes his wish for Love for the summer, to hold hands, to not hide, to do things he enjoys A seal shows up and makes him smile then soon after a young boy appears on his doorstep confessing he is his boyfriend Everything about this story is charming, from the characters, storyline to the romance I [...]

  17. With this book, Lee has reminded me of something that I think too many authors often forget how essential the characters are It s been years since I ve read a book I ve become so invested in so quickly, and my love of this book is strongly influenced by how quickly I fell in love with both Kevin and Moran that is, instantly Nothing about them is two dimensional, and throughout the book I found myself moved by them, to laughter and tears Granted, I do cry fairly easily, but it s been years since [...]

  18. Such a sweet, adorable high school romance Morgan is the CUTEST I just loved his reactions to human things food in particular and how selfless he was I also really enjoyed the magic and the selkies in the world If anything, I wish we d gotten to see even of that I also really liked Kevin s and Morgan s families, and how they both had strong relationships with their parents and siblings Overall, it just left me feeling very happy, and I still have a smile on my face.

  19. The prose style of this takes a long time to get use to and it slowed my reading down a lot Once I got past the first 1 3rd, I did enjoy.

  20. Sois book was too good for this world Kevin and Morgan are the sweetest Morgan especially I wouldn t know what to do either if a cute boy showed up at my doorstep and told me he loved me The story is strong with its own twists Good Job on you C.B Lee I think writing twists are hard without leaving too many hints to give it away There were a few books I have read where the ending was legitimately surprising Gone Girl, A Darker Shade of Magic, and Eleanor and Park SPEAKING OF ELEANOR AND PARK I m [...]

  21. This book was so lovely I enjoyed reading about Kevin and Morgan, they were both such wonderful characters, very likable and sweet Their families were also very real, and I liked how Morgan s relationship with his father developed.I liked seeing a relationship between two young people where there was a lot of respect and love for each other It was refreshing This book also explored, in many different ways, what it s like to be different and the challenges that come with that It made small moment [...]

  22. Wow I love this book so much, I just want to read it all over again right away I m honestly sad that it s over I would have happily spent many, many hours with Kevin and Morgan The story pulls you in from the very beginning and it s so full of magic and hope and sweetness and wonderful, wonderful characters, you never want to let go Beautiful Simply beautiful I only have the eBook format of the story so far, but I ll be buying the print edition as well, because I need this on my shelf Maybe I l [...]

  23. OMG this book was so super cute It had just the right amounts of sweetness, comedy, angst, and emotional draw I loved both characters, but especially Morgan He was so so cute and adorable and his willingness to learn and love everything was so incredibly endearing I also loved Kevin s silly fun jokes and thought they made an adorable couple.Please don t miss out on this sweet LGBT read It made my day.

  24. This was such a sweet, beautiful read It was so entertaining to read of Morgan learning about the human world and the build up of his relationship with Kevin felt so perfect for a tale of summer romance And the twist was the furthest thing from predictable

  25. I just finished this book and it may take a little while to digest it Parts were slow going for me At the end, I just sighed While I wasn t expecting them, I liked the study questions at the end.

  26. Among it s many other amazing qualities This book is adorable I lost track of the number of times I stopped and said Aw.

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